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The Witch`s Graveyard An 1800`s graveyard
Marietta, Ga 30090

County: Cobb County
WebSite: None

Where a supposed witch is buried. Some phenomenon like knocking coming from underground and sounds like banshees crying, drums playing from nowhere. Fog around the cemetery and no fog anywhere else, a 15degree temperature drops from being outside and then stepping inside the gates.

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I grew up in a neighborhood about 5 minutes (driving) from this place. It`s located in the very back of a difficult—to—find residential street. In high school I went up there with friends, and our headlights illuminated a gathering of people in white robes just inside the gates as we pulled up. None of them moved, just stared at us. We split.

Also, there is considerable (and valuable) property along the same road that is fenced... very strange. No signs, no entrance... some say it`s government property, but for what use I have no idea. Seems odd that they would be so close together, but it could be coincidence.


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Ku Klux Klan, maybe...?

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i live near there. its real its just VERY illegal to visit.

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Seems bogus to me. I haven't been there, but if you're not willing to tell people where it is, so they can confirm these listings, then it seems more like you made it up. Of course, this isn't always the case, because you may not know the exact address. However I, if I experienced something somewhere, would get the address so others could confirm my experience. This is all I am saying, I don't wish to arguwe about whether someone is lying or not.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 64563 ReplyTo# 12081     12/26/2010 1:30:00 PM     Edit          

I would have to agree with what you say!!! After reading this article i would love to go and then there are no directions. It just seems made up to me.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14054     6/14/2008 3:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I just moved to the area, theres supposed to be a cemetary on Fowler street named the witches cemetery. i'll try to find it and fill people in.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 15037     7/7/2008 2:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

We went to the Witches Graveyard last night. It's right past the Cochrin Bridge (spell check) also known as the "Cry Baby Bridge" you turn left into the parking place right after the bridge and take the path, turn right at the path go over the bridge and it's the first dirt path on your left side. Let me tell you. I absolutely 110% believe this place is haunted. When you get to the graveyard there is a very menancing, evil and quite frankly horrifying feeling everyone gets. The temperature drops dramatically inside. It's barbwired off and the gate is locked, but if you put your hand in you can feel the difference. I took pictures but everything I slide my camera in the cemetery my battery would drain. I finally snapped off a few and found several bright orbs. My husband got nautious there and he is not a believer and whatever is in there doesn't want anyone there, you can definately sense that. Upon leaving I felt like we were being watched so on the bridge I snapped a picture and caught a red mist right in front of me and it looked as if it was forming a figure. I am a paranormal investigator and I do not get spooked easily, but this place terrifies me. I do have the pictures, if anyone is interested you can email me at HappyHauntingsGA@aol.com to see them. We also got evp and there are actual strange crys and laughter in the background. Very creepy place!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 15613     7/17/2008 7:48:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Can someone tell me a street name please? or something I can mapquest? i am coming from buckhead and don't know the marietta area. we're trying to go there tomorrow night. thank you!!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 18187     9/6/2008 7:46:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The parking place is actually a persons yard..... would not park there.... Drive down the road just a little, there is a rest area and playground... Park there and just walk down.... be careful for cars flyin up and down that road.... really dark and curvy. P.S. will not go back myself!!!

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Does anyone have an address?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20932     10/15/2008 3:44:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

It's at the end of Fowler Road Smyrna GA. 30080. Park somewhere and walk to get to it. It's a dead end patrolled by police and should anyone living on the road see lights and a car or hear people they call the police. This spot is not only famous for paranormal activity and vandalism but also drug deals which is why it's so heavily patrolled now. The property being referred to that is government owned was bought because when the east west connector plans were being drawn up it was supposed to go right through this street and they were going to buy all the houses on the street but the proposed path of the connector changed and the two houses were completely trashed by squatters and rumors of cult activity so whoever owned it city county whatever couldn't put them back on the market they would never have gotten what they paid.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23061     11/8/2008 10:10:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I'm glad you cleared that up. Everyone always told me that the reason those two houses were empty was because of the graveyard. I went there about 12 years ago with some friends and can't remember where it is. I have been looking on the internet for sometime now and no one ever gives detailed directions. This has been a great help. I guess I am going to go back and see if I can find it. When I went there, there was no fence and we didn't come through that street. We came in from the backside and up a hudge hill to the graveyard and then past that to the two houses because the people I came with told me the houses were haunted. I remember there only being about 4 graves there though.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 86960 ReplyTo# 23061     4/5/2015 11:26:00 PM     Edit          

