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Old State Home (Oakdale) Property

Lapeer, MI 48446 - USA

County: Lapeer County
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An unmarked cemetary still exists on the property of the old state home. The cemetary is unmarked and to get there you have to go down an overgrown two-track road lined with large trees. A number of the headstones simply have first names and date of death. Shrouded in overgrowth and trees, it is pitch black at night and mumbling can be heard from the outer woods.

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Username: UglyNRude Posted: 9/20/2006            
Comment: This established in 1895 and closed in 1991, It held many names during its existence, my favorite, Michigan home for the feeble minded (no I didn`t attend here)

Username: mattsghosts Posted: 10/18/2007            
Comment: I know that the property has college buildings on it now, but is there any of the original buildings left, especially the one that was fenced in with barbed wire..wheree the criminally insane was???? e-mail me at if you know

Username: queenpoisonmetallica Posted: 10/19/2007            
Comment: Good bs listing

Username: queenpoisonmetallica Posted: 10/19/2007            
Comment: Ok, I just figured out the rating system oh what a blond moment!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/21/2007            
Comment: I have been at that graveyard...and it`s creepy. There is also a mass grave about 100 feet away from that graveyard. Also, there is still an underground tunnel system where the people were transported. My boyfriend and his friends went there last night. They got in where the oakdale septic place is. They said it was creepy. When all the oakdale buildings were still up, they went in and they said that it was weird, because everything was still there, including patient files! I believe this place is haunted. Once time, my boyfriend and two of his friends went offroading back in the field by the graveyard. They hit a tombstone (accidentally), but all of a sudden out of nowhere something hit the truck and ripped off the mirror. There were no trees or nothing anywhere close that could have done that. They got out of there as fast as they could! And he doesn`t believe in that kind of stuff...

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/24/2008            
Comment: i broke into the old hospital,i have tried to get into the tunnels. they have found dead animal carcasses at the graveyard as well as some type of alter. i have been to the graveyard and it is really freakish. 20/20 or 60 minutes did a story on the abuse and the "cleansing" that went on there but I havent seen it in years.when we broke into the last building we had a night vision camera with us and though you couldnt see it while you were there on the video there is a white fog that follows us around and there was a noise like someone warming their hands or breathing short warm breath. The noise never got any louder or quieter no matter where you went inside.wild shit!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/21/2008            
Comment: My boyfriend and I just was there yesterday, biking. I found something like an old drain hole or sewer, we didnt go in, in fear of some homeless people, but I cannot find the graveyard, if someone knows EXACTLY where, plz contact me.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/20/2008            
Comment: The room where I had my math and english classes for Mott CC is where they used to chain the patients to the wall to give them baths, you can see the the holes from the chains... that room was always colder than the other rooms I was in.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/8/2008            
Comment: duuude. have you noticed the fact that your vision changes, both when you enter and when you leave? the second you step foot into that cemetery it feels like you're walking in a dream. what room at mott are you talking about? is it at the lapeer campus?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/8/2008            
Comment: stupid question, of course it is. geeeesh. my bad.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/19/2009            
Comment: the only building that is left is now a community college Mott. there are a ton of doors that they always keep locked. there are still kitchens and bathrooms all over mott. ive see the room where they use to chain people and a ton of rooms that have no windows and where they would keep those who was behaving. there are a few rooms in mott where you get a chill all the time and it doesnt matter how high the heat is up. as for the underground tunnels they only closed them off at one end. and as far as i know that hospital place was not one of the bests, they would make it so every person couldnt enjoy sex or have children. ive seen a paper that was on the wall back in the day where it said IN CASE OF FIRE TAKE ALL PATIENTS TO ROOF they would have cared less if they would have all burned

