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Hookmans Cemetery
off of 24 East
Peru, In 46970

County: Miami County
GPS: 40.7611425, -86.0471130
WebSite: None

no matter what time of day you go there there is a fog that’s sits at the top of the hill no breeze, no birds, or insects. If you go there he is not buried where its mark you have to walk 1.5 miles back you’ll know when you get there because its like a cold pocket.Urban legend Stories say on some cold fall nights you can see Hookman walking old lovers lane looking for his next victim.

Located off 24 East between Peru and Wabash. Go east on 24, on your right before you get to Wabash is a road called Lover`s Lane. Take this road until you get to the first dirt "road" on your left.

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Last updated on : 8/16/2006

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same basic idea that happened in texicana tx wierd reading if you ever get a chance..

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i live a 5 min walk away from hookmans grave and i didnt even know it untill a friend at work was talking to me about haunted places and supposedly this place is. im going to check it out tonight ill post a comment to let you know whats goin on with this place if its actually haunted or if its just hype.....if you have any questions about hookmans grave email me at polar19_89@live.com

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ok same person as above^. ive been going there like almost every night for the past month and nothing, untill about a week ago me and 2 of my friends went up there at 1am and was there till 5am. around 3 some creepy sstuff started goin on like you could hear talking like it was right next to you, you could see leaves being pressed down like ppl were walking around and shit. and to my surprise many shadows dart across the cemetary, like the first one i seen freaked me out that i tripped over one of the broken headstones and busted my shin completly to the bone. it also seems like you got someone walking behind you constantly wherever you go in there. one other thing that caught my attention was that all the headstones in the cemetary are from like the 1700's and you can barely read whats on them, well one of them is brand new. so i was asking ppl in the area around if they knew anything about that headstone and all of them said its been that way since before they were born. so there is def. something strange going on there. im going to continue investigating it to see if i experience more and if i can find more history on the place....ill keep you updated or email me at same email address

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i went there last night and took pictures of everything! there was an orb of light in almost every picture. when we were going and leaving we could hear foot steeps behind us and at one point we got a picture of a giant black mist right next to me! was this the hookman all i know is that this place is haunted no joke!




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