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Wolf Mansion
Wolf Rd. and 700 N
Portage, In 46368

County: Porter County
GPS: 41.5446452, -87.1530804
WebSite: None

As the story goes back in the day, the owner killed all of his slaves, even their children after slavery was made illegal. Some have even said he went crazy and killed his family, dismembered the bodies, hid them and then shot himself. Sometimes you can see the light in the bell tower come on for no reason and there is no switch for it. People have been seen in the windows when the house was not occupied. Orbs have been spotted. One person who did an install at the house claims that when in the basement they felt breathing down their neck and that something brushed against their hair. When coming back up the stairs, something was passing along their heels. Reports of doors opening and closing by themselves and things missing and showing back up. Hauntings include ring of the bell in the bell tower(there is no bell anymore),monks walking around, and screams.

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User Comments: 
               Like      Dislike        Comment# 16507     8/1/2008 7:30:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I have the family history on Josephus Wolf and he did not own slaves, Indiana is not a slave state, and the mansion was not built until the 1880's. Josephus Wolf died before his wife, Susan, and they are both buried in McCool Cemetery along with several children. He did NOT kill anyone. He died in the mansion as did his wife a few years later. www.findagrave.com The Portage community Hisotrical Society ahs a complete genealogy for the Wolf family.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 52650 ReplyTo# 16507     5/31/2010 3:15:00 PM     Edit          

Last Seen: 5/31/2010 3:11:56 PM  
thats great he was my great great uncle and my ant today has footage of his slaves

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 62022 ReplyTo# 16507     11/2/2010 9:17:00 PM     Edit          

This is so much nonsense. I just happened to look it up recently out of curiosity because I almost purchased the house in 1987 to make an antique store out of it. I toured the property several times with the realtor and 1 time with the current owners of the time which was a Dr. from Chicago. He himself told me it was just to expensive to restore as I soon learned which is why I did not purchase it.... To make money in the early 90s the owners let a b film crew in and was allowed to make a movie in the house. Which I had heard did even more damage to it. Which the house could really not afford to have.
 I was in the basement several times and there is a tunnel there which leads to other homes of the time which was used to HIDE slaves. Not to kill them. It was called the "underground railroad people:!!  It is also document the tunnel led to another mansion nearby which has been gone for decades. This is all documented by Valparaiso University. I was told that yes there are probably graves on the property, but they are of no consequence. They were supposed to be behind the North side Dinning room windows next to the basement door. Yes some of the Wold family is buried at McCool Cemetery but all that is really there is the large family marker. I had heard Josephs daughter Rhoda Wolf was riding her pony in the front yard and her pony threw her and her father was in the "Copula" and saw it happen and shot the horse so it would no trample his daughter. THAT IS NOT A BELL TOWER PEOPLE! It was used to see his employees working!!! Not his slaves. It is said her ghost is the one there and is a angry spirit because she had thought her father shot her and didn't realize he was shooting her horse to protect her. All and All I do believe the house is haunted and not a place to buy or to be. The red glowing light is true. Although I have never seen it. Many have, and in 1987 there was NO electricity going up to the copula. So yes that is odd. But i hope this set some of the nonsense truth straight.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 18706     9/14/2008 9:03:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

About twenty years ago, when I was a teen, when the house was unoccupied. We went inside of the Wolf Mansion, which happened to be unlocked at the time. This person said they didn't own slaves. But, when we went into the basement, what did we see. Chains on the walls as to the types of chains to lock people up. If they didn't own slaves, then what were those chains for. We could feel a prescence in that house, something did happen there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20173     10/6/2008 4:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

it was said that he owned slaves illegally and had killed them and then his family then he hung himself in the clock tower that place is haunted ive been there and spent the night it is realy cool.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 22256     10/29/2008 2:04:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I grew up in Hobart,Ind., and drove by the Wolf Mansion quite often. For a short time it was open to the public for tours. Strange things did happen inside those walls. Such as people sitting on a bench in the parlor area that weren't really there at all. Lights turning on and off without the help of a human hand. Sometimes after dark the light in the tower would be on and sometimes it would be off. Early April is the best time to see a real entity(spirit), of a women walking the grounds carrying some sort of lantern. But look real close, because she's not really there. The chains and shackles in the basement weren't for slaves, Indiana was not a slave state. Those chains and shackles were down there for reasons that you wouldn't think, dig deeper into the dark side of your inning being, and ask yourself what kind of torture chamber was that really!!!!! NOT slaves--BUT who and/or WHAT??????