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/1/2009            
Comment: This was not a hospital, it was an institution where those shunned by society were housed. Orphans, or children born into families who could not afford to take care of them. Eventually is housed individuals with disabilities. There were places like this all over the country. Some of us have dedicated our lives and careers to ensure that NOTHING like that ever happens again! Some would say that the mini-institutions that are now in use to care for folks with disabilities are no better. Michigan learned a lot from what the people who lived at places like Oakdale went through. We have processes to recognize and protect their human rights.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/19/2009            
Comment: Hello I went to the Cememtary today with my kids and sister and heard some very weird noises and i felt something push my shoulder my brother inlaw thought I was crazy I thought my son did it but he swears he didn't do it. My oldest son said he felt like something was breathing down his neck. I took some pictures there is some fog in the back of some of them but I have not yet finished looking at all of them, I just could not get past the fact that some of the kids that are burried out there where just babies. How sad, I would like to learn more so If someone wants to contact me

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/19/2009            
Comment: Background: Oakdale Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities, located in Lapeer, was originally established in 1893 as the Michigan Home for the Feebleminded and Epileptic. It has also been known as the Michigan Home and Training School, Lapeer State Home and Training School, and the Oakdale Center for Developmental Disabilities. It was opened for patients on August 1, 1895. The institution's goal was to create a home for those who, because of mental defects could not adjust to community life; it also operated on a developmental model which presupposed returning the residents to community living when possible. The center closed in 1992. Summary: The Superintendents' Files series documents administrative activities of the superintendents, mostly through correspondence; it documents community placement, patient abuse cases, and publications. The Frederick Campbell series contains historical records, public relations material, and facility publications which aim to educate the community about Oakdale Regional's role. The patient log books series contains admittance logs, inmates registers, records of visitors, and other similar logs. Resident records, the largest series, contains case histories, daily events recordings, and family histories. The collection also contains photographs, slides, and negatives of residents and employees.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/3/2009            
Comment: I live in laper and this is probably one of the creepiest things to attend at night, number of grave stones are not even listed with names, but with numbers to identify those who had died.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/3/2009            
Comment: does anyone know how to access the tunnels and what they were used for? I think i can get into the tunnel because someone told me its an underground network of tunnels connecting the schools like white, lapeer west, and that hospital.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/5/2009            
Comment: The building where the Mott classes are held have NEVER been used for patients. The buildings were all demolished in the early 90's with the hospital being last in the late 90's. The tunnel is demolished and there's nothing for kids to see in the cemetery plus with the prison nearby, it's patrolled frequently. Just headstones with numbers. Serious people can find info on a yahoo group called Lapeer Home. If anyone says they were in the buildings, they have to be lying or a teenager in the 80's cuz the place has been boarded up since then. The tunnels never went miles down the roads to like White Jr. High. If you want to know what the inside of the buildings looked like (since I know), watch the movie Session 9 with David Caruso in it. Asbestos, peeling paint, water damage, papers everywhere, wheelchairs, all the same.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/8/2009            

hello my name is ray my uncle harry was there in  1964 to 1973 so i know . JUST ASk . me


Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2009            
Comment: Hi, I am in my 40's and I have been to Oakdale when it was up and somewhat running. My first job was in a group home in Almont, I was trained at Oakdale in the current Mott building. There were a few residents still there (1986) The hospital was still standing at that time as I took one of our residents to the dentist there. It was at that time only used for dental work as these people were on state insurance and that is what we did. around a year later when all had been moved out, myself and some friends went out there. More or less to scare ourselves and found the cemetary. This cemetery not only had residents of Oakdale buried there, but was known as a "Potters Field" where the poor of Lapeer were buried. There are according to what I have heard over 300 graves. The residents were given a headstone only if family could or would pay with name and client number on it. When my friends and I went out there in@1987 we went past meijer and hit a dirt road. It had old stone markers at each side of driveway. It had a huge house of sorts on the south side of road. I thought maybe this was a staff housing of sorts. We went back further and did find that some of the buildings were still standing, but I had been told that many had been torn down before this. I found a huge building with old equipment and wheelchairs etc. It was cool as the wheelchairs were the old high backed type. The old buildings that had housed the bad residents had already been torn down #30, 15,13 were some of the bad ones. I am currently in a group home in which 3 of our guys came from Oakdale. One was what was called an enforcer. He helped the staff to "control" the unruly residents. Two others can and will tell us stories, when in the right frame of mind. These guys are all in thier 70-80's so some of it, is not current, as they have lived where they are at, for loads of years. This home was just not for the "feeble minded" it was also an orphanage, and a place to put people you weren't sure what to do with. Please remember, while I don't condone it, but this was a farming community and if a man's wife passed and he had 6 children he couldn't care for they were taken to the home. Not all these people were "handicapped" in the sense we think of now. I have heard horror stories of the abuse, as I know people have worked in Oakdale. They used to put oranges in a stockings and beat them. Doesn't leave bruises. One woman who is reported to have worked in the laundry area, was put in Oakdale at a young age as an orphan, and never left. She wanted to leave, and get married and have children, but was told she could leave if only sterilized so she stayed. Keep in mind she passed at 100yo in 1988 so when she was young enough to leave in was early 1900's. While I do not agree with any of this keep in mind that is the experiments of the past that have taught the medical field the current miracles they now can perform. Another thought, which should cause a ruckus. I have worked in group homes for over 20 years, with loads of different clients. I do not feel that these places should have been closed completly down, but better monitored. There are still alot of residents that should not be in public. Some of them are in group homes today and are allowed in public. They are the killers, and the molestors. Yes most of the residents I have worked with should have been moved out, but some just should have never been released.I worked in a nursing home that had a former Clinton Valley resident, released at the end, whom should never had been left out. He was a child molester and I know for a fact that he was raping women in the nursing home at the time. On his records we were told that no children could be near him for any reason. Let me tell you, he was scary not in a loud way but in a quiet way. He was moved to the nursing home, because someone thought all these people should be in public, and most should have but some place should have been kept open for the others....I have seen the criminally insane in these group homes...

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/30/2009            
Comment: Can anyone give exact directions to me?I have been in the area searching for the cemetery for photos,but I have not been able to find it.The directions I received on my first trip were very vague.Can anyone help me?Email me at  thanx!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/21/2009            
Comment: Ayyy, i have been back there twice. Nothing odd happened to me. Most of the headstones are just bricks. Its really sad. Mott, Chatfield, and some houses are all thats left. Chatfield used to be an administrative building. And yes the tunnels have been blocked off. I live around that area and know about it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/3/2009            

Do you know where I can get or review Patient Log Books and Resident Records from 1919 thru June 1920?

If body of a young child was release to Otsego and the undertaker was S.D. Brown, do you know what cemetery he worked for?

Thank you



Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/31/2009            
Comment: Are all the records of patients now in the archives in Lansing?  My great aunt died at age 15, she was a resident of Lapeer Home and then buried in Carson City, MI.  If you know where I can find records on her, please email me at      Thank you.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/31/2009            
Comment: BS!! The building that Mott uses was used for patients. My father worked and retired from there. That was building 45. Chatfield school is also an original building. It was all administration, no patients. Building 45 held pts. I went there as a child to watch the fireworks with my dad and his kids,(patients). The back property and cemetary does have its haunts. I wont go back there, even in the day.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/9/2009            
Comment: What is now the Mott CC building used to be the nursery. The tunnels just connected the Oakdale buildings and were used in the winter time. Those are all closed off now and now accessible. I've heard two different things about Chatfield: it was either the Admin. building or the hospital. Visiting the cemetary is strongly discouraged due to safety issues, according to law enforcement.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/12/2009            
Comment: does anyone know if there is a way to find out names of patients from about 1961..I have a 1/2 sister that was givin up for adoption..and had health issues and was taken there in 1961..I do have a name  please email me  if anyone knows anything  thank you

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/15/2009            
Comment: ok i need more info on this and the tunnels ive heard many rumors about it and i would like to visit this place///i live very close to it so if you have any info contact me at

