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Primrose Rd.
Primrose Rd.
South Bend, In 46637

County: St Joseph County
GPS: 41.7371399, -86.3706470
WebSite: None

Primrose Rd. off of old Cleveland Rd. is haunted by 3 or 4 things, one is a phantom farmhouse that appears. The house doesn`t appear long enough to get close enough to investigate. You can also see the eyes in the woods occasionally, but infrequently. More than likely, you will hear the clomping of a horse or horses, and occasionally glimpse one moving from one side of the woods to the other behind your car. It is also rumored that occult rituals were performed on the lake on the west side of the road, and a woman was sacrificed and deposited into the recesses of the lake. Witnesses claim to have seen her on the night that she was murdered going through the ritual again. There is an immense sense of sadness near the lake that is almost overpowering.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:09 PM  
I went out to this road and it was weird we didnt see any strange stuff but when we got to the stop sign (T in the road one corner had houses)we were struck by a car on the side. The driver was an old man from a home who broke out. Well we were just sitting there and we saw a car coming but the car ran the stop sign hit us and went down into the swamp. We were swung around backwards and was saved by a 2 inch tree from going down the 15 ft or so drop down into the swamp. I dont know what u call this but there was a strong pressence when we waited for the paramedics. The old man still didnt know where he was. I am still thankful for that tree.....or what ever it was. Ill gather more pics and info later

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Are you serious?! I had the same exact thing happen to me two weeks ago!

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Last Seen: 8/10/2009 10:23:01 PM  
Been here a couple times in both day and night. Never had anything unexplained happen but it`s deffinatly spooky at night. There is also another road called Poppy a little east of Primrose on Adams. Never heard any stories about Poppy being haunted but it`s just as spooky as Primrose if not more...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 5303     9/17/2007 4:48:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The strangest thing that happened to me out there was driving down Primrose at night and for no good reason my headlights went out. They came back on shortly after turning off the road, but I never found an electrical problem with the car. It really freaked me and a few friends that were with me out.

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When I went to Primrose, we killed the lights and the engine, and just sat there, looking out of our windows. Then we all felt uneasy and sad, and then 3 of the 5 people in the car said they seen an object slowly creep up to the right side backseat window, then speed off into the woods, the something hit the hood of our car. It wasn't a branch or anything because it was much to hard and loud and we seen nothing fall. We plan on going back tonight with cameras and candles and perform a Seance.

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Last Seen: 4/23/2014 9:32:34 PM  

That place is creepy.  My exe's family lives on that road & They have a trailer & this old farmhouse thats condemmed on their property.  I was not a fan of going down that road.
We went out there at night one time & my ex was acting really strange, he was making animal noises & what not, it was friggin' weird!!!!


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I used to live there...

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I have been out there a few times and have walked down the road at night and even deep into the woods. It's creepy but I didn't hear or see anything.

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Last Seen: 9/2/2008 10:39:24 AM  

Between the years of 1994-1997 I visited this location 8 - 12 times.  I had heard the stories and figured that they were nothing more than urban legends.  A few incidents have caused me to reconsider.

1. A skeptical friend (Jeremy) verbally mocked the myth while driving on Primrose with a friend.  He inexplicably crashed his car while doing so.  This was a one car accident where he simply drove off the road.  I was not present.

2. I was riding with a friend (Billy) who began hyperventilating and driving erratically before I was able to calm him down. 

3. My friend (Rich) drove out to the area along with myself.  We became lost and could not find our way back home as we drove around in circles for about twenty minutes.  It was puzzling that we could not find our way out of the vicinity.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44980 ReplyTo# 18009     11/25/2009 11:15:00 AM     Edit          

i know what your talking about  for some reoson we kept ging by the same things as if we were going in circles,but we were trippin pretty hard on acidbut i think that just made it more clear

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I used to live in the trailer park called Hollywood, its not far from there. And we went out there often, but only once did something creepy happen. I parked my car on the side of the road, so my friends and I could get out a explore a bit. I left my headlights on so we could see and anyone driving down that road could see us. Then all of a sudden this truck (without its headlights one) comes speeding down the street. Now, my car was as far as it can get without going in to the woods. But that truck still seemed to aim for it. It didn't hit my car, but it was too close still. So, if you go out there please don't let the freakiness of the place get to you so much that you act like a moron.

