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Tiley Bend Church
Aska Rd
Blue Ridge, Ga 30513

County: Fannin County
GPS: 34.8043160, -84.2757046
WebSite: None

If you run around the church three times at night then the witches ghost will appear. Also a witch was burned there and on certain days you can see the fall leaves collect in a pile when there is no wind. Said to be where the witch was burned. That church was also vandalized.


Blue Ridge - Fannin - Tilly Bend Church - Very old church & graveyard on a dirt road off Aska Rd. A large number of young children are buried here. Strange lights have appeared hovering over tombstones late at night.

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I have been here many time sand i am a very well known enthusiast on the facts of tilley bend baptist church in blue ridge Georgia

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I took photos there about a month ago and none of the pictures will load. I KNOW I saved them all with my digital camera, but the memory is wiped clean. Even pictures from Christmas, which were on the same memory, are gone.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:06:16 PM  
I`ve been to Tilley Bend. I live 20 minutes away. I know much about the cemetery. I`ll get some more pictures for the site also. I probably know more about the history than any other member on this site...

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do any of you know the whole story and the address where this is at. my boyfriend is a write and he would love to do a story on this. let me know soon. thanks.


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I`ve been there many time at night and in the day and never saw anything unusual, sorry!

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Haha. I live very close to the church, and have family buried there. I've been to the church numerous times at night, and nothing unusual happens. There are no strange lights, ghosts or piles of leaves. There are children buried there, but no more than in any other cemetery... Most of them seemed to have died in the early to mid 1900's or before... children used to die at an early age, and more often than now because of the lack of medicine/technology. The church was vandalized, and that's only because my generation, sadly, has a lack of respect for churches and the dead.

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I visited this church in Sept 2008 as soon as I heard about this. I took flowers to her grave and I would also like to fix it. I saw where she was hanged and I told her I was sorry that people had hurt her. I like her and I know she likes me because she came to my home on the 17th 5 nites after I was there and said Hi and left a minute later. I want her to come visit my friend because he likes her too and was with me when I left the flowers and a lay.......

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Oh you saw the tree that has the sign on it with stones all around?

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Will Nitromadman32  Please write me.  I want to find out all I can about this place.  Since Polly came to see me, I want to learn all I can about her.  I sure wish I could meet some of her great great grandchildren.  I would love to meet grandchildren.  I am sure if she died in 1888,   someone around must remember a story that thier parents or grand parents told them.


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Hey my name is Tasmarie. I have lives here in Fannin my whole life, and since I was little I have hers so many story about this place. On October of 2007 me David his brother Dalton and our frind Page went late at night. We didnt get to get out tho cuz Halloween fell on a wensday that year and they was haveing church. I have been there before and you can hear stuff if its ver quite that day. I have also been up to where the witches old house plae is just about 3 minutes from Tilly Bend. My parents have been there and when they was walkin up to the grave a white dog came from absolutely nowhere and was barking not wanting them to go any further. So they started to leave and the dog just dissappered. They started back up and they dog reappeared not wanting them to go any further again. As they walked back down this time they kept their eye on the dog and when they touched the gravel parking area it disspaared. They hollered for it and it never appeared again. I havent seen this but I know that they wouldt lie.

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Last Seen: 12/8/2008 11:48:41 AM  
I am very interested in learning more about this story.  I have relatives buried at Tilley Bend Church Cemetery and have been there numerous times throughout the years.  However, I, until last night have never heard any of this story about Polly Long.  As my maiden name was Long this is of special interest to me.  Who is this Polly Long?  Is she related to me?  Where is this old house?

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if you are related to any Long's in that area ,then you are related to her.



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is it truth that at tiley bend that and blue hand and a red hand appear at night

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Polly Stanley was born in 1818.She was a wife and a mother and she also was a member of Tilly bend church.She died from heart dropsy(congestive heart failure)this happened in 1888.She was not burned,nor was she hung and I doubt very much that she is putting in an appearance now days.So to tell her story....She married a long had children grew old but she was a devout christian.She might turn over in her grave over the stupid ghost(witch)stories.This kind,christian woman was my grandmother's great aunt.However there is a story about Tilly Bend that is true.There was an on going feud between the Tilly's and the Stanley's.The Stanley's showed up at Sunday meeting with rifles.There was a lot of blood shed and deaths that day.Up until just a few years ago you could see the bullet holes in the walls and doors of Tilly Bend.Don't bother going to look the church has been remodeled in the last few years.You can't see them now, but I seen them every time I went to church there.Forget the witch that never happened,like I said she(Polly Stanley Long)was no witch!!!!!!

