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Hell`s Playground

Brodhead, Wi 53520 - USA

County: Green County
WebSite: None

Location Description:     
At night, when the wind is still, you can hear children playing and the swings will be swinging. Sometimes a growl will be heard from out of nowhere. The story is, is that 2 children and an adult were murdered there. Be careful when going around the slide. That is where one of the kids were slaughtered


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Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/12/2007            
Comment: So someone should try and find an address or how to get there, cause i want to go.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/12/2007            
Comment: Yeah you guys should.
my myspace is if any of you find out how to get there or the main area where it would be around.
- Mariah.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/28/2007            
Comment: take state highway 81 towards beloit, turn south on nelson rd, keep going its after you pass a church with a red cross..which is keep going on nelson and after you cross a bridge look for a dirt driveway to the left. thats devils playground....sorry if it didnt help thats the best i could do

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/8/2008            
Comment: i acctually drove past that site tonight...there are large boulders blocking the driveway if that helps anyone...I really wanted to go in, because i live half an houraway from there and many people from my town talk about that place, but my friend from that area said it is way to creepy and he wouldnt stop the car by the driveway so i could look

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/20/2008            
Comment: The public hunting grounds there has no Swing set or playground. I have hunted and walked every square foot of that area and have never came across a playground. This area is known to be werewolf country and I personally have heard strange noises and seen VERY Scary things in this place. Caution to all who go to the old trail on Nelson.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/1/2009            
Comment: i live close to the area, and have been to the playground and i do not think is all that is said to be. however, the werewolve sightings in the area i personally believe are true. check out scotch hill cemetery.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/12/2009            
Comment: Listen I live 5mins from the place, Because of what happened there the township blocked the area off cause kids kept going there and smoking weed. So you must go down the river to reach it.....It is about a 2 mile walk. In addition to somebodies post if you are trying to reach the area it is near impossible to reach it unless you travel with somebody who knows how to get to it. It is not in Broadhead but rather Avon Bottoms where the roads are mostly gravel. This place is extremely odd. If you are interested in finding it email me at

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/11/2009            
Comment: If you want to go to Hell's Playground, don't look for the small church with the red cross on it anymore. It is gone. I want to say it burned down, but I'm not exactly sure. That place was scary even in the day time.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/15/2009            
Comment: we just went to look for it tonight, we found the little dirt path that lead to boulders, then followed the trail, but all that lead to was a fire pit next to a river/lake but then the trail ended, and we didnt have sufficient light to keep going so we turned around. does anyone know if we were even in the right spot?

Username: supernaturalwisconsin Posted: 7/28/2009            
Comment: ok yet another crap thread... there is ZERO , NO PLAYGROUND PERIOD. We spent 6 hours with gps, overhead maps, and a crew of 8 people in the woods all night last night searching for the supposed playground. We followed the directions to a tee, which by the way also mention that the turnoff is AFTER the bridge and the others say BEFORE the bridge... it is BEFORE the bridge just to set everyone straight as the boat launch is not the proper path to access the site. Similiar to another poster we followed the path and came upon the campfire and were like WTF. But we fanned out found a path and pressed on... only to once again be stopped by a deadend (as shown by my link above) as the path then leads straight into the RIVER!! We are 100% positive it does NOT continue through the forest for a wonderful 2 mile hike. Actually i would be surprised if where it all ends was even 1 mile. I want to reititerate that we all fanned out and in a grid like pattern attempted to find any old or hidden paths and there is NONE that continue past this point. The origional poster fails to mention that you must make your own path and used a compass and lat,long coordinates to find the location as i dont see how anyone could possibly find it , if it exists (which we seriously seriously doubt). After being frustrated and bitten up quite well by the bugs, we proceeded back up north to the wilderness preserve about half a mile up the street. We pulled in there and walked the tree line which somewhat parallels the trail to the hells playground. We spend the next 3 hours aimlessly looking at potential hotspots on our GPS in the open fields and small forest outcroppings only to find absolutely NOTHING. There is no swings slides or anything else, the only thing we found was alot of beer bottles apparently drank by whomever posted this fake thread. At no time did we ever hear any bonechilling screams of the undead or werewolfs, no did little ghost children come out to help us find their equally ghostly playground... Off to uncover or dispel the next haunted myth on this silly site. Here is our site.

