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Joppa Bridge

Burnet County, Tx 78611 - USA

County: Burnet
WebSite: None

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When you go onto the bridges at night, you are supposed to be able to hear something running and breathing hard underneath the bridge. There are two bridges, and they were both built in the 1800's. Many say that the noises from under the bridge comes from trolls.


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Username: kbcoolkay Posted: 9/29/2006            
Comment: This is Kay from the Kay and Jay morning show...we plan on making a night time investigation of the Joppa Bridge if we can get to it, during the month of October...we`ll let you know our findings!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/28/2007            
Comment: Uh . . .I live about five miles away from this place. It`s pretty creepy, sure enough, but I don`t think it`s haunted . . .or trolled. When you go onto it (on foot, it`s closed to cars now) you get a kind of weird feeling, like you`re being watched. Of course, that might just be people`s imaginations. Overall though, it`s really just a creepy bridge. Now the old Burnet hospital. -That`s- a real haunting.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/20/2008            
Comment: Yeah yall are so cool i went there all night and actually saw a "little man" it was weird but it was only there for a second.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/9/2009            
Comment: the old Burnet Hospital....yeah had a heck of a haunting experience there. Someone really should check it out...or maybe not. Bad vibes....

Username: Missytx26 Posted: 6/19/2012            

Where is the old hospital?

email me at


Username: c_branson Posted: 11/14/2012            
Comment: I am planning to go here because of this but if you want a real haunting go to the old hospital in Burnet located by the highlander restaurant. I also think that Fort Crogan may have some activity but i don't know about that one, I have had my fair share of paranormal activity when living by the graveyard. I think the whole town has activity. But that is what i think 

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 4/7/2016            
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