- US
Pay attention to moon cycles .The easiest way to get there is go to the silver comment trail via park at heritage park pavilion hike up to the trailhead by Ruffs mill there is a dirt road that goes straight to the cemetery. Just stay behind the fence don't just assume because you can't see her with your bare eye she aint there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23553     11/18/2008 11:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i've been there. Today actually. I can tell you personally, the temperature drop part is no lie. there was a slight chill in the air outside the fence, but once i stepped in, i started shivering immediately. i'm not so sure about the noises and the menacing feeling, but, of course, i was there in daylight. now, it is a creepy place, and about 80% of the graves that are visible are only marked with small rocks. I'm sure there are many more there that are unmarked, though. So, yeah, creepy place, but great for band photos, which is why i was there. those pictures are probably gonna come back all distorted and have a ghost in the background or something. Haha. Go see it, its quite a sight.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27168     2/11/2009 12:52:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I'm doing self research on this graveyard. It seems to be very interesting , i've been there before. Yet , I couldn't stay very long. I had to go through the fence, due to past vandalecem (sp?). I would love your input on what to look at for or to record when I go in a couple weeks . email @ - lauren_giggle@yahoo.com myspace - myspace.com/xoxobbyxoxo (: please & thank you .

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I would like to know more about this place as well as other haunted places that have easier access to in the marietta, ga area and surrounding areas that people can actually give feedback on..

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its at the end of fowler off of south hurt road. you can take concord rd to get there.. just go throught the covered bridge and turn right onto south hurt and turn right on fowler, go past all the houses and the road will fork a little go left. the cemetary is at the end and its fenced in, there have been alot of occult worshiping etc there and thats one of the main reasons its gated. but people go in anyway, just go under the fence.

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Last Seen: 6/30/2009 11:37:42 PM  
A friend and I went last night. It's located at the dead end of Fowler Road. We didn't experience anything there except for a couple of branches falling, which wasn't too odd considering it had been raining heavily. We don't believe that a witch would be buried in the same cemetery of founders of the town (Gann, Floyd, and Glore families are all buried there.) That just seems a little odd.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34565     6/23/2009 7:50:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Hi I went there two times this week and have three evp's and many orb shots. I flew in from another state to do research and the cemetery was one of my stops. D

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36356     7/22/2009 8:37:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I've been there 3 times and every time something has happened that creeped everyone out and made us run.

first time: we went and while most of the group hung back, this guy went over to the purported main witches grave and something that sounded like a brick dropped... we started running

2nd time: two guys walked over to investigate the witches grave in the back while my cousin and I huddled near the fence. After about 10 min, we heard loud noises like firecrackers. The guys later told us it was like shotguns near their feet.

3rd time: Everyone kept hearing strange noises and seeing blinking lights... Then we heard a loud crack and started running towards the car.

The bridge is also supposed to be haunted. The first time we went to the gravesite, we also walked under the bridge and we were walking when my cousin stumbled into me and something else dropped from the roof that made a loud noise. She claims that someone pushed her and made her trip even though there was no one behind her and we had flashlights and were checking all around the bridge to make sure nothing was there.

I don't even believe in ghosts really, but that place is really spooky.

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im 30 years old. ive been going since i was 15. what everyone fails to mention is that at the end of the road, in front of the graveyard, there used to be 2 very nice, but abandoned and desecrated houses. THEY are the real story. what happened to the people in the house on the right is speculative, but most accounts say that the family moved out as a result of the fallout of what happened to the family that lived in the house directly across the street. search the archives of crimes commirted in georgia and you'll find a case of a double murder/suicide in that house in the late '80s. a man killed his kid and his wife, then himself. by the mid '90s, both houses were abandoned, which further enhanced the appeal of this place. in fact, the most intense feelings of spiritual unease ive ever felt was in the house on the left, not the graveyard itself. for those who visit it now, its unfortunately NOTHING like it was, but if you find any info about the murder/suicide case and go stand in the empty lot where the house once stood, you can still feel elements of the evil that was perpetrated there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 42783 ReplyTo# 39667     10/26/2009 5:30:00 PM     Edit          

I cant find any info on the double murder suicide. Where should i look???????

