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Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/28/2008            
Comment: I went to the address of 350 Piney Mountain Rd, Greenville, SC and it no longer exists. There are very expensive homes there now.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2008            
Comment: Yeah, I was there when it was the old TB hospital... Some moron burned it down shortly there after though..... Funny thing is, there aren't homes where the hospital was, there is a children's park.... and a pretty large one at that (How many people died here?!?!?!)... The actual hospital site was where the main soccer field is now. The kids playground is up on the small hill over looking it (There used to be a nursing home there). Been back a few times since the park opened to see if the "doc" would drop by again, but no dice.... Although the slides are a BLAST though lol.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/14/2008            
Comment: There is some mis-information on the net about the address of this old sanitorium. Some say it is on Piney Mountain rd... it is not. After digging around a little bit I wanted to share my findings so that others who wish to research this site can actually find it. The actual address is 126 Beverly Rd, Greenville, SC 29609 (off Rutherford Rd. across from Farmer's Market) It is now call HERDKLOTZ PARK. Here is my account of the past few days research... Yesterday my best friends wife showed me the park built on the site of the old sanatorium. While walking around... I was quietly asking if anyone was still there... if so I would come back and do more research. It was daylight, after we walked around for about 10 minutes we got back to her car and her headlights were on.... they were not on when we left the locked car. So I clearly understood... There is still activity at this site. This morning I went for my reiki session and my reiki gal was led by her guide to take me back in time to when she used sneak into the old sanatorium. You know it is now a childrens park right??? AND here is where is gets really weird... they left the original boiler room intact... and possibly the entire basement... both of which were known to be very active areas. Now just sealed up... They just flattened the old building and built the new playground equipment right on top! The playground is IN the physical space that used to be INSIDE the building. I recorded our conversation and was quite startled to hear some impressive background chatter and banging in the clips. It was broad daylight and we got very clear lunchroom type chatter and screams. None of which was happening in person... And I do not mean something you have to strain to hear. You could swear there was all sorts of ruckus around us. So loud at times we would have had to speak louder if it was really there in the present. They left the original main entry steps intact.... those now lead to the playground. As we stood there we discussed the layout of the original building. On the recording you hear a very clear bell type sound with an echo like in a hall... this sound was NOT in the physical world while we talked. We were standing in what would have been the old lobby. My recordings outside of the building site sounded less like a cafeteria and were a slightly different nature. Still with banging... One of greenvilles most haunted old places is still VERY active and is now a place for kids to play! Shall we call it Greenvilles most haunted park? While my recordings today are more light hearted in nature as far as the nature of the EVPs... I am certain the tone and feel of the recordings will be more sinister once the sun goes down. Just a few months back, a guy I know and his friend saw a pool of blood near the horse shoe area. They got freaked out and left the park... A bit later he went back due to curiosity and there was no blood.That very area used to be inside one of the buildings of the hospital complex. This old site was legendary for it's paranormal activity and it has been converted into a park for families and kids. This lot sat empty for years as commercial and residential developers would not touch it... Jason Profit ModernMindreader.Com

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/15/2008            
Comment: yes, I live in the sub. right across the street from the side walkway entrance. This park is haunted. Just because they tear down the building, does not mean the paranormal just goes away. There have been several weird things happen to me while I went. I went back when it was closed off and now today when it is a park. Not too long ago, I was walking up to where you hit the main playground and there was a black and white cat sit and stare at me. I have seen this black cat on many occasions. I get a very odd feeling whenever I see this cat. This is a weird place and very haunted. please post more sittings or experiences..Im very interested.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/3/2008            
Comment: Guys, the building was NOT where the playground is.... I know this because I went inside of it once..... It wasn't pleasant, trust me..... Lot of BAD happened that night that I still can't come to terms with....... The concrete facts I have are that, yes, the building was right where the front soccer field is, the place where the large Gazeebo (sp?) now stands is where the nursing home was located... Where the playground now is, was nothing but trees to my knowledge as is the second soccer field in the back... If you enter the park and find a small retaining wall with a plaque and a poem from one of the patients, this is all thats really left of the old place to my knowledge... Behind the plaque is a hallow space (or was anyway) made of concrete.... Before they closed it off, the room was only about the size of a bedroom and had a circular hole in the top (No idea for what, but a big round hole) but it did not extend under the playground really... In fact if you go up above the plaque to the smaller kid's play ground, you can see where the concrete roof ends and the dirt of the hill takes over.... As for buried remains of the building, I know when they tore down what was left of the burnt building, some of the bricks have been buried under the dirt, but not any full rooms (The soccer field is physically lower than ground level used to be, which was about on level with the walkway in front of the plaque... So the soccer field is basically on level with where the bottom of the basement was). I found during construction some bricks around the path towards the backside of the front soccer field and even one or two that were buried about where the herdklotz park sign is.... I did find some broken glass and brick fragments mixed into the soil around the playground area though.... But grass has since taken over... I also if memory serves found a oil tank or maybe water tank rusting out in the forrest in the far backside of the park.... I think its original, dunno...... As for still a lot of activity, I was just there tonight.... Went alone and with my camera to have a look around again.... Been back many times and never saw anything.... Pictures rarely show any orbs really and the creepiest thing i've seen since that one bad night many years ago was a shadow move in a way it shouldn't have.... Oh, also check out the tree that looks like its been hit by lightning in the back... It currently has a yellow ribbon around it and a big blue "X" spray painted on it.... I suppose they intend to cut it down perhaps...

