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Paradise Road
Paradise Road
Jefferson, Wi 53549

County: Jefferson
GPS: 42.9966716, -88.7195730
WebSite: None

Paradise RoadWitnesses report feeling an eerie presence. They have heard inhuman screams, seen short, robed shapes in the woods, and have even seen a raccoon, decapitated, with blood glistening in the headlights, but no blood on the road and no head anywhere in sight. Location is on Paradise Road, a right turn shortly after you pass Saint Colletta's. Advice is to STAY OUT OF THE WOODS ON THE LEFTHAND SIDE.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:07 PM  
I have been on Paradise Road only once, the one time I did go I was scared out of my mind. A few friends and I went down tehre late at night, and although we saw nothing, we heard a lot of strange noises and also heard a lot of movement in the woods.

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Me my husband brother and sister in law were out there tonight. We got to the woods parked on right hand side and there was nothing. We came back my brother in law went into the woods in the right hand side got about 50 feet out and came sprinting back saying something came from nowhere and was chasing him. We left and came back and parked and listened and all we could hear we're loud noises on right side. We pulled up some same thing. Then we pulle up third time and the noises kept getting louder but we couldn't see anything. Then something huge fell from tree something started running on the pavement but we could see nothing. The noises continued then my husband turns to me an asks if I was tapping I said no within a minute there were loud tapping noises in woods on left hand side that kept getting louder almost like something hitting metal and then this loud god awful scream that was neither animal or human none of us ever heard anything like it. Then it got quiet on that side was still loud on other side and I suggested we should go right as I said that my brother said there was someone in woods about 30 feet from our car that kept gettin closer. Right at that time a car appeared and we took off. Honestly idk if its paranormal sci fi or some kind of satanic cult but I seriously suggest not going out there without weapons and to stay in your car and be very aware because it sounded like multiple things trying to surround the car and that scream still gives me chills hours later!

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:21 PM  
Paradise road is a large road to thoroughly inspect and is not immediately after St. Coletta`s, in fact, it`s a few miles down the road if going east. Sure it`s an eerie place but I do not believe it to be haunted. As for the strange noises, it`s Wisconsin, the footsteps were most likely deer or a small animal.

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Ive been to paradise road..ive been to the old "abandonned" house, and some weird stuff happened...we went to the house around midnight, and parked in the drive way..there were signs every where to keep out...we saw a tv on in the upper window of the house...just a blue screen...we couldnt turn off our headlights..then all of a sudden all the lights in the house came on..someone with a flash light came out and yelled.."Who the fuck is out there!"..we split...went back there later...and the place was dead just like when we arrived..someone was there...but it was the scariest thing ever


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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:06:35 PM  
omg! I GOTTA check this place out! im sure ive driven past it though o.o

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A little over a year ago, I went to Paradise Road for the first time with a few of my friends. We investigated for some time, and we ultimately witnessed a shadow-like figure emerge from the woods. From which side is questionable, as I don't know my directions well; therefore, I can't tell you whether it was the left- or right-hand side of the woods. As we quickly drove away, freaked out over what happened, we felt as though we were being watched for some time. A visit to Paradise Road is definitely worth the experience, even if nothing happens. Since the first trip, we've encountered few strange things.

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I have been there too and what did you mean you had  Strange things happen since your First Visit?? Meaning you have gone back and have experience some weird things or you have been experiencing strange thing at your home and not being at the Road??

Thanks - Donna


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Does anyone know if the side where the sightings have been seen has been cut down? i would like to know becuase I do not want to waste my time going if its not there anymore

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 11228     3/27/2008 12:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

A couple of us went out there one night and didn't see much. Yes, we heard some noise from the woods, stopped the car, and waited and listened. We freaked out when we thought we saw two red orbs. It turned out they were the eyes of a deer. Which, of course, explained all the noise coming from the woods that sounded like someone moving around. And that's all we saw/heard. I think this is a total hoax.

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I went there, it wasn't that special in my opinion. There are houses on the road, which kinda made it seem a little less ominous. Plus, the road is only like a 1/4 mile or so. Then again, we went pretty early, around 8 or so, and usually it seems like stuff happens later. So all in all, I would say it didn't seem haunted, but you never know, maybe we just went at a dead time. Things don't happen every hour every night

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I JUST got back from paradise road about an hour ago, after my friend told me about it few days ago i wanted to see it. it was dissapointing in ways due to there being houses right when you enter the road (but there is only like 4-5 at the most on the whole road). I see that the only "freaky" part would be when the road goes through a part of forest (when you enter the road its open field to the left and right). The forest has been graffited by people, such things spray painted on the trees, i saw 3 messages saying "die becky", "die", and "death". i didnt hear anything or see anything until i shut off my car, i rolled down my window and listened closely. The noises that you read from sites like strangeusa.com are partly true to what i heard. I heard things like faint screams, someone walking up to my car door, gun shot every 2 minutes (about half mile away it sounded like), someone talking but couldnt understand what they were saying, foot steps in the woods. I plan to come back in about a month with my brother in law to travel down the road on bike at night to get its full effect. overall i cant say its haunted or just a hoax, not until i see it at night time. I will come back in about a month after i visit it again, give my thought if its haunted or not.

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does anybody know who owns the property or anything? i would like to film a movie there for my final exam project in my Mass Media class but i dont want to get caught for trespassing or anything you can e-mail me at Mielkeway8@yahoo.com also, other stories would be nice to hear so i can freak out the rest of my crew :-)

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13137     5/19/2008 3:46:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

there is also more stoys to this.. about a KKK crew or something to.. I don't know my friend mentioned something to me once about it. CREEPY

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I went to Paradise Road last night (Saturday, March 24th) @ approximately 2 p.m. We had a group of 6 people, 2 vehicles, which was 3 people in each car. When we drove through the town, it seemed really fucked up - almost like that one movie House of Wax, because it was so dead feeling. When we finally pulled up to Paradise Road, we were obviously creeped out, we decided to do a drive through the road at 20 miles per hour, just to get a feel for the road. So we went through, then went back to where we started, and decided to park our cars on the side of the road and walk through the road. People have claimed to see scary things such as people hanging and what not...we did not see any of this. The only thing we saw was headlights of a car that seemed to be comming towards us, but we did not see any car, which was quite odd. Also, we saw about 7 black cats total on the road at random times. What made this road odd was the amount of abandoned barns there were (3 total) - we also saw the abandoned house that everyone talks about, but we did not enter it. What was cool though was when you go about 1/4 of a mile down the road, on your right hand side, is a really tall (about 10 foot) grassy drop off; we climbed up it and it turned into just a big grassy hill that just seemed to get higher and higher, so we gave up and went back to the road. I also did feel an 'eerie' feeling, but I believe it wasnt anything unnormal, but in fact, just came to me because we were in the middle of nowhere at 2 a.m. All in all, it was NOT worth the drive (from Sussex,WI) which was about 45 minutes .. I guess it was worth the experience though, and who knows...maybe if someone else goes they will see something. One thing we didnt do which might have ruined the experience was not enter the abandoned house, which would have been cool, and we didnt go in the woods on the left hand side. Im sure if you would do these 2 things, the experience will most likely be alot more chilling.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13359     5/25/2008 2:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i was with the last guy that posted. I thought it was creepy, but nothing special.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14210     6/18/2008 6:08:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Who ever says that paradise road isnt haunted doesnt know what their talking about. I had an experience where some friends and I went there late at night and this car started following us. Then all of a sudden the car disappered like it turned into a driveway or something. But, anyone who has been on paradise road knows that there are not any drivways to turn into. At least none on the road that the woods are on. Oh and if you want a good scare, go ahead and venture into the left side of the woods. Wait and see what happens. You wont believe if.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14870     7/2/2008 10:35:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