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I went with my mom, my sister's old teacher, and the boy across the street. I kept feeling something looking at us from behind, but no one else did. I got scared, so I went back to the car, but still felt something. All of a sudden, I saw the rest of them panick and run to the car. When they got there, they said the heard 2 voices: a womans, and then a mans. The womans sounded worried and scared from the right of the graveyard, followed by a very angry man's voice from the left. What was really wierd was that earlier I had told my mom to take a picture of the left corner, because I felt something odd, I can't really explain it... When we looked at the picture, we saw a orb that that had a old man's face in it when we zoomed in. We are going to go back with a larger group of people soon, so I'll keep posting. Oh, i didn't even want to go in the houses because of the voices and strange feeling, but we might next time!

              -ParanormalGirl           (just so you know it's me)


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43250 ReplyTo# 41810     10/30/2009 7:31:00 AM     Edit          

Hey paranormal girl, we have been there once. It is the one at the end of fowler st. right? we never saw any houses there. are they past the cemetery? We are going back soon if you wanna drop an email and we can all go. chrisseslar@yahoo.com also if you know of any other places we love ghost hunting.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43251     10/30/2009 7:38:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I went to this graveyard in high school with friends all the time.  It's really small now.  It used to be a lot bigger.  When we went, we always saw dead animals on the graves that  people had sacraficed.  And so many of the tombstones have been knocked down too.  Because of people doing crazy stuff like that, it is highly patrolled by the street and police.  I've always heard it is blocked off at Halloween because of the loonies.  Honestly, we heard things in the woods, but never saw anything. And what we heard could have been an animal for all we know. We always went in and out the back of the fence through a hole and got on the Silver comet Trail because it runs directly behind it.  If you follow that down and cut over, it will take you to an old military hospital thats pretty creepy.  I think it used to be a pretty good spot if you're into stuff like that but I don't really think any more because people always have to demolish everything and ruin it for others.  You do get an eery feeling going in, though, and the temp is definilty a drop from outside the graveyard.  And the bridge, tried that too.  It's fun to do because it goes along with the graveyard thing, but don't expect anything crazy...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43252     10/30/2009 7:44:00 AM     Edit       Reply    


I forgot to mention also, the blinking light thing somebody was talking about...that happened to us but I always thought it was somebody from a distance that knew people were there and it was their way of saring everyone it leaving.  Or it was like a warning saying you needed to leave or the police were coming.  Kind of weird????


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Hey, it's me, ParanormalGirl... We went back with the same group of people, plus my dad and the other woman's friend. We did not experience anything this time, but my dad is a nonbeliever in gohsts, so they probably didn't like him. The houses have not been there for a while apparently, because where they used to be is all grown up... No strange feeling or anything... the houses used to be the little road things right in front of the cemetary. The witch's tombstone is probably the little one in front of the tree on the right, cuz my parents said it used to be fenced off, and there is a metal thing in the ground near it. i don't know about a blinking light, but it could of been there.. the guys went into the woods with flashlights so we might of thought it was them. We heard some dogs barking, but that was it.Another supposedly haunted cemetary is the one at the end of old cartersville road. In the woods is the site of the original new hopw church, where a major battle in the civil war took place, in case you guys are interested... haven't been there yet... If anyone finds anything on

Martha L. Clare

Edmund Gann

Francis Gann

or Louise Wade Gann

post it. they are buried at the cemetary, so it seemed interesting.


Bye for now!


