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Leland Tower Hotel
7 S. Stolp Avenue
Aurora, Il 60505 - USA

County: Kane County
GPS: 41.7581429, -88.3153890
WebSite: None

Location Description:     
The Leland Tower, 21 stories and the tallest building in Aurora is said to be haunted. Numerous suicides have taken place by guests jumping from upper floors into the Fox River. At night bad smells come from the elevator banks and the elevators seem to moan.


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Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/15/2008            
Comment: i once had a friend who lived in one of the apartments. his cat would always sit on the window sill facing the fox river. one day, while he was watching television, out of the corner of his eye he looked over at the cat who was staring straight at him, and suddenly leaned over and fell out the window. the cat used to sit there all the time, so why would it just fall?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/8/2008            
Comment: First, the bad smells are in the freight elevator... which leads to the dumpster room. It's not the smell of death, it's the smell of garbage. Second, the moans from the elevators are wind pressure from the elevators going up and down. Third, no cat ever 'fell' out of any window... all the windows have screens, as required by city code. That being said... the building is most certainly haunted. I've lived here for some time and have seen enough to be convinced. I've seen energy fields from both transient (didn't live here) and planted (did in fact live here) entities. I have learned that 5 people have jumped to their deaths from my appartment. And I'm quite sure I have seen all 5 entities. My floor burned entirely at one point in time, and I have seen the energy fields of the rodents that died in the fire. There is alot of bullshit floating around about this building, but there is also alot of truth... you just have to dig really deep to find it. This building hides it's secrets.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/10/2008            
Comment: I moved in February 2008. My aunt was pushed out/jumped(they are unsure) in 1987. I have witnessed some strange crap. In every picture we took in our apartment, there is a white ball looking thing in every corner of the pictures. Also our stereo is not set on alarm, and it turns on anyway and plays my micheal jackson Cd, a different song comes on every morning.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/13/2008            
Comment: Very interesting.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/1/2011            
Comment: hmmm im planning to move there soon what else besides haunted apts is there about this place? sis any of you enjoy your time there?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/20/2011            

i live in aurora and i attend wabonsie collage in the summer, i always walk by this building. i have always had a weird feeling about it, its very creepy looking and i am now reaserching all this bullshit and i get the chills



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