Username: peachesNkream575 Posted: 8/13/2009            
Comment: ok first of all to set EVERYONE straight me and my friends went out there last night..we had stopped at a gas station in brodhead to try and get some better directions and ended up finding this guy that lives in avon bottoms were the site actually is so he took us there and showed us were the couple of spots were and such but we were too scared to do any walking around lol first of all hells hole as the locals call it IS located after the bridge as is the the little "park" area. this guy also told me that there is no playground but just rather that this whole area is creepy and that there is stuff that is unexplainable..he didnt really go into detail bc it was late and he wanted to get home but he warned us to be careful..he also told us the REAL story behind  all of it..there actually was not a family or anything that was murdered..yes there was a child that was accidently shot but a guy who used to live by the property and he was mentally changelled and would get mad when ppl would come and taunt him and trespass on his by accident he did shoot a child when he was just trying to scare them i said we didnt spend much time there since we just wanted to see the area but it was definelty enough for all of email is if you have any questions

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/28/2009            

i can take ya there!!!!!!!!!!!

there is no playground the whole area is the playground

Username: ambre_barnes21 Posted: 11/7/2009            
Comment: The child that you are talking about in your post...His name was Steve Shrivers. He was shot December 3, 1975. The reason why I know this is because my mother was dating him at the time.

I would however like some more information on this site. Ive never been there but I am from Brodhead. Alls I know is that the myth is that 2 children and 1 adult were murdered there.

So the reason Im getting into this and want more information is because my little brother was playing with a Ouija board and was in Avon at the time. He believes one of the children was talking to him. (We actually do believe in this kind of stuff.) They heard running. And my brother was asking questions. It only wanted to talk to him though. It wouldnt talk to any of my brothers friends. It especially did not my brothers friend Alex there. It said Alex remined him of his killer and that he was related to Alex. I dont know...Maybe Alex reminded him of his killer because he had a Monroe lettermans jacket on. I have no idea. Ok but anyways...My brother told me that the spirit said it was 6 years old with the inicials of B.K. My brother was talking to it and asking it questions and all of the sudden the little eye thingy started to move slower. My brother asked it if it was scared and it went to "yes". Then he asked it if there were other spirits there that he was scared of...Again it went to "yes". He said it told him that there were 2 other spirits there with him that he was afraid of. So 3 spirts total.

Alls I want is more information on this place...Its kind of creepy.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/9/2009            
Comment: Last year my friend got a book for her birthday about all the haunted places in Wisconsin. Broadhead's Hell's Playground was in that edition. I have not yet been there but me and a few friends are planning on going to the Haunted Avon Cemetary and then to c Hell's Playground. I'm really in2 the paranormal after ive had SO many personal experiences and i plan to get my take on this place

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/21/2010            
Comment: I have been to the Avon cemetery and the Scotch Hill cemetery. I will NEVER go back. My friends and I had such bad experiences every single time that the last time we actually had to go to a church and have an excersism done on us and our car. Really do not recomend going there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/17/2010            
Comment: Oh I am so going to check these places out!!!!!! wooo

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/29/2010            
Comment: Thats not the place that is Avon you should be in Brodhead.

Username: springer Posted: 10/19/2010            
Comment: ok so i talked to my mom who grew up in the area and she said that the play ground was not in the woods that is acctually was behind/next to the house where the shooter actually lived she believes that the house is no longer there and that the school did burn down but she is going to take me by there sometime this week and I will let you know if the playground is still there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/5/2010            
Comment: I remember hearing about this a long time ago, but I always thought that it was located at the park by the pool in Brodhead? That place always gave me a creepy, sad vibe as a kid. I really dunno though.
I do have family that live in Avon though. The creepy church, yes, it did burn down a while back, due to a fault is the crazy red cross. I always thought it looked like something out of a King novel...
I can tell you that some very sad things have happened out in the boonies of Avon. About 25 years ago, one hot summer, a man parked his van out on the road, went into the woods and committed suicide. A near by farmers dogs found the body several days later.  Over the years people and animals have gotten lost there, had some close calls, and recently there has been reports of wolves, bears, cougars, and 'damaged' pit bulls. How much of that is true, I can't say, but all the more reason to take extra precaution if ghost hunting.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/28/2010            
Comment: @springer were you able to find anything

Username: fire128 Posted: 1/6/2011            
Comment: That was my favorite park

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/31/2011            
Comment: I'm from the area and I just heard on the news that a body of a girl was found by here today. They said she has been there for at least a few snow falls. Said it could be a homicide.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/1/2011            
Comment: I live near Scotch Hill Cemetery, and the last time we went there, the headlights on our car went out... Not to mention all the various other things that happened during our visit. We went because the gates were open, and we felt as if we didn't close them, something not so good would happen.. so we went to close them, no big deal, and had decided to wander around- I personally feel fairly comfortable considering, but that night I heard what had seemed to be the moaning of a woman near the rear of the cemetery, as did my little sister... We also heard, multiple times, what had seemed like leaves crunching behind us ,but anytime we would investigate, there was nothing there.. when we had finally decided to leave, as soon as we began backing out, our headlights would flicker and eventually went out...