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Last Seen: 5/23/2010 8:20:21 AM  
For any information on specific graves you can try findagrave.com. If you know the name of the cemetary you can look up who all is buried there and even view death certificates if it's available.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 61760 ReplyTo# 43356     10/31/2010 9:31:00 AM     Edit          

Last Seen: 10/31/2010 9:04:08 AM  
The grave you are describing is the infant's grave. At one time the grave was surrounded by a black wrought iron fence and had a hand crafted with designs metal dome like cover over the grave. This grave is the first grave you will aproach entering the graveyard.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78228 ReplyTo# 43356     6/6/2012 11:22:00 AM     Edit          


Hello see attached link regarding the Gann Family cemetery at findagrave.com




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Hi, I have seen many of your comments and you are right---we are never going!  It seems creepy and scary and I belive it!!


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43496     10/31/2009 2:36:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Anybody who says that this place is haunted is crazy. MYgeatgrandfather is buried there so please dont go there unless you have afriend or family member buried there. Every time i go to pay my respect the police show up and hassle me because of all the young thugs that tresspass there Stay away

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78315 ReplyTo# 43496     6/12/2012 1:11:00 PM     Edit          

My great-great grandparents Alexander T Floyd and Sarah Floyd are buried there. I totally agree with you.  This cemetery needs a little respect for the family members.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43577     11/1/2009 6:50:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

sounds scary i would like to go but i am way to chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43614     11/1/2009 1:29:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

At midnight on Halloween night I took a small group to this graveyard. This was just last night! I stumbled upon the graveyard as I was searching online for various haunted locations in the Smyrna area, and this was very near the Halloween party my friend was throwing. I planned it out for about 2 weeks to make sure I knew where it was and such. I was somewhat worried about the weather – it had been rainy all day and without moonlight we would have a hard time seeing without flashlights. I was in luck though, as the moon shone very brightly once we got there. The clouds moved VERY rapidly across the sky while we were in there, and the moon was so bright that we didn’t need flashlights even at midnight. It’s strange to think that this place is so near normal things. We passed a Kroger shopping center and a day care amongst other regular establishments before we turned off of the main thoroughfare. After a few turns, the road we were on was mostly secluded, and quite wooded on both sides. The graveyard is in a clearing at the end of the secluded road, surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barbed wire. The city or county certainly seemed to want to keep people out of this graveyard! But it seemed that they hadn’t maintained it, and someone who came before us had made a rather large hole in the chain link fence, as mentioned by some of the others posting above. It was easy enough to slide under the fence to get in. We spent a little time exploring and taking photos. Most of the graves were about 150 years old or so. Many were in poor condition, leaning this way or that. Some of them were so old they were worn down, and some were just rocks. One of the larger ones had fallen over and was facing up. It was pretty creepy in there, with the light constantly shifting due to the clouds rapidly moving over the moon. We saw some red lights that were somewhat similar to a laser pointer, but a little bigger than that dot and not quite as sharp. I also heard distant voices, which could have been one of my brothers, as we’d spread over the graveyard by that point. The weird thing was this morning: I noticed that everyone that went with has multiple bruises! One bruise could be explained, but each person that went has several bruises all over. I would like to go back, but this time with a voice recorder and some other things.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44321     11/11/2009 5:30:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


i went there halloween.


scariest night of my life


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45430     12/7/2009 9:04:00 AM     Edit       Reply    


I've been there a bunch of times...nothing actually happens.

It is all how you interpret things- If you want it to feel colder-it will feel cold. but it is probably just legend. I did see the Mommy where are you picture, he SAYS it was not photoshopped, but I have never seen or experienced anything supernatural in the cemetary.  

To get in , It is much easier to get in at the end of Fowler Rd. than the Silver comet trail side.  No obvious opening by the trail.

I have gone via the trail, climbed up the hill and walked around the left side around to the front and gone under the fence there. If

you make too big of a ruckus neighbors will 911 you and the Cobb Police wuill show up

If you do go by the trail..park at the Concord Rd parking lot, go down the ramp, cross the trestle, go down a ways and look for the trail marker sign on the left, climb up the wooded hill on the left sideand you'll be up against the fence....good luck getting in. be very careful... if the ghosts don't get you the ground clutter will!lots of crap on the ground around the fence>a tough walk in the dark!