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Last Seen: 5/3/2009 12:22:38 PM  

I don't know if Polly Long being the witch of Tilley Bend is true or not, or whether there is actually a witch buried in the cemetary.I do know that I have witnessed paranormal activity at the church a few years back before they remoleded it, along with others that had gone with me on a ghost hunt.

feel free to hit me up if you would like to share each others experiences


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I went to Tilley bend as a child I am Elizabeth long daughter of the late rev Robert ray long born in 1974 I can rem. my father preaching there on many occasions myself and my two older sisters sang there . As for bullet holes in the door and walls I'm afraid you are mistaken . My father did much work on the church including replacing the front door along with putting shutters on windows that allowed them to be locked shut the z pattern was on the doors and window shutters . I was there while he worked he put a lot of hard work and long hrs into the church. As for paranormal activity I never once saw or heard anything. And I along with many other children played many Sunday after church. None of us ever believed the ole witch story we all knew that it was just some silly story to keep us out of the top left hand corner of the cem. Due to a grave at the top that had began sinking in . The story was told to preserve the grave and keep the kids from falling and getting hurt ... Of course like kids we never listened. And she "the witch" never got any of us god knows we where loud and annoying !! Now as for running around the church calling out for the poor dead souls buried there... Even though my father isn't buried there if it is possible for souls to revisit places here on earth after death .. Than I can probably say with 100% certainty my daddy to this day looks after the church as much as possible ! He was a southern baptist preacher a really old fashioned one at that and if your stupid enough to be running around the church screaming the names of those dear souls laid to rest in the cemetery there!!! Well let's just say its not polly who's comeing after your butt .... But rather preacher long that's fast on your heels!!!! God help you if he gets a hold of you!!! Cause before he turns you loose I can promise you you'll know what it means to respect the dead and their right to rest in piece!!! Yeah , if daddy's there and he gets ahold of you I promise you this he will put the fear of god in you before he turns your little butt loose!!!!!

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Last Seen: 12/23/2016 12:53:22 PM  
I have just been made aware of this site and I can say this is all a lie! Mary "Polly" Long Underwood was my Great-Great Grandmother and she was NOT a witch!! As for the statement that Great Great Grandpa Enoch shot her, whomever wrote that was a liar also, as he died in 1878 and she died 20 years later, in 1898! Both are buried in Tilley Cemetery and he has a Veteran's tombstone, as he was a Veteran of the War of 1812. I do not appreciate someone's gossip desecrating my family's name and it shows how people's family history can be tarnished by such falsehoods.
Alton Underwood

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i went to tilly bend today, and i didnt see anything. but i would like to know more about this story. i didnt think there were a lot of witch hunts in georgia; i havent heard of any. but as i said, i would like to know more about the story. i went with my friends, and they said the grave was turned backwards in the upper left corner. and there was a grave with the name Prudence Tilly, but bellow that one was another grave turned backwards. i cant remember the name, but i didnt know why they would be turned that way... im very interested.

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Last Seen: 6/3/2009 12:46:28 PM  
ok i lookin for information about tiley bend ive been there once but i want to find out the history of it

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been to tilly bend a couple of times have heard and seen strange things and once the piano playing the doors on the church were locked and nobody answered have seen lights in the woods behind polly longs grave have heard many things about this church the witches grave, she was hanged from the tree she was burned and a soldier hung himself at the alter and that canables live close by there are too many stories about polly long and they are all different maybe shes just a plain woman that wants to be left alone will admit things have happened there really would like to hear the truth but we probably never will