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/3/2008            
Comment: ok so im not going to say much because i have never been but my friends have..and there is a really really sad and weird story that goes along with im not sure if this is the same building that they went too but im pretty sure it is..if it had and elevator in it then this was def it...ok so im going to make this short and friends walk in and are standing around on friend walks to the elevator and goes in..he stands there inside the elevator and says this elevator was death. nobody else went in it. they leave and i think it was the next night it burnt down. well maybe a week or two later the friend that went into that elevator and said that it was death went to the hospital with stomach problems (never having any symptoms before) and had cancer in the blood (i forgot the name of the cancer) most people survive and live.............but he didnt. he died. and this had happend right after they left that place. i will never go to this building (or park now) i attended his funeral and was classmates with him. this is a very personal and TRUE story. please everyone just be careful. RIP Jacob

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/4/2008            
Comment: Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that.... If I'm not mistaken the place actually had 3 elevators spread out in different areas. I used to have some old pictures of the old style elevators someone else took.... I think I saw one while I was in that veritable hell hole, but after everything that happened I was more obsessed with getting the hell out than admiring the architecture. If you happen to talk to your other friends about it again, just ask them if there was a large wheel chair ramp inside.... That was the most distinguishing feature I ran across..

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/12/2008            
Comment: I have seen the Sanitorium since 1965 when I was 5 yrs old and it most definatly was where the playground is, the front yard used to be where picnic tables for visitors to visit outside (as it was later used as a trustees prison release facility) was where the small childrens playground is located and part of the front soccer field. The Front soccer field was constructed and during the construction the grading & prepping of the land required the field to be lowered in order to make it all level. Also the basement/boiler room contained several shower stalls, concrete floors, and an incinirator(reminded me of a concentration camp).I hope that this sheds some true light on where the locations were. B.D.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/12/2008            
Comment: I have seen the Sanitorium since 1965 when I was 5 yrs old and it most definatly was where the playground is, the front yard used to be where picnic tables for visitors to visit outside (as it was later used as a trustees prison release facility) was where the small childrens playground is located and part of the front soccer field. The Front soccer field was constructed and during the construction the grading & prepping of the land required the field to be lowered in order to make it all level. Also the basement/boiler room contained several shower stalls, concrete floors, and an incinirator(reminded me of a concentration camp).I hope that this sheds some true light on where the locations were. B.D.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/24/2008            
Comment: Well, if you have seen it since 1965 then you would of course be able to remember when the concrete retaining wall bunker was open in the manner mentioned above... Also the 2 small drive ways that lead up along side of the building... But don't take my word for it, have a look at this site. If you scroll down the page to the second picture, the current concrete "bunker" with the plaque on it's face and smaller playground above, is off to the left... Or are you proposing it was part of the basement of the building on the right?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/24/2008            
Comment: i used to play in the tb hospital nothing ever happend ever. the coolest part was climbing to the bell tower you could see so much from there.. although the place was very creepy feeling i dont think it was haunted.

Username: Yun Posted: 10/28/2008            
Comment: I have been over Piney Mountain Road many times over the course of my life (on the way to my grandmother's house on Paris Mountain) and I can tell you that I never saw anything like what was described on that road.
I'm pretty positive the actual location is the area on Beverly Road.

