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Lebanon Road and the "Gates of Hell"
Lebanon Road
Lebanon, Il 62234

County: Saint Clair County
GPS: -89.8938436, -89.8938436
WebSite: None

Lat: 38.670098 Long: -89.810658 (beginning of the road starting in Lebanon, IL)

Lebanon Road is the primary road on the backroads of St. Clair county and Madison county Illinois.  This road is host to many active and abandoned concrete railroad crossings that cross over various points of the road.  There are, in all, 7 actual concrete structures that you can drive your car through and several other minor or lessor gates/bridges (I have some photographed and posted on this page).

Not all of the "Gates of Hell" are located directly on this road and there is no way of actually going through all 7 without backtracking at least a little bit.  If you can find a way that you can, please let the moderator know.

I will try to get exact directions so that you can go through all 7 in one trip.

To get to the start of the road, though, you can take Route 4 north from Lebanon Illinois until you reach Lebanon road after about five miles.  It will be on the left hand side of Route 4.  If you don't want to travel the entire stretch, though, and want to get right to the tunnels then you need to travel north on Scott Troy Road from O'Fallon until you see Lebanon Road on the left hand side of the street.  There will be a church nearby the entrace to the road (if I remember correctly) and you should see the street sign to let you know you are on the right road.  Going down the road, I believe there are at least 4 "gates" on Lebanon Road alone.  If you do venture onto this road at night, please, be careful as there are plenty of twists and turns.

There are, of course, many legends that surround this road and many of these backroads.  Many things have happened on these roads.  I know that several auto related deaths have occured on these roads and one suicide that I know of.

Also are the urban legends concerning these roads that if you pass through all seven and the seventh at the stroke of midnight or at the stroke of 3am then you will be whisked off to hell.  I've never had my timing right but be sure this is a legend and nothing but.

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
I`ve been through the "Gates of Hell" throughout my teenage years and recently just revisited them all. I took a video camera out this time and during the day drove through them all... Sure enough, although I never believed it before, there are exactly 7 "gates" between the towns of O`Fallon, Caseyville, Collinsville, and Troy.

I`ll have to log in again at a later date and I will upload some video and pictures.

It was also funny because when we were videotaping at one of the gates some dogs did come out to the road and followed the car as we drove off. They seemed harmless enough and didn`t try to approach us too closely while we were outside of the car. Must be some local resident`s dogs. Maybe this is how the legend of the "hell hounds" got started.

All in all the "Gates of Hell" are worthy of an urban legend status and are a fun time to be had... especially if you want to freak out some friends in the middle of the night.

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hi i am from this area and im trying to find them all. if someone could please tell me where they all are i would be soooo grateful : )))) my email is rosesofblackice@yahoo.com

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we went out to the gates,we only found 5 of them.couldnt find 6,or 7. this is very strange.
so they cant all be on lebanon road. some have to be on others.but regardless. theres a story of the 4th gate.theres a little dip in the road.if you park at the bottom of the hill and turn your lights out.your car will be pushed back up the hill back wards.story goes that a little boy died out there and is helping you get your car out of harms way. strange

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the story about the car getting pushed backwards uphill is actually located on rentchler road off mascoutah ave. there used to be train tracks before they removed them, but the story says if you put baby powder on your front bumper, drive to the bottom of the small declination of the hill, and put your car in neutral you will be pushed uphill backwards at appox 4 mph (i know cause my car has a digital speedometer). we didn't use the baby powder, but i went last week for the first time and was shocked to see that we in fact we were moving backwards at a rather fast rate. it was 4:30 am so it was kind of foggy and creepy. oh and i almost forgot...we had our windows down the 2 people on the driver's side heard a heavy breathing which was confirmed separately with me before with eachother...i think the phenomenon might be somehow related to a magnetic pull though. regardless, it's fun!!!

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there used to be a sign on a gate that said
beware of old time miner and glowing dog..

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Re: 10/29/07 comment. The 4th gate story Sounds like the legend to the old railroad tracks in belleville. If you stopped your car after crossing the old tracks and you put your car in neutral and turned your lights off, a little boy that was killed on the tracks will push you back over the tracks to keep you from his fate. People said if you put baby powder on your bumpers you will see where his fingerprints were left. The tracks were removed not too long ago.