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/1/2011            
Comment: The body was found at my best friends old house; the address is 15839 w avon north townline rd. That house has alot of bad history; a man was hung in the gulch where the girls body was found, there's an indian burial ground on the property, and there have been multiple reports of hauntings in the house from families that lived there, even after Emi moved out..

Username: MagnoliaMae Posted: 2/1/2011            
Comment: By the way, that address is private property, so I wouldn't suggest going there, due to the fact the owner doesn't take kindly to strangers

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/23/2011            
Comment: someone also claims to have seen bigfoot like creachers drinking from the river does anyone know about this

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/25/2011            
Comment: hi im a citizen of brodhead im 12 ive been there before at night and trust me u dont want to go  its back in the woods and really scary

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/4/2011            
Comment: me and my friends just recently went there and it was sooooo scary. i beleive it 110%. you feel a weird vibe over the bridge and on the trail. its like they know your there.... DONT GO ALONE!!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/22/2011            
Comment: has anyone acually found this playground? because i went to walk out there this morning at midnight and couldnt find the thing

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/14/2011            

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/14/2011            
Comment: news most recent body found

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/15/2012            
Comment: It is there, I know people who have been there.  It is a 2 mile hike and if your trail ended then you are silly cuz it is hundreds of acres of wooded DNR land!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/4/2012            
Comment: Scotch Hill is honestly a haunted Cemetary as well as the Avon Cemetary. But we went to Scotch Hill and i recomend to not do anythin stupid and disrespect anything. Do not urinate anywhere on the property or anywhere near it... not even in the driveway! youll also see a little girl in a white dress sitting o a headstone... we went on a warm summer night and on the way home the car windows iced over... and for avon my buddies wipers in his car turned on. another friends cars dash lights when out and started sprayin fluids everywhere.. go at your own risk!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/13/2012            
Comment: Scott Hill Cemetary Don't go out there at night. ive seen it. im not joking. my girlfriend can vouche for everything, but also dnt go to avon there is the Avon Swamp Monster. its a giant tree looking like creature and all my friends in avon have seen this thing. its scary
the avon swamp monster is the big foot like creature also.

Username: indian24 Posted: 8/12/2012            
Comment: would this be the correct area to turn off of Nelson road? 

Username: indian24 Posted: 8/12/2012            
Comment: This is a link to my picture

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/22/2012            
Comment: The place you are talking about is indeed called "Hells Hole." and if you are heading south it is BEFORE the bridge not after. 20 years ago, you used to be able to drive quite aways back there, but through the years, more and more people were having parties out here so the county put the boulders in the driveway to stop the parties. I fished there many many times with my now ex-husband and friends of his and we never had anything weird happen or heard anything weird. Never caught any decent fish either.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/11/2012            
Comment: My brother's girlfriend and I went into the woods to look for the playground.  Unfortunately when we went, we didn't see how far it was supposed to be, so we didn't go too far in.  We went in where the boulders are and decided to turn left when we came across brush.  Then we kept going in that direction until it got too dark and when I couldn't stand the bugs any longer.  Once we got back to the car, my brother's girlfriend decided to go to the left (opposite of the entrance).   She didn't see anything but I went to go get her and I found a bunch of bones placed in a circle, like there was a seance or something.  Scared out of our minds that's when we decided to leave.  Piece of advice, don't mess with the dead or call upon the dead.  Once we got back to my campground we watched the video.  We came across unexplained orbs.  we first checked to make sure it wasn't the flashlight; it wasn't that because we could see the difference between the light and this orb.  Then we checked to make sure it wasn't lightning bugs; we determined it couldn't be that also because this orb shot across the camera within less than a second.  Once I figure out how to take it off my mom's phone, I will post it.   We want to go out there again because we feel as though we could find more.  

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/22/2013            

Ok So many different comments familiar with the area.....Hwy 81 to Nelson rd. Head south past carroll road.....Then some say before bridge road or after bridge road.....confused....guess I am just gonna have to check it for myself.....

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/11/2013            
Comment: All one has to do is plot on a map 1.5-2 miles from the parking to see there is no way to hike that far with all the back waters, drain channels and the main sugar river channel.

Sure their could be some old camp back the trail ESE along the north side of the river, but there is also some private land back about a mile too.

Before I even heard this myth driving through this exact location I always would feel like I was being watched, even during the day.  Definitely something off here, so if this playground exists Post GPS coordinates, photo and video & prove it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/24/2013            
Comment: I'm going to kayak through here this weekend (9/28/13).If I dont post again, the Avon Swamp Monster got me.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/14/2014            
Comment: This is where it is look at the map.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/3/2014            
Comment: In regards to hells playground the county removed the equipment years ago but roumor has it people would leave the area with unexplainable scratches on their backs and scotts hill cemetery i drove past it once and i will never go near there ever again



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