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Hot Springs Hotel
Byron, Ca 94514

County: Contra Costa
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This hotel is located on the right hand side of the road about a quarter of a mile back down a long drive way. There is an old orange hotel from the late 1800`s that remains are still intact. Legend says that this place is haunted by many who lost their lives in there. So far all that has been seen is an old man wearing white rags, and a young boy who runs up and down the halls. dragging noises have been heard on the first floor towards the main entrance. Dark shadows were seen from a distance and then disappeared after seen. Very active spots. You could tell this wasn`t a happy house.


Byron Hot Springs is sometimes called the "Carlsbad of the West," after the famed European health spas. The resort hosted the famous, the wealthy, the infirm, and the curious alike during the early 20th century. The 160-acre property, in eastern Contra Costa County near the San Joaquin River, featured three grand hotels designed by renowned San Francisco architect James Reid. Amidst this stylish backdrop were prominent guests in 19th-century finery, early Hollywood royalty, Prohibition entertainments, mineral water "cures" for various ailments, and secret interrogations of World War II POWs (when it was known as "Camp Tracy"). Aside from the hot springs themselves, the resort boasts one of the oldest golf courses in the western United States.


Known for its healing hot springs, mud baths and luxurious hotel accommodations from the late 1800s to the 1930s, the Byron Hot Springs had a secret identity in the early 1940s.

A secret everyone knew about.

Known as Camp Tracy, the hotel was bought by the United States government in 1942 and transformed from a palace of pleasure into an interrogation center for Japanese and German prisoners of war (POWs).

The four-story brick hotel was wired extensively with microphones installed in faux ceilings. The real shocker, though: it was friendly interrogation. What makes for a loose tongue better than a massage, table tennis, beer and cigarettes? It was the perfect weapon for extracting information.


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Last Seen: 3/16/2008 1:52:12 AM  
I`ve been there a couple of times, really creepy place. I think most of it is now burnt down, very sad that such a huge beautiful place was destroyed

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my fiancee Mark Taylor and his family "The Taylor Family" co-owns this property. I haven't been their yet, but rick taylor, chris taylor & their dad went shooting over their over the weekend.

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Would it be safe for a group of 15 to go s

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evil dead

Last Seen: 4/14/2008 8:02:12 PM  
I`ve been there a couple times. It has beautiful architecture, to bad most of it is broken. I heard it was haunted so i did a little research. Then me and a buddy of mine went and took pics all negative. But the next time we went using the same type of camera(a crappy disposable) we got what we believe to be ghosts. And whats amazing is four of the pics were positive. We tryed to disprove them as any good paranormal investigator would. We ran through everything we could think of but couldn`t disprove them. So we now assume we captured ghosts on film. In the near future I will post them on this page. Well till next time good hunting.

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evil dead

Last Seen: 4/14/2008 8:02:12 PM  
Oh and if anyone needs directions feel free to ask.

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Hi, I just moved to Tracy and love old haunted shit. Would love the directions to the hotel. Is it true about the caretaker and the dogs, as I am taking my 11 year old and do not want to put her in harms way. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks, Lindy

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So how do you get to the hotel coming from Livermore, 580east..??

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So coming from livermore: 580 east, get on 205 then exit at mountain house. Left at the exit. Straight till u reach byron road make a left on to it. Then straight for a couple miles, till you reach hot springs road, then make a left. The hotel should be on the right.

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can you give me more detailed directions on finding the hotel please.


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Ive been to the hotel many times. I live in Oakley which is just a couple minutes away and i use to drive out there with friends or girls i was looking to scare. We always went after midnight as to avoid the caretaker who lives in the farmhouse out back. Always enter though the rear at the kitchen door to avoid the dogs who are chained in front of the hotel. Watch your step when inside, the staircase is solid but most of the flooring surrounding it is rotted plywood. Heard some pretty creepy shit while in there, like hissing, screaming, and screeching especially when trying to reach the top floor. I always brought a gun but never had to use it. You'd be fine without one, im just a redneck and we dont leave home without one. I havent been there in a couple years, im over eighteen now and i work for local government so i don't want to get popped for trespassing. I don't know anyone who ever has out there so if your feeling brave and up for a short hike, have at it. Park outside the gate and walk in. Don't get caught.

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Last Seen: 4/26/2008 8:04:58 PM  

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my car was vandalized by the inn keeper. my friends and i were stranded out there. my car was destroyed

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no car gets destroyed unless its the rednecks down the road the man that did live out there is gone and was a older man who oculd just call the cops. Ive been there many times and had many different things happen. Everything from teens pulling pranks, police, and hearing and seeing a man in the window. If you go, go during the week when everyone either has work or school. Make sure its late and dont let the cows scare you on the way up. Make sure some some drops you off or the cops will see the car in front of the gate. stay to one side of the dirt road so if you do see lights you can dip in to the tall grass or behind the trees. there is a little basement and 3 floors a elavator shaft that is still open so be carefull take pics and watch your back

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Can someone give me directions? from a main road? Thanks

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went there yesterday and it was completely empty. Park at the diner on Byron Hwy and ride your bicycle to the hotel. Check out the pictures I took: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gardnerpd/sets/72157611808903466/

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i went there jus yesterday for a photoshoot, i saw alot of taggings, beer cans, someone even built a fire inside. i didnt know the history behind it until now, i got creeped out.