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/12/2009            
Comment: My mom was one of the last working employees in 1991 right before Oakdale was closed.  She helped box up the records and send them to the archives in Lansing.  She has been in the tunnels, she has seen ghosts and she has some crazy stories from information her and her fellow employees read in those archived files.  I have spent many hours researching the history of Oakdale.  There was a small pox epidemic in the fifties or sixties in which a few died, causing the national gaurd to close it to the public for a period of time, no one in OR out.  Some children have been hit by the train running behind the property throughout the history of it housing residence.  It was also said that patients were sterilized against there will, a point which was taken seriously enough that the tv show Twenty/Twenty came to Lapeer to investigate,  Oakdale has a rich and sordid history some of which the public will never know or have access to.  I believe if any place in Lapeer is haunted this would be it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/12/2009            
Comment: Chatfield was the administration building, where all the records on the patients were kept.  My mom did dictation for the doctors there for about 19 years.  I have many memories of going to visit her at work in that building!  i also was on the team that did all the landscaping for chatfield. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/12/2009            
Comment: the tunnels do too go to White jr. High> there is an entrance in the gym.  Ask any police officer in lapeer i have heard the stories straight from them the tunnels while possibly caved in now also run to West highschool and crampton park.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/1/2010            
Comment: The tunnels were used to heat all the schools and buildings back in the day. They went from oakdale to West,and White and a few other buildings. When I was a kid before they tore it down we use to go in the old buildings and the tunnels. I have a straight jacket from there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/6/2010            
Comment: The Mott building started out as the nursery. Later it was just Bldg 45 and had all ages living there. What is now Chatfield was originally called the hospital annex. It wasn't the administration building at first because there already was one. The building also called the castle was then officially the administration building. I worked in the basement of the castle in high school. The location is now just part of the Mott parking lot.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/11/2010            
Comment: I would like to buy a dvd or vhs about the 20/20 episode on oakdale, if anyone has any info please email me at

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/29/2010            
Comment: No tunnels went to White. West and Oakdale, yes, but they were powerhouse tunnels for utility use and not for patients. Patients were not tied up to the walls for bathing in the Mott building either. My 85 year old aunt was a head nurse there for years and years. When I told her of this site and asked her about things you guys have been writing she laughed so hard. The house just as you entered from what is now Meijers was the farm with the head farmer living there and minding the more capable people that worked the farm. Records were packed up but not all of them were. They had a deadline to get things out and for some reason when that day came and stuff still remained they got left. My aunt tried to go back there to get more of her files but security didn't allow it and the doors were chained up. Her severance from Oakdale did not cover what her pension should have and she lives on $900 a month now. She lives with her grandson in Warren.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/30/2010            
Comment: Thank you.(I left the reply on 1/6/2010, in an earlier thread.) I worked in Bldg 45, now the Mott Bldg, for a lot of years, and that story about chaining people to walls to bathe them was just too ridiculous. I have both good and bad memories from that building, but certainly none like that!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/31/2010            
Comment: My investigation team reportedly seen a 4 legged creature, dressed as a patient from the asylum. After research, we discovered that what we have seen was a demon...scray stuff over there!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/4/2010            
Comment: i have heard soooo much stuff about Oakdale. Not too sure what is true and what isn't. I have been to the cemetary but never experienced anything crazy tho i know people who have seen ghosts there. i do have a co-worker who worked there many years ago and she won't talk about it. also know a guy from there and hes crazy...

Username: arizonaray Posted: 2/6/2010            
Comment: My e-mail address is

This is my 2nd try for a comment to be posted.  I had a brother die in Oakdale at the age of 15 in 1959.  I did not know him, but he WAS my brother.  I spoke to a psychic yesterday that talked about him.  He said "They murdered me" and to please clean up his gravesite it's all weeded over.  After reading some threads, if I found his stone it would probably on have a number on it.  Someone mentioned archives in Lansing.  Where in Lansing?  Is there a phone number?  I want to do something to help his memory and if fact he was murdered.  It's probable been too many years to prove anything there but I would like to do something.  Does ANYONE  have any ifo at all for me??

