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Bethel High School
300 Whittlesey Dr
Bethel, Ct 06801

County: Fairfield County
GPS: 41.3806150, -73.3931720
WebSite: None

There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement. Cold Spots have been experienced in the basement also. There have been numerous suicides associated with the school. At one point the school was called Suicide High

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Last updated on : 7/3/2006

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yea ive been there and its real and its mad crazy

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I went to BHS (class of 05) and one day, a group of us were in the school around 5 am on a saturday for a trip and were running around the school. I was in the classroom keeping order over the underclassmen. A group of friends ran down stairs and when they saw me in the basement, they freaked out, asking me how I got down here so fast! I didnt know what they were talkign about and told them I was here all morning. They all insisted i was on the second floor yelling down the hall for them to come upstairs!

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Last Seen: 8/9/2008 8:54:19 AM  
i'm going there in two years and i think i might go to a privaye one now

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Last Seen: 10/2/2008 12:39:01 PM  
I go to Bethel right now 2008 and I am on my second year I love the fact that my school may be haunted I think it is one day last year when I was a freashmen and I was the only person around when this happened I was going up the stair way the one with creepy pics I just turned to slight turn and I triped on something I was on the stairs but I didn't trip over the stair it felt like something grabed my ankle and I fell I looked up and saw a ghost looking at me and I blinked and it was gone I got to my feet and ran to where I was going.

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haunted - do not think so. Suicide High yes. You are all too young many suicdes in the 80's. graduated in 85 and know of at least 4 suicides

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i believe it. i go there now. 2009. and theres a story of a girl who killed herself in the smoking bathroom. and i always get an erie feeling when i'm in there.

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we do not know what is beyond..... yes we all think we do but then reality sets in and we end up being wrong...... some people say that its just a bunch of bull shit... and maybe it is i believe that what these people saw, heard, or felt is real... all it means is that they are more in touch with what is beyond. and this is never what it seems. and if u believe in god and angels u must believe in demons and devils

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i went there from 05 to 07 and i lived at that school playing sports all year round, in the basement it is now the locker room for gym and after school sports..never saw anything like this or heard anything... but one thing that has me is the cold spots, yes bethel is poor and the school is old no heating but how can you have cold spots in the summer? that is my question? and deaths still happen there. more so than i can say from any other ct town

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oh snapppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dats crazyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i heard that a little girl commited suicide for being made fun of cause of her weight?! that shouldnt  be tollerated!!

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yay! first ones in 2011!!! :D yeah be jealous(;

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Guess what?there's a BHS in South Africa (farm in Coligny) as well.......haunted by ghosts too.  i was there in 1993-1995 and on two occassions on the second floors of various blocks the curtains caught "a contained fire" that put itself off after 5min. think that's bad?...some girl got into a fight with 'Casper the Friendly Ghost" and she actually had facial injuries from that fight!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was in Bethel high school at the times of these suicides, and other deaths. I knew these people personaly. Every one of them. I do not know how haunted it is, but I would not be overly surprised.

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Last Seen: 7/21/2012 1:31:00 PM  
I went to Bethel high school when these suicides occured, and other deaths. I knew these people personaly. It was A small town and school at the time, and every body knew each other. Our lives evolved around the school. It is alot different now. I do not know if it is actually haunted, but I would not be overly surprised if it was true. As I stated, I knew these people by name. It was A sad moment in Bethels history.




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