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i went there 2 days ago and didnt see any ghost but the place is extremely sketch. i went with a few freinds and we didnt even make it to the hotel. we showed up and there were about 10 people there already, and we had heard some stroys about some nortays ( nor cal gang) using it as a meet spot, so we started to walk away when they spotted us and we had to book it back to our car while these kids chased us down the road. it was about 3 in the morning when we were there and once we got to the road someone had called the cops but we were in a f250 so we just drove across the fields surrounding the hotel to a freinds house and stayed there till the cops left/

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went back again today cause it turns out one of the people i was with dropped their phone but when we got there we were met by the care taker and after a verbal confrontation this jackass started to shoot at us with a shotgun so we had to dip again luckily noone got shot so if u do go be carefull

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27751     2/23/2009 9:20:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

There are security cameras recording everything, the Sheriff patrols on a regular basis. Anyone caught has been prosecuted for trespassing. There are no ghosts out there!

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I heard that hotel was going to be restored and turned into a museum. I hope so because there is so much history in that place and it is a beautiful building. Of course they also said that they would restore the John Marsh Home which by the way nobody says is haunted because nobody can get in there...thank you pitbulls

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can someone give me directions or an address please

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44337 ReplyTo# 30344     11/12/2009 12:21:00 AM     Edit          

So I'm not sure if you found it yet but.. Just go down on Byron Rd, ALL the way down, you'll see this place called "Byron cafe" and across the road will be some train tracks, just cross it and keep going down u till you see a gate with a big "no tresspassing" sign on it follwed by a long road behind it. You follow the road (about 1/4 a mile) until you see the hotel. I'm not so sure about the keeper still being there but I've heard of him shooting at tresspassers before, so be careful. I recommend you park near the Byron cafe to reduce the chance of being caught by the county sheriff or wonderers breaking in/vandilizing your car. Good luck

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I went there this past weekend, and trust me, its some messed up stuff to say the least. I didn't make it past the front gate, but there's something there. On the drive to the hotel with me and 3 other friends we got onto the road about 5 mile away from the hotel and a random patch of fog hit us for about 2 minutes then went away. And as we started to get closer and closer to the place I was freezing as if I was in a huge walk in freezer, mind you I had the heater on full blast too. Took some pictures too and there is defiantly some messed up stuff there. I plan on going back soon and taking a video.

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I went there a couple of days ago but we went in the daylight to check it out.It was drizzling rain but as we got closer it was pouring rain.There are no dogs out front and we didn't see any caretaker.I thought it was just me,but the whole time i heard murmers and whispers.I had a weird feeling so i turned around and saw someone dressed in all white crouch down and hide from me.I didn't read until later that it was an old man i saw.As we began to think someone other than us were in the place we began to leave through the kitchen entrance.Once we were to the front of the whole place we looked back and a dark shadow on the top floor 4th window from the left was staring.We stared to see if it would move,then we came to a explanation that it was grafitii on the wall.Once we got to the mud path again we looked back and it was gone.When we were close to the front gate a light shined through behind us.We ran to the car and got out of there fast.Oh and the cows look possessed and arent gated out so watch out.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31009     4/19/2009 3:30:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i went there tonight and it was pretty freaky. Even though we didn't make it to the hotel we actually didn't even get 10 steps away from the gate. All because my friend was too scared. But were probably going to go back sometime this week without my scary friend. Hopefully its worth it! But oh yeah when we were there we seen these two girls and they were really freaked out i mean scared shitless!!! so I'm hoping to go back soon make it to the hotel.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31732     5/3/2009 1:21:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

well i went there last night and the hotel wasnt so creepy. there were three mexican guys walking out when we got there. they told us they would go in with us because we didnt have a flashlight. comes to find out that two of them stayed behind so they could break into our cars. Then the guy that took us into the hotel he tried to start problems and fight my friends. so he left and we left like 2 minutes after him. when we got back to the street we seen a mob of mexicans with lead pipes in their hand and they ran after us. I am a girl so me and my two other girlfriends ran into the car. 3 different mexicans ran after the guys with us and then shot at us. This was all set up. so be careful when you go out there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31769     5/4/2009 2:48:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I just got back from there w/ a couple of friends... What you read on here scarred me more then what it really was.. There wasn't any guys outside... or hiding on the way there or back.. I took plenty or pics... there is some activity that you can see in the pics but we didn't hear or see anything while we were there.. We made it up to the second floor and stopped.. We will be going back soon to check it out all the way to the top!!

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I have shot Byron at night several times over the last 3 years. My how this place is going to $hit fast! It can be a freaky place at times. NEVER PARK IN FRONT!!! That is almost a sure bust, I always park on Byron Hwy, at the Byron Cafe. Never had any gang issues, just locals driving in and starting fires and cops. I have never been arrested here either. The skydivers from the airport next to it also do their final jump of the day and land at the hotel.

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Last Seen: 6/12/2009 11:06:39 PM  
How do you get there!??!??