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Ok I will tell you guys again""POLLY LONG is buried at Tilly Bend Church,but guess what?Her grave is not facing West,I repeat...(POLLY LONG'S GRAVE IS NOT FACING WEST) I am surprised at the one's who claim to know much about Tilly Bend Church.If you did then you would know that THE GRAVE facing West(in case you don't know the head of the grave is suppose to be facing East)the backwards grave,so to speak,is that of Elizabeth Bradley(Did you catch that?The witch(Lol)is not Polly Long.Nope the turned around grave belongs to one Elizabeth Bradley.If you guys know so much about this Tilly Bend then you would know that at the top of the grave yard is an old Oak tree,actually it's the only tree in the grave yard.Elizabeth is buried as you go up the hill towards the tree,her grave is on the other side of the tree.Right beside of the little statue that looks like a monk or maybe a priest.That little statue is probably the spookiest thing about the whole grave yard. Elizabeth was considered a lost soul.People hold the tradition that Jesus will come back through the eastern sky.That is why all graves are facing the East.People thought that Elizabeth Bradley died as a lost sinner.Therefore she did not get the privilege of facing the East. I've there at night,years ago and I will tell you that I have seen strange lights.I don't know what the lights were and I can not think of a logical explanation for the lights.The lights just rise up but not out of the grave yard.The lights I seen rose up from behind the church.They just appeared coming up over the roof and rose straight up and out of sight.Now this might be a paranormal happening.So if your going to believe it's a witch,you better get the name right.

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hello everyone. ive been goind up and down to tiley over the past few weeks. i have been encountered by a yonge child screaming momma in the night. i felt the child hug my hips very tight as if he was scared. i have a pic of the moment i felt the child (which i belive is a boy) and there is a weird substance in the picture. the child needed my help i felt his fear but i couldnt help him. there is something not good barried in the holy lot. i wont mess w/ the witch there rumor has it shes wating for the right person to unleash her from the gave. and my family and my husbands family have been in blueridge area sence the finding of blueridge and we both have witches in our family and we will not set one free to hurt someone. i am not scared of her and i will not hurt her but i want her to leave the child alone it feels like he is scared of her and the grave were i see the child at and feel pulled too is a grave by the name of keith stanely.. i could be wronge but that is were the child pulls me too. if you want to read more about my nights there go too myspace.com/meghanshields and look at my blog on tiley bend baptist church. thank you. i also have photos of the night. thank you


meghan padgett (relitives to the greens, stuarts and davenports. there are other names but i can not remember them now)


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Yes Ma'am my name is Chris Brewer I do goast hunting and science about the unseen I would be thrilled to look at the pics of the night.

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We went to the church ,which is just down the road from our cabin, last night and this afternoon. We encountered weird things!! We were looking for Keith Stanley's grave and we couldn't find it. Next thing we know were like, "There is no Keith Stanley," and then we looked down moved the leaves away from a rock and there it was. I was reading the grave stone when something started squezzing my legs. A very tight squezz. We went over to the church and there was a strange, large spoon pointing to the church and a fork and a knife crossed over each other pointing in the other direction. We are going back there tonight after we do some further research about it all, and i will comment again on the events that take place. When we visited last night a strange blue light followed behind us as we returned home then it disappeared and we haven't seen it since! If you have any information about the Church please post it on this website! Thanks!!

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I posted something earlier today about the events that occured a the chuch! About what happened with Keih Stanley and the strange silverware. I mentioned we were going to visit the church once again when it became dark outside. Well we just got back and you will be frightened when you here the events that occured. Something was there, besides us! I do not know what that something was but it was trying to tell us something. The silverware i mentioned earlier was not there when we went back...well at least it wasn't in the same spot. Earlier that day the spoon, fork, and knife was facing the church on the sidewalk below the stairs. When we went back it wasn't there. We went to check Keith Stanley's grave to see if anything was different. And indeed there was something different, it was yet aga covered in leaves. When we moved the leaves there was the spoon, fork, and knife. The spoon facing the grave, and the fork and knife in a cross. We began to walk further up the hill and when we came back down the silverware was yet again...GONE. We continued walking and then someone spotted the silverware by the door to the inside of the church. Let me just say everyone that came with us was within yards and there's no way it was them. Also there was nobody else there..as far as we know...or was there. I believe that Keith Stanley was moving the silverware he is trying to tell us something but i don't know what. Next thing we know someone yells..."I SEE SOMETHING!" I turned and looked and there is the blue light from the night before. Something is going on at that church. Keith Stanley is not evil but he is trying to tell us something. If you have any information or similar happenings that have occured with you or someone you know please post! Thanks again!