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 51086     4/24/2010 11:34:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I went there today. I just typed in Fowler Road, Smyrna, Ga and my GPS took me there. Upon arriving I drove with a couple of friends down a really creepy road that had nice houses. At the end of the road was a chain link fence with a huge hole that someone had cut into it. I parked in the culdesac and turned my car towards the graveyard so my headlights would light it up There was something not right there. I felt like something evil was lurking in the graveyard. Me and my friend heard the same noise. This noise that we heard was very hard to explain. It was like someone was humming one note and it was muffled. Then when we heard that noise there was a temperature drop. It was not that big of a drop but it gave me goosebumps. We kept stepping on rocks that were in the graveyard which marked graves. There are probably many unmarked graves in the cemetery. Then I stumbled upon a grave in the far left side that had a death date of 1914. We didnt stay there for long and we hurried out of there. You don't need to park your car on the bridge or anything. Just park it in the culdesac in front of the graveyard.

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Last Seen: 5/14/2010 7:30:38 AM  
I go there quite often. It is 5 minutes from my house. It is quite creepy, true. But it is all in how you look at it. First off, this parking by the bridge and walking stuff, not necessary. Just park right in front of it at the end of Fowler street. The other thing is, please be respectful. These are final resting places. I am wiccan, and my brothers and sisters are buried there. As for happeneings there, the coolest thing we experienced was while we were there, it did get colder, and my friends car began rocking....we left pretty quickly and when we got home there were hand prints on the car and face prints on the windows. My friend was inside the vehicle at the time, she is also wiccan and a little sensitive....Pretty cool stuff!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 52442     5/26/2010 12:26:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Its patrolled pretty heavily by police. The bridge is supposed to be a "Crybaby" bridge. You can hear a baby cry if you stop on it, sounds like its coming from below. I live in a haunted house now in Marietta, 3 miles from the Dead Angle. Noticing increased activity coming up on next month's anniversary. Saw the "Ghost Rider Of Kennesaw" last year this time. I lived in a haunted house in Smyrna, was owned by a murderer. I lived in a house in Austell that my wife twice heard her name called. One day, I am turning into our street (winter, no leaves), look into the woods at the end of the street, and about 15 fee in from the road, THERE IS A friggin HEADSTONE! So me and the wife walk up to it a few days later and its the anniversary of the BIRTHDAY on the headstone, the same date! Born in the 1700s, died in the 1800s, and someone had been putting flowers on it. What....the.....heck.....

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 54903     7/22/2010 1:56:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

anyone know anything about an abandoned hospital thats suppose to be really close to this Concord Cemetary??

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 61758 ReplyTo# 54903     10/31/2010 9:21:00 AM     Edit          

Last Seen: 10/31/2010 9:04:08 AM  
The civil war house located beside the Concord covered bridge was used as a confederate hospital during the war. It is a private residence now.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57784     9/9/2010 12:21:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I lived near there from 92 to 2002.. went there often... as years passed the cemetery became very vandalized... graves being dug up and tombstones being tipped over... I was there many times alone during the day biking and nothing made me feel nervouse... however, the house that used to be at the left of the entrance did bring intense concern... had been abandoned but multiple things happened there that made me refuse to go close... it was torn down... I would say 12 years ago and now there's not much that goes on there.. the place should be investigated by professionals

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57898     9/11/2010 11:11:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Ugh I forgot to put in the captcha code and lost all of what i typed... sigh... I've been there before a few years back with some friends and would like to go back again with more people I live up by "new smyrna cemetery" if I could go with anyone in a group please email me at patrick_rpr@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57904 ReplyTo# 57898     9/11/2010 1:04:00 PM     Edit          

Last Seen: 9/19/2010 1:14:45 PM  
I've been there before a few years back with some friends and would like to go back again with more people I live up by "new smyrna cemetery" if I could go with anyone in a group please email me at patrick_rpr@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59893     10/11/2010 8:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I went several years ago with 3 guy friends. I have been in both ways. I have heard a baby cry and also heard a continuous tune that is seemed someone whistled. I have seen alot of creepy things to scare the pants off alot of people. The stories are true. Standing where the house once stood. I have seen a guy at the graveyard jogging at midnight. when we left a few minutes later he was at the beginning of the road. I have seen more orbs than I knew what to do with. I could go on and on but I won't bore you. If you need to email me dixiemom24@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59894     10/11/2010 9:00:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