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
For the Belleville "Ghost Tracks" see this article:


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People have said they have found the 7th gate but for a fact I know they haven't. The only way to find the 7th gate is if you get out of the car and start walking in the woods.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 79584 ReplyTo# 9117     9/10/2012 12:33:00 PM     Edit          

i've been to the seventh gate. you have to go off of lebanon rd. and get on the main rd then take another country road.

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there are seven drivable gates...you just have to look really really hard...i've been through them all without driving off road or anything like that. one of them is at the end of a dead end, so don't let a dead end sign deter you. wilke

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well does anyone have specific directions as to how to get through all 7? because none of these really explain it

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
First good start if you want information is to register as a user and ask other users what they know.

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I JUST went out there last week, during the day with my buddy. I'm 26 now but back in high school we used to go all the time and only found 4 or 5 gates. When I just went we found all 7 and they are all drivable you just have to have a good sense of direction and follow the tracks. You can e-mail me and i'll try to tell you how to get to all 7. i'm unsure if i know where acid bridge is because i've driven around through there many times. E-mail me at fettersjm@yahoo.com if you want me to explain where and how to get to them. IF you know where the one gate in the "Woods" is please e-mail me and let me know as I have never seen or been out of my car to get to a gate and i'd love to go check it out. Very spooky place, also when I was young a guy had dogs who he left outside along the road, they used to chase our car every time we drove by, I think thats where the "hell hounds" myth came from. Let me know if you all have any more information, i'd like to see the devil try to take me to hell lol.

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i just went there today me n my buddy i live two 2 minutes from there i found 4 gates. then i found the other 3 on the computer map so i am goin back tomorrow, funny but weird thing is me n my buddy was apporchin the first gates n there was two hounds i am not jokin. i am serious two dogs were standin on the side of the road watchin us. then we seen the first gates. i think i found acid bridge off the lebanon rd. i got a still n motion camera i will take with me tomorrow. i am dodge man

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hey i have found all 7 bridges and acid bridge we know for a fack it was acid bridge from pictures of the police reports. and dogs did bark when we went through the last on but not anything else!

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Last Seen: 10/9/2009 11:32:51 PM  
Do you know the names of the guys in the wreck on acid bridge?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13354     5/25/2008 12:33:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i went under them. i found seven i think. but there are not ONLY seven. there are 13 bridges one of them being acid bridge. I live right by them so i know alot about them. All of the bridges go in a circle. So they are not that hard to find. Another site to check out is the haunted railroad tracks I am pretty sure that they are close to o'fallon. well some where around there. They actually work!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13379     5/26/2008 12:43:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

alright well me and 6 other people went and found all 7 "gates" quite easily with someone who knew the area well... we saw and heard MANY creepy things. i would really like to know which gates are abandoned and which are not because something happened under one of the bridges. if anyone knows just comment back please. thank you.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13430     5/27/2008 2:31:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Can somebody that has been through all 7 or 13 e-mail me and tell me what they see in each gate!My e-mail is juggalo62206@yahoo.com

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Last Seen: 9/22/2008 12:18:41 PM  

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
If you have "far fetched" comments or stories please provide some semblance of evidence so that this place can either be validated as "haunted"/"paranormal"...  Otherwise no-one will take you or this community seriously.  Thanks.


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Last Seen: 9/22/2008 12:18:41 PM  

ok Im sory if you believe that my story is "far fethed" but I was there you were not, I seen the stuff with MY own eyes, I know what I saw and I know what was there, if you dont believe me go out there on a monday and then go again on a tuesday, but DONT take any of the side roads that go into the woods, Tuesday is when the cults get the things they need for their sacrafices, and Wednesday is when they do them so be careful or if you dont believe me go out there and look around..



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13942     6/10/2008 7:58:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Strong_Believer, I was not out there that night but these roads are roads that I drove EVERY day of my life from the age of 15 until the age of 24 when I finally moved away from St. Clair County. I was out at acid bridge almost every night partying during the summers of my teenage years as well as partying UNDER the actual gates. I've been to Bethel Church where a suicide occurred many years ago. I've been to "The End" and drove through all the gates on countless occasions. There really isn't a lot of paranormal activity out at these places that I can tell and I've GH'ed out there fairly extensively in my 20s. So, again, if you have stories like this and can provide any back up to them, PLEASE provide supporting evidence.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14476     6/24/2008 1:12:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I'm eighteen, i remember going thru all seven gates when i was about eleven, so i went back last night and could only find the first five. we asked some locals and they just told us to drive off the back roads. anyone that knows how to get to the last two would be huge help. my emails spyder_pat@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14847     7/1/2008 8:03:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My girls and I are wanting to drive out there and see whats it like by ourselves.. what do you think about that..will we be scared... lol I believe in a lot that I have heard and read..My friends we out there about umm 10 years ago in the summer and leaving they flipped their car and 2 of them flew out of the windows. we went out the next day to crash site and have never been back.. they loved but still scary.. so us girls going.. no guys we wont make it will we..lol ~christine