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(same thing I posted above) So I'm not sure if you found it yet but.. Just go down on Byron Rd, ALL the way down, you'll see this place called "Byron cafe" and across the road will be some train tracks, just cross it and keep going down u till you see a gate with a big "no tresspassing" sign on it follwed by a long road behind it. You follow the road (about 1/4 a mile) until you see the hotel. I'm not so sure about the keeper still being there but I've heard of him shooting at tresspassers before, so be careful. I recommend you park near the Byron cafe to reduce the chance of being caught by the county sheriff or wonderers breaking in/vandilizing your car. Good luck

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its really a creepy place, the only thing there you need to look out for is cow crap on the ground and the sheriffs, but never park out front, that just makes your car a target. its good to park at the byron cafe or way up the street past the enterance. its a good idea to go late during the week days. never go alone, and dont make yourself obvious. but its definetly a fun place and i dont believe in ghosts much but i have seen a flash of a white figure on the fourth floor just as i was leaving. creepy as hell. as far as mexican gang bangers being out there is a load of bull, byron is nothing but rednecks with shotguns. but ive been planning to stay the night sometime at the hotel. its probably a bad idea but i have a 100 dollar bet haha

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I was bored the other day at my Father's house, so i looked up some haunted areas in the Bay Area near Tracy, CA. I found The Byron Hot Springs Hotel and Resort. It opened in the early 1900's, and was remodeled three times, before it was bought by the government as a torture and holding camp during WWII. So, i told my mom, Amy, we should go. The next day, today, we did. We went as a group of eight, my mom, sister, me, and our roommates and their kids. We felt normal going there, but once we found the building, about a quarter mile down the dirt path, we got a sense, or at least i did, that felt like it was drawing me in. We went up the steps and looked around. i got many great photos of orbs and specters. but when we went up the grand staircase, that is when we got scared to death. We were about to go into the residential area, when we heard a loud, very loud, POP.  We all screamed and turned. John, the eldest man, had a loaded pistol, because we had heard of gangs and goons giving curious souls trouble. He got freaked out. accusations went flying. POP! POP! POP! four more before we ran back down the stairs. five of us, myself included, saw something fly from behind the furthest person's head. But i knew it wasn't us. When you throw a rock from a balcony, what does it do? bang on the ground, then it tumbles and bounces a little bit. But these, they just sounded once. When we reached the ground, we heard other unintelligible noises. we got pushed around and one of us fell, and said she got pushed from behind, when she was nearer to the back. we got out of there after yet ANOTHER POPing noise. We stayed in the front lawn, because we saw white and black shadows moving. John stayed as we slowly walked away. He had been trained in the marines and wouldn't shoot a gun just to scare us. But she flashed his flashlight towards a tree, shouted "Holly Shit!" Bang! He shot his pistol, and ran as fast as he could. we all ran. We walked back, seeing shadows following us and jingling noises, cracking branches, strange smells, and so on. we all had a suppressing feeling that we needed to get OUT! we got out faster than we had gotten in. But here is the weird thing. on the whole walk in and throughout, we didn't smell anything. but it is a sulfur and salt mud and hot springs. nothing. But when we were running out, we smell the pungent smell the whole way home.

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alright everyone ive heard about enough of all these crazy stories. I grew up in brentwood from the age of 3 till 22 and have heard every ghost story there is regarding the hotel. i am a believer in the paranormal but also a sceptic. I have been to the hotel probably 20 times in my life and never had any strange " goings on " any of the times ive been there. there used to be a so called caretaker who lived in the house catty corner to the front of the hotel whos job it was to call the cops on you if politely asking you to leave didnt work. i have experienced paranormal activity my whole life and have even entertained the idea that it is i that is haunted and not the places that i may be and yet no experience to date at this hotel, we even used to go there late at night and play hide and go seek for crying out loud! there we were hiding all alone in the darkest corners of the building and still no scary stories. now i am not doubting the possibility of some unrested spirits, specialy when you consider that the Los Vasqueros Indians once inhabited the whole area( Vasco Road!) and as for the hissing noises and so on, the hotel is now home to many creatures to include the SCREECH OWL, the OPPOSUM, CATS!and many other creeping things that make very odd and starteling sounds.so far the only toataly true story is that if you park out front your ghost hunting trip will most likely end rather quickly, and that the place is very creepy, day or night! to get there take hwy 4 from brentwood towards stockton and make a right on byron hwy continue for about a couple of miles until you cross the railroad track then park in the cafe parking lot on the left. the entrance is up a hundred yards or so on the opposite side of the street. you will see the long gravel road with palms lining the edge of it . stick to the right side of the road so you can quickly hide in the brush if you need to. dont consider going of the road because ther is a canal that runs through the property that is to wide to jump so you need to use the bridge that is on the road. good luck.

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I would just like to add a few more comments to the ones i wrote above. First is that inorder to conduct any legitimate experiment regardless of the type you must first have a control to contrast your results with.Without permission from the owners of the property it is almost impossible to conduct a conclusive paranormal investigation of the hotel because you can not secure it from outside influences, with all the open doors, windows, holes and cracks throughout the building there would be no way to insure that what ever sounds heard or movements observed were not the result of wildlife within the building, save for the perfect capture of an entity or ghost on film or video. Owls screech, oppossums hiss, and cats make very interesting noises specialy when in heat, and if im not mistaken there may still be a few farrel peacocks on the property which sound much like an infant screaming, and that mysterious figure in the window may very well have been an actual man who may have been in the building at the same time and possibly responsible for some of the noises that were heard.So next time you go ghost hunting try and set up some kind of controlled environment maybee just one or two rooms that you secure somehow and then conduct your ghost hunt there. Good luck and happy ghost hunting.