But these are the people listed. I can assure you I have seen alot more than this. There are more in the back and without headstones

Durham, George, b. 14 Mar 1778, d. 21 Aug 1852
Durham, Susan, b. 07 Oct 1781, d. 10 Aug 1854, wife of George Durha
Fowler, John L., b. 25 May 1838, d. 23 Apr 1862, son of Thomas Fowler
Fowler, John L., b. 25 Nov 1897, d. 23 Aug 1898, son of Ameziah R. Fowler
Fowler, Thomas, b. 02 Mar 1799, d. 21 Jul 1877
Fowler, Ameziah Rice, b. 12 Jun 1848, d. 20 Dec 1918, s/o Thomas Fowler
Fowler, Mary E., b. 07 May 1866, d. 05 Jan 1947, wife of Ameziah Fowler
Hoy, A. C., b. 18 Dec 1819, d. 22 Oct 1890
Hoy, M. T., b. 17 Jan 1815, d. 30 Jul 1901, wife of A.C. Hoy



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Two different places are being discussed here... one in Smyrna on Fowler Rd... the other is in Noonday, Marietta - off Canton Highway and Jamerson.

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everybody hears noises, but has anybody really SEEN anything? noises can come from anywhere like even the silver comet trail in the back

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Yes, my older sister has seen a man running through the woods... He started in the attic of the house that was built just outside the cemetary... she was walking our neighbors 2 black labs.  the labs also saw the person running from the house, the person was running at full speed then passed behind a tree and vanished, heading towards the cemetary, the 2 dogs both raised their fur (along their spines) and darted towards the cemetary where it was where we came from.... I few other things happened on different occasions as well.

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Ok so me and some frien went there at 3am this morning and i can tell u it i haunted we heared voices and saw orbs and i saw something that looked like what is in the pic omeone put up on here trust me it is dint check the bridge yea but going to. Trust me this place is haunted if anyone doesnt believe i will be more than happy to take u there also my birthday is next friday the 29th me and some friends are planning to go back at around 2 am if anyone wants to go i leave a post or send me a text my number is 678-523-2754 me or one of my friend will more than be happy to pick u up within reason or u can just meet up at the silver comet parking if u want ppl to go with one of my friends dad is a cop so we dont have to worry and there are no no trespassing signs posted so we cant get into trouble anyway but i am 200% positive that its haunted

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So, did you go back there? We were going to go there a few nights ago, but when we turned onto Fowler Rd, I chickened out. Just being on that road was mad creepy.

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o and if ur wanting the address just look up 200 fowler rd thats what my gps gave me when i put in fowler rd

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I too have been there about 5 years ago on a bet. Strange things do happen there at night. But try going there during the day it has loads of history in there. One year me and my mother were hired to clean it up and after get the graves put back up a calming warmth took over the graveyard. I have resently took my duaghter there and it still has the same calming feeling but i dont dare ever go there at night just a little to much for me. And Im one who is intreged by witchcraft and the unknown.

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I was told that the graves that are only marked with rocks are where slaves are buried. Supposedly these slaves had become close to the families that owned them and sometimes they would be buried in the family plot, but their graves would only be marked by rocks. I don't know if there is any truth to this or not.

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Growing up we always went to the Fowler's graveyard which is located on the back side of the Fowler's property. In elementary school we actually took field trips there. We would walk down to the graveyard and spend the day. Crazy right? Our teachers would give us a list of names, dates, etc. to find and trace using crayons and notebook paper. We would sit outside the wrought iron fence and eat a sack lunch before walking back to school. The first grave you come to after walking through the gate is the infant's grave. Outside the fence you will find sunken graves as well. On one of the field trips I was pushed into one of the sunken graves. Parties were always held there through the years but Halloween was always the biggest! Sometimes they would even place a coffin out there and one of the teens would lay in it during the party. Concord covered bridge is right down the road. The civil war house is beside the bridge. Graves are directly behind the back door of the house. We grew up testing all the myths and the entire area is creepy. I still tell people about all the memories I have after all these years.