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 24567     12/12/2008 4:10:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

none of that stuff is true. Wolf never owned slaves. ever. I spoke with someone from the Historical soc.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 29815     3/30/2009 6:04:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

That place is creepy. My Dad used to work there years ago as a custodian and he said the bell would ring, when there is no bell. Also, I have gotten a physical there and at the time I didnt know anything about the place and i told my mom i felt like someone was watching me in the bathroom and made her come in with me. After we left she told me it was haunted.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30145     4/4/2009 9:55:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I have never seen a ghost up close but I believe in the rumors of Wolf Mansion because you never really know what happened and that interests me.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31409     4/26/2009 6:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i have seen the bell tower light on several of times and shadows on the wallup there!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 31418     4/26/2009 11:20:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Yea just as a lil fact Indiana wasn't a slave state but just like there are criminals now there were criminals then. And indiana is was none for having the most hanging in the north and the most people opposed to the union ideals. Im not proud of it but my family was a big slave owner family and guess what! WEVE ALWAYS LIVED IN INDIANA and had slaves in indiana when it wasnt legal.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32156     5/12/2009 12:12:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i believe something bad happend..but i dont believe it involved slaves..

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34092     6/15/2009 11:37:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 6/15/2009 11:30:29 AM  
I currently know the family that lives in the mansion at this time. I also knew the family that owned it previously and sold it to the current tennants. I have been in the mansion many times and to this day, refuse to go into the basement. The one time I did, I felt like there was something there. It was very scary, yet thrilling at the same time. The bell tower does not currently have a bell, but you can hear it ringing at times from inside the house. Also, there is a switch for the tower light and the chandelier at the top is absolutely gorgeous! I have heard all the stories and have heard about the slaves as well. I don't think that Wolf killed his slaves, however there was a very large grave type plot with head-stones in one area of the backyard for quite a while. The family before the current tennants had young children and they did not want them stumbling across the headstones, so they removed them and have them in the attic. Since that time, there has been even more activity in and outside of the house.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36840     7/30/2009 2:47:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

me and my friends drove past there and then he decided to pull into the drive way and in the windows and bell tower we say shadows and the light wasnt even on when we saw them!!:/

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 37843     8/14/2009 7:45:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last night after investigatiung Portage burial grounds(we got fantastic shots ) we drove over to Wolf mansion. We took several shots of the outside of the house just after 11. We were able to obtain several really good orbs and something on the porch, possibly a figure. We will know more after the photos are properly enhanced. Wolf mansion is a beautiful old home especially at night. We are a team from the Smoky Mountain Ghost Trackers and I hope this helps anyone reading this.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 38381     8/23/2009 3:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


When I was in second grade my best friend used to live in that house. I would stay the night there ever single weekend and everytime I went into the upstairs bathroom, "play room", or this room that was unfinished(not sure why?) I would feel like someone was watching me. That house is very creepy. There's also a tunnel in the basement that leads to an underground room that's in the backyard. You can access that room either through the tunnel or these cement blocks in the yard. I was told that the tunnel was for the slaves to get in and out of the house. I HATED the basement. I only went down there once, and I never went back. There is such a strong vibe I got down there. Also, one night when I was staying the night, Joel woke me up because he had to use the bathroom(we never went in the halls alone at nighttime) and we both heard two children laughing in the hall and it sounded like the were bouncing a ball pack and forth. Unfortunately, they moved to Texas and had to sell the house. It's a bummer. I wish I had more time in it. It would be cool if that show "A Haunting" came and did a story on it. It would be really neat.


I also always wondered what the drawings on the wall were in the room all the way at the end of the hall. the "kids room". There are 2 sky windows and there were drawings around them, they always gave me the chills looking at them. I'm sure they've been painted over by now. But I've always wondered.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40518     10/1/2009 9:29:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i was in the wolf mansion last night becuase my consins lives there. She told me a weird story that she got choked in the BASEMENT. She has a play set down there and allways gose down there.She told me the gost talk to her and that there her friends. although her parents dont believe her. infact her parents dont believe the ghost stories that people say about the wolf mansion. so when she went to go tell her parents when she was choked, they didnt belive her and sent her to the basement for 3 hours.when it was time to come up she had cuts,a black eye, and bruises on every part of her body.She was trying to go up the steps but she could feel something tugging on her arm saying dont leave i still wanna play with u, were best friends right. later that day her mom saw her with cuts and bruises and a black eye and was like u stupid child u did that to yourself to make it look like "the gost" did it.Now my cuzin emily lives in the basment.:O