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We went to the haunted hotel and it was quite an experience. the cows kind of scared us as well as the coyotes. it was a long walk up to the hotel but it was also peaceful and good exercise! i recommend you go check it out if you haven't yet. That would be a great holloween party spot.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40365     9/28/2009 10:07:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I go there all the time. Theres no weird noises, dogs, or care takers. It's just a cool creepy place to go to take pictures or walk around. The scariest thing there is cows, or other big groups of teenagers.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 41924     10/18/2009 7:24:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I used to go there a lot while in high school (83-87). I think the scariest part was being afraid I would fall through a floor. There was an open elevator shaft and the story at the time was a young boy had fallen into it and died (interesting after reading up on the "hauntings" a young boy running the halls is mentioned. Never heard other stories at the time or experienced anything beyond psyching myself out so it's interesting to see what is now being said. I'm not a sceptic at all but I am a sceptic that this building is actually haunted.

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i went there with my friends and these guys pulled out a gun on us. we ran up to the top floors and hid while the guys we were with went down to see if they were gone. then the guys with the gun jumped them. another guy who was with us, whlie running up to hid, fell down that elevator shaft and busted up his arm and now has to have surgery. never going back again.

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i went to the hotel wit 4 friends. it was durin the day and kinda raining. wen we enterd the hotel nothing realy scary was goin down cept wat we had in our head. once we got to the 2nd floor one of the girls kept telli n us to be quiet cuz she heard sometin but we never did. then once on the 3rd floor we all heard it. the voice of a little girl tlkin on the floor below us. then we heard footsteps running up the stairs. we immediatly ran out the house but me and one of the girls went down into some room wit no exit. so we had to run bak up then out the hole in the bak. wen we got to the front one of the girls said tht she saw someone in white hide behind a window wen she turned around to look for us. we looked bak at the house and thought we saw some one starin at us on the 4th floor first window. but it wasnt movin. we walkd a little and turned around but it was gone. we figured it might hav been a shadow or something

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Ive been there 4 times with friends since sophomore year and im currently in college, its truely a scary place i beleive in paranormal activity but im just as skeptical about it. first time i went i was terrified, the second time i went i was leading the way since i went there before with a whole bunch of friends. the THIRD time i went with a fat group and my group went and another group of ours came after cause they were late.

they called us when we were in the hotel and we idnt have service, we looked out and saw them and were yelling for them, and they said they could here us, and they thought we were trying to scare them. THEY COULDNT HEAR US!

buuuut it was creepy and weird theres bats in the trees on the walk there, we havent seen any care taker or dogs, and dont park in front or your asking to get hit up by the police, and dont park across the street in front of a gate, last time me and my gf were there she was to scared to go in so we stayed in the car ;), and a car came flyin bye, stopped behind us, and tried breaking in, but noticed we were in there and ran away, so its pretty sketch because a lot of people wait for kids to leave there cars there and beak into them. 

when i go i park behind a vineyard before the entranced on the right side of the road, and you walk up theres a somesort of levee you walk along and you get right to the path of the entrance, id advise going there no one sees you, good luck! 


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i juz went their yesterday and it waz creepy bt fun at the same time me n my cuzins saw a cow that had red eyez it freak us out my cuzin wife started walkin fast she left us behind we might go again we dnt knw wat day though my brother friend erecorded the whole time we were their we wanted to c ghost but we ddnt we heard bou a gurl in a red dress that scares pple tht goez but we ddnt c her hopefully we hope 2 c her next time we go


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hey i kno sum1 who went and they took pics and the walls were all bloody  and there was blood in the bathtub!gross and awsumm at the same time!and there was two of them who went and only one of them went in cuz it was so horrifying!and hes 15!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 46213 ReplyTo# 45016     1/2/2010 12:56:00 PM     Edit          

there's no blood! its just red paint...
and they took the bathtub out of the hotel

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I really want to check this place out.  Does anyone knoe if the springs and mud can be used?  Were are they at?

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went last night gate was unlocked then a few seconds later a  cop pulled up made us leave there where 8 of us then hit the road to the left of the gate turns in to a gravel road a car was behind us the all of a sudden it was gone followed the road to the end said fire trail no tresspassing then ther was the car again fallowing us then turned out there lights was a little creepy will go back another day

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I went there last night. There was 6 of us. We didn't see any cops what so ever. Walked down the road that takes you to the hotel and got up to the hotel there was a big rig parked that scared us but, we weren't sure if it had been used recently. My 2 friends walked back, my boyfriend and I waited while our other 2 friends walked up to the hotel where they said were A LOT of noises and a camper parked to the right set up like someone was staying in it with their car parked next door to it. It makes it even weirder that someone else tried to get in their last night and had a few problems (^) above post. We want to go back again sometime when we have more people and flash lights and people whom will actually go in.

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when u all where done there did u walk on the rail road tracks? with 2 kids? if so we seen u we where in the black suv waiting by the tracks

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we didnt have any like children with us but, 2 of us left first and they were between 18 and 25 and then the other 4 of us left 20 min later and we were all 19...