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i just went to this place tonight. i walked from the trail cus i no cobb county cops there d1ck heads and i didn't want a ticket. but i have tried to go many times and all my friends pussyfooted about it and i was to sacred to go alone cus i herd they did santic sh1t there. but we finally went tonight once we saw the fence we new we had to go check it out we walked around the fence and found a hole that we went under to get though and once we got in we herd strange noises but we diced to keep looking around we read all the graves and my friend accdently walked on some of them we stayed 10 min we were getting bad vibes later that night my friend called me and told me he was sacred and he hears things now lol

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My experiance with this is that I would always listen to my radio while going to sleep. Some of my friends went to the Witch's Grave and I was talking to my other friend while trying to go to sleep. Around 3am or so my radio just suddenly become loud and garbled without static. This had never happened before or happened since to any radio I have ever had. My friends came back the next day and were excited that they picked up something on their EVP saying '..are they sleeping...no, they're dead..' The time they picked up this EVP was around 3am.

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Hello, I am very interested in checking this place out. I just moved here from orlando,fl. I had no idea that Marietta/Smyrna was such a hot bed of paranormal activity. I am hoping that 200 Folwer Road is the correct address. I have never gone on a ghost hunt before would this be a good place to start? my email address is thejordans21@msn.com

my name is Brad



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Which grave is the witch's grave?  And is the infant's grave the same infant you can hear on the bridge?

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My husband and I went to the cemetery 3 days ago; I was intrigued not only by the haunted aspect of it but also the historical significance.  We went during the day - not gonna go to a bone yard late at night with a 3-year-old...  Anyway, I didn't go under the fence; I just stood right up against the fence and snapped a few photos.  A couple minutes into my photo snapping, I heard rocks or something being thrown at me, felt a couple of them smack the fence, but never did see any land on the ground nor did I see anyone throwing them.  Nobody was in the cemetery and nobody was parked at the end of the except for us.  Nothing unusual showed up in my photos; I was hoping to have captured an image of the mystery rock chucker.  Maybe next time...


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I have lived in this area my entire life. It may have already been said but I would like to clarify something for those looking to do investigations. There are TWO witches graveyards that local teenagers and kids have been telling stories about for ages.

The first one is a small cemetery at the end of Fowler Rd in Smyrna, GA. This one is pretty much a family cemetery that has seen vandalised, animal slayings, occult ceremonies, partying teenagers, criminals, etc... since the 80s that I am aware of.

The second is the more well known 1800s graveyard called Noon Day Cemetery in Marietta, Ga. Noon Day has been known by several names over the years from the witch's graveyard to devil's turnaround. The area is heavily patrolled and Southern Cemeteries rep Nicole has fought for years to keep people from trespassing on it. Though that I'll leave up for other people to debate. lol If you want to know more about it see the thread for Devil's Turnaround under Marietta, Ga.

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just to clear it up for folks, the property all around belongs to the fowler family. however, it is not the fowler family cemetery as i was led to believe. it was and is concord baptist church cemetery.somehow cobb county parks and recreation wound up with this property to maintain. at that time ,it was totally vandalized with head stones missing and, or knocked over.this is part of my new route now and i have spent a few hours (daylight) exploring and learning the area.i find it so disrespectful that this area has been dumped on and uncared for, for many years. i am making it my mission to halt illegal activities as well as the dumping, and to try and find out if it is true about headstones that were broken being in storage. i do not discount paranormal activity but, i have a highly attuned sense in places like this and all i could feel was a sense of melancholy and sadness for times past and lack of caring descendants.this is the final resting place for people that lived and died, had hopes and dreams just like the rest of us, so, show some respect ! any fowler family folks read this ,my name is frank and you will be seeing a lot of me, thanx.

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- US
We are newer to the area I got a picture of the witch . All you could see was her outfit. No face though. Night vision works great.Respect the graveyard don't try to kick down the fence or do dumb stuff like litter




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