pardise road is not haunted cuz me and two friends and my brother went out there and notging happened or we didnt see eny thing. its not even scary. my friends and brither went into the woods on the left and right side of the road and i even drove my truck into the woods in a service lain that is on the left side wen u first enter the woods. i turned my truck off too and heard nothing nor did eny of my friends or my brother hear or see eny thing. if u go out there thinking there is something u freak out and will think its haunted. i know for a fact or some ppl who go out there and scare ppl late at night. they yell scream and evn use lights to make u think u see something that isnt real. i have gone out there 12 times now and even stayed out there for a couple hours and nothing.but if u want a good scare come out to the fields that r round the jefferson out door and the humain society. walk round the feilds at bout 11 pm to 6 am and its wierd cuz u see these big black devil figures that fly. and animals run pass u reall fast then disappear its happened to me alot and nobody is out there cuz its wide open and pitch black.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14969     7/5/2008 4:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and 2 Friends went to paradise road this weekend at around 1 am. It is true that there are houses in the area. (If anyone knows the location of the abandoned house throw it up)The road is indeed very short. We did both sides of the woods. on the right hang side is fencing with barbed wire which if you follow leads to a big wooded gate, maybe it holds an animal or something? There wasn't much anything special at the right hand side. Once you go on the left hand side its a very eerie feeling. I didn't see anything move but my friend did. It could have been a deer for all I know. It seems like a logging place. It has a chain of a few thick scarred paths, there are nicely cut logs in a lot of places you come to, and ladders going up into trees. I heard no one or nothing for a while. THEN... We heard the sound of what was like a siren, that distorted, fainted, formed into the sound of a girl yelling. It was very weird, has anyone else experienced that? Note: We too saw some black cats on the way there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 15662     7/18/2008 9:12:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

To those of you who say that you've not encountered anything particularly strange about Paradise Road, I must impart that you should visit at least one more time to truly get a feel for the area. I have been there a number of times, and in the majority of these cases, I have not experienced anything blatantly odd. But I am the person who witnessed a freakish shadow emerge from the woods, as explained a few posts above, and my fundamental point is this: One visit does not represent the whole of a story. Scientists do not validate or invalidate theories on the basis of ONE SOLE experiment/experience; they base facts on repetition. Go again, and then, even if only for the sake of a good time, go yet again. And if after a few visits you still experience nothing, spread the word as it relates to your opinion of Paradise Road. But after my numerous experiences, I feel assured in asserting that something is definitely unique about Paradise Road.

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Me Zack, Orlando, Bridget , and Nicole went to paradise road We decided to enter the woods on the left with no real means of a flashlight. about 1/8 to a 1/4 of a mile in we decided to turn around. the only problem was it was to dark and we couldnt find our way. We wondered in the woods for about 30mins before we left and went into a field wich seemed like a good idea at the time. Now i regret it. but Once at the field we kept thinking there was a road just over this hill and everytime we got someone where the was no road. We walked 3/4 to a mile down the woods and half 1/4 of a mile out of them. Running into marshes many places with grass to tall to see over. Eventually we entered back into the woods and upon doing so we found a tree stand, and then another 20ft was a clearing. It was a corn field wich had a path witch led us all the way back to paradise road. all in all the advanture took us about 4-5 hours and was a hell of a time. so a word of advice mark your trail and bring a flash light if you ever go to paradise road . it wasnt scary except the getting lost part

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I would like to know if the people in the previous comment were there on the 13th. We took took our teenage children to paradise road on the night of the 13th and when we pulled along side the road by the woods and turned off the headlights we heard noises in the woods like people walking around and whispering,then a loud scream coming from the woods. If that was you I would like to say kudos to you, because you scared the crap out of all of us. But that still does not explain the shadows and when we were leaving and driving down the road we had headlights heading toward us and as the headlights got about a block away they just disappeared, there was no road or driveway that a car could of turned into. We went back the following nights with our husbands (the critics) and we did hear whispering,seen shadows and a glowing light that faded in and out coming from just inside the woods. Paradise Road is a very eerie place and well worth the drive, and I for one will return so I can try and figure out what we saw and heard.

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I Zach Skelton have been to paradise road probably about 20 or so times if not more. And for those of you who do not believe in ghosts or anyhting paranormal think again. There is deffinatly something paranormal about Paradise road. And heres why.... Ryan, Amanda, Jackie, and i all went out to paradise road one night with a tape recorder. We usualy drive past the wooded part of the road where IT IS Haunted and then go down the road aways and then turn around and go back through driving slowly, Turn around and then park on the bad side of the road about n the middle of the trees. So we parked, and before i turned on the recorder I told everyont that i wanted to really se if this road is haunted because i was not a believer also like most of you, anyhow so i told them that I didnt want anyone to say anything at anytime while the recorder was running and they all said ok. So were sitting there and listening to the woods. That night was one of the best nights we were out there, Things moveing in the woods that sounded like someone walking really slow along the sideof the car and let me tell you there was nothing outside my window or door that was walking but it was there if you know what i mean. And everyone heard it. Then there was the short robed figures in the woods like standing behind the trees and then moveing out sideways very slowly just enough to se the light from the moon in the background inbetween them and the tree and then the light disapeard and then reapeard as they went back behind the tree. Oh man, they come out and go back like twice and then it looks like they start moveing toward you both at the same time. The only thing that was said on the playback of the recorder of human voice was me saying do you se those things comeing from behind the trees and my buddy saying yes and then me saying lets get the F**K outta here man go go go. Well we were out there for three hours before that happend and we left. And this is what we heard on the playback of the recorder, a little while into it my buddy rolled down his power window and it makes a weird noise and then like one second after that u hear, faintly a girl saying "I can se Jackie..I can se her". and then awhile after that my buddy lit up a smoke and rolled the power window down and it makes a weird noise, well right after u hear the window goes down you here a man say, "it's comeing". very softlty and in a deep voice saying it slowly. and then like two minutes after that plays is when you hear me asking if he can see those shadows comeing and me saying lets het the f**k outta here and the tape stops. So for those of you who disbelieve in Paradise road GET YOUR BUTTS BACK OUT THERE WITH A VOICE RECORDER AND JUST SIT AND LISTEN ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU WANT I HAVE SOME OF THOSE CAUGHT ON TAPE AS WELL, BUT GET BAK OUT THE RE WITH A TAPE RECORDER AND WAIT AND YOU MIGHT NOT GET NE THING THE FIRST OR SEOND TIME YOU DO IT YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT AND IT WILL COME IT DID FOR ME AND MY FRIENDS. I hope you all believe me all this is no joke and no lies. Just go and do what i did with a voice recorder and capture the paranormal. I now believe. And I hope you all will soon. Thanx for yout time and go ghost hunting.

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This place is definetly eerrie. I've been out there numerous times and every time i get that eerriee feeling. On one occasion me and my girlfriend have went out there with a buddy who has an EVP recorder. When we got back and hooked the recorder up the computer we heard voices but could barely make them out. On the last occasion that we visited we had brought a camcorder and recorded it with the night vision on. We did not notice this when we were there but after getting home and watching the video there was just a second or two that you could see someone or something look out from a tree and then ducked down. It gave all of the heebby geebbys and we haven't been out there since.

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My friend and I are from Fort Atkinson. We just got back from Paradise at about 12:30am, we have had many experiences with paradise. we have taken video where we didn't see anything in person but then looking back on the camera saw a red glow on camera in the middle of the road. Tonight was the scariest time ever. We got to paradise and parked on the right side of the road and turned off the car looking left into the haunted part. About 2 minutes later the radio turned on blaring. I said get the F*** out of here and he turned on the car, at that moment a loud bang hit the passenger side of the car. We have seen big white orbs, hooded figures running through the woods and even approaching the car. Every time I go there I get a head rush and sick to my stomach for some odd reason, it's the same with my friends. All of us get an extremely weird feeling of someone watching us and it being very eery.

