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Old Boy Scout Camp
Georgetown, Il 61846

County: Vermilion
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This used to be a boyscout camp. It shut down a few years ago and is now a nature preserve. My husband went hunting for deer there last fall and came home scared with the intention of never going back. He said he heard voices, drums, what seemed to be something pounding on wood, and screams. I have spent a lot of time there, day and night. Over the past year I have collected video and pictures of orbs, sounds, and apparitions. The spirit of an old woman has been seen in the parking area along the tree line. She seems to be welcoming you in. The area to the north of the gate has the most activity. The area to the back of the main road is quite active. These have all been seen during the day as well as at night.

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               Like      Dislike        Comment# 1737     11/28/2006 12:00:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I have been to the boyscout at day and night. It is a very scary place. My friends and I caught on camera what looked like a white figure that "floated" and leaned to one side. It left scratches on one of my friends arms.....Horrible horrible place. -Kylie McMasters Georgetown, Illinois


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45806 ReplyTo# 1737     12/19/2009 9:01:00 PM     Edit          

me and three of my friendss went there tonight!we didnt get out of the car when we were driving up it felt like something jerked the car!my friend was taking random pictures and he had his flash on he took a picture of the gate and you could see a damn thing. then he took a picture trying to see something in the woods and if you zoom in on his phone you can see two boys clear as day with hats on it is soo creepy but intresting!the i swear we saw the lady trying to walk up to the gate but then we sped off!it is very creepy and i beleive in it though!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 6449     10/28/2007 12:02:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:07:40 PM  
well me and my friends went there and first when we went down the alley of course wee had heard the stories and were kinda freaked but then when we got the it was dark and then we seent the old lady bye the gate like welcoming us in then after we passed the woods we could here drums and then we ran to the car where it felt as if if someone had thrown things at us sharp pains and then we left and we seen the old ladt at the gate while we were leaving dont think im ever ggoin back signed tyler martin people were wit me chris hathaway rocky kiger and devin hathaway

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 19708     9/27/2008 10:53:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I once spent the night out at the camp and all nightn I heard nothing but drums and scratches on trees...but never thought anything of it. Till one night I was walking through the ally and sumthing tripped me. Felt llike someone literally grabbed my ankl;e and tripped me....NEVER AGAIN:( ERICA HOSKINS

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 41202     10/10/2009 6:20:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

my cousin and i went to the oh so scarry camp and we didnt hear anything we didnt see anything and we walked all over the only thing is that i took pics eveywhere and i did get a pic of i guess you could say ghost it looks like a man wearing a hat but thats it, no noises no drums notta damn thing!!!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57339     8/29/2010 7:27:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

where is this place?? i need an address

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 67909     3/6/2011 11:27:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Me and a couple friends went up there like a week before october 31st just because we heard it was haunted. We were walking through there and we saw some flash lights we went towards them and saw that they were other people. The other people we met could see the ghosts and they went there often to communicate with them. They offered to show us around. There was one point when they had us stop and said a man was walking toward us. We couldn't see anything but we could hear it. We stopped by the lake, we were in a huddle and the lady said that there was a little girl in the middle of our huddle staring at us. We all put our hands in the middle and it was freezing. Then one of our flashlight batteries went out. We had to continue walking because the lady that could see the spirits said that they were 3 men walking towards us that didn't want us there and they frightened her, and they might hurt us.We all went to go look in the pond and We saw a mysterious fog over the lake so we threw a bottle in and the bottle stood straight up in the water as if somebody was holding it. As we left she had to bless all of us because she said there was a possibility that a spirt would follow us home. When we got back to the car there were hand prints all over it. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me!! signed Morgann !

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 79324     8/20/2012 12:15:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

swaggers are going(:

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 82544     8/27/2013 8:30:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I'm from georgetown and me and a couple buddies went out to see it for our selfs a couple weeks ago. Scariest time of my life! There is a old lady who welcomes you in and she seems so real. We checked the license plate and found out the owner has passed away and that the truck was in a junk yard. We also heard drum noises and screaming. Never going back there again.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 82548     8/27/2013 4:54:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and a friend went out there a couple nights ago and there was a blue truck parked out there. We stayed on my truck for a minute and a last walked out. She was telling us which ways to go and that she could see the ghosts. She told us to be careful going by the pond because that's where a lot of spirits are. As we were walking towards the pond we looked back to talk to the lady and she was gone. Truck and everything. We did not hear one noise which we would of if it was an actual truck and lady. We did some research and found out that the lady welcomes you in. I'm never going back there. I recommend to not go back there unless you want to be scared out of your life!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85449     7/27/2014 3:13:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

- -
I went there with my wife n cousins n seperate cars we parked side by side n sat there never heard or saw anything but someone jerked my car then threw rocks at it as i look up frost was on my windshield it was awesome goin back closer to halloween

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 88628     6/6/2016 7:31:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

A ghost jerked me off. Over i was kinda scared then I liked it. But I won't go back there

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 88861     9/9/2016 10:02:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

ive hunted and fished Babe Woodyard (what used to be Cherokee Hills) for years. Been out there at all hours of the day and night. As much as I would have liked to, I've never once had any sort of encounter out there and the woods always feel so calm and peaceful. The only things in those woods are people's beer cans and discarded fishing tackle. Clean up after yourselves you bastards.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 89640     11/3/2017 11:17:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

me and my friends are going tomorrow. wish us luck.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 89641     11/3/2017 11:17:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

peyton fletcher, wyatt mosier, jeremy baxter, and keegan wills




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