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I went down last night at primrose and it was very sad but spooky. We thought if we went last night (October 24th,2008) that the ghosts would be more stronger because of Halloween was so close. But the first time we went down that road nothing happend. Then we tried going back down that road again and when we did almost to the end of the stop sign our car starts shaking and we were on a different road that we never was on the first time we went down. It was creepy.

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Me and my daughter go there all the time and she has seen many ghosts there since she has the gift too see them. we were driving down the road one night and she let out this blood curtling scream and told me too go,go,go. She said there was a lady which was in front of our car and her face was 1/2 gone all bloody. another time she told me to stop and i kept going and i got this real cold chill thru me and my voice had changed to a deep voice that i could never do if i tried again. My daughter started crying and started saying prayers over me and I grabbed the cross around my neck and started praying. The voice did not leave me till i left the road. She later told me there was a man spirit in front of the car and i ran him over. She told me too stop but i didnt. (I wish I could see them soo bad) Another time she told me too stop because there was a lady next too the car, She said the lady was peaceful. My daughter opened the car door and held out her hand, the lady was holding her hand and told my daughter she was looking for her love and asked if we seen him.Normally nothing happens on first trip but about the third trip down there look out, best too go after 2 am. we go at 10 pm and nothing happens.

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I also had experience with my car being pushed up too the stop sign on the south end of the road. I travel south on road until the stop sign comes into view with headlights then i stop the car and when i let off brake the car rolls all the way too stop sign and then stops.I also had experience with car stopped at south stop sign and let go of brake it rolls on its own all the way too the lake and then stops on its own. my daughters friends allways freak out when it happens.

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There is also a Cemetary on adams road which intersects with primrose. It is about a mile east of primrose and my daughter has seen ghosts there. it is a very creepy cemetary on north side of Adams road.

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i like to go there on sometimes on the weekends in the fall, and wear my black hoodie (with a flame pattern on one arm), my black workout pants, and a ski mask. i throw things, make noises, and place trash in the middle of the road. its a lot of fun. maybe i'll see one of you out there! if you come looking for me, be warned: i weight 260lbs, and bench 300. i carry a stun gun. no altercations yet, but don't go looking for one.

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LOL good luck when someone has a real gun...

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Been here several times but no luck.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 39689     9/15/2009 7:26:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

About a month back, me and a group of friends went to Primrose. I'd heard about it but had not been myself. I consider myself a skeptic. I have seen ghosts, but I thought nothing of the things they were feeding me as we drove out. it just seemed like a dark place teens go to psych themselves out after smoking some ganja.

There are so many legends they told me, but I didn't want to psych myself out. They told me about the truck, the farmhouse, the old lady, the horses, the black rock, the occult killings, etc. A new one was added about a school being burnt down by a teacher who went crazy though. But who knows. I didn't let it get to me. I'm the skeptic. I know how Urban legends work.

We got to Primrose, and met up with the other half of our group a few friends of a friend of mine. One of them was supposed to be a "hot head". I didn't think his temper was as bad as they said it was. I was wrong.

We parked our cars towards the beginning, got out, and started our flash lights. We started walking as it got dark and spooky. As we were walking, one of the younger girls with us told us she had been "strangled" here before, and said it was a private road now and we should watch out for cops. Just as she said that, a white car drove down the road. We all ran to the sides, not wanting to get caught, only to hear someone from the car shout, "PUSSIES! HAHAHA!". Then things got bad.

To this day I don't know if it was just him, or as I've had people tell me, the influence of Primrose.

The car came back around from the other direction, for god knows what reason, and the hot headed friend, picked up a rock and smashed there car door.

I, being the oldest, realized right away when the car sped off that we needed to run, as their car was speeding towards our parked cars that we had left unlocked in the middle of nowhere. (Also Primrose is famous for killing cell phones. Which it had.) I told everyone to run, and the boys with us shot off towards their cars, while I tried to keep up, but on a dirt road in flip flops it proved hard and I fell behind.

I realized I had dropped my flashlight and turned around to look for it. (This is where the creepy starts...!) As I was looking, I noticed someone down the road a bit waving a flashlight at me. I called out to them saying, "Hey! Hey who is that! Do you need help?" I heard them call back but I couldn't make it out. I couldn't see who it was (there was 8 or so in our group) and they just kept bobbing the flashlight. I started walking towards them and yelling still if they needed help. I got about 10 feet or so from the person, and all of a sudden I got a chill down my spine, and the person turned and ran into the swamp. They had snow white hair in a plait. I freaked out, and ran to go see where this woman had run to. Looking over the edge of the road to the swamp there was nothing.