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i went there like 2 weeks ago

the whole ride took like an hour (even though me and my friends live like 20min. from the place) cuz my friend kept flippin b*tches left and right cuz her damn gps wasnt working.then we got there and walked around the house a lil bit then like there was a car stalking the house. so after like 5min. of playing damn hide and go seek with the car me and my friends made a run for it ! f*ck we were like running in a damn field then we got to the dirt road again the car is like waiting for us ther!?!?!? so this old guy gets out with a shotgun (yatta yatta yatta ) tells us not to truss pass or he will shoot or arest us....
wat ever then we went to get taco bell ;)

but all in all its a cool place just watch for people
p.s the bath tub with red pain (supposed to be blood) is no longer there

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Wow these are amazing stories my mom wants to go there now im kinda scare to go but we're going in the day though cuz yea my mom, my sister and me are scaredy cats. so yea.. im so bring my camera

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Its kinda wierd hearing some of these stories but ive been there twice. the first time we were able too drive right up to the back of the building. we saw a figure of a person in the 4th floor window all the way to the left side of the building. It freaked us out a little bit so se didnt get out for awhile.(btw midnight with headlights pointed at it) we had a couple of girls with us so i shut the headlights off and me and a friend jumped outa the car for a minute to scare them when we got back in and hit the headlights the figure was gone. we freaked out and hauled a#% outa there. The second time I was with a huge group of like 20 people we ended gettin drunk out there. again we had some girls with us so a couple of us snuck up to the 4th floor and found an old sink, we carried it over to the elevator shaft and threw it down scaring the crap of everyone, freaking hilarious to see them scram and run. but no other incidents to mention. just a lot of grafitti and beer bottles. This was probaly in Summer of 2003-2003

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Went out to check it out tonight at about 10pm. We pulled up to the gate and stopped the car. We got out of the car and walked up to the gate to see what the signs said. We then saw a light approaching and heard someone ask us "what the f@$& we were doing" we started to explain that we had heard about the hotel and wanted to check it out. As he got closer and continued to tell us to go away, I noticed that he was wearing military fatigues (looked fake) and was pointing an M16 at us. Being with my wife and kids I thought it would be best to just get outta there. On my way home I thought about it and decided to call the cops as we hadn't even set foot on the property and this yahoo is pointing his weapon at us. I felt that this wasn't proper protocol for a "real" Marine to follow, and what exactly was he protecting? I understand that this place prob needs to be protected, but having an armed guard aim his weapon at a middle aged guy and his wife and kids? A bit excessive in my mind. I'll call the police again tomorrow and find out what was going on.

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I went there a couple months ago to take pics. For one you don't park at the gate that only tells people that you are there duh! We get there kind of late cause we want to do some star trails and set up and take some pics. As we are taking a 30min exposure we see lights coming down the road so we gather up our stuff and run inside the hotel and a big rig comes down the road and parks in the back of the hotel. On the back of it the guy has a bull dozer so he unloads it and dicks around for like 1/2 hour while we are watching him from a second story window inside. Eventually he drives away in the dozer leaving his big rig by the hotel. My friend and I decide to take one more long shot so we do. Right after we finish the 1/2hour shot and pack up we see more headlights coming down the road. This time we run and hide behind a tree thats near the road. Now its a full moon so its bright as hell out there with it. The truck goes slowly by us and stops to the side of us by the entrench to the place and turns off the truck, all they had to do was look to the right and they could have seen 2 strange shapes huddled by the tree. They turn the truck back on and swing around back down the road and stop right in front of us! One guy gets out with a flashlight and kind of shines it around and then 3 more guys get out. I thought for sure they had seen us but they walked up into the hotel, I looked back over my shoulder and saw the lights in there so we booked it down the road dodging cows on the way. When we got back to the car the truck pulled out onto the road but went the other way. I dont know if they were looking for us (I doubt it) but was fun playing ninja thats for sure! As far as ghosts thats a bunch of bull we were in there for at least a 1/2hour making no noise in the dark and nothing happened. Now the farmer with the shotgun I believe that for sure, there was shotgun shells alllllll over the place from the moment you go though the gate to the hotel and inside. Its a reallly trashed place but still to check out.

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ok people, after living in tracy for 13 years the byron is the only cool thing in tracy. but because people tell everyone about it, it is now a hot spot for cops. theres a trailer living behind the Inn. because people are stupid nd decide to OD in there and vandilze it, the cops are watching it. me and a group of friends went last week nd saw the trailer. when we saw the light of the trailer the door opened and a tall guy came out with something in his hand, we left before they said n e thing. i heard there going to rebuild it. but seriously if ur going to go there, dont be stupid. i

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everythings all gated off now nd theres sings all over to keep people out. the guy in the trailor is actualy pretty cool if ur not tryna go nd vandalize or shoot at the cows. he has a shot gun with rock salt or wat ever. but its all gated for construction now. who knows what exactly their doing to it now

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went there a couple nights ago with some of my friends. we parked outside the gate on the road and as soon as we got out of the car a swarm of bugs attacked us. we were debatin not goin up the dirt road cuz there were so many bugs and then we were like fick it lets go. we walk the dirt road and all the cows get up and start mooin at us. we finally get to the hotel about 20 mins later and went inside and kinda searched around the first floor but didnt go up any higher cuz we didnt have flashlights, just had a light from a phone. didnt see anythin creepy. anyways we leave and on the way back we hear somethin in the bush so we kinda search the bush but dont find anything. when we were walkin back we would reach parts and it felt like the temperature would drop 10 degrees but it would warm bac up like 10 seconds later. the weird part bout heading back was all of the bugs that attacked us were gone..

