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Battle site of Cuerno Verde
Colorado City, Co 81007

County: Pueblo
WebSite: None

This is where a Spanish army fought and defeated a band of Comanche Indians. The Comanche chief, Cuerno Verde, was killed at this site as well as many Spaniards and Comanche. At the historic marker of the site whispers can be heard in Spanish and Comanche as well as a strange presence can be felt.

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The actual battle site is located in Colorado City, Colorado, in Pueblo County. Cuerno Verde was killed with several other Comanches at what now is the Colorado City ball field, west of the local grocery Store, on Colorado 165. The ball field is on the left. This is the Greenhorn valley, and the Greenhorn Mountain stands ahead on CO 165 weest. I received this information a couple of years ago from a local resident who knew some of the local history.

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Hello, I saw your post on where Chief Cuerno Verde had his last battle and died.  You mentioned that someone local had this history.  Could you pls email me with that information?  I want it for my 4-H group which we are going to name Cuerno Verde

Bonnie Butler







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