Thanks in adavance

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/11/2010            
Comment: I went to Our Savior Lutheran School in Flint. Every Christmas we had a feild trip there to sing Christmas Carols. We would go into a bulding brhind the csasel and usherd into a room where some people were. on the way there in the hall were people in cribs with lids on them. and people in weel chairs trying to touch us . the place smell of urin. we sang our songs and it was much apersheaited. this was in the early 60's Later in the 70's I worked in a restrant in the Eastland mall [now cortland center]and worked with a guy named Gordy who was mently impaired. they were trying to main streem him. he did his work well and had a sence of houmer. He was a nice kid. About 20 years ago I ment and old coupple with the lutheran lamen leag. they were orphens at the Lepper State home they wanted to get married they couln't unless they agree to be Starlize,so sad. They were smart and ran or had an office in the L.L.L. for meny years. They just loved to hold my babies. they criedand smiled.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/18/2010            
Comment: 1930 census lists about 1250 inmates by name.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/21/2010            
Comment: I was just there yeasterday. Nothing creepy. Just sad. There are only a few headstones still standing. The rest have been broken and thrown into a drying up swamp. Small bricks mark graves of "patients" with no real names, just numbers. There are NOT dead animals and alters. There are empty beer cans, thats about it. If anyone does go there, please, be respactful. It is there final resting place.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2010            
Comment: in my opinion these people have suffered enough i don't exactly know what happened there but either way people died. I my self have been to the graves and unless you are a family member or someone who worked there or someone who cares enough to apologize to these people for the things that happened you shouldn't go. nothing extremely creppy happened to me but it is a final resting place for them and it should be repsected. It really makes me mad that people have to argue about what happened there. the fact is that there was a number of buildings and nobody is really gonna know what happened every second of every day. Either way these people didn't live a great and full life. The graves I saw were a lot of babies that didn't deserve to die that young. So for the people that are looking for directions just for a thrill you need to let the rest rip and let there family get closure. I just hope that when you go someone doesn't bother you as much as people bother them. The tunnels are closed for a reason. We may never know what that is. Please just let the dead rest, I think that after everything theyve been through they at least deserve that. anyone who isn't family or has a good reason needs to leave them alone. im sorry if i offended anyone but its not a tourist attraction. It was a mistake and it is sad and people need to let it go. i can't believe the lack of respect for the dead. If you really want a thrill wait till halloween and go to a haunted house. Im sorry to all those who lost loved ones in this institution, these people didn't deserve that. The most you can do is your own research and not listend to everyones bull crap and follow your heart. Again im very sorry for everyones loss.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2010            
Comment: leave it alone, there is no need to hunt down something that we all know exists. if you have lived in lapeer than you already know the story of the oakdale buildings. I have live here 26 years and never once got the itch to try and find the tunnels that run under ground that connected all the buildings, alot of people died there and just need to be left at peace. This is not a game and there is no thrill in making the dead upset. if you are truely interested in justice for the dead that fine but don't go looking for things that are none of your business.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/24/2010            
Comment: Hello I was just reading your entry and wanted to know how to go about getting the Frederick Campbell series . I had an ancestor that was a patient there. I would be interested in any information on how to get information . Thank You

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/24/2010            
Comment: Hello I just sent you a comment but forgot to send you my email for a response. My question was. I have an ancestor that was at the mental hospital and died there. Wanting to see if there is any way i can find her patient record and information on her. Or is there any one i can talk to about this? Thank You Annette