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i have been to tilley bend and i can confirm that is haunted because ive seen elizabeth bradly with my own eyes floating down from the grave yard in a long black dress with longish black hair she looked into the window of my car and vanished into a black fog. then i walked out the road from the church wich there is a black figure there it wouldnt let me pass so i turned and ran to the car. also i cut the old tree in front of the church and it bleed real blood . i will post more later peace!


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U people are insane its not haunted at all i've been up there dozens of times with friends and yeah i tried the whole thing with the tree before and guess what?!?! nothing happened.....

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I went to a badass revival at tilley bend a few summers ago they sent out flyers saying stuff about ghosts n witches got a free t shirt. And the pastor there is freakin cool. he's the man to talk to. He told he he knew a guy that was posessed by demons.

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Hi there...I am a member of Tilley Baptist Church.  It sounds like you all believe in life after death...we do, too.  It may be a little scary here at night, but if you're really brave, come here on Sunday morning at 11:00am!

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The true history of Tilly Bend church is not that it's haunted but that there was a family feud between the Tilly's and the Stanley's.One Sunday morning around 1895 or so the Stanley's showed up at the church and a gun fight broke out.People were murdered in cold blood inside and outside the church that day.Up until a few years ago the church was abandoned and in a state of disrepair.The structure was the original log walls and the doors were the original hand carved and very thick wooden doors.These doors had bullet holes that were perfectly round that went clear through. There is a grave at Tilly Bend church that the writing on the tombstone is facing the west.This grave belongs to Elizabeth Bradley.There is rumor that a witch is buried there but as like with all other human beings who die the witch can not come back.Now on her tombstone there are the words"I will return" and so teens like to go to the church and scare each other for the same reasons that we that have been there go.Now there is scripture in the Bible that states that when Jesus comes back He will bring those who are in Heaven back with him.This is why someone had carved "I will return" into Elizabeth Bradley's tombstone because we all know Elizabeth Bradley did not carve her on tombstone out. There have been strange lights seen around the church but the cemetery is actually rather small.It was custom back in those days for a family to build a church beside of their family grave yard(hence the name Tilly) The church has been remodeled and the members do not hand out fliers talking about hauntings or witches.Folks, Christian know that when a person dies they go on and meet God!If folks are seeing things at Tilly Bend church then they should know that what they are encountering is a Demon and if that's the case then that's a whole different ball game and one that I would advise no one to go up to Tilly Bend as thrill seekers cause you just might find out that the ghost and witches are really demons.Of course the Christians in the area or the Christians that go to church there are not even going to think such foolishness because a demon cannot influence a christian into believing that the dead can come back and peek through car windows or appear as an old hag or for heaven's sake have folks believing that trees bleed.However demons can do this and if you go there you just might have an encounter with a demon and if your not Catholic then your screwed because other domination's will just think your insane and you'll wake up in the loony bend hearing voices in your head because a demon has attached itself to you while you were thrill seeking in grave yards which is by the way where most demons possessed people had their first encounter with their demon.So go to the grave yards or old abandoned houses and you'll be taking something on the line of HALDAL drooling at the mouth or you could come to the church in the day and treat it for what it really is which is God's house!

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Last Seen: 9/10/2010 12:29:29 PM  
I also have family buried at this church. I have been there many times for the Homecoming services and all I ever feel there is peaceful and welcoming. I love this church and look forward every year to the Homecoming. 

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i can say i have been there plenty of times i live like 15 mins away on old dial road i have never seen anything strange ive been there at night and still nothing if some one can prove there are ghost there ill belive them i think it is completly stupid that people go up there and bother the dead to see if they come back to life wooooo really guys whats wrong with yall get a freaky clue

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This is interesting, I heard of this church and I have heard about this story!! My grandpa was a long and he was kin to some stanleys, I just wonder if she was like a great grandma or some kin to my family!!

