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Type: Pipes                 Posted: 2/13/2011 5:23:00 AM                 Submitted By: AnonymousVisiter
Headline: F.E.A.R. 3 assets tease at Paxton’s paranormal abilities (Video)
Link to original news article:  http://paranormaldailynews.com/2010/06/07/f-e-a-r-3-assets-tease-at-paxtons-paranormal-abilities-video/

News article summery:
F.3.A.R. is months away, and we’ve noticed a series of “viral” trailers focusing on different members of the Alma’s family. // The latest trailer is dubbed “Fettel,” referencing former Replica commander Paxton Fettel – Paxton boasts incredible paranormal powers. He is capable of using his psychic powers to move objects, stun enemies, or possess someone [...]

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