Not even an indication that anyone had been there.

Then, I heard a low moaning. Turning to look, I saw someone on the ground. One of the people in our group, a girl I didn't know, was having an asthma attack! I wouldn't have come back this far if I hadn't seen the person with a flashlight, and I wouldn't of heard her, as well as no one else was out this far. I also know how to administer an inhaler, and give CPR, as well as open airways.

I ran over and administered help.

To this day I don't know what would of happened if I hadn't seen that person.

I also, have been drawn to this place several times, and always seem to end up there even though I honestly don't know HOW to get there.

Freaky. But definitely planning to go back, as I feel I have a connection to the place...


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This is all a bunch of crap. Say that there is an afterlife and that ghosts exist. If you were a ghost would you really spend eternity turning a bunch of scared teenagers' headlights on and off or make their brakes stop working? In South Bend of all places. And what would a ghost need with a human body? It's useless if you're dead, obviously. I mean if you can make yourself look like you once did when you were still living, why not make yourself into a huge Q-tip or a giant diaper? That way people would be like "Holy Sh*t, is that a giant Q-tip!? It's moving on it's own!" and there would be no question of whether or not it was someone fu*king with you or something supernatural. All of the stories would match up, too. Like "Hey Becky I was at Primrose and there was an overwhelming smell of poop. Then from out of the woods came this giant f-ing diaper! I know it's hard to believe but Kevin said the same thing!" And there's never any pictures of anything, like people "see" all this crazy sh*t but in like 100 years no one can get a decent picture of ANYTHING? I do love Halloween though. It smells nice outside.

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This place is really creepy i went there November Saturday 14th 2009 with my husband and 3 other friends we experienced activity.... a body walking in front of the car, red glowing, eyes green eyes as well.....a beast that was following us slowly but never attacked it was a big dark figure that would follow you until u turned around then it would stop....it rained on the left and right side of the dirt road but would not rain in the middle....branches snapped and broke right next to us on the side of the road and nothing was there we also heard like church bells in the distance at 2 in the morning...... my friend Megan and i came home that night with bruises on our wrists and i had a big one on the middle of my back along my spine but we never felt anything grab us or hit us.....when we were back in the car strange things got worse the car rocked, died for a min and big gusts of wind once in a while would come in through the car and then stop..... we would put it in nutual and we were going 20miles per hour without touching the gas....the truck that everyone talks about came up fast behind us once when we stopped the car then slowed and stopped at the side of our car and my friend David got a look inside and saw no one and then it sped off and we tried to follow it but it disappeared....that place is strange and creepy i don't think i wanna go back but then again i do its weird...plus my husband picked up a rock to take it home kinda like a souvenir and the next morning we looked at it and it had HI carved into it. That place isn't normal and there was no signs of any animals in that woods that night.....not a chirp from a cricket no noise at all except the sounds of spirits being there.

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went down the road once and was followed closely by a black escalade..turned off of primrose and it was gone when we looked back. went down a second time and there was a dead animal or something laying on the side of the road that definately wasnt there before..it was so weird. the bone i saw sticking out of it was too big to be human but it was laying ontop of a jacket and it was bloody and looked like it had been skinned. so weird. also there was a ton of clicking noises that wouldnt go away

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my friend and I went to Primrose road awhile back and it seemed totally normal at first.....we were waiting for the infamous truck or old lady to come along, when all of a sudden we saw a strange figure with snow white hair run across the road screaming. It was so wierd and just when we thought it couldn't get any stranger we were raped and murdered by a dark ominous creature. we are sitting here as ghosts writing this to you from the beyond....... seriously people grow up! jesus would never let that happen, he loves us all =-)

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Sooooo, you believe in Jesus but not ghosts? Seems a little hypocritical tp me.

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Wow...i am actually really amazed with your story. Last night also, a few of my friends and I also drove down Primrose. Nothing scary really happend, except for this truck that kept following us. We drove up and down the road probably 4 times, and the frist time, the truck was ahead of us. He shut off his lights and would let us go around him, then, we'd see him again following us. We got pretty spooked, so we turned down Brick and headed for home, but for about 10 minutes, the truck followed us! We never saw who was in the truck, but it's left headlight was brighter then the other. I don't know if this relates to what happened to you, but it was very strange. And it's hard to believe it was on the same night....