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I've been there. It's a real creepy place. After you walk up the dirt road it looks like you just walked up on an old horror film set or something. The old brick and surroundings add to the experience. But aside from that, once you enter the building you feel the energy in the air. You hear things. We were on the top floor, and we tossed a rock down the elevator shaft or the shoot or what ever it is on the top floor. Then we heard all kinds of banging and dragging and screaming and all kinds of strange noises. And then right after that, I heard a cough and felt the breath on my neck and so did others so we fled the building. byron hotel. Two thumbs up in my book.

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Last Seen: 1/14/2012 6:07:17 PM  

Hi, I was wondering if me and my sister could get a tour of the property if it would not be a problem? We have heard so much about it and we would like to see it for ourselves. If it is not a good time or you would not want us there, we understand. But please think about iit and we'd like to hear from you soon. I can be reached by email: Angel_firefang@yahoo.com

My name is Angel. Please and Thank you


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its not true

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went there 2 days ago creepy place didnt see caretaker or dog and my car did not get vandilized but we hear cows and coyotes also screeams and when we were walking up the dirt road we all had this weird tempeture increase we were all sweaty mayby cause the trees but it was reaaly hot and it was 12:00

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Went there last night with Hella people but only 5 of us went in. It wasn't too scary considering I was walking around nearly blind looking through a night vision camera. I don't believe it's haunted but it is a really cool place. Sadly they have actually began knocking out walls for reconstruction or whatever. You shouldn't be too scared but I would watch out for other people. That's what scared me the most lol I almost forgot. Did someone lose a shoe running from there? If so, it's still there

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where's the place to park if you don't want to get caught?

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Ive lived in Byron all my life- 20 odd years and have ridden my horse up some back roads to the hotel. It's not haunted and their are people living there now in a trailer in the back. years ago the Victorian caretakers home was burned down just like the hotel has burned down many many times. now its just some country folk living in rvs on the back side. do no try to attempt to see the hotel now. they will call the cops. the property is up for sale... has been for numerous years... no one wants to buy it, but 10 nor so years ago it was easier to  get on to the property and explore. the old "spas" are still visible in the ground and the hotel itself is pretty cool to explore. but not haunted. its just a myth. Ive hung out many times exploring by myself and have only gotten freaked out by the kitchen. where the last fire started. the shell of the kitchen is spooky and not solid to walk on but still cool to look at. the POW buildings last I knew (5years ago) were still standing and we're interesting but not haunted.... so all this crap about ghosts and stuff is fabricated. I'm as local as local can be and have never once  seen or heard anything strange. now you can't get there cuz of gates and people living there, so it's not worth your time to sneak out there.

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I just went out their today. ( been going for over 15 years) The Caretaker was in rv trailer. I was really quiet. He never came out. That's a good thing, I had no idea is was shooting people with rock salt! I think the caretaker is a little nuts to be living out there. He won't be out there long. I'm sure some one will burn his trailer down just like the last one. If you go out their make sure you park at the cafe. And have your running shoes on.

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Its funny to hear u guys talk about the "country folk" living there, I know the family that owns the property now. John, the trigger happy "navy seal" (he claims) no longer lives there though because he shot my friends dad who lives in the trailer 2 feet from his own in the groin without even thinking because he thought he was a "trespasser". He should have been arrested. Anyways, you should be more afraid of the people that lives there now because they have an array of guns that they aren't afraid to use on trespassers. Its kind of rediculous, but I guess they have nothing better to do then play navy seals on trespassers in the night there...

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how do you get to the place from pittsburg

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 71384     6/11/2011 9:15:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I live in pittsburg, its easy. You drive out like you're heading towards tracy, and take the hot springs exit. drive all the way down hot springs road, and u'll see a dirt turn off with a fence. that's the entrrance. beware to park your car at the fence though due to cars being targetted for vandalism. or police citatioins.

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Here's the deal; If you go, uninvited,you are trespassing. If someone, even the land owner, shoots at you call 911. The Co.Co. County Sheriff's Department is going to want to know. Assault with a deadly weapon is a felony. And we take it seriously. Even if you are trespassing you can't legally be shot. In the past, the land owner has been told if wants to keep trespassers out he needs to build a fence and post it more clearly. I'm sure the Sheriff's department has better things to do then run over there everytime someone is seen in the area. 

