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Old haunted orphan houses
Woodbury, VA 22191

County: Prince William
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Many years ago off of Route 1 in Woodbridge, Virginia were several houses that belonged to old families who would adopt orphans as a way of life. The problem is that big corporal companies came in to build over the houses and so the families were evicted. Years later when the land had begin to furnish again, contractors decided to build over the houses since the plan to construct when they had been torn down had been shunned. When construction began several appearances had been sighted of children running around and giggling in the woods. Machinery started to malfunction and people started to disappear in the woods when bodies of the children had been found in unmarked stone graves around the houses. The area of land is located across from the junkyard that sits across the street from the original orphan house all the way to the forest miles behind and next to Potomac library. The only people who were able to survive in the area and camp there were homeless people. It is said that the orphans take pity on their misfortune and spare them the life they had previously lead. That goes to show even the dead show sympathy.

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