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for those who say that the road is 1/4 mile long...you must be in the wrong place the whole road is at least 2 miles long anyways...ive been to the road a few times and i went sunday, sept 28...well more like monday the 29 since it was 1:30am when we got there we passed the houses(which most are NOT abandoned), and parked on the road, we rolled down the window and waited after a few minutes we started hearing footsteps and then something either being dragged or chains there was also a wooshing sound and there was no wind we freaked and sped off and did a u-turn by the dead end sign on our way back, we noticed something on the side of the road...so we checked it out it was an animal pelt, small and we couldnt tell what it was it was clean and there was no blood around it...i have pics of it as we headed back to the haunted spot, we noticed a pool of blood on the road....no guts, no fur...we got pics we freaked out again, did another u-turn by the dead end and came back thats when we noticed more blood...farther from the first...i got pics also...the pelt was a good .5 miles from the pelt it was just really freaky and then 5 minutes after we left, there were 2 hand marks on my windshield, one right in front of me, one in front of my friend they were in our line of vision and were not before and we did not touch the windshield they were also outside the car, and we never left the car over all it was pretty freaky and im goin back next saturday http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/Mielkeway8/paradise%20road/ (the pics) e-mail me at mielkeway8@yahoo.com for questions or comments

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We went to paradise road last night, we didn't see an abandoned house. If anyone knows where it is tell me. My sister saw one black cat. We were taking pictures all night. Me, My mom, and my friends were all walking down the road with big white lights. We didn't see anything scary, but you could definitely tell something wasn't normal. When we got back to the car we walked over to the left side and stood right on the edge of the trees, It sounded like something was walking towards us. After we looked at the pictures, we found all of them had white shadows type things in the, One of the trees we took a picture of had DEATH written on it, and there were little red dots. If you want to see the pictures Go Here. http://s437.photobucket.com/albums/qq99/emmely_2011/?start=all E-mail me what you think. Sexykitten4488@hotmail.com

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Ive been out there probably 20 times and have had stuff happen about 14 of the times the black cats are almost normal to me now, i see at least 1 of them every time im there some night ive seen up to 6, I recall my first time being there 3 of my friends nagged me to go so i drove down there and nothing special hanppend until i hit the forested part of the road as soon as i hit that part of the road my headlights, radio, backlights, windows, locks, pretty much everything in my car stopped working, i tried to spead out but my car was stalling out so we creeped down the road at about 10 miles an hour then when we got out of the forested part everything turned back on, that was enough for me to get the hell out of there so i turned around and sped my way back, a couple of my friends saw an old lady behind my car that night, i never saw it so i cant back it up but there pretty good friends so ill take there word on it, ive also seen the raccoon a couple times, it looks like a normal animal crossing the road until you get close and realize it has no freaking head. I hear noises out there all the time though, chains being the most common, i definitely think there is something up with that road just be careful on the left side of the woods in my experiences that is where everything came from, I have never seen the abandoned house though where is that? I have also gotten lost in those woods i spent about 3 hours trying to get out, its freaky so if you have heart issues dont get lost.

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I think some on the black cats are racoons, ive been out there and some scary things did indeed happen. But I think the black cats are racoons, after taking a long enough glance at a few of them out there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20979     10/15/2008 7:04:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Well all sounds kinda freaky!!! Me and some others will be going out there Saturday night, hope to experience the paranormal!!!!

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That sounds freakyyy!! i live in oconomowc so i might go soon to just see my friends have been there b4 they said they saw a horse n then not even 10 seconds later they turned ther car aound and it was gone also they said their head lights went out!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20990     10/15/2008 8:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I have been out there a few times. The first time I was in my early 20's and went with some friends. We heard a lot of crazy noises that I figured were animals in the woods, but as we were leaving there were 2 green floating orbs in the trees that followed our car out of there. Stepping forward, the time I was out there 2 years ago, I took a friend and my oldest son. As soon as we entered the woods, my friends phone died after being completely charged. We also saw a short black hooded figure crouching near our friends car that we had met out there. They had also felt the car shaking as if someone were trying to rock it. The latest adventure was reported by my sons. They had gone out last weekend with their dad who has been there several times as well. After their stopping for a bit, they drove out of the woods the way they always had taken and came out 4 miles off course. So, I am still a bit skeptical because I believe our minds play tricks on us when we are expecting to be scared, but I am still open minded to the paranormal.

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Ok so we went to paradise road around ten and stayed till 1130. I shot several random picture to see if something would show up. Some of the pictures did show some wierd orbs of blueish white light that you could see with the naked eye. They are posted under album named paradise road. Thought maybe we heard some weird noises, but the most breath taking was when I walked alone away from the van about 1/2 block. I thought I heard very light foot print running through the woods, i ran back to the van. I caught my breath and told the ladies what I heard. I attemted this one more time. When I got to the same point while walkig I heard it again, this time I listened instead of runnning and it continued till it was a liitle to scary. I asked my mother to walk there with me, after some coaxing she did but we heard nothing then. The ladies were getting cold so we left. All in all it was a great experience, definetly different out there. I thing it would be better to go latter like between the hours of 1 and 3 am and I will do that in the near future if I can someone to go at them hours. Well thats about it for now>BJ

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iv never ben to Paradise Road Jefferson, Wi 53549 but i hear it is vary skary do i go idk

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I graduated from Jefferson High School in 1974 and have lived in Oklahoma since 1990. Paradise road was a big hang out when I was in high school. It was our "party" road! Had a lot of good times out there. Have any of you that have commented been to Bear Hole Road? Try it sometime! I can't really remember the way to get there, I think it's on the way to Helenville.

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omfg please dont go here, one of my friends died here after a recent visit.

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I was just there about an hour ago. I was with 5 other guys. it was really creepy around that area. We couldn't really tell where we were supposed to go. I heard something about the house being on Bakersville road. So we went to Paradise Road and found the tunnel of woods. We parked the car, and got out. We walked all through the woods. there are some kinds of paths with tire marks, but it would be impossible to drive down it because of all the big rocks and fallen trees. the paths took us out to 2 corn fields on either side of the woods. We never found the House, but we heard tons of weird noices, and some voices, always from behind us. Marcus-Wales,WI-10/31/08-11/01/08

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Bear Hole Road is just West of Paradise Road. I have never heard about anything going on over on Bear Hole. It is the road however that Ruben Borchardt lived when his wife had him murdered. The way to Bear Hole Road is to go east on Hy Y and go about 5 to 6 miles. It is on the left. As I have stated I have not heard of anything going on there.

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Last Seen: 11/3/2008 1:31:56 PM  
ok me and three of my freinds were there just last night in the time of 2:30ish-3:30ish AM we did a few passes through the wooded area i had been there once before so i knew what side it was but the only thin is when we wernt even on paridise when we were on wolf i think we all felt just uneasy.  but we pressed on the first pass through the woods i heard something that sounded like banging of pots and pans the other guys in the car said they didnt hear it or that it was the car. yes the car was runing fine everything was working.  but the strange thing is rigth before we got to the wooded part on the first time i saw something i dont even know how to explain it but it is burned into my head. but anyways i heard the noise and sped off we turned around went through again saw a cat it wasnt black just a light brown cat then we stoped  so the guys on the other side could look. my buddy in the front seat said he saw a figure about 4 feet away from the car we were really close to the woods so yea but he had a light on him just shining it at the black robed thing about 3ft-4ft then the guy in the backseat put it on the same spot and i went away. then the guy that was behind me saw a car comeing we thought it was the cops cause they regularly patrol that road at night so we sped off. then like 1/2 a mile down the road we didnt see the lights comeing cause we stoped so we turned a round hopeing it was some more people just cheacking it out so maybe we could all go in the woods toghether but they wernt there there was nothing just a branch that was on the road since we first got there so we left to go to some other huanted places.  but anyways all 4 of us want to go again during those hrs 2am-4am into the woods but we wont go in with out a bigger group like 15 people max and just do a sweep of the woods basiclly so if anyone is interested in planing a big thing like this email me at vex1313@hotmail.com thanks and i hope we can figure out whats really going on in those woods

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When it gets warmer and deer season is over

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I was just there tonight for the first time. nothing really happened, exept when we were leaving we found a footprint on the outside of the windsheild... has anyone else experienced this??