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/25/2010            
Comment: First of all I agree with the last statement, people need to know when to quit. People need to just leave the place alone. Now with that said, I have never been there and I never plan on going. I worked for a mental handicap home in Lapeer, we had 8 patients, 6 of them were from Oakdale. The other nurses would tell me there experience at Oakdale. From what I am told... the patients were shoved in tight rooms together for days at a time... left in there own urine and feces. They would feed them once a day by throwing food into the room. The reason I was told about this was because I noticed at dinner we all had to sit and feed the patients because if we didn't they would try to eat WAY to fast. They had a fear of never being able to eat or fear of it being taken away. About the chains... I have heard that was a true situation. Those that behaved badly were chained up and beaten. I have heard the nurses tell me that they were also many rapes and murders. This next thing I heard makes me sick to my stomach, one of the patients we had was a mute (like a few others) but this patient did something that non of the others did... every once in awhile she would scream... for about 3 min. I asked what had happened to the patient and why she did that. She was a smaller lady and from what I have seen in documents.. she was shoved into those small baby incubator for hours at a time. she would usually scream when she would wonder into corners of the room, they said she felt trapped and that was what had triggered her. I ended up leaving and I still miss them all. The job was just to stressful. I give so many people credit for working with metal challenged people. Those people are a blessing. I hope what I have told you may clear some things up. I honestly hope they are not true and I tell myself there not because its so disturbing. But for those of you that want to break into places or go to the cemetery... please think before you do. Keep in mind that those are people and those are family members to others. How would you feel if you had someone in there that was close to you... just think about that.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/31/2010            
Comment: can sum 1 plz tell me hot to enter the tunnels i tried b4 but was not able to find it

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/10/2010            
Comment: There is actually another old Oakdale building being used still. It is now a Lapeer charter school called the Chatfield School. Although it was remodeled it still has pieces of Building #71 holding it up. My kids go to school there and MANY children who don't even know the history of the building have seen shadows and felt cold breezes in the stairwells. Scary huh?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/22/2010            
Comment: For those talking about the tunnels, I'm sorry to say, the tunnels exist, but they don't go to the places you all think they do. There are tunnels at Lapeer West, but all they do is follow the basic layout of the school, and a few of them go to the grounds of Zemmer Junior High (although there is currently a new building there, so the tunnels at this point are PROBABLY unaccesible). As for the tunnels at White Junior High, there are tunnels, but they went to a power plant that was near White (perhaps the one on the Oakdale premises?). How do I know this? Today (9/22/10), my assistant principal was walking through the school (West) after school was out, and I asked him about the tunnels. He told me what I have just told all of you, then, to my surprise, he proceded to open up the "Elevator Door" (students at West know what I'm talking about) and took me downstairs. He flipped on the lights and showed me from where I stood where the tunnels went. Just clearing things up.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/27/2010            
Comment: hello, I graduated from West about 15 years ago I am thinking back. I can pretty much remember the layout of the school, I can remember the stairs going to the cafetaria and the stairs going down to the math and science departments and there was a wheel chair ramp going down to the weight room. I am trying to remember what would be this elevator door you are refering to. maybe it is an addition in that 15 years? which hall is it in? I probably just forgot. I am hoping you can refresh my memory. Thanks,

Username: smitty611 Posted: 10/1/2010            
Comment: Anyone interested in facts regarding the Lapeer State home there is an album at the Lapeer Library that you can read and photo copy. There is a list of all who are buried in the cemetary. It is very sad to go to the cemetary because loved ones should not be forgotten. We go there as often as we can to uncover our aunts grave. She was only ten when she died at the home. The lawn mower keeps pushing the dirt on her little headstone. Vandals have ruined some of the headstones. If you need directions let me know.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/11/2010            
Comment: I would like to know the where the cemetery is located. Can you give me the address or some way to get there? you can contact me at Thank you in advance.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/16/2010            
Comment: I live three or so miles away from "Oakdale", i have been back there numerous times, though the last time was the last time for a reason.... well i knew my house was old i researched it and the property was divided up around 1893 and the plot on which my current day home is one butted right up to oakdale... im extremely curious as to what went on in those buildings if anyone can help me out it would extremely appriciated.. Cam