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 16426     7/31/2008 2:15:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

can anyone give a detailed map or directions of all seven gates, bridges andwhat is supposdly beyond the gates? I have heard stories of cults that use to or still do(idk) practice rituals and sacrifices out there. does anyone know these stories? can anyone tell me where these places are?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 16459     7/31/2008 9:49:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i found the 7th

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 16627     8/4/2008 11:37:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Could somebody post directions? Also, where is burnout bridge...i've been to acid.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 18574     9/12/2008 9:10:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 9/22/2008 12:18:41 PM  

Acid Bridge is right before Burnout Bridge. Acid Bridge has "GRANT" in huge Orange spray paint. I understand that some of you guys may not believe me but I have not been back out there since to get you guys any proof. The only reason I have not been back out there is because of the fact that I have not had the time. But if you want proof then you can go to My Myspace and look at my pictures that are titled "Horror Story turned Fairy Tale" It is from when me and a couple of my friends went out to the gates and we got stuck out there. No matter what you do, after it has rained do not turn down any of the side roads that go into the woods. There have been murders and such out there but they are never released because of the activities out there. There ARE cults out there and there is weird things going on. But if you dont believe me I cant make you believe me. By the way, the 7th gate is in Troy, Illinois. Its hard to find but I have been there before.



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My best friend lives right in the middle of the gates of hell. You can see one from her driveway. I've been there many many times over the past four years, and spent the night out there. I've never experience any paranormal activity.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20572     10/11/2008 8:35:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

we went to find them which 2 gates are located right by each other

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20576     10/11/2008 9:25:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Ok, first off, I would say to get a good look at the said 'hell hounds' If you are in a car, it might be a little freaky, but they can't get in. Next, it's been said that someone knew a guy who let dogs out down there. If that's the case, then someone needs to 'validate'. A set of hellhounds I am certain would not look like a regular dog, and if it did, i'm sure it would be missing half of it's flesh or something. Next, from the sounds of things, it sounds like there's actually 8 gates (one in the woods that can't be driven to) and one bridge that has to be walked to by taking some route through the 'gates'. Now, on top of these things, with the 'ghost cars', can we get descriptions? There's always a possibility other people are out there checking things out on the same night ; ) In order to prove, since these ARE visual things, there should be detail considering the clarity with which people have sid they've seen things out there. A video camera would be completely perfect, but some real description would be quite nice even without video.

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You start at the beginning of Lebanon Road at Collinsville you will go through the first gate then there will be a bridge right after that bridge take a left and you should go under the 2nd one, then you will see some large pillars (I think that one maybe a gate, not sure) (you eill see another road) take a right and there are 2 right next to each other, continue on that road to a curve road there will be a road calle S. Liberty go down that one (it's long and not a lot of room) you will go by a graveyard (it is now fenced in)there is one down that road, I haven't had time to find the rest, if someone else would post with some road names or something that would help. Be careful drving down there, the roads are narrow and curvy.

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Don't forget about Albino Road. That's where you go to the fourth gate, put your car in neutral in that little dip, and if you have like flour or dust on top of your car, you'll see hand prints from where the little albino kid pushes you car back up. Story goes that there used to be a little albino boy who lived down there that got made fun of by a lot of kids. They were playing a prank on him once and died him to the tracks of the railroad, and were just going to leave him for a little while and come back. So they left but when they came back the train had already come and ran him over. So now If you turn towards that set of train tracks by McDonalds in the middle on Collinsville, and you see that little shed with the light? Watch the light at night. You'll see it start blinking after awhile, and people say thats the little albino kid warning you of the train tracks

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
Okay, people.  To end the speculation, I've created a map on Google maps that will get you to all seven gates.



