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Cry Baby Bridge
Kali Oka Rd
Saraland, Al 35045

County: Mobile County
GPS: 30.8579699, -88.1802302
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Legend has it that one foggy night a very long time ago there was a war going on and this woman had a baby and these men were chasing her to kill her child, so she threw the baby in this little creek and the baby died. now if you go over the bridge and leave a unwrapped candy bar turn around and it will be gone, some people say they hear the baby crying, and sometimes you may even look into the water and see the shadow of the baby.

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Submitted by: John B.

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Last updated on : 12/22/2007

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Last Seen: 3/10/2010 6:41:49 PM  
I have been here several times and nothing happened. The only thing that we caught on camera was a blue halfmoon above my head. The other people with me kept saying they saw something like a blue light kept going through the woods and we actually caught it on digital. The only other thing that happened, while we were down in the creek bed the temp. went from 55 degrees up to 65 degrees all around us in about 10 minutes. About 15 minutes of the temp. change it then went back down to 55 degrees. We never saw anything like a child or a woman while there. We did EVP, EMF, and digital pictures on the bridge, under the bridge and the surrounding woods and downstream from the bridge. We did have a couple of personal experiences while in the woods, but nothing rock solid.

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Last Seen: 1/9/2009 6:15:54 PM  
I live in Ohio and there are at least two cry baby bridges here.  Both have the same basic story.  A woman throws her baby over the bridge and to this day you can hear the baby crying.  Ours turned out not to have any activity either.  Sounds like urban legends to me.

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we went to cry baby bridge in saraland and we did not hear a baby cry however i called out "baby" several times and nothing happend. As we were pulling off we said theres nothing here, and just then my babys walker that was in the back of the van ( keep in mind it didn't go off the whole ride there or back) just started playing rock a by baby along with all the other songs it plays. Now it played all the songs in a row without stoping, and you have to push it to play each song. It played all the way and stoped as soon as we turned off kali oka road.

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just got back from cry baby bridge, and we heard nothing, but on our digital camera, observed many red orbes, green mist, and fog. It had a very creepy feeling. one of our cameras stopped working on the bridge, but now they are starting to work just fine. four people out our group of eight saw a figure standing on the opposite side of the bridge, and one of us saw it walk across the road and look back at us, it cannot be explaned, but we all saw two small eye-like glowing objects in the bushes below the bridge. Don't have second thoughts about going. It was an awesome experience for all of us.

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Sorry to say, but cry baby bridge just isn't what I expected. Nothing happened, and I followed many different sets of directions that people give me, and nothing happened. I done EVP's, pictures and NOTHING happened. And sorry to say, but most people that go to Cry Baby bridge, are expecting to get scared, and the paranoia is what drives adrenaline is what makes you believe and anticipate that something is going to happen.

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i went to cry baby bridge and we left a candy bar on the ground turned around and it gone    i freaked out. so i  started listening  to any thing and for anyone. i had my baby in my back seat and she would not stop crying so i played her a song on the radio and she shut up. then all of a sudden the radio cut it self off and my child started crying again . so i cut it back off and  she quiet.   i always wondered why that happened     i guess that  little baby wanted to hear my child cry.   FREAKY!!!!!!   HA HA   I JUST TOTALLY FREAKED YOU GUYS OUT   PEACE OUT HOMEYS

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I grew up just miles away from cry baby bridge On certain nights, the right time of the year and when the moon is just right... ( there is paranormal activity ) the original bridge is collapsed and the logging trail/ mill road is overgrown and gated off.....it is however less than a mile away from the two new bridges on Kali-Oka rd. / No one knows the exact real " Legend of Cry Baby bridge " because over the years the story has had numerous rumors from outsiders making up (adding to) and or perhaps taking away from the original.... To make it more believable or to try and disprove it! I have found only one site by a journalist that has even gotten close to actually investigating it and took pictures in the Light of day....he found the rabbit hole & just did not follow through to see how deep it went..... Maybe it was because of all the gates & No trespassing signs.....the new residents do not want the attention from outsiders nor do the want kids trespassing near where the old Slave shacks / Grave Yard or Mansion is at now....Cuddos to that guy for making it that far in and posting decent pics.....I will try to tell the true story ( as I know it without taking away from or adding to & post a pic of the collapsed bridge rebel ..... Or if your brave enough to make it through the gate, @ night.... Follow the overgrown trail by the creek side till it dead ends ( where the original bridge was ) You will find out for yourself what happens....have good flashlights with new batteries.... Be quite & take it seriously & by all means watch your back......HAPPY HAUNTINGS " The Kali Oka Kid " JJS

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- -
Ok. Here goes. Last night we visited the bridge, by car, for the first time. It was a little spooky but nothing major. By the time we got home, I was agitated for no reason. Very angry and upset. Not myself at all. I had nightmares. My daughter had nightmares. I felt as if I had a presence follow me home. Today, we (my husband and 3 kids) returned to the bridge during late afternoon. My daughter felt nauseated as we pulled over on the side of the road beside the bridge. My son, husband and I walked under the bridge. I told the "prescence" that it needed to leave me and return to the bridge. Then I said a prayer asking for protection for my family. My husband and I saw a ball of light floating through the trees in broad daylight. We heard a noise very similar to one single baby cry. We both felt incredibly uneasy and decided to leave immediately. Upon returning to the car, we looked down a path through the woods (a hunting trail) and saw a large black figure moving slowly. Not a dog. A large hog? Panther? Other? Not sure. We left very quickly and said another prayer on our way home. I have never had any experiences like this. I will never forget it and I will not be back to this place.




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