I've been to the site on Beverly Road (now a park). I actually catered an event for the Greenville Public Works employees.
There were lots of happy children playing and the park was beautiful. I even took a walk on the lower soccer field while waiting for the public workers to finish up.
Again, I've lived in Greenville my whole life and I heard a lot of the local ghost stories, but never anything about this place. I never sensed anything or noticed anything strange, nor did anyone else there.

If you want to take a look at the place from orbit, they have a pretty recent satellite photo of the park on Google Earth. Use the address given above or lat-long: 34°53'50.70"N   82°22'24.22"W.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/2/2008            
Comment: Ok, all of you are crazy. We use to go to this place week after week after week. First of all, it has never been called "The Devils Castle". That place is a mansion people use to search for on Paris doesn't exist either. The mansion is actually a home that an old couple live in and for years have been harassed because of the rumors. The Hopewell Tuberculosis Hospital was closed and Blue Ridge Pre-Release Center then opened up there. This was a pre-release correctional facility. I know this because my uncle use to visit a friend of his when he was in there. Anyway, Blue Ridge closed it's doors in 1997. Eventually stories started going around about how the place was haunted. Curiousity got the best of us, so one night we decided to go. Nothing happened...the stories continued, so us being the type of people that just wanted to see the "ghosts" continued to go. I bet we went up there 30 different times, NOTHING ever happened! I do not believe this place to be or to ever have been haunted. It is now a park, my company actually designed the park!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/23/2008            
Comment: I believed the place on top of paris mountain went by the name of "The devil's whor-e (dash added for filter trigger) house".... Not 100% on that, but was my understanding. Yes, I have heard of the old hospital being called "The devil's castle" before, but most just called it the TB hospital. As for the house on top of paris mountain, yep, it was quite real. Sat derelict for many years and surprise, surprise, it burned down also. Good luck seeing even whats left of it now though, cops run people off from the top of the mountain all the time and they have motion lights as well. The house was near the base of the old ranger tower, now pretty much just the foundation I'd assume. Anyway, I only went once to the TB hospital when it was still standing, and it was enough for me and then some. Up until going there, I didn't believe in ghosts. Now, not so sure anymore. Oh, and the rumours of the place being haunted started years before they turned it into the work release prison. Many years before.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/26/2008            
Comment: Okay so, here is the thing, the REAL Devils Castle is on Altimont Drive right off of Summit Drive as you go up the side of Paris Mountain. NOT THE STATE PARK i'm talking about the ACTUAL mountain itself. Devil's Castle was NOT torn down or demolished, it was burned down by two idiot people. I know this because I lived on Paris Mountain for many years and I grew up in Greenville County for all my life.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/15/2008            
Comment: The house on top of paris mountain isnt a devil house or whatever. Its the Park Rangers old house. Go and see for yourself its still there. Its covered by kudzu and probly has alot of snakes taking home in it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/20/2008            
Comment: I think the house on top of the mountain got its name from what went on after the house was abandoned. I can remember a big red pentagram being spray painted on the ceiling of the basement and of course tons a drunk people used to frequent the place...... Maybe its just the whole mountain is haunted haha. So many haunted places in one area, wierd.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/1/2009            
Comment: I worked at the old hospitol that was blue ridge pre-release prison until 1997 when it closed and inmates where transferred to other prisons..i never saw any goast but the inmate population reported many goastly events. as for the basement area many inmates would not go into the basement without an officer going with for the elevator i anly knew of one located in the middle of the building. there might have been others but only one was there while i worked there

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/20/2009            
Comment: Mkay..... So now were being told there were 2 or even 3 different locations in this one area? This is getting ridiculous.... Alright, so here are the facts that I know personally. 1. The place on beverly road was most likely built around the 1930s. Why? Because before the fire and all that crap, I remember looking around the adjoining house / nursing home that stood near the tree line. I found a corner stone built into the foundation that had the creation date listed... Nothing special, just a date (I wanna say it had 1932 written on it). So at least that gives us a time reference. I think I remember looking through some records that said the hospital itself was built around that time. 2. Everyone here so far has only made mention of the TB hospital that was on beverly road. Yeah there was some confusion of piney mountain / beverly, but I think we resolved that. 3. I haven't heard anyone say anything about the hospital being halfway up the mountain or on altamont drive either one till now. I dunno what stone pillars you took a picture of, but do we have any proof other than the name "Hopewell" to show us this was the 1st location? Could those have just been pictures of a very old home thats no longer there? I'm honestly curious at this point.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/2/2009            
Comment: went to both sites and didnt see any thing, found the gates at paris mnt but nothing happened there went past the stone gates and didnt feel a thing