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45831 ReplyTo# 40518     12/20/2009 10:35:00 PM     Edit          

Hahaha! LOL! This post is so full of crap! I drive past the place everyday! There's only one vehicle that's ever there. Its a gold colored mini van. I've only seen one person come and go from the place in recent times by the current occupent. And its an elder man who looks like he's in his early 60's perhaps. No kids live there to my knowledge.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 42633     10/25/2009 3:39:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My Aunt an Uncle (Gore) used to own Wolf Mansion. The house being haunted is a FACT. My Grandparents stayed there on and off during visits. They have some scary stories about that place! My two cousins that lived in the house, refused to sleep in their rooms at night!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 47597     1/31/2010 1:40:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


I cuurently live in the wolf mansion.Why i live there you wonder ,well,I've been interested in ghosts my whole life from my own experience from when I was 8 in my old house.Since I've heard these stories about the Wolf mansion I've always bee wanting to live there and when it went up for sale I bought it.I hve expierienced some unexplained things but I am still on the look out for more events.Although if there are ghost there maybe i could communicate w/ them...................then again,maybe not.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 62508 ReplyTo# 47597     11/11/2010 6:04:00 PM     Edit          


I belong to a local paranormal group and would love a chance to investigate this place.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 64662 ReplyTo# 47597     12/28/2010 3:30:00 PM     Edit          

Hi I would like to get in the house for filming. My Name Is Mark my email is mpavukba@yahoo.com Quiet Giant Productions an Independent and Chris Ramirez the owner and director asked me about this location for a short music video with Mary Fakhoury, she is an artist from Great Britian that plays a witchy type in her videos. I would appreciate if you could get back to me. You would be compensated for your time and place. Mark G P/ locations.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 68443 ReplyTo# 47597     3/22/2011 2:54:00 PM     Edit          

Who are you claiming you live in the wolf mansion .you are a big liar.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 47682     2/2/2010 10:15:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

my dad used to tell us stories about wolf mansion all the time, sometimes we would even drive passed it. Is the light supposed to be on in the bell tower?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 48409     2/16/2010 11:02:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i lived in the wolf mansion about ten years ago as a child i am now 24 and though the house is scary i think that just goes with the fact of it being so old but we lived there for about 7 years i would say and i never seen or heard anything but i know many people have so im not saying i dont belive i just dont have my own experiance to go on

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 52633     5/30/2010 11:10:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I currently live here in Indiana. I've lived in Merrillville, Portage, and now DeMotte. While a younger kid in Portage, my school bus passed the mansion, my parents driving passed the mansion, the freaking snow plows passed the mansion. People LIVED in the mansion. It's just a house! The fools spreading stories have NO idea that truly, there have never been any slaves, murders, or suicides in that house! Since the beginning of Indiana, slavery has ALWAYS been illegal here. The man who had the house built DIED before his wife! It's all just superstition. There also never was a battle here, nor are there any underground tunnels. I wish people would just get their facts straight.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 56758     8/16/2010 11:21:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

back in 97 i believe when i was seven i stayed the night there with my freind that lived there that went to central elementary, it really is a creepy house. things would move around during the night and often glass things would shatter for no aparent reason. Just because slavery wasnt legal doesnt mean there werent slaves in Indiana, dont be so simple minded people.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57611     9/4/2010 5:38:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i lived in the mansion in 72 and 73.there was tunnles in the basement. it was a CREEPY KIND OF PLACE. old houses will make noises but that dont mean its a ghost. paul saylor own this house at that time. i would like to go back tghere to visit the old place again.history says wolf killed his wife and then shot himself in the bell tower. paul taylor has the history.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 80950 ReplyTo# 57611     1/4/2013 7:09:00 AM     Edit          

Last Seen: 1/4/2013 7:01:24 AM  
my large family lived in the house for about 5 yr.s.late 60s early 70s.my father at the time worked for paul saylor.i was a boy about 12 yrs old then and investigated every sq.inch of that house as you can imagine.i could tell you some stories.i am now 55