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My friends and I are going there tonight.

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I know a of a guy that was stuffed into a trunk taken out to primrose and beaten with bats and shot in the back of the head and left out in primrose. this isn;t a ghost story but a real life story. he might be out there too.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59637     10/9/2010 1:00:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

We whent to Primrose 2 or 3 years ago, 2 of my friends told me about this place they said that a ghost would push the car a short distance or whatever I dont remeber the whold thing. Well we didnt belive them so the 6 of us whent to Primrose and they shut the lights off and put the car in park, and then a few minutes later the car started to move. One of the guys that were with us said they saw the driver put the car in drive so not sure about that part but nothing else happened untill we turned around at the T. In the middle of our turn the car started to get pushed sideways. When we all started freaking out the driver opened his door and all we could hear was the sound of the tires beeig pushed the opposite way they are ment to go. Just as he went to shut his door it got slamed in his face. He then stomped the gas peddle and we when back down Primrose, half way down the road the car started to make a funny noise and started like studdering and tring to die on us, so we all started prayin to let us get off that road. Now if I remeber correctly we turned right off primrose and with the car still acting funny I looked out the back window and saw flashig head lights coming up on us fast I started yellin GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!!! and the driver yelled back that we were already going as fast as we could.... then there was a road on the left and just as we took it the Vehicle disapeared at the end of it. It never got close enought for us to see what kind it was. The guy next to me ans I looked out the back widow again and saw this dark shadow thing that was bigger then our vehicle approching and I dont know why but we both quietly said WHAT THE HELL! and as the dark shape made its way thur the car sarting from the back movig to the front we all got ice cold and the temp thing in the front of the car whent from like 81 degrees down to 21 and then the same way we got cold is the same way we got back to the normal temp. as the figure disapeared in front of the car. Then we turned down another road (keep in mind the car is still messed up) and saw a white 2 story farm house. We stopped out front and took a vote on wheather or not going up and asking for help with the car or for a phone to use was a good idea, only 2 out of 6 wanted to go so we kept driving and eventually the car went back to normal. When we got back to my house we all got out and looked at the side of the car there were 3 hand prints on the driver side one on the back fender was right hand print the front fender a left handed messed up print and the driver door left hand printnow keep in mind the vehicle we were driving was a SUV type with 3 rows of seats. We thought the diver did it before the rest of us got out so we had him put his hand close to it and his hand looked like the size of a small childs compared to the print and the driver was the biggest person with us. Now Me and a few friends are going there tonight to see what happens.....

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me and my aunt and my sister went out there once together and i like cried for no reason i wasn't scared or any thing it was just that once we got to a certain spot it was like this overwhelming grief came over me. My sister cried too. and i felt this sensation like how you get when some one is staring at you and i kept looking back cause i was in the back of the car and i saw a fleeting image dart in to the woods. i looked back a couple more times and i saw the same thing every single time. i also went there just four days ago and we almost stopped and the car almost broke down because of tracker tracks and i swear i heard whispering almost in my ear, id turn but nothing was there except for this blotch of pitch blackness right next to my window. i never really heard what the whispers said but i know i heard them Is this place haunted of is there something in the air that makes you hallucinate. cause later on that night wen i was sleeping the whispers came back and colors flashed by my eyes no shapes or objects just dark somber colors that reminded me of death and sadness and loss. but now me and my sister have been seeing this girl. A girl thats looks like she was drowned. i saw her first on monday but i didnt tell any one then on tuesday my sis said that she saw the same girl and described her just like the girl i had seen and for the past three days i have seen her and once he touched me same for my sis but we live far away. This all started the day after i went to primrose any one else think this might be related?

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Dude, I had a bad experience with that road. A few of my friends and I had been drinking and none of us had ever been to the road so we all decided to go. We turned on to the dirt road. We were all a little tipsy and giggly. About half way down the road one on my friends just started screaming his head off telling the driver to get him out of there. We all though he was just messing with us, but when we turned on the lights, we could see deathly fear in his eyes. We all looked at each other nervously. As we were heading out the lights in the inside of the car started blinking and the friend that was screaming just started to all out cry (this guy is 23) I will never forget that night.