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My wife has an elderly woman from he jefferson area she visits for her work. The woman told a story of her deciesed husbands deer hunting trip near that road. her husband had shot a deer and his buddies took a photo. In the backound there is clearly another hunter standing here with no head.this is a 60's photo clearly before photoshop.

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You guys have no idea what your getting into

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ill get back on here at a different date and explain things better when i have more time, basiclly though paradise was alot worse before. We studied theplace for four years and came real real close, too close to it. the actual bad demon is gone. that was the "witch" but her "workers" survived.

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There are so many stories about this road and it would be nice to hear some of them. I use to live near there and road horses around there all the time but never did we ride to the haunted woods. I'm not sure why but we never did. I know people who give hayrides with horse on Hwy y and to the best of my knowledge they never took the rides past the haunted woods. Every where but there. So if anyone has anymore tales or stories about this area please post them.

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I heard a story abou paradise road, apparently many years ago a guy and a girl went there and their car broke down so they started walking through the woods the guy dissapeard and the girl found him hanging from the tree on top of his car, hence the whole car turning into the woods and the man hanging on the tree.

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ekkkk.! sounds funn! :D

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went there last night about eleven thirty midnight scared the crap outa me and josh, we were the ones to actually go into the woods the others pussied out and stayed in the car there was someone out there, i say someone cuz i really don't believe in ghost but oh well there was someone out there. we drove throw and turned around stopped got out and walked a little was and found a path from someone, the others three of them jordan, lavana and jordans friend decided to go back to the car. we, josh and i, decided to follow the path and circle back and scare them. we got about twenty or so yards into the woods and stopped after hearing someone in the woods we turned and ran like hell and drove the hell outa there

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i was the other person in the car from the last post i was there when they came running out of the woods scared for their fucking life because they had seen a large animal or person in the woods. we just got back from going there again, and this time when we went through there we initially saw nothing: no people, no animals, the only thing that we saw was a car leaving, but we thought nothing of it. when we first went out there, this dumb fucking girl we were with kept bitching about having to go to the bathroom. so we pulled over and were like get out and go, but she refused. we were probably parked there for about three minutes arguing with her. after that we just decided to drive through, and we all decided not to get out just because last time they thought they saw something. so we started to drive through going about 10 miles an hour, and i took three pictures. my camera wasn't taking the pictures very well because i had it on the wrong setting, so we kept driving and were going to loop around. we got through it the first time, turned around and went back so i could get pictures of the left side. i got about five pictures, and right as we got out of the section of the woods back to the road i started to look at the photos. all of the sudden, jordan goes "do you guys see that? what is that?" and me and josh look to see out the window. i'm not fucking joking, guys. i wouldn't make up some fake post on a website like this i could care less about. but on the left side of the road there was a fucking huge guy walking. we all saw the exact same thing. it was a tall guy, probably more than six feet tall, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up, and blue jeans with the back right pocket ripped so we could see bare skin on the back of his leg. he was walking on the right side of the road on the shoulder, more on the road than in the ditch. we had to kind of swerve around him and went on some gravel. and we started to book it out of this place, and jordan saw the guy in the rearveiw mirror, and josh turned around and saw him fucking coming after us. we were probably going about 70 in a 35 zone, and this guy was seriously making some time chasing us. i'm sure josh and jordan are gonna post to. that is the most fucked up thing that has ever happened of me going there 7 or 8 times. and we have gotten out of the car and walked around four times. i mean, im still scared out of my fucking mind and this happened almost three hours ago. i would suggest that if anyone go out there, they do not ever, ever get out of the car around 12:30-1:00am. if you think about it, its just so fucked up we didn't see him at all going in. that guy had to have come out of the woods.

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*sorry my mistake the guy was on the RIGHT side of the road

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I was with the last two people that posted. I don't have much to add the their stories, but they are both true. The guy was scary as hell. No joke. He was there clear as day.

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Last Seen: 2/10/2009 12:20:42 PM  
Were going to attempt another visit on thursday around 1130 so were there when it turns the 13th.  Went there around halloween time but nothing really happened.  Any1 going hit me up and maybe we can go together.  My email address is bjschmieder@att.net

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Last Seen: 4/11/2009 6:45:01 PM  
I was there, friday night.  Two days ago, at about 2-3 in the morning, during the snowstorm.  It's a pretty isolated road which adds to the creepiness.   Also the road splits and continues somewhere else, which is why I think a lot of people are confused about the length, if you run the entire length of it at a slow enough speed it gives you ample time to freak yourself out, although the creepiest part for me was not having good windshield whipers and almost hitting a deer.  Still, I plan to go back sometime soon and actually get out of the car, maybe wander into these creepy woods everyones talking abouts.  Snow was pretty thick, still didn't see any cabin and I was looking for it.  Anyone heading back out there anytime soon, throw up a time and a date, maybe we'll meet each other up there.  Should at least make it harder for the trespassing enforcement to catch a whole group, instead of just the stragglers.

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Okay, So I'm super interested in this place, who knows when I'm 16 or get a car I'll have my friends look at this area with me. As for the comments on the dying friends, I doubt that. But the huge man in the forest, jeez, that's a bit creepy. It has me turning around just in my bedroom. I'm doing a report on Haunted Wisconsin, because it really interests me. I think I'm going to add the huge guy into it. So if this isn't real, and I'm not sure because I wasn't with you guys, I swear its all your fault! Kidding. But, this really interested me. If you guys have time, email me..Anyone who has more information. cheetahs316@hotmail.com I have to have the rough copy done by tomorrow (March 2). But I'd still like to hear more.

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IVE BEEN TO THIS ROAD AND IT IS HAUNTED I WENT WITH MY DAD AND SISTER AND I DIDNT BELIVE THAT IT WAS HAUNTED SO THEY TOOK ME THERE AND AS WE WERE DRIVING THE CAR TURNNED OFF MY SISTER MY DAD AND I BOTH TRYED TO TURN THE CAR ON BUT IT WOULNT THEN WE HERD FOOTSTEPS and screams and then we herd somthing walking on the roof of the car and i stared to screem and kick the seat then the car stared back up without anybody touching the keys and my dad drove away as quick as he could and he said to look up the road on weird wisconson.com and i saw it on there and i saw that it happened to other people. but that place is were the witches in the olden days use to be hung and the villagers would kill them with that wired tree that is spreaden apart and the house way back in the woods is were they use to live and when you go too the house sometimes the lights will be on and the tv but no picture on it. so what ever you do stay away from that road its really dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Last Seen: 11/11/2010 12:08:35 AM  
ok, so i went there last year over the summer with two friends, when we finally got there we drove down the road and saw a black cat run across the road, and to everyone that cant tell the difference it was a black cat not a raccoon, but when we backed up it was gone. we continued and saw the pain on the trees. then we parked our car. we went into the right side and didnt see anything but a wooden fence with a gate what seemed to hold something but we dont know, then we went into the left side and right away i saw a brown figure by a tree, it seemed to be in a robe but when my friends shinned thei flahlights it took off and the figure was bipedal, and solid brown, then we continued and saw car head lights but no actual source of the lights just light itself when it went by it was on the road we were in the woods and we didnt see any tail lights, weird. then we went deeper in and came to a tree stand so i went up it while my friends stayed at the bottom, i felt light headed at the top i almost fell off and i have good balance. then we hear what sounded like sirens that distorted out into what we all believe was a screaming of a women, that scared us so we booked it out of the woods i felt weird and dizzy all the way back to the car. as we were leaving we saw a dead raccoon on the side of the road with out a head, and no blood on the road, we freaked. when i got home i was fine but i looked on this site to see what others saw and at the top was something that had everythign in it that i saw, as im writing this i have that same dizzyness weird feeling that i had in that tree stand, and i dont feel right anymore. if anyone knows why im feeling like this up until now please tell me, im concerned and i see thigns by my house cuz i live in the country, please txt me if you have any suggestions to me my number is 715-212-4480, thank you