You don't have to walk to any gate.  You don't have to leave your car.  There are other things that you can term at "gates" because all of these "gates" are just old railroad bridges anyways.  You want more detailed information hit me up.  I'll get you to where you are needing to go.

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
Oh and in case anyone looks at the map and thinks there are just 6 gates on it because there are 6 information points on the map, one of the points is the infamous "double gate" as there are two right in a row next to each other.  This is the one where you might actually find people hanging out as sometimes teenagers party in between this gates or on top of them.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 22021     10/27/2008 1:01:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Some of you are COMPLETELY full of SHIT! I've been going out there for over 12 years. The "HELL HOUNDS" are local's dogs, they got that name because a few people who live down there have dogs and they run along the road barking at your car hence the name "HELL HOUNDS" coming to take you to hell. You all have to remember people live down these roads down there so you'll hear "sounds" or "Dogs" barking on ocassion. Ever sat in the dark woods at night? You'll hear all sorts of "sounds" but that dosen;t mean it's haunted lol. I've never seen anything paranormal, yes I do believe in spirits/ghost but i' ve seen nothing down there. YES it is spooky feeling down there in pitch black dark by some old bridges but nothing is going to get you unless..... What you SHOULD be worried about are crazy weirdo's who KNOW about this story and go down there to screw with young kids. Here are directions some guy made together, I have not used these to find them i found all of them with my buddy one day, real easy to do if you have a good sense of direction because the RR tracks run parrallel with "TROY O'FALLON ROAD" so as long as you know that and have a good sense of direction it's easy to follow the roads and find the 7 gates. Good luck and have fun guys but be careful as these are one lane bridges so becareful you don;t get in a "REAL" accident. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now the directions, I always go in by the Katsup bottle, take a left at the stop sign and go over the RR tracks and take an immediate right, follow the road and you'll find em. How to go through the gates: 1. Take West Main Street in Collinsville, Illinois – East - to Lebanon Road and turn left. Keep traveling it till your out of town and soon you’ll come upon Gate #1. 2. Shortly fater Gate #1 Lebanon Road will turn to the right, but you need to turn immediately to the left onto Lockman Road and smack into Gate #2. 3. Go through Gate #2 and keep following Lockman Road. You’ll come to a place where the road seems to dip and go back up, part of it goes straight, the other turns right. Guess what, since you’ve been running parallel with the tracks on your right for a while, you’re going to turn right and run into Gates #3 & 4 the TWIN GATES. Be careful of the curve coming out of Gate #4 it turns sharply to the right. When you turned right you got onto Longhi Road. 4. Keep going “straight” on this road. Longhi Road will run into and you will get back on Lebanon Road. Don’t worry, you won’t double back on a bridge, trust me. Keep following Lebanon Road past Heck Road, Bohnenstiehl Road, & Pense Acres. Shortly after Pense Acres turn left onto S. Liberty Road. Follow this for a while and you’ll go through Gate #5. 5. Just after Gate #5 S. Liberty Road will run into W. Mill Creek Road. Take that to the right. Gate #6 will appear briefly afterward. 6. Keep following W. Mill Creek Road over Scott-Troy/Troy-O’Fallon Road where it become E. Mill Creek Road. Watch for Blackjack Road and take it to the left. Look next for Bauer Road and take it to the right. Follow Bauer Road and it will take you to Gate #7. 7. Watch it…. Just after Gate #7 Bauer road come out onto Hwy 40 and now nearly into Troy, Illinois so when making your turn around to make the escape, do it carefully cause one really doesn’t want to see the Hell the LAW can create does one. Same goes for those starting in Troy and turning around at Gate #1 (your 7) as it’s fairly close to Collinsville. Have fun with the legend folks but don’t provoke the law.

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Last Seen: 11/7/2008 7:49:22 AM  
Love the comment by the above Anoynomous User.  Can't vouch for the directions, as I created a map above.  I've never tried to start in Collinsville or Troy but am sure you can go pretty much any way.  Living in O'Fallon and Belleville, I always started out from O'Fallon.  Anyone have any tales over Halloween?  Any fun?  Any luck with the map?