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So me and my roomates are like total paranormal geeks. We went out to Primrose Rd. Halloween night and started our investigation at Adams Street Cemetary. My name is Mikee, and my friends that tagged along are Sally, Cameron, Seve, Cristina and Candace. We definitely had a group. We took along a couple of digital recorders to get EVP's and camera for photos. As we walked the cemetary we definitely got some strange noises that we DID NOT hear with our ears. We also got strange lights that were floating around the tombstones. It is very creepy at night and in some of the digital stills, we caught mists that would form anomolies such as a face smiling at you and a lady in white walking around around. It had freaked us out because even though it was slightly chilly, we couldn't see our breath and we would have debunked it as that. The pictures we posted on MySpace. After Adams Street Cemetary we continued onto Primrose Rd. where before we coud start our investigation there, we were chased by a car..which didn't seem old, but was freaking us out. It followed us down the dirt road to a neighborhood not too far away near Brick Rd. When we thought we were in the clear, we came back out and the car must have been waiting. It chased us again down the dirt road going towards Adams St. and chased us around Mud Lake. It chased us down Adams St. all the way to the White House Restaurant, or something of that sort. By this time it was 3am. We were stopped by MINSPI, a paranormal investigation team in South Bend and they asked us if we were ok. We told the guy what had happened and he said that that happens out there. He told us to be safe as drove off. By this time everyone was freaked so Cristina, Candace and Seve dropped me, Sally and Cameon off at the end of the street and we walked down the dirt road. While walking the road, we felt as if we were being watched. It was horribly uneasy walking down the road and it was dark. We snapped digital stills and again, we got a lady in white holding a basket in mist form. The pictures are on MySpace. Along with that we say eyes in the woods that we never actually debunked as animals, but there we lots of them if they were animals. The eyes in the woods were glowing off our flashlight and we did capture odd sounds on our recorder. All in all, not sure if the ledgens are true, but we will go back to find out. After we purchase night vision cams, K2 meters, and an EMF detector. Oh and the newly released to the public devide, "Ghost Box".

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HAHAHA i was chased by a 1950 Bel air it was so scary

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I have been there maybe 10 times if not more and only 2 times has something ever happened to us.  The first time we driving down the road and our car (brand new 2011) just shut off..and it wouldnt start for almost a minute or two.  So we had just finished the road and headed down to the graveyard down the road.. We parked our car and got out explored the graveyard didnt hear anything at all than as we were leaving me and 3 other people that were in the back with me heard sticks crunching like someone was behind us we turn around and there is nothing there but it got much colder all of the sudden we get a little spooked start walking faster and as we are walking faster we hear it again so were completley scared out of our mind at this time so we just run to the car hop in drive a block down the road turn around and as we are passing the graveyard we slowed down to observe what had been following us and right at the gates there was a younger women pure white, just glowing white standing there with her arms crossed in front of her and her face looked like it had been decaying for years and we just flew out of there!! I wish I could see her again but that was the only time I have saw her out there... And the 2'nd time was when me and a few of my guy friends thought we would be bad asses in front of some girls that we brought and walk down the whole road as we were walking back toward the car we see this little boy just floating down the road toward us just shiny bright and we turn around and just sprint as fast as we can away from it and we get about 2 or 3 blocks and we turn back and look and he is gaining on us so fast and than one of my friends trip and I turned back to grab him and bam the figure was just gone...dissapeared into the night.....this is not the first time I have heard of this happening...Thought I would share my stories

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so a i went with a few of my friends last nite.... and went to little eall egypt before we went to primrose and believe it or not we experienced more at little egypt then we did there... the only thing that happened to us on primrose rd is we stopped the car and we heard a blood curdling scream three times.. and my friend swore up and down she heard ppl having a conversation rite beside her... we didnt stay long cuz we were all very freaked out. the road itself is scary enough... i think it all depends on the nite u go too... althought, it was a full moon last nite... ohh and also a car followed us and disappeared as well!! creepy!!