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I just got back from spending a few hours at this hotel. We parked in a small lot in front of the gate and had no problems, although it is easy to see how cars can get vandalized. The walk to the hotel is pretty creepy. We got there around sun set, so the mood was being set. We had heard about the rednecks living there so we did some scouting and were extremely cautious. About 5mins in you will reach a fork in the road. We did not know which way to go so we decided to go up the hill in between the roads and scout the area as we had heard gun shots when we were walking down the road. We were surprised by a huge truck coming up the road so we hid in the brush for about 40 mins. Turns out the road on the left leads to the front of the hotel and the road to the right leads to the Rv's in which these people live. They have water tanks, solar panels and any other necessity to live. Be very careful if you go at night, avoid flashing your lights at their trailers as you do not want to wake them up. We went as a group of seven males. We went very well prepared as we had lights, machetes, pocket knifes, wakie talkies, cameras, and a loaded gun. We did not see much but we did get a very strong vibe. We explored the entire house then went to the 4th floor. We stayed up there for a few hours and made a fire. Everything seemed to go well until the fire literally blew up. Try imagining a piece of wood cracking but on steroids. Flames shot to the ceiling and it made a hole in the concrete. Pieces of burning wood were only shot towards us and not in any other direction. We were scared beyond belief. We figured that perhaps the spirits were mad because we started a fire. Around three A.M. we decided to put out the fire and head towards the basement before we left. The vibes you pick up are extremely erie, almost as if someone is watching you. Keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to temperature changes as many spots in the hotel suddenly become cold, particularly the basement. If you get scared do not be stupid and run out, there are many things on the ground on which you can trip and get hurt. Stay calm and promptly leave as a group. The walk back was very creepy as we had been told the people who live there like to hide in the trees and shoot trespassers. I wasn't as worried about that as much as a weird feeling that someone or something was watching us or following us. I felt super paranoid and was shaking badly by the time we got to the gate. I definetely recommend it! Be careful though. Have Fun.

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Last Seen: 1/2/2012 7:14:45 PM  
no one lives in the rv's u were probably scared by my dads truck stay off the property there is cattle including bulls

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            I went there at least 4 times..3 times during the night and 1 time during the day.  We couldn't make it into the hotel during the night because when we walked up there we saw a car with 2012 tags...kinda freaked us out because there's no way you can get in with a car.  On top of that it was really foggy and cold.  We went there the following day in the morning and walking up to the hotel there were 2 girls taking pictures of a girl posing in dance positions...fucking weird. We got about a hundred yards in front of them then they started following us toward the hotel we then saw a white car approaching us from the hotel so we ran and hid behind a tree. As he kept driving he saw the three girls and stopped them telling them he was from the bank, they then asked if they could just look around for a little bit and he said it shouldn't be a problem.  We finally got to the hotel and was there for about two hoursadventuring the hotel and all the cars/trucks/trailers/HEARSE that were all destroyed by people visiting.  There was a white GM truck with a orange bucket filled with clay pebbles which is commonly used for growing Marijuana. Then saw people on top of a hill blowing up shit..They asked us what we were doing and they told us that the property just got foreclosed. Then they came down the hill one carrying a shotgun over his shoulder and then started blowing up everything in the hotel with fireworks...(I'm guessing M1000)....After they left we were exploring a trailer which was located in the back of the hotel and as we walk out of the trailer we see 2 guys and a girl in there 20's asking us if this was our property and after answering no they were claiming that they own this property and told us we were tresspassing and the cops were on their way. They told us that we had 15 minutes to leave or be arrested... So in that case we didn't believe that they owned the property but we didn't want to take the risk so we ran back to the car, as we were running we noticed one of the guys ran to the white truck and grabbed the orange bucket and ran to his camero and put it in the trunk hiding it from us.....  As we got to the gate they had opened the gate letting in a huge dump truck and their camero.  We then put the pieces together and figured that this was there property but got foreclosed and the dump truck was used to gather there belongings.  We then dipped out hella fast, scared that the cops were actually coming.  We reccomend it but be really cautious and safe. DO NOT EVER PARK IN THE FRONT!


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i went there today with three of my friends and it was creepy as hell and me and my friend heard foot steps on the top floor. thats a place you should visit it was alot of fun! it was an experience 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 75731     1/2/2012 7:12:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

the land is now bank owned and leased cows are now kept on the property... was there earlier today and pretty sure i saw no ghosts i found the place pretty awesome not creepy at all. by the way it was leased to the us army never bought by them 


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Last Seen: 1/2/2012 7:14:45 PM  
ok guys i know its an awesome property but i ask u to please stay off of it you are trespassing the land is leased and alot of the cattle on the land is pregnant at the moment and if scared they can run and be seriously hurt... the property is now bank owned but leased to my fathers and his friend... i get it its an awesome place but no not haunted and plz do not harm our cattle 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 76565 ReplyTo# 75732     2/19/2012 11:37:00 PM     Edit          

We're goin tonight anyone wanna meet up? Don't shoot me I'm bringin friends and PB&J's thats it

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 77143 ReplyTo# 75732     3/25/2012 6:22:00 AM     Edit          

i love animals and can understand your worry about someone hurting them.. i would be to people are mean.. i love cows they are the reason im vegetarian.. is there anyway i can take pictures of your beautiful hotel?? capri 775-762-0955, thankxx

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 77620 ReplyTo# 75732     4/23/2012 10:29:00 PM     Edit          

Does anyone know who we can get permission to visit the property during the day?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 76566     2/19/2012 11:46:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 2/19/2012 11:43:12 PM  
@acoriana yo check your inbox

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this place is not worth the time... ive come out multiple times since being a young kid and all it there is, is a bunch of destroyed buildings and vandalism. If you do choose to go, definitely do not park outside of the gate, or at the byron cafe outside of hot springs road. The sherrifs investigate any vehicle and any persons at those locations and will bust you for trespassing unfortunately.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 77378     4/6/2012 5:10:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I am planning on going out there this weekend for a photo shoot.   Just me and a friend.  I have tried contacting someone at the website to no avail for permission to do the photo shoot.   I have no intention of startling the cows or doing anything destructive.  I find it very sad, very sad indeed that this once opulent property is left to die a cold and lonely death, forgotten.  