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I went to the seven gates of hell when I was a teenager. We went to the graveyard. I puked on somebodies grave. I was fine when I went there but then I got sick. I was fine the rest of the night. It feels like somebody is watching you when your there. Has anybody ever have that happen to them? sbauer@consolidated.net

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I went to the gates of he'll does anyone know how to get to the one in the woods

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I am frm Troy, lived there most of my life, and although driving thru the gates can be 'fun', it isn't scary! I even have a friend tht lives right next to one of them, it's basically on her property, and another friend whose house you can only get to by drivn thru 3 of them, and he's right after one of them... dnt believe ppl telln you not to drive thru tht sht, i take those backroads frm my home to my cville friends homes ALL THE TIME. Drove it in sun, rain, day, night, and ONCE in blinding mist, creepn at 10mph bc i had to pick up my man frm wrk and i knew the road well enough to make it. be careful kids, and dnt tag too much!!

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hey i have found all of the gates and i have been out there at like 3 in the morning and some crazy sh*t has happen so some of its true and some of it isn't find out for your self

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i have been there 2 times n i have only found 1 2 3 4 which r the double bridges!! i have my gps (tomtom) which took me to labnon road or however u spell it...i pastd a grave yard then on down the road was the 1st brdige!! we ould only find those 1st 4 i cant find the rest if anyone has road by road directions that would b really nice please email me w/any info Phat_brat_2007@yahoo.com thanxs ashley

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I recently have Done the seven gates of hell twice now, and both times we have found the seventh bridge, but having problems getting them in order, and going thru the first gate at midnight (so we hurd you should do) But we deffenly have found all seven gates. Its a very fun thing to do with friends just have to be carefull, there are some freaks out there. And dont mess with other people.

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I used to drive these backroads all the time with my girlfriends... goodtimes. It is very true that something about those woods and bridges draws many many people out there. And it is true that it is very creepy, day or night. It is also sad that the area is becoming so developed and well traveled and that is taking away from the allure. I had never before read any of the forklore that is being discussed above about the hell hounds but oddly enough my friends and I would comment on how many times we would see dogs on the side of the roads out there... pretty ironic if you ask me. Also, we referred to the longer bridge on Lebanon road as "Acid Bridge" as I see some have above. I even did my fair share of vandalising back in 2003... good times. I can honestly say that something did happen out there that just can not be explained. We were heading towards Acid Bridge coming from Troy-O'fallon Rd. and saw some headlights coming behind us. We wanted to stop and hang out under the bridge so we decided to drive over the bridge and turn around so that we would then be able to go back towards the bridge after the other car had already passed. So we drove over the bridge and went down farther so we could turn around, turned around and started heading back towards the bridge again. We saw the headlights coming towards us now but then it seemed like they turned right off the bridge and disapeared. I know it might sound made up but this is 100% true. We drove back down towards the bridge and expected to see someone pulled up next to it but there was nothing. There was no where that the car could have gone without us seeing, it was winter so no leaves on the trees to hide them in the woods, it was night so they would have had to have lights, brakelights, flashlights, something... totally true and totally weird, we were so scared... but didn't stop us from coming back almost everyday.

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Last Seen: 5/19/2009 2:11:30 PM  
The only things you might find along these "gates" are some stoners and a bunch of kids trying to scare themselves. I traveled those roads at all hours of the day and night. The story started, from what a friend of muine was able to research, sometime around 1970. A young man was tripping on acid while traveling the roads. He later told that something was chasing him and also that hooded figures whith their arms linked together blocked the road in front of him. All of this is pure bunk! Same thing goes for the sotries of Bowler Timber Road north of O'Fallon. The so called creatures who approach you through the woods are nothing more than curious horses from the stables on the road (I a supposing that the stables is still there). In 1953, my dad and a friend of his experienced this themselves while camping in those woods. It was when the horses snorted that they realized what they were. All through high school, I heard stories about the creatures on that road. The kids, by the way, used to call the road Munchkin.

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I am sorry for getting off of topic. I am looking for anyway to find the real hellhounds. If you know any information on them, where to find them, or sightings please e-mail me at ssg.wilson@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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I work for Madison County and the gates are nothing.  They are so well traveled now that any sense of eerie "aloneness" that you used to feel while standing under one is gone.

You want a really historic/ages past feeling, walk the abandoned rail road lines that go deep into the woods of Madison County.  There is nothing weirder than walking along an overgrown bed of rock to stumble upon a huge concrete tower or pier in the middle of nowhere.

