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Kopper Kettle Inn
135 W Main St
Morristown, In 46161

County: Shelby
GPS: 39.6733059, -85.6992690
WebSite: None

This historic, local area eatery known for its family style chicken is reputed to have several active spirits haunting the facility.

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Last updated on : 8/28/2007

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The Kopper Kettle Inn (correct spelling). Here is their website history page. http://www.kopperkettle.com/open1.htm
Aside from the restaurant, there remains museum quality rooms left intact the way it was when it was hotel.

A major part (that holds the most meaning here) is that during the hotel days, it was a reputed Underground Railroad station. There have been many local legends speculating as to which of the deaths provided the hauntings and sightings.

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Im a former worker of the Kopper Kettle back in my HighSchool Days at Morristown. I have never experienced any sightings or hauntings but the Underground Railroad system is true, which is closed up. which runs to the house next door! The only thing thats scary about that place is the Chicken!




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