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ok so im from watertown wi and my friends and i make this place our ritual to go to everynight... so far this week ive been there everyday and going again tonight cuz it is friday the 13th. anyways i honestly believe this place is haunted... the first time i went there we drove away crying... we saw black figures on the left side(side with no fence) and saw a white light in the back moving around. then another time we went we saw that the back of the woods was all lit up with tint of orange and we would yell out the car and the light would go dimm and bright again then we heard screams on the right side of the woods... then another time we got chased by a jeep and a black truck and i looked back after we got off the road and the car wasnt there anymore it like disapeared and last night when i went there it was really foggy but only in the woods no where else and it was nice out and we heard foot steps and they kept getting closer and closer to the truck we were in o and we also heard the sound of a vehicle but no car and talking in the woods... and we keep going back because we want to see more things and make sure its not just people messing around with us

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this was the fucking scariest place I have visited. we were chased... no decapitations no noise. we were in the wooded area. around 12.30 friday the 13th, and we hear a car, so we geek out because we were in the middle of the road, this HUGE yukon denali drives past with its brights on then after our car (2 our of 2) it speeds off into the night. we decide its best to leave after that, ont the way back down paradice THE EXACT same car drives past SLAMS on the breaks and beings reversing after us. we booked out of there doing about 80 scared for our lives...do I believe its haunted, its debateable, the only advice I can give is BE CAREFUL...I can only imagine what would have happened if they caught up to us...

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I'm from watertown, I just went out to paradise road for the first time last night, friday the 13th around 11-30 midnight-ish. i went out with two of my guy friends, we couldnt even find the road at first, we ended up in fricken sullivan. But we turned around and ended up taking some random country road. We drove around for a while, going through some creepy woods and stuff and then a huge SUV pulled out behind us and got right on my butt and was speeding up. so we all freaked out and we got to the end of the road we were on so we had to go left or right, when we looked at the sign, we were turning onto paradise road. so then we all REALLY freaked out. so we turned right, and the suv didnt follow us. after going for a while we realized that we wanted to go the other way so we turned around, and when we went back through the intersection, the suv was STILL sitting at the stop sign, waiting. right as we passed it, it pulled out and got right on my butt again, but this time they turned on their bright lights. so we're all like screaming trying to get away, cuz a girl from school has told me stories about being chased on paradise before, so we were all really scared. finally the suv backed off and turned its brights off. we were all still really scared so we were trying to get back to the main highway so we kept turning around and making circles trying to lose the suv but they kept following us everywhere. then they got right up on my butt again and started flashing their lights. then they just turned off their lights completely. i was so scared, and we were all screaming. they just rode behind us the whole time with their lights off and we couldn't see them unless i tapped on the brakes and you could see the reflection of their car in my brake lights. finally we found our way back to the main highway and the suv followed us all the way out there but right when we got on the highway they turned around and sped back to paradise road. it was super freaky, even though i know it was just some kids fucking with us, it was definitely worth going out there, i had fun.

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Me and a few friends went out to Paradise road at about 2 or 3ish in the morning and we took a couple trips down the road slowly with our windows down. We heard some weird noises that were probably explainable and we did not see much. However my friends car was acting funny. Only when we were on paradise road. When we were on paradise road he could turn all his lights off including his parking lights while his car was running. Right when we got off the road and tried turning off all the lights while the car was running, the parking lights remained on. We got out and went into the opening in the woods. We went in only about 25 yards and we heard someone running so we ran for the car and booked it out of there. I am planning another trip there and this time im bringing a Ouiji board to talk to the spirits if there are any. Also I could not find the abandoned house. Where is it? in the woods? I am open to the concept of this road being haunted but not entirely convinced. I will update when i make my next trip

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 28989     3/17/2009 11:18:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Messing with a Ouiji board in that area is asking for trouble. A Ouiji board brings aout bad spirits and anyone who knows anything about the paranormal will leave that Ouiji board alone. Now as far as the SUV that belongs to the caretakers or someone like that. We have stopped by the woods and they have talked to us telling us this was a privite property and we should move on. Go is you want but leave your Ouiji board at home better yet get rid of it.

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I will give usd paypal money to anyone who can say where the abandoned house is... If your interested post an aim or email here that we can further converse on.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 29030     3/18/2009 9:26:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

There is no abandoned house that I'm aware of. What might seem like one is at the curve on the south end of the road just south of Walther Rd. on the right or the west side. I think there may be someone living there but not real sure. It is up for sale and does look abandoned. Other than that one I have never seen one. I have hunted the haunted woods and have walk all the way through and never in my life have a run across such a structure.

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I think we found the "abandoned" house last night. If you turn on to bearhole road to your right follow the road down and you will curve to the left. Do not enter the ranch to your right. There will be a gate that is open and a gravel path. We went down it and its fucked up at the end and its easy to get stuck. continue down bearhold road all the way to the end. You will end up in a driveway (it is the end of the road. This has to be the abandoned house. It is a small white house with all the lights off. There is a farm shed with a bunch of stuff in it and the driveway is all gravel and sand and hard to turn around in. If you go I would take one car and prepare to have a hard time turning around. It only took us a couple minutes to turn around.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 29393     3/24/2009 11:53:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Go in the day time where you are talking about and you will see that house is not abandoned. Bear Hole has nothing to do with the haunted woods. If you are going north on Paridise the woods is on the left or the west side. I think some of the people going there read about this place and have it in their head a fear for the road in it's self. Have I never heard someone say something was on tip of their car. I think their minds are playing tricks on them.

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bear hole road is where a lady murdered her husband. It looks abandoned. I agree that people who read about it get a fear for the road before they even get there. I took pictures when i went and there was a picture that had a face/fog in it. I took the pic at night when there was 100 percent for sure no fog in the area. I can send it to you if you email me at chensiak@gmail.com

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Be carefull you guys. I got pulled over in Jefferson on friday night for driving suspiciously. They said they got complaints of people driving into other peoples driveways along paradise road. I told the cop we where in Jefferson to see the road. He asked me a lot of questions and finally let me go but told me to go home. I only got to spend like an hour on the road but its my 3rd time out there. I had to drive an hour and 5 minutes home because I got pulled over. Also we heard a lot of noises on the road. We heard the sound of a cellphone dying. I am for sure all our cells had full battery. It was coming from the woods. I thought it was weird. Also we heard wolves and a loud scream. Then we got pulled over on helenville. :( -chensiak@gmail.com

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I found information on the people who own the woods on Paradise road. go to this link http://lrs.co.jefferson.wi.us/jcgis/identify.do?view=hotlink&x1=382&y1=207&x2=382&y2=207 I have not yet tried to contact them.