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 66000     1/25/2011 1:34:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 1/25/2011 12:27:49 PM  
My great great great grandfather was Josephus Wolf - my mother, Patricia Wolf Sanders (still alive, 86 years old) briefly lived in the house when she was a child. Slaves?? Hogwash. Jospehus Wolf hired migrant field workers - yes - a common practice for a landowner with a large tract of land (anyone here ever see "Days of Heaven"? ) Josephus Wolf did watch his workers from the cupola - this much is true. The house may be haunted - who knows? - but Josephus Wolf did not kill his wife, did not kill himself (he died in 1895, his wife Susan in 1903), did not own slaves; this part, at least is nonsense. How do I know? I've studied the family genealogy - and it is, after all, my family.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 68306 ReplyTo# 66000     3/20/2011 8:41:00 AM     Edit          

I live in the wolf mansion and I am writting a book on the wolf family going back to andrew.You can contact me . my webite has info how to contact me.www.wolfmansion.net

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 71858 ReplyTo# 66000     6/27/2011 10:54:00 AM     Edit          



We, Clement and Lynda Khan, currently live in the Wolf Mansion. We have a web sire:www.wolfmansion.net.We would love to talk to you because we are traying to collect as much iinformation as we can about the Wolf Family. A few weels ago we were lucky enough to host a luncheon in honor of a great-great granddaughter of Josephus along with some of our historian friends. Our e-mail is khanlegal@aol.com.

Sincerely, Lynda

P. S. We are NOT ghosts (yet).



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 66880     2/13/2011 8:47:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

What was the name of the movie shot there in the 90's?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 67665     2/27/2011 1:52:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My parents owned this when I was in Highschool. In the 80's -They ran a floral shop out of it.They had a place out back to have weddings. There was a bridal shop up top and other lil rented spaces. My sister used to live in the apartment there. I remember going into the basement that was a coal shoot not a tunnel. I remember going in the carriage house and finding tombstones of small children. I am told they died of smallpox. I know the stories told was that someone hung themselves in the tower. I climbed the tower several times and never felt anything. It was a beautiful place with beautiful banister and several fireplaces. I was hired to clean for my mother so a couple times a week the bus dropped me off there. Mom said some Monks owned it before her. My dad said that he walked in one night and the lights were swaying.. My folks had psychics go in there and they were uncomfortable in my sisters then living room which was on the second floor. I would love to have a picture of it as the pictures I have were small advertisements. Perhaps one can post one for me to see. Thanx and GOD SPEED!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 74222     10/13/2011 5:53:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 10/13/2011 5:44:14 AM  
I grew up in South Haven. I went past that scary mansion all the time. There is activity there all the time. I was riding my bike with a friend late at night, and we went past there. We were chased by something that we could not see. When I was about 10 I saw a little girl in the window. The area around that old mansion is haunted too. The woods right in front of the house too.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 74373     10/23/2011 8:52:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 10/23/2011 8:27:57 AM  

i live in hobart,in and i would visit the flower and wedding shop in the 1980's at that time it was called (wolf homestead).i have been in every room except the basement.nothing unusual.i still own a nice piece of wicker furniture i bought there. i pass buy it almost every friday to go pay bill's. i'm courious how it look inside the home today.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78234     6/6/2012 4:21:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


I've stayed in the home many nights.  My sister and her husband owned the home in the late 90's and I will tell you, there is something strange there.

I've been a police officer for many years and have never seen or felt anything that made the hair on my neck stand up like staying in this house did.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 83541     12/26/2013 1:23:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

would love to stay the nite in that house

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 83542     12/26/2013 1:25:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

would love to stay there

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85244     7/12/2014 9:25:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I live near less than a mile away from the Wolf mansion and my grandpa saw a car driving and suddenly blow up on fire right in front of the house.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85720     8/21/2014 5:08:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

- -
I live in Hobart and would love to get ahold of the current owners and see if I can visit the mansion does anyone know how I can get ahold of them??

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85987     9/26/2014 4:06:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

- -
i have a friend who worked in the bridal shop. she was walking up the stairs and was pushed. not the type of person to make stuff up.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85995     9/27/2014 8:38:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

- US
People that own it now should open up a B&B there for all curious people out there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 87287     6/30/2015 11:43:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

- -
My Aunt and Uncle (Jerry and Ethel Elhers) were care takers living there in the early to mid 70's. I have an original etched mirror and bone dishes that were used for fancy dishes. I stayed in the house several times and the only thing I noticed was the basement was very creepy, never experienced anything else.




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