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Last Seen: 10/17/2010 10:09:12 PM  
Went with some friends. We looked for the wrong grave. Pollie Long is buried in the far left hand side of the graveyard. She is not who you will find haunting. I do believe there is an evil presence there that will show up because it did when we all took pictures with our cell phones. I'm not certain if the evil spirit was of the witch, which is Elizabeth Bradley or some other demonic force. I do know that it has helpers. You can sense the strong force of it there.. as if it is telling you, HAHA YOU CAME TO FIND ME. The smaller spirits are as if they are questioning why you want to be there? Do you like how you feel there? Almost as if they are hosting you around like small children do when Visitors come and their parents are leading you around.. but they are anxious and want to help.. Thats exactly how it felt when my friends and I were there. Back to the Witch hunt. Elizabeth Bradley was a creek indian and witch doctor. She married a white man and had two daughters who married into the Tilly and Stanley family in that area. They all went to church at Tilly except for Elizabeth. There was contraversy over Elizabeth being a witch. The Tilly and Stanley families did not approve of their sons marrying daughters of a witch. Alot of babies died and was blamed on the witch but back then, many women and children died because medicine was not advanced to cure and cleanliness was not as available due to living circumstances. Running water, etc. Anyways, the families brawled over the interracial and differing religious views to the point a fight broke out at the church. Gunshots were made and some were killed. The witch was hung not burned. Hung at the tree in the center and underneath is her grave. A few feet from hers is her sister in laws grave. She died exactly a year to the day after Elizabeth. Mary Tilly Bradley is her name. She was labeled a witch as well. Babies and children kept dying in the area and the community felt as tho Mary picked up where Elizabeth left off. I dont believe the stronger evil force you can feel at the graveyard is a witch but a demonic soilder with demons around it. Never would I have believed in this until I went for myself to see just what all of these differing stories mean. I went, I believe now. The seclussion of this church is enough to wonder why or how so many could be buried there. The old homeplaces around that area are gone to the point where you cant even tell they ever exsisted. The woods are thick and the old homeplaces are without a trace. If you really want to be as scared as you will find here, go to Henderson Cemetary off of Gum Log Road in Blairsville Ga. Its approx 4 miles out Gum Log Rd on your left. Isn't it amazing that all the scary things go to the left instead of being on the right? Counter clockwise. If you feel the urge to call out a demon to bring home, you should know that you are never safe by inviting it to your home. You may believe in nice spirits. I do as well but I know the evil spirits love to trick people and want to come home with you as well!

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Last Seen: 10/17/2010 10:09:12 PM  
Pollie Long is not the witch. The witches are Elizabeth Bradley, Mary Tilly Bradley and Elizabeth Tilly!

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Last Seen: 12/8/2010 7:17:20 AM  
Well ,, I am going to tell you all that done of yal know what yal are talking about my name is Johnny Stanley, Elizabeth Jane Bradley is my Great- Grandma on my Ma ma side  Elizabeth was a Tilley before she married Jason Bradley,She was born Feb 26 -1846  died Oct 26 -1903 They had eight kids my Grandma was Altha Denia Bradley she married Joe Cochran and their daughter my mother,,Who married Frank Stanley,, I am also kin to Polly "Stanley" Long on my Father side so i guess i have witches blood all around ,,,, Elizabeth Bradley did not have any creek indian blood in any kind of our blood line if you are going to put something on  here let it be the true so far i have not hearded anything but lies,, If they Hunged "Elizabeth Bradley"  at Tilly Bend Church under the tree where she is buried than it should be in chruch records it happen on chruch grounds ,, But no one wants to know the "TRUE" they gather just tell lies ,, I have never hearded anyone in my Family said anything like these lies,,, Elizabeth was a Good christan woman,, The reason her tombstone turned the way  it is i don't know for sure , Some one may have done it for meaness or some other reason they was a feud going on up there at that time  ,, I think it is about time for Tilley Bend Chruch to turn her  tombstone back the way is was when she died,, I am going to be contacting the chruch just for this reason " If anyone that reads this that can help me get in touch with the right people at the church "PLEASE"  let me know,,, jws1953@charter.net