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Last Seen: 4/2/2009 10:42:08 PM  

any one get chased off this road by a omish guy with an ake? it was pretty scary


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30217     4/5/2009 5:28:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

visitors to paradise road: 1. there is NO abandoned house ON paradise road. the one you are thinking of is not actually on paradise road, it is further off the road. the reason i know this, is because i have been doing extensive research on the area for about four months. i have made over 25 visits this year. i have been there 23 times in the night, and 2 times in the day. during the day, i parked, got out of the car, and walked through the entirety of the woods on both sides. as well as walking through it, i took over 600 photos with high speed shutter walking through the woods, so i have a sort of virtual map of walking through the woods looking at both sides. there is nothing in the left side at all. there are two uprooted trees, and a tree stand for illegal hunting. the left side of the woods IS deeper than the right, however it only goes back for about 1/3 of a mile, and as you walk through it during the day you can see everything right to the back of the woods. i speculate the only reason you can't see into the woods at night is because people don't wait for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. beyond that, the only thing notable on the road is RED PAINT, from a paint can, on the road on the left side spilled to look like blood. there are also several vandalisms on the tree, including the mr. ick face, 666, die b die, death, and arrows pointing towards "hell". on the right side, there is only a fence. now, with that said, there is nothing in the woods. HOWEVER: 2. i do not deny the possibility that stupid kids or fucked up people walk through the woods at night. i actually posted on the site previously about my experience seeing a man walking on the side of the road, who chased us as we drove off. now with that said: as far as PARANORMAL research goes: 3. in my archives of over 2,000 photos taken at paradise road, the only oddity i have experienced was colored orbs. i have one picture of an orange and a yellow orb; i have one picture of an opaque white orb and i have one picture of orbs that form a circle over the ground. however, orbs can be easily discredited as dust particles. while it is true that almost every single picture i take at paradise road has an orb in it, orbs are not an uncommon thing, especially in a wooded area like that. the only solidarity in my argument towards the orb photos is the formation in a circle, an extremely rare occurrence, and the colored orbs. beyond that, paradise road has never had any solid PARANORMAL activity. I have actually gotten photos of figures from other haunted places, but never at paradise road. i have had paranormal activity happen at other sites, but never paradise road. therefore, i discredit any claim that paradise road is "haunted". we have had just too many visits in all types of weather, from pouring rain to snow to good weather, for too extensive of an amount of time (one of our investigators has been visiting for years.) to credit this place as "haunted." i do think that the majority of witnesses who see things are seeing other people's doings, not ghost activity. the car chases prove it. i have seen several different types of cars chase us out (all documented: license plate, car make, and vehicle type. also, repeat offenders have been reported to the police.)and, every time we were chased out it was by kids between the ages of 17-25, from all different counties (yes we ran checks on the plates, you would be surprised where some of the kids came from.) questions/comments email ghosthunter209@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30471     4/9/2009 5:31:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Typically i do not believe in ghosts but there is something definitely weird about this place. There is no doubt in my mind that the paint on the trees are not acts of demonic souls or anything of that nature, but only that of people that want to mess with others who have strong beliefs in supernatural entities. That being said, there is no way that any group of people can possibly maintain an act of such chilling activities which are proven evident by anyone that have experienced these events. So anything that is happening has to be created by some sort of major coincidence or a serious problem with ethereal beings. Someone like me strongly disbelieves that such things exist, but the events that occurred on the night that i went there, were extraordinary. At first we entered the road and didn't see the creepy tunnel like tree formation, but decided to keep going until we finally found it. We made a a pass through once and then a second time. We came to a stop on the left side of the road and sat for awhile, basking in the ambiance of the unnerving setting. We finally mustered up the courage to get out. We had heard the left side was bad news so we decided to check out the right side first. My two friends and i entered the woods and probably walked a total of 300 ft. We came to a fence and stopped. we investigated inside the fence and then decided to head out. We got back to the car and and looked around. We then began our walk through the left side. We were all very aware of our surroundings and heard several noises, but figured they were deer or some other night dwelling creature. Then my friend decided to checkout the area from a tree stand. He got on the top of it and started to scout the area when out of no where we all heard a siren that sounded like a cop car. It startled us at first but was fine until about 5 seconds after it had started it started dieing as if it was running out of power. When it hit the lowest part of the wail it turned into a scream from a girl. We then decided to book it back to the car and get the hell out of there. Since then i have not been there again, but do plan on going there sometime soon. I advise anyone to go if they get the chance. It is obviously not dangerous, but whatever is there, it wants you to believe that you are in danger.

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I was on paradise road last night. i never have seen any thing ON paradise road. but we do a big loop. paradise to wolf then take a left onto S Helenville Road. when driving on south helenville road, there is always a big F***ing white dog that jumps at my car! its on the right side 1/10 of a mile before you get back to the town. dont go by to many times or the crazy lady might come out of her house.

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went there last night, there was "FUCK YOU" spray painted on the ground in big white letters on the left side of the road, and a decapitated kitten next to it.

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Last Seen: 5/6/2009 2:19:32 PM  
You should really take pictures of these things to prove your statements. it was a dead cat and spray painted letters, they aren't going anywhere

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30980     4/18/2009 11:29:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i have pictures. want them? email me. ghosthunter209@yahoo.com

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Last time I went there i got my foot cut off by a man with a chainsaw. I was walking in the woods when out of nowhere... BOOOM!!!! A man appeared from the right side of the trail that is on the left side of the road. I ran and ran and i got knocked unconscious. When I woke up I was in a little shed just laying there with an amputated foot. When i got out of the shed i saw no one. I was on a farm and there was sand on the ground. When i got out I called 911 to come get me. It turns out they took me to bearhole road and left me there. DO NOT GO IN THE WOODS. I was a lucky one but anyone going in there is marked for death.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31133     4/21/2009 12:56:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Oh my god, no way. A chainsaw took your foot? dude i'm totally goin out their with my friends.

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I went to paradise road with three of my friends, and we parked and turned off the car and were shining flashlights into the woods. We waited a minute then started to hear a 'low battery' sound off of a phone. We all checked our phones, and none of them were low, but it kept going off. We then looked into the woods and heard a coyote or something howling. It wasn't in the distance, it was extremely loud. The howling started to mix with a girl screaming loudly, we got freaked out but stayed silent. After that, my friend and I (who were in the back seat) heard a car start up behind us and started freaking out so we turned on the car and started driving away. We looked behind us, and there was no car. Paradise Road is real, and scary stuff happens there. Check it our FOR SURE cause it's an awesome experience, but be careful.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31238     4/23/2009 10:44:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Looks like we have some real story teller here making fun of what some others believe. Yep got your foot cut off with a chainsaw sounds like a movie out of a scifi film. Any way if this did happen and we know it didn't how could you survive it with all the blood loss you MUST have had especially if you were taken to Bear Hole Rd and just left. I'm sure you would have made the news. So don't mess up this web page with your so called lies. Keep off if you can't tell the truth. It's people like you that make it bad for the rest of us and are told to keep out.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31315     4/24/2009 12:47:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i posted i think 2 or 3 times above about my experiences please check out theses pictures of the blood me and my friend found on the road http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/Mielkeway8/paradise%20road/ some may think "oh its a prank" but i dont think so we went on a sunday night when nobody else would be there since mostly its teens who go and they would have school on monday also, there were no foot or paw prints, no tire marks except mine, and there were 2 big pools of the blood about 20ft from each other and it was wet, as you can see in the pics i have a few more pics but they are on my computer which has the blue screen of death right now :-\ the last time i went it was another sunday night/monday morning, we were at the road for almost an hour walking around just the road part, then we heard a weird noise and bolted to my car after sitting there for another hour with the lights off and windows down, i started to hear another car so i kept checking my mirrors and it kept getting closer and closer and then nothing for 5 minutes then suddenly there was a car right flying behind us, brights on i floored it and it was on my tail until the dead end where it turned, i stopped a little up the road and saw the car do a u-turn and then stop in the middle of the road with its lights off we figured it was waiting for us to come back so we left for the kwik trip on 83 and then came back we didnt experience much after that though... has anybody gone into the fenced side and walked the trails there? me and 2 friends found theses old trails and this huge weird looking tree with what looks like burn marks on it i have a picture but its not on the photobucket email me at Mielkeway8@yahoo.com if you want to see it but the whole blood thing is unanswered and confusing idk if it really is blood but it sure as hell looks like it http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/Mielkeway8/paradise%20road/DSC04887.jpg the problem with having a big group is that nobody shuts up so you cant hear anything make sure you dont go with somebody who will be cracking jokes, laughing, or making a lot of noise once 2 of my buddies get back from the military, i will be going with them and will post on here when

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31316     4/24/2009 2:19:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Yes I have seen your post and can't get through on the photo but if I remember you sent me some photos at one time. Now the dude missing his foot I want to say you must like talking to yourself as if you noticed the IP addresses are the same so I don't know who you are trying to fool. There is always a way to catch a liar.