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I have drove to primrose a billion times. I'm one who thinks people's imaginations get the best of them sometimes. I don't believe everything I hear. Only a handful of times have I ever seen things. One times I kept seeing glowing spots. That's about it. Except one time I went out with a friend of mine. We were parked on the side of the road, with the car off, chit chatting. Out of nowhere we both hears a girl screaming. It was clear too. Not saying anything, just a scream. We both hears it from the same direction. So we yelled back saying hello...are you OK? Looked around for lights, maybe a fire, anything. Wasn't anything. Not even other cars driving. I drove down Adams road and the other way on primrose thinking we'd hear something or see anything. Nothing. Not even other cars. We were both kind of freaked out about that. I have also drove around that area. One time a few years back, on Chicago trail and reed road, I swear I saw a old abandoned red barn. Took my boyfriend at the time, out there to show him a few days later. He saw it too. Went to show his friend the next day, and it was gone. A bunch of old big trees are there. Nobody plants a bunch of old big trees, in a days time. We still talk about it. It was there as clear as anything, to be gone in a day. I still drive by every once in awhile to see if I can see it again. Haven't since then.

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Here are MY findings at Primrose Rd. the cemetery....http://youtu.be/eysmonQGbTU

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Joe Zwalinski

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my post was cut off so here it goes again...this is MY video of findings at the Cemetery by Primrose rd...orbs, evp's and the woman in white made an appearance!!! it's all here, check it out...i did all of the investigating before even reading anything about the legend, and reading this page and some of the comments really amazed me...wow!


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I went tonight down primrose with some friends. we drove down once and there was a car following behind us really close. once we went down adams road and pulled into some random driveway did it pass by us. so we went back down and parked and sat, smoked a few bong rips. after we were done we were just sitting. the truck was off and just parked and waited. then, we heard horse hooves clomping down primrose. it was scary. so, as we still sat the driver, austin, gasped and pointed out the window and we all saw it. a black figure just standing there. we freaked out and ducked down while still watching it. given, we were high but no.. this thing was clear as day ahead of us there . it stood for a minute, then started to come towards us step by step. at the point of near crying out of fear it bolted full speed into the swamp and everything got dead silent outside. we got scared, beyond scared, and took off home. i still feel uneasy now, and it was exciting ill admit. but whatever it is that happened there be it rituals, murders, whatever it is its not a nice spirit something bad is there and i wouldnt want to fuck with it anymore. if your interested in going, i wish you best of luck and dont try to push it to much with the spirits there.

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does anyone have a darytime story about a ghost encounter?why does it always have to be at night?just curious.

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I have lots of day/night stories, I have all the equipment to hunt. I have been all over the place, Waverly Hills, Moundsville prison, Shawshank Prison, Black moon manor, Weston state hospital, brendu mansion . just to name a few. Email me, lets hunt:: itsmills@gmail.com  this is Jason.

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- -
I have lived on primrose since 2001 there is something weird on that road. I have Been chased off the road by a white truck that seems to have just appeared behind us. I have seen led type lights that flickered like fire flys. I have been down there 300+ times with buddies and only a hand full of times we have seen something. However the truck ran me off the road and nealy killed me and my friend then it sped up never to be seen again. That road has some sort of supernatural presents

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- US
I have been to primerose about a handful of times. I have been down there during the day, and it looks completely different from the day to the night time. I do believe that sometimes our minds have these stories we read or hear about, and our mind might play it out again, or I read other stories on here, and realized that most of you were high or drunk when it happened. As I sat here thinking about it, I cant say that had an effect on the case what so ever. One night me and 6 others decide to check all these accusations out one night.
my friend doug was the one that drove us down there, I was in the back seat, it was darker than shit out on that road, and I was freaking out because I get scared easily.  well, my friend doug and kolby decide for me to drive behind them slowly as they walk in front of the car with the headlights gleaming at them for some kind of support. Not even 5 minutes later, my friend kolby stops in a hot sweat, and his knees slammed the ground as if something was possessing his body. My mind was in constant fear, and I told them to get in the car, and we pushed kolby in the back seat I scooted over to the passenger side, and my friend doug drove like a bat out of hell to the gas station called village pantry down the street a ways.  We couldnt get Kolby to come to until we stopped at this gas station and let him out. He kept telling us before all that, he was kolby. we smacked his face, shook him.. nothing brough him back to us. as soon as we were that far away from the primerose road, he woke up asking where we was and what happened. He didnt remember anything from the time we starting driving down that road until then .. explain that.. ever since I have experienced him saying he was kolby even after that.. but I think he was messing w me.. but he had also been drinking until 3 am in the morning, and had been puking up blood, so idk what to think of it




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