Another of my favorites is the remains of a destroyed rail road bridge.  It consists of around 100' tall concrete behemoth completely hidden by a hill with 45 degree slopes.  The path to the top is usually worn enough to show the local kids play there, but the entrance to the path is always overgrown to hide it.  Unless you go looking for it, you would never find it.  When you climb to the top the authorities have long ago stopped trying to keep the fence in shape to keep you from falling the 100' drop.  Take a step off and you would be greeted by the tops of 50 year old trees that blanket the valley floor.  And when you stand at the edge and look across the 1000' gap to the other side where the RR would have been it is amazing that something this huge is right off the side of a road and hardly anyone knows about it.  The bridge that must have spanned this great length must have been impressive, yet there is no trace of it besides the 2 huge concrete embankments needed at each end.  It reminds me of in the movies when explorers in a jungle come hacking out of underbrush to a huge valley scene with no way across.  It just has an effect on you.

Nothing spooky about these, but one does get a sense of agelessness.  Like the past is preserved in a unique way.  Forgotten, but not gone.

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If this is the one I'm thinking of, as a kid when the bridge was actually there, us neighborhood kids had a cable that came down from underneath and we made a seat out of rope and you jumped on to the seat as the cable came back, you would swing from one section and touch your feet on the opposite wall and come back and jump off. You either yelled like Tarzan or the chorus to Hocus Pocus by Focus. LOL One time we went and the cable was gone but we didn't see any bodies so we never knew what happened to it........

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Last Seen: 10/24/2009 6:54:17 PM  
My memories are coming back more. There's a farmer's road by the twin bridges that at the end if you knew where to look, there is (or was) a foundation from a small house that back in the prohibition days, 2 brothers had a still that blew up, hence the foundation only. My neighbor had a metal detector back then (late 60's) and we dug up a few interesting items including a part of an old flintlock rifle and lots of square nails and old jars etc. Even farther around the clearing to the south of there back in the woods a piece, there's an old graveyard dating 1700's-1800's I think or older. The Cook family were the surnames. A few of the neighborhood punks including an ancestor of the Cook family vandalized the tombstones and even tried digging one grave up to look for ?? Jewelry I suppose. It was a shame to say the least. Ah the memories of childhood........... :)

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Last Seen: 9/10/2009 11:23:52 AM  
I've been traveling these roads for almost 40 years now and have lived in the area all my life.Every generation has it's story or myth or more than often refered to as their legend.We can list hellhounds(everyone in the country has dogs)albino boy(black share croppers with an albino kid)hooded men(kkk)so on and so on.I've partied out here back when some of the exsisting RR were still here and you could walk off the beatin path and find alot more than whats talked about.The dark creates an imaginative minds.The story that I was told years ago by a local farmer was that many years ago when people(?) were brought out in wagons to work the fields for farmers that the further from town you were brought the worse the landowner was.Hence the GATES OF HELL.They say that the more gates that are closed behind you the less chance they will here your screams.I know because I live in HELL.Find the hounds and you'll find me and i'll teach you all the secrets of HELL.

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I've lived in Collinsville ALL my life and I'm 50 years old. I lived on Lebanon Rd. twice and I can tell you there are no "haunted" areas on Lebanon Rd.  There are no "murders" on Lebanon Rd. which have been concealed due to any hauntings (or for any other reason).  The area referred to as the "7 Gates" has always been a party area for local kids since it's only patrolled by the County PD and the Officers are few and far between.   My mother lived in Collinsville all her life and knew the town's history "front to back" and she never once mentioned any Haunted roads/bridges on Lebanon Rd.  I can assure you that there is no truth to any of these rumors.   There is also no truth to the "acid bridge" legend.   

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Don't ruin it for people just trying to have fun with the myths tard.

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Last Seen: 10/25/2009 2:23:34 PM  
Ok so last night was my first time going to the Gates of Hell. My friends and I drove out there at like 7:30 when it got dark. We found 7 gates which was tough well finding the 6th and 7th gates were and like the article said, your might have to backtrack, which we did a couple times. I think after the 6th gate there is a road with a line of light posts and each have a word on them and all together it said " Make the stars fall before they crash into you" kind of creepy if you ask me but besides that, the creepy side roads, and also hearing a little girl scream thats about the scariest it got for us but turns out the screaming girl was part of a tour some people were taking some little kids through the Gates of Hell which was kind of wierd if you ask me but a great way to scare them.