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/12/2009            
Comment: lol, so much for him knowing more about it than the rest of us.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/29/2009            
Comment: On halloween last year me and my kids went to this place to try and get some halloween spirit! I dared the father of my kids to get out of the car and walk the track that goes around the field. He was happy to do so and we all "laughing" watched as he got out and walked the track and games but within a few minutes of his walk my daughter noticed that there was a small glowing light following behind him!! She was very upset and we all watched as this light went right with him around the track! As he approached the back part of the feild where the woods are there were atleast 5 sets of lights behind him ! My kids became terrified and all started to scream for him to come back!! I know this sounds crazy! It was sooo crazy but it happened! In fact he did not hear the screaming and he continued to walk .. We had the doors locked and the windows rolled up I was for the first time in my life certain that there are real haunted places. When he returned to the car he told us he felt like he was being watched when he got to the back of the feild which is where we saw the glowing lights!! I have been there in the day when the kids played in the park and it seems to be nothing more than that , a "park".. But I am telling you, try to visit that place on Halloween night and see what you think... I wont do it again but it is a great story for the kids to share even if noone does beleive us...

Username: Yun Posted: 8/7/2009            
Comment: I almost went there on the same night, but my wife didn't think that was such a good idea, so I didn't.
I am planning on visiting there after dark sometime, but I just need to find the right time.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/23/2009            
Comment: I lived on the Paris Mountain for fourteen years & as a teenager visited Devil's Castle several times -- both at day & night. There was a persistent rumor at my high school in Greenville that 13 teens would be kidnapped and sacrificed at Devil's Castle at midnight on Halloween. I think it was 1987 or 1988 when me and few of my high school friends went there to investigate if there was any truth to this rumor. Definitely didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary & lived to tell the tale. It was very scary nonetheless ...

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/23/2009            
Comment: P.S. - The entrance to Devil's Castle is definitely *not* on Piney Mountain Road -- the correct address is on Altamont Road. Go on Google maps & type in 368 Altamont, Greenville, SC. You will see the intersection of Altamont & Rockwold Dr (Rockwold is a long private drive with a blocked entrance). You'll have to enter on foot, I think.

Username: Yun Posted: 8/26/2009            
Comment: That is place is not anything at all.
As I've stated on the other thread about this subject, that is a private residence owned by the same family for a long time now, they are perfectly normal.
The real location for Hopewell was on Beverly Drive. All of the information checks out.
The entire "devil's castle" thing on Paris Mountain is just a kid's story because they could see the castle built there, but didn't know what it was.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/19/2010            
Comment: Me, my fiancé, and a few other people went the other night. As we were leaving, we heard what sounded like a lady scream in a low voice. We also heard people talking. We sat and waited to see if we could hear it again. Then we heard a kid's scream clear as day. It seemed to come from the field in front of the playground. I don't know if it was a child from the neighborhood beside it or what, but it was too loud to be far away. It was pretty cool. We plan to go back tonight.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2010            
Comment: as far as the castle on altamont drive it was built for a german baroness in 1891. I was up there the other day with the realator they want 3 mill for the place the views are amazing for the area it was based on a castle on the rhine.

Username: dragon13 Posted: 10/5/2010            
Comment: Yes. There is a huge wheel chair ramp in there. The 2nd time I went that was the only way to get to the 2nd floor because of all the destruction ppl had done on there "visits" before me. Do u remember it being warm inside when you went? The first time I went it was November and we were takin off our jackets as soon as we walked through the door because it was so warm.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/12/2010            
Comment: This is some great information. I grew up hearing rumors of this place as a child living in Greenville. I always understood it to be on Paris Mountain somewhere. I'd love to go to the park and explore!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/17/2012            
Comment: Will one night we went over the fence into the main soccer feld and why we were there I saw a white ball thing floating in front of me then it went in different directions then I herd taping on the metal support poles



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