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my friends and I went last night and this morning. i didn't get the uneasy feeling till we got by the bad side of the woods and sat there for a minute or two. I took some pictures to prove I went. but I haven't put them up on my myspace yet. I got a couple of orbs and figures. we took a voice recorder too but all we got was us talking. This morning was a lot scarier than last night though because as I was running out of the woods with my friend ashley i felt like i was being followed. I'm going back again next weekend but at night. If anyone would like to join just add my myspace and ask. www.myspace.com/mychem666 -kirstie

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Okay, SO yesterday on our way back from janesville we went to paradise road, it was in the evening and we were all really skeptical about anything happening in the day. Well, nothing really did happen, but I remarked to a friends that it sounded like faint gun shots were going off.. but disregarded it as just a weird coincidence. That's all that really happened and i was like SEE told you guys this place is a hoax.. then just as we were getting back to whitewater my friends car died, it was low on oil, so we added some in, then the car wouldn't even turn over. we turned the hazard lights on and the battery started draining.. we watched the hazard lights go from a steady blink to a creepy flashing thing. None of the car problems related to each other, so either her car really took a shit.. or something happened on paradise road.

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Ha, I just posted something this morning.. it's the post right above this one.. and about the car.. it turns out there was a leak in the engine coolant pipe or whatever and it was causing the engine and oil to overheat. HA! As for the creepy blinking lights.. still not sure.

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Last Seen: 5/6/2009 2:19:32 PM  
Please do not put any false claims on the site, there are real people reporting claims and people who are looking to read their claims or stories.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31915     5/7/2009 1:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Thank You jmartin89 I agree with you fully. I have lived near the haunted woods and I know some of the stories about what's going on there. When your in the country and it is dark you hear thing you normally wouldn't hear. Your mind playing tricks on you. The same way with seeing things. All things look different in the dark. I'm not saying things don't happen out there. But think about the things in the country especially the woods. There are fox, raccoons and what ever else there is. Things always seem scarier at night no matter who you are. So Thanks again for your post. And the guy who lost his foot I do hope you are doing fine LOL

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I went on paradise road about two weeks ago with some friends and we brought a voice recorder and asked questions on it. and so after we were done we played it back and we heard screams and laughing on there and it wasnt us cuz we all stuck together and were very quiet. that was the scariest time that iv been hereand then when we were about to leave a cop pulled us over and told us to leave. you know they know what goes on there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32168     5/12/2009 2:34:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

so my name is cassy, im from watertown and ive been to paradise alot... i was just out there on the ninth of may with my friend..tho nothing happened to us that night i have had expirences in the past... the last couple times i was out there i was with my good friends katrice, checki, and alica.. and we were out there for a good four hours and i can say that while we were there it was freaky as hell.... here is the story.. checki and i decided to ride in the back of katrice's truck after passing the second turn going to the woods and up the hill we were followed by this red glow in the middle of the street. i tried getting it on camra but i didnt. when we got back into the truck and where just sitting in the road watching the woods we kept seeing shadows walking back and forth through the woods.. we heard screaming like someone was dieing coming from the woods, and then like 5 min after that we heard something hit the side of katrice's truck by the door er what not.. it was freaky and something i dont think i could forget... there is definatly something wrong with that place and i just hope i could see more stuff that goes on there.... ps. the best time to hear or see things there is midnight or past it.... if you dont believe anything i or anyone else has said then check it out for yourself!!!

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There were three car loads of kids out by the haunted woods last night. Then you all wonder why no one wants anyone out there it must be noisy as hell. Two or three people they most likely would put up with but as many as there are at one time I wouldn't want that either. Why don't you ask the owners if you can go that may help offer them something for letting you go. What would it hurt.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32536     5/18/2009 9:34:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I never saw any of these things but i did hear the noises. it is a extremly creepy place. GO THERE. even if you don't see anything you will enjoy it. it is very scary

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I was there on the 30th of May. I live within about 20 min of Paradise Road. I have heard, from my friend who drove us and has been going out there for about 5 years, that there are supposedly: black hooded fingers, hand prints on your car, a red pickup that follows you at like 90mi an hour, albino dear (they are supposed to be an omen), screams of a girl, shadows moving, weird lights, dead bodies being seen hanging from trees, blood with no source, a feeling of death and eeriness, and, from the driver's personal experience, a demonic figure with the head of a goat but distorted wearing a black robe. I believe: there may be kids running around in cloaks but the 3 foot tall ones are kinda hard to fake, hand prints could have been from somewhere else or someone touching your car - ghost or prankster, kids play pranks by following you in their car/the owners in that area try to scare people off, the screaming based on what my friend told me he heard and what i've read up there COULD be coming from a recording that may be activated by you standing on that hunting stand or someone screwing with you, shadows moving may be animals people or something else, weird lights... I don't know, dead bodies being seen hanging from trees seems like a mind trick, blood with no source could be fake movie blood - it looks very real sometimes, I've worked with it, a feeling of death and eeriness which could be your mind or it could be your 6th sense, and a demonic figure with the head of a goat but distorted wearing a black robe... I have no idea. I do know that a while back, maybe the 70s or before, a cult kidnapped a girl, gutted her and supposedly bathed in her blood. This was documented in the paper. I think that if you want some fun, check it out, I'm still scared and I could give reasonable explainations. Do I believe its haunted? Its very probable. Do I believe half the things that occur are paranormal? No. Don't go on nights when teenage pranksters are out like Friday the 13th or Friday or Saturday nights if you are looking for something real. Anyways, my experience was weird. We had 2 cars, 3 in my friend who's been going for years, and 2 in the other guy's car (5 total). There was some other guys parked ahead of our friends car. The girl from the other car walked into the woods and then, 5 min later, started screaming. We didn't know why because we were watching her and we didn't see anything. She came out and yelled for us to get whatever was on her back off her. We checked her back and we didn't see anything but her t shirt. We pulled that up and there were ALOT of raised red scratch marks in sets of 3s from her shoulder blades to her hips, they were deep, I took a picture at a gas station after we floored it out of there (we saw a hooded figure when we were getting in our car) and they were bleeding. She couldn't have done it herself. I've felt weird since. By the way, I was told by the driver that the police and fire department went out there once to see if they could find anything.... Let me know if you have any suggestions for why I still feel not right. dance_diva_1012000@yahoo.com

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My friend also did the audio tape thing and walked around the woods in the day completely silent. There were voices on the tape.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34154     6/15/2009 8:09:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My friends and i are going there to night so any one who wants to go meet us there please!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34317     6/18/2009 7:50:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last night is the last time i will ever go to paradise road. ive been trough plenty of times and nothing happend except for that eerie/strange feeling but this time was wayy different. before entering the woods part we immediatly saw this strobe like light it went on once and went off. when we drove directly in the woods we didnt see anything but when we were leaving we looked back and the same thing happend. it was as if something was watching us. we went through again and all of a sudden we look behind us and about seven of those lights popped on. they looked like they were following us. this may not seem scary to you but if you were there, you would be scared shitless.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34375     6/20/2009 1:40:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