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JWS1953 is right, People. Get your facts straight, please. Elizabeth Jane (Tilley) Bradley [my wife's gg-grandmother] was the daughter of Tillman & Prudence Tilley & the sister of Benjamin M. Tilley (the founders of the Tilley Baptist Church). So much for HER bein' the your witch. On a side note, though...when we mentioned that there was a legend of a witch up there at Tilley Bend, my wife's grandmother Nora Bradley fired off the name of Polly Underwood, stating that she was the witch from Tilley Bend. She said her husband Austin Bradley used to talk about her. He said that growin' up, they all called her 'Aunt Polly Underwood'. Not sure if the use of 'Aunt' was just out of respect (as hill-folk used to) or because she really was kin. The Bradley's & Underwood's were kinfolk. [Elizabeth Jane (Tilley) Bradley's grandfather Enoch Underwood is buried there at Tilley Baptist, as well.] Austin said that 'Aunt Polly Underwood' would come around at hog-killin' time wantin' the blood, & if you didn't give it to her, she'd get mad & bad things would happen. Nora said that one time, 'Aunt Polly Underwood' wanted some li'l baby chicks from Austin's momma, & Salena told her no, that they weren't ready to take away from their momma. She said 'Aunt Polly Underwood' left in a huff, & before she got home, someone went to check on the baby chickens & found every last one of 'em dead. Supposedly, 'Aunt Polly Underwood' was mean to her husband, who ended up shootin' & killin' her. Accordin' to my wife's grandmother, he shot with a silver bullet. Go figure. I thought silver bullets were just for werewolves. Good luck huntin' down exactly who 'Aunt Polly Underwood' was, though. You'll be amazed to find out exactly how many Mary 'Polly' Underwoods there were EACH GENERATION in the mountains of North Georgia around the turn of the century.

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The above comment is mine, & I mis-wrote... Enoch Underwood was the grandfather of Jason Riley Bradley, Elizabeth Jane (Tilley) Bradley's hunband.

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      I love to hear these kind of war stories that some of these nutbags come up with You can tell the truth from the lies, Because the history doesn't mesh with the place and the time period.

From 1700s to 1838 this was Cherokee land. Also they wouldn't BURN OR BURY a witch in a church yard because it would desecrate the LORDS HOUSE and ground.


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I went there with some of my friends last night. I did see some strange lights that came out of nowhere, and as I was walking, I felt something squeeze my lower back. It scared me. 

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Last Seen: 3/21/2012 1:28:16 PM  

My great grandfather J. Thomas Tilley and his mother Martha? came here to NC in the late 1800s. Our family has been stuck for years on who his father was. I've recently discovered that Martha may have been the unmarried daughter of Tilghman (Tillman) and Prudence Tilley, therefor J. Thomas Tilley was illegitimate. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but would like any info anyone could give me.

Sue Pittman

s fpittman@frontier.comv


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Does anyone know if tang of the orphans or their caregivers were buried in the the cemetary?

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Every cemetary is haunted. The dead do not know anything.if you want to experience a ghost,try jesus of nazareth,believe in him and he will give you the holy ghost whom the world cannot receive. Then you will have a life changing experience and your mind and soul will be on heavenly things.you will have no desire to seekor worship dead things.if you want to believe something,believe what i say because this is the truth and the truth will set you free.

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Last Seen: 9/24/2013 3:32:56 PM  
I was at this location last week with my husband. I love the church. It is a very nice old fashioned southern baptist church. As for the haunting I didn't feel like anything was going to jump out at me and my hair didn't stand on end, however I was truly heartbroken over the number of graves belonging to small children however they were due to an outbreak of influenza in the Stanley Gap area. Now as for a witch...she was part of the Creek Indian nation so it is understandable that people wouldn't like the holistic ways of an herbal healer but no witch craft was involved. I did take several pictures while there and did find odd lighting and orbs however those were actually the millions of gnats that were swarming the area due to the cove of lake blue ridge just behind the church. I will post the pictures if someone would like to see them. I did see something that is unusual though...the huge cedar tree in the cemetary. It has been years since I saw a cedar that large.




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