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one word for my hometown backroads BRT! love hostess... stop spray back their ur getting cops on the broads

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I have experienced this at what some people call the first gate and some people call the last gate. A lady standing in a white full length laced dress with her head tilted down and and toward the road. When I passed her, she lifted her head and I saw cold black eyes looking through me. The house she was near is next to the road at a white farmhouse past this gate. It is currently redone in tan siding with red shutters. It was a rainy night and the most terrifying night of my life.

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Back when I had more time than sense, I mapped this whole thing. The old-fashioned way with a Wunnenberg's and a sharpie. Unfortunately I lost that map on one of the many moves I've made sense then. I know there's a couple of them not at all on lebanon road, though. There's been so much construction recently that I probably wouldn't recognize the roads anymore.

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There's a google map out there that marks all the gates. It has the 7 gates with the driving line marked on it so one does not drive back over their route, as well as the supposed other 5 gates in the area to make the total magic 13 gates, lol.
"Illinois area haunts" is the name of the map on googlemaps.. The gates listing starts about halfway down the first page of markers. 

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Yes i to have mapped it out On Google Earth and each one has a marker. No not all are on same Rd but they are almost a straight shot down railroad tracks. I my self have only made it to gate 4, but after finding out where the others are I plan to return. I did not see anything at the first 4 gates, but i did feel sick and have a heavy feeling come over me. I think caused by getting excited and wanting to witness something but did not.

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My question is which end do you really start with? The one on Lebanon Rd, or Country Ln / Bauer Rd in O'Fallon

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Country Ln/ Bauer Rd is in Troy, not O'Fallon. 



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My buddies and I used to drive around there back when we were in high school which was late '80's/early'90's....so yes, I know we're old now. Reading these posts from the young people makes me realize how times have changed. They've got it all wrong. You don't go out there with a GPS. You do it the way we had too: with nothing but a starting point and essentially having to "feel your way through the dark." Back when we'd drive around there, there were practically no signs of life. Just trees, roads and darkness. I remember the first few nights of exploring out there the excitement and terror we'd feel as we found a gate for the first time. Especially 3 and 4. Even after we knew they were there, to see them emerge from the darkness in your headlights was scary. Although, regardless of how you find them, with or without GPS, I can't imagine the experience is anything close to what it used to be. There's just been so much development out there now that I can't imagine that the feeling of isolation is still there. Hard to get scared when you're driving past some kids playing basketball on a well-lit driveway and their dad BBQing. Of course we believed every word of every legends back then. I'm sure none of them are true, but chasing the legends is still some of my favorite memories I have to this day.

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I Went Out There With my Ex And Two Friends About 2 Years Ago, We Went Through 25 Gates That Night So I Know There Are More Than 7 Gates.

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Ahhh . The late 70's. The girls.  The parties out there.. Nothing weird.  People dump thir dogs out there all the time.  Still do. Theyre the only real animals. I do know.Around 1985.  Some drunk kid fell off a gate and died.  And the guy who said the headlights dissapeard of acid bridge{which was rebuilt in the early 90's} there is a small driveway to the north. Right by the bridge.   Ahh the girls. Lots of places to park.  We call munchcin road . goonie road. It did about a 230 degree turn.  Ahhhh.  the girls. 

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I live very near this area, and i'm not so sure about the whole "hell hounds" thing. I'm very positive they are either wild or local dogs. There are tons of large wild dogs in that area due to the woodsy-like surroundings. I will admit though, it is very creepy and probably haunted. My sister claims to have seen the "hell hounds". She describe them as very large, and looking like very muscular Doberman, with patchy, grimy fur and large blood-soaked teeth, and also large, unrealistically glowing yellow eyes. I told her they were just wild dogs but then she said that they had chains wrapped around their chests and legs, which creeped me out a little. I doubt they really are hell hounds, but i wouldn't dare to find out myself.

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Went with some friends tonight. Very creepy and got chased all the way out by a car that vanished once we hit civilization

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I've been going there since the 70's, my sister lives a 1/2 mile from this site, on this road and I drive through when ever I visit. It's not haunted. We used to have bonfires and go there to drink and smoke pot when I was in high school.

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well i and a few friends have been driving the gates nightly for many years as practice for autocross and there a total of thirteen gates found including the one walkthrough i know every inch of every road on this route if you really want to experience the gates ...... holeshotcustoms@yahoo.com my and my team are happy to oblige




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