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Me and a couple of friends went last night and we didnt see much...but we did feel some strange things. I was pushed and when I turned around to ask who pushed me my friends hands were full of stuff...so we left and when we got outside there was hand prints on all of our backs...Also when I woke up this morning I had scratch marks on my back...some creep stuff we plan to go back again tonight

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78360     6/15/2012 2:08:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I went there a couple days ago with 4 friends sometime passed midnight & it was creepy at first cuz of course it was dark. One of my friend is a psychic healer & she could sense a lot of unhappy trapped souls in the hotel. The souls told her that they were annoyed by all the trespassers going there. She wanted to help them but we were unable to go all the way in bcuz we wanted to respect their wishes about trespassing their home. So to the owners of the property, ya'll need to cleanse the hotel before restoring or remodeling the building so that the spirits of the hotel can pass on into the light.

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Last Seen: 8/28/2012 2:48:16 PM  
I have been to the byron hot springs hotel several times just to see the hauntings there and just recently a 3 other friends of mine was there 8/24/2012 and surprisingly we saw someone doin a bonfire there so we went to go check it out. next thing we realize someone or shut the door of a car/truck and started to come toward us shooting there guns w/o questioning us. I was terrified and they also was shooting inside the byron hotel itself and we left there just in time. so my friends and i was running to get back to my car and on the way these people was chasing us in a truck shooting at us. then a few of them w/o guns saw my friend and told him to get out and asked him how many ppl was with him but so u know they were NOT cops.  so for your guys safety if u suspect anyone there i would suggest you to LEAVE!

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Last Seen: 8/28/2012 3:04:08 PM  
First off I'd like to say that my and my friends are frequent visitors of the Byron, and other haunted areas in the Bay Area. Never again will I return there at night now. None of us. I thought I was going to lose my life that night. 
This is our story:
After first coming onto the property we noticed that someone had cut barbwire to the left of the bridge leading over the river and driven into the property, we didn't think much of it at the time. By the time we approached the hotel we saw off into the distance, someone had a campfire going, and we heard voices of many people around it, still didn't think much of it. 
So, we proceeded to go into the hotel and started to walk around listening looking, very attentive of our surrounding (as you would be normally) when we heard "BANG BANG BANG BANG" over and over again. My friend yelled to us that they were gun shots and said we needed to leave right then, we downstairs and out the front of the hotel and went to see if anything what wrong because we saw that their fire had turned into a huge flash of light and it was billowing smoke, the gunshots had temporarily deceased. 
Right then we saw a lifted truck with lights on top come up over the hill straight at us, we duct behind a dirt mound as they passed us and sped to the hotel blinding firing into it. We took the opportunity to run up the road. 
We were dodging from hiding spot to hiding spot along the road coming back (up the hill behind the trees) until we got to where the barb wire cow fence on either side of the road, once we reached that part we noticed they had left the hotel and were speeding back down the road to find us
They persisted to chase us shooting blindly into the trees forcing us to duct behind a tree until they passed and went towards the front gate. When they passed we climbed through the barb wire and ran across the field into the vineyards to escape them even though four men ran after  into the field.
They probably fired at least 200 rounds, about 50 or 60 of them into the hotel because they thought we were still inside it. That was possibly the most frightening thing thats ever happened to me. 
They were trying to kill us.
I hope many people see this and spread the word.

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I wish i'd read that last post before I went by myself on 9/1...no way i would've gone. I parked my car and walked onto the property without using a flashlight as there was decent moonlight to light the field. I explored the hotel for a couple of hours and did see several shotgun shells upstairs in one of the rooms; they were very fresh. People, this place is dangerous as there are hazards everywhere. be careful and don't get shot!v

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 79620 ReplyTo# 79467     9/13/2012 1:30:00 PM     Edit          

What happened to the Hotel to this day?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 79713     9/23/2012 4:02:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Went there this morning and it seemed very calm, and very interesting to see it, and all the abandoned equipment. I never got the feeling the place was haunted.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 80004     10/14/2012 8:58:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

you cant say there isn't a "grounds keeper" just because you went and failed to run into any trouble with this notorious shot gun weilding man with his army of dogs(sorry felt like being descriptive). He may have not been on duty, or you may have been quiet enough, or maybe he was out on a dinner date? Im sure guarding a hotel isn't the only thing on his agenda. Just something to think about, I really want to go because I have never been and I have lived in Brentwood for quite a few years of my life, although it hardly seems worth it if I may possibly have to avoid gun shots, but then again....

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is it safe as far as gang related goes now?



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My cousins went in the hotel this year and they said that they actually saw the keeper. They also heard a bunch of stuff in there like screaming once they got to the 1st floor. But by then they got too scared and ran out. Its still there standing. I just can't believe the government doesn't take it down but hey it can also be a great attraction!

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Last Seen: 1/9/2015 9:16:47 AM  
Can you do an investigation here without breaking the law? And if I can't who can I talk to to get access to this place for one night.

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Any recent visits?please advice me what to do ? Where to park?

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You just went there? I went out there for the second time Easter of last year and was approached by a man with a shotgun. I just wanted to take pictures... I don't destroy things. I'm confused how you're all getting out there without running into people telling you to leave.




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