My friends and I are huge into haunted areas and like to explore and look for supernatural experiences. Paradise was hell for us, it scared the sh*t out of all of us. The first night, there were four of us, Me, Tim, Mitch and Chad. We pulled up next to the woods and sat for about ten minutes when we started hearing sounds coming from the woods. The sounds were almost like a wooden spoon hitting a steel kettle. The second time we went out it was six of us, Me, Mitch, Mikey, Randy, Stephanie, and Mitch N. This time we didn't see anything because some big truck kept chasing us around the road. This of course was on a Friday the 13th. The third time was me, my girlfriend amber, Mitch, and mikey. We were out there from 1:30 am till about 3:30 am. After seeing nothing we decided to leave two people alone at a time out there. When it was just me and mikey, we saw figures in the woods and figures coming up to the car. At one point we moved next to where someone had spray painted F*** you on the road. While parked here we saw something in a hooded robe rushing towards the car so we naturally peeled out. I did not get to go last night, but i wish i did. From what I know and saw in the pictures, Randy was attacked by something. I have the pictures and would really like to show them to someone and see if there is anyone else who has been attacked. the easiest ways to reach me are my myspace (www.myspace.com/i_love_toms_penis) or my yahoo messsenger account (wetflame_544@yahoo.com) Would love for more people to come with me out there. Also has anyone else heard stories of a satanic cult in the sixties living out there? Just curious

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i went to paradise road a couple days ago, and it was me and 4 other people. we got out of the car and about 10 mins into it my friend got a scratch down his back, they kept on happening only this time to his face, neck, throat and chest even after we left. one of my other friends even watched the scratches on his chest appear. and we got to the bp in sullivan and he started seizing and clenching his body and screaming like he was dying on the inside. when our other friends got there they picked him up and looked at his eyes, they were pure black, even the white part. and then on the inside of the car he was driving in are scratches on the roof. i work with someone who is really into demonolgy and we are supposed to go back sometime in august to provoke it more and try and get it to attack all three of us.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34509     6/22/2009 4:21:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The last two posts are very true. i know this because I was the one to get attacked. i am randy. it was the most terrifying and painful experience of my life, and i am excited to go back. it felt as if my body was being crushed and pulled apart at the same time. i have pictures of the scratches as well and you can contact me at myspace.com/rando_michaelangelo

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34595     6/24/2009 4:23:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

a couple days ago, there was another ambulance and squad cars out on paradice. Does anybody have info? If so please email me at wetflame_544@yahoo.com

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ya the road is not 1/4 mile long thats bullsh*t its like 3 or 4, 2 to the woods and it is not haunted, it seems like it because ppl are saying it is and it messes with your head, but yes when you go through the woods it is very creepy and seems like it could be haunted. the eagle road cemetary in juneau is just as creepy and just as not haunted

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Last Seen: 7/11/2009 9:29:23 AM  
Im 17 , me and a few buddies went to check this out, this woods, is so eerie, you wouldnt even believe it, its just a patch of small woods, even dark in the earlier parts of the day.  Previous Trips My Friends Have Taken, they have seen the small figures cross across the road.  I finally got my chance to go the other night, very scared, you can tell, theres something going on in these woods. If u have the guts to get out and go through after the stories.Let Me Know. Message me, for what u see

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35217     7/6/2009 11:48:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

PREHISTORIC BIRDS! Thats what lives on Paradise Road!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36151 ReplyTo# 35217     7/19/2009 6:04:00 PM     Edit          

no kidding i have seen and photographed the prehistoric birds. that part is real. they are taller than a person. I have a picture of it email hiii_98@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35400     7/8/2009 9:16:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Where is the haunted house?? I really wanna see it.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35932     7/16/2009 8:38:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 7/29/2009 12:43:29 PM  
Has anyone been to Paridise Road lately ?  Planning to go out there some time next week during the day just to walk the road and see if we can find anything that may explain some of the goings on

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36019     7/17/2009 3:26:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and my jesse drove there from Johnson Creek. I really didn't believe the rumors and stories I had heard. So to make it scary we decided we would get out of our car and go into the left side of the woods. As we started walking to the woods my friend jesse started hearing voices to get out of the woods. Jesse got freaked out and ran badk to the car and some hooded figure was chasing him so we ran back to the car. It kept repeating his name saying jesse, jesse, jesse. WE WERE FREAKED OUT!!! we took off as fast as we could. we were going at least 90 all the way home. It was eerie though cuz although we couldnt see the hooded figure we felt his presence in the car with us. It was so weird. dont ever go there. i repeat dont go there. its HELL!!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36187     7/20/2009 10:55:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 9/6/2009 5:28:12 PM  
it is total total bs. We have now been there 6 times, all of these stories facinated me to I really was eager to discover the truth. I run supernaturalwisconsin.com in hopes of discovering true haunts. Each night we have gone deep into the woods and hidden our car far away as not to be bothered by local hicks. We have done these observations across america and used to being undetected. We also brought a .45 pistol in case we ran into the hooded man. In every case we ran into absolutely nothing paranormal whatsoever. This is just a local haunt for highschool kids. What fuels the fire here is that multiple groups of people are in the woods at one time and get mistaken for being the hooded figures. Heck it was cold last night and even we had dark cloths and hoods...are we ghosts now? We also had several flashlights and headlamps we would turn on periodically to get our barrings...so are we also now floating orbs of light that blink?? Finally we would whisper quite a bit which might explain the disembodied voices. During the day we noticed alot of wildlife in the area, specifically large SandHill Cranes. These birds have a terrifying scream and can appear like a small person standing up. Just walking through the thick brush in the dead of night can cause nettles and pricker bushes to scratch you, leaving the ohhhhh demonic scratches. Finally I think the local farmer hicks/land owner gets a kick out of scaring the hell out of the people that frequent the road and wont hesitate to chase them off with is hillbilly pickup. The blood splatters on the road are also explainable as we saw in both the thermal and night vision ALOT of racoon life. We would typically see at least 4 at any given spot , so i'm not suprised if many of these large beasts were ran over leaving a pile of blood in its wake. Of course the blood happens in the woods because the woods are surrounded by fields....racoons arnt going to live in a barron field they will live near the woods....and thus get run over near that same woods. I'm sure someone comes and scoops the fresh kill off the road and either eats it (hell who knows..>) or throws it away somewhere else..and all that is left behind is mysterious piles of blood. On a strange note, we did find a girls panties in the middle of the road last night and they were filled with blood...like someone had given birth. If this is somehow occultist or supernatural ... thats intriguing. ... however if your the nasty girl that pooped her non tampon wearing green underwhere and then bled all over the road...yes we have pictures of your nasty undies and almost puked. I'm out to the next adventure

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36363     7/22/2009 9:52:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

its not haunted. All their was was a buncha bats flying around knocking stuff from trees. And yeah i saw the green undies. They wer sick. i bet someone planted it just fer a good joke. Its sick! That place is nothing to be scared of. Its b/s. Go for urself. But remember they is woods and it is dark. Your mind makes you think theirs something but acctully isnt their. And all the noises are animal. So check it out if u want to waste ur time.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36364     7/22/2009 9:54:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

and all the flashin lights are fire flys. Soo dont panic! Thought their was like a red light in the woods i have no idea what it was. But go see.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36377     7/23/2009 3:36:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Ive been there a hundred times or so, day and night, till morning. Lots of bats, coons, and mosquitoes. I've never witnessed anything interesting, the only shadows were created by my flashlight through the woods. No people in robes ever showed up. And they've cut away most of the trees in the woods on both sides so its nothing like it used to be. Just a quiet kinda creepy woods. I heard some kids got stopped by the cops recently and were threatened with disorderly tickets at like $250. I dont think its worth it and its a small woods. But have fun.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36393     7/23/2009 10:04:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

glad to read the lattest down to earth common sense experiences. Anyone know of any "real" haunted places?