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/6/2010            
Comment: I did a research project on Oakdale. If anyone wants pictures or any information about the it the best place to go is the state archives building in Lansing. IF you are sneeky, you can grab the confidential files from the cart. They have tons of photos and info there. Anf for the record Chatfield, and Mott are both parts of Oakdale, as well as the old part of what is now Rolland Warner Middle School (formerly Woodside or Lapeer Community College) Also, around lapeer are decorative gardens and they have steeple looking things in the middle. These are from the hospital when it was finally torn down. During the time of construction metal retardation was thought to be contagious which is why the tunnels were built. To keep the people out of view and away from the rest of the public. Also, Oakdale was cited multiple times for things such as improper disposal of human bodies. They had mass graves, burned them and even sold some of them (GROSSS!!!) I don't have enough room here to write everything I know these are just some of the highlights. Also, the hospital was commissioned becasue the Gov. was from area and wanted it to be known for something. The easiest way to get to the grave yard is to park in the Mott closest to the railroad tracks. Find a hole in the fence and cross the tracks, there you will find a two track follow back for a while and there will be an opening on the left hand side this is the grave yard. Some of the tombstones are only the size of a brick and they are label baby 123 baby34a and the like Crazy stuff!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/13/2010            
Comment: My mother & her 5 siblings were residents at the Lapeer State Home.  In 1947, my grandfather died in a house fire.  My grandmother had a nervous breakdown & was sent to one of the state hospitals (not sure which one). The kids were sent to Lapeer.  They ranged in age from 2-19.  Luckily, they were all able to leave when they reached adulthood, but not without some lifelong scars. My uncle, because of the abuse he suffered at the home, became a pedifile & passed away while serving 2 life sentences in prison a few years back.  A couple of my aunts also had lasting memories of that place & one of them has never been the same as she was as a child, she is the only one left alive now. If anyone has any information on how I can get any resident files, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Also, clear directions on where the cemetery is would be wonderful, I'd very much like to visit sometime.  I can be reached at  Thanks so much,  Betty

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/27/2010            
Comment: i went to the cemetry one night last summer and it truly was a very scary place.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/13/2011            
Comment: my grandma actually worked here i love hearing about the crazy stories my favorite is of the girl named anne marie she would lay on the floor with her feet up in a chair and if you got close enough she would kick you across the room!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/18/2011            

I was out ther last dievils nite an it was creepy i had a digitil vice recder an picked up some vices that told us( get out of here) but in a demonic vice it said that in two diffrant vices an we were talkin about smelling burning flish an as we said that on the recder it said (i bet u can) an the whole time I was ther it feel like the hair was standing up on the back of my neck im going this yr to 10-30-2011

Username: gman Posted: 12/27/2011            
Comment: In the early 1980's there was no fenced in building. I worked the behavoir treatment buildings (bldg 8 and 3 north). It wasn't the little shop of horror people want it to be.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/27/2012            
Comment: did u ever find the cemetary? ill tell u exactly were it IS! do u remember where u saw the tunnel at?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/27/2012            
Comment: i was out there today right before a huge thunder storm! and soon as i set foot on the cemetary the sky turned blue and honestly i have never felt so calm! it was wierd i was all by my self not even sure where i was going but some how i went right to it and like i said it was wierd how calm i felt the walk out there not so calm i was lil freaked out but once i got there totally different! i cleaned off a few stone that were grown over! :)

