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St. Killians
Townline Road
Lake Geneva, Wi 53147

County: Walworth County
GPS: 42.5820018, -88.3892965
WebSite: None


St. Killians is a graveyard/church off of Townline Road. The church was burnt down 10-20 years ago because of a priest haunting it. There have been many ghost sightings there including odd noises, shadows, footsteps following you, a bell ringing, and other various noises. 

Update -

The church was burned down by the lake geneva fire department because it was condemned. They used the church as training for the fire department. There were stories of devil worship going on in the church basement. A group investigated it several times before they put up the no trespassing sign. There are sounds of a bell while you are there but the bell seems to be coming from a house in the distance. While there they report seeing mist around a tombstone that disappeared when they approached. Also reported, a shadow that moved across the tombstones and vanished and there are strange smells it is believed they are coming from the swamp that is behind the cemetery.

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Lyons Fire Dept. Burned The Church For Training

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 29068     3/18/2009 10:20:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My friends once broke into the basement. They video taped the whole thing. The only remotely scary thing that happened was this, they were in the basement, the ceiling was low, so they started pushing on the floor boards above them, and just as one got loose, something slammed it back down, and they booked it out.

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i would like to more about the histoy of this place. spicificly about the deval worshiping. passonit_purple@hotmail.com

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I've been to this church before it was burned down. Yes we broke in after it was abandonded. We were stupid kids looking for stupid thrills. We saw what appeared to be dried blood coming from the eyes of a female statue in the cemetary. Upon entering the church, we found priestly robes and a very large bible. A newspaper from days prior was still there meaning someone had been there before us. We were too chicken to go into the basement and never investigated the sounds we heard coming from there. The last thing we needed was to get shanked by a hobo. We were dumb enough to take stuff home, and upon seeing the bag said stuff was in, my mother promptly told us to get rid of it, claiming there was something 'evil' even though she never looked inside!




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