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101 Freeway near Las Virgines Road
101 Freeway / Las Virgines Road
Agoura Hills, Ca 91301

County: Los Angeles County
GPS: 34.1533395, -118.7616764
WebSite: None

Young man killed by drunk driver on that road. Driver was convicted and committed suicide. Accident appears to recreate itself, most strongly on the anniversary of the accident. CHP has had reports of accidents at that area caused by people swerving to miss the white car, although later investigations show that the white car was never there.

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Baker and Poncharello on the scene!

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Any dates for this accident? I`m from the area and never heard of this and drove the intersection daily. I`d be interested in dates.

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There have been a LOT of accidents there and near that area. If you Google, "101 Freeway near Las Virgines Road Agoura Ca accident" or "101 Freeway near Las Virgenes Road Agoura Ca accident" ("Virgines" and "Virgenes" - same place) there have been many fatal accidents there, and near there.

This is also VERY close to what is now Cal State Channel Islands (And what used to be Camarillo State mental hospital aka. "Hotel California") The re have been many, many "accidents" and a general feeling of not-so-great energy around this area.

After the hospital was closed and before CSCI took it over, visiting there was incredibly creepy. I`ve also been on some of the canyon roads in that area, and felt the need to stop and look (a driver went missing in that area about 4-5 years ago.) We stopped and got out. Looking down into one of the canyons, there were quite a few cars that had gone off the windy road there. I called it in to authorities, thinking that one of those cars might be the missing lady. (there was one car with what looked like human remains in it, which we thought might be her) It turned out not to be her, BUT it sure made me wonder about all those other cars (and the person) down there! One could be stuck for days or weeks, or even months with no one knowing that you were down there. If you drive in that area (between Agoura-Calabasas and Malibu), be VERY careful alert and attentive on the roads there! One mistake there and you could join the others that have gone off the many steep hills and cliffs and were not found, or were found years later.

Without climbing gear, the cliff where we saw this would not be accessible. The officer I spoke with at the time told me that they knew about the cars down there, but that it was too hard to get the cars up, so they simply leave them there.

To Answer Mckimmy: In 2006, there was a fatal car crash here. See http://www.theacorn.com/news/2006/1019/Front_Page/004.html
There was another in August 18, 2006 near here, according to that article.

In addition, nearby Chesebro Rd. & the 101 is another place with a lot of accidents, as well as one recently at the 101 and Hwy 23 just had a fatal crash at the end of August (Either the night or night before the lunar eclipse) with 3 young boys injured, one fatally.

This area of the 101 is most definitely a hot spot for accidents, even though the 101 freeway is virtually straight in the area.

There have been many stories over the years of this area being haunted, some with stories of people seeing people on the roads (mostly in the canyons) and some seeing a car (or the one I recall was a white van) that doesn`t exist in our "reality".

A walk even

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Just witnessed a terrible accident today at this location. Woman swerved off the road between Las Virgenes and Lost Hills on the 101 and her car bounced off the median and went up in the air like a ball 3x. I was trying to find out what happened to her to send her flowers in the hospital and bumped into this article. Creepy!

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Anyone know when the anniversary of the accident is ?

Had a bad wreck about a month ago, where a lady swerved into the back of a bigrig trailer, car flipped, caught fire , she tried to rescue her daughter while bystanders tried to put out the flames, to no avail. Her daughter died at the scene and she later died at the hospital from the burns.

Some people at the scene stated that she swerved to avoid a white suburban. Which other witnesses say they didnt see and the vehicle in question cannot be located or identified.





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