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/30/2012            
Comment: Hi. I'm Claire. I'm an 8th grade student at Chatfield Middle School. (The Newest Addition.) My 8th grade class recently walked to the old Oakdale Cemetery, and went on a river walk.. When I was there I found it really interesting (Asylums have always intrigued me.) and I asked around and found out that Chatfield had been the administrations building to Oakdale. I really want to know more. If anyone could give me more information on Oakdale, it would be greatly appreciated! Contact me at:
Thank you so much! 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/16/2012            
Comment: Where can I find information about my uncle, who died at Oakdale in June, 1944?  Any help will be appreciated.  email  Thanks.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 4/13/2014            
Comment: During the eighties and nineties the tunnels under Oakdale were used for satan worship and sacrifices. I know because a relative of mine escaped with his life. One of the members performing the ceremony came after him to try to kill him after the failed attempt to sacrifice him. This person purposely "befriended" my family member in order to involve him in that sacrifice. These people were using the tunnels under Oakdale for many years for satanic ceremonies and rituals. Thankfully my family member survived and still lives. He will not talk about that night. It was too horrifying for him.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 5/22/2014            

yello ive been in the building an found dead bodies an i doug up some graves too:)

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/24/2014            
Comment: I tried to go to the cemetery today, but not even a minute after I pulled into the two track a cop ask me what I was doing and I said "going to Oakdale Cemetery he ask why and I said because my cousin was there and he told me it was private property and there was no way I could go back there and that there was another entrance but that too was private property. So how is everyone going into the cemetery? 

Username: disambiguation Posted: 9/7/2015            
Comment: I work in a private group home that houses an ex patient of Oakdale Regional which led me to research the old institution. So many interestingly creepy facts about this place besides the abuse and general neglect. Two major fires occured in buildings that housed patients as well as staff. Its not just the unkown amount of lives these fires took but the years they happened. 1937 and 1973... Coincidence? While the number 37 is significant in the bible (church leaders recognize it as a representation of the alive word and god himself) others strongly relate the numbers 37 and 666. 6+6+6=18, 18×37=666. The number 73 is an emirp, meaning that the reverse of 73 (37) is also a prime number. 73 is the 21st prime number while 37 is the 12th. I cannot stop thinking about this anomaly! Google books was useless and county records only provide dates, i cannot find an explanation as to how these fires started. Another major occurance at the asylum was in 1910 when smallpox rapidly spread across the grounds. During that cold fall and winter, forces of the flint national gaurd camped on the property to contain the epidemic. It is rumored that soldiers who contracted the disease were buried in unmarked graves on location. Not only the cemetary, but the entire property feels forlorn. And thats over 1,000 acres of lost souls and unmarked graves. Now you know, enter at your own risk.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 9/13/2015            
Comment: My boyfriend and I went up there. I parked at Lapeer industries and took the trail back there to see this cemetery. We never found it. Some assistance please. Thanks. Please email me back at

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 2/4/2016            
Comment: When I was a Senior at Lake Shore High School in St. Clair Shores.our Sociology Class ( Teacher was Gordon Dressel) collected money, bought and wrapped presents and took them to Lapeer State Home. We had a Christmas party and gave all the presents to the residents of this one cottage. All the residents were children. They were called mongoloid children at the time, now known as Down's Syndrome. This was Christmas of 1965. Back then Down's Syndrome children were put in Institutions. Today they grow up in their birth homes or are easily adopted. Based on my trip to Lapeer, I became a social worker.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 2/14/2016            
Comment: Also looking for the way into the cemetery. Please contact me at

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/5/2016            
Comment: I heard about the cemetery and was interested in checking it out or get a tour. I saw something on the paper and out a tour. If anyone knows. Please message me

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 2/11/2017            
Comment: For the person who posted about graduating from West and the elevator door. If you attended West in the nineties you must know that elevator joke? This went on for years upperclassmen would tell prospectivefreshman there was an elevator. Eventually they painted an elevator door next to the staircase to  the cafeteria to depict where this imaginary elevator was supposed to be. There is no real elevator just an urban legend that has gone on for years.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/25/2017            
Comment: My name is Alisyn. I am a resident in Lapeer County and am a current Ghost Investigator.  In hopes of getting permission through the county sheriffs, me and my team wish do an investigation at any sites that were apart of the Oakdale Institution. Please if you have had any experiences or have video or photographs or would like to send me any added information please contact me at Thank you in advanced



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