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Hayswood hospital
4th street
Maysville, Ky 41056

County: Mason County
GPS: 38.6434817, -83.7612719
WebSite: None

Located at the north end of 4th street, Abandoned since the early 80`s. People who live near it have said they have often seen strange lights in the windows and heard infant’s cries. Also some have claimed to see a figure standing in the last window on the third floor both day and night. Others who have been inside since its closing have noticed an old stretcher that seems to move on its own, others have said to have been followed by shadows accompanied by voices and the feeling of being watched. Others have claimed to see doctors in the halls and heard the cries of past patients. Red glowing eyes and what seems to be some sort of dog that seems to be chasing something have been seen, also cold spots and children playing in the waiting rooms. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings as if they are warnings of some kind, anyone who goes in, walks past, or drives by have said they felt sick and a threatening hostility. It is believed to haunt the entire town.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:13 PM  
Been here, it`s watched almost constantly by police, so if you go in, be careful. When I went in nothing really terrifying happened. We seemed to go in circles unintentionally for a while, and the flashlights kept flickering, even with new batteries. We heard a bunch of rustling going on in there, but nothing really spooky. We were in there for an hour, or so. I didn`t see or hear anything that actually scared me, but maybe the experience will be different for other people. I`ve heard some crazy stories from others who went in. Some people told me they were lost in there for what seemed like atleast an hour, and came out with weird cuts all over their arms, even though they didn`t fall into anything, or go near anything with sharp edges.

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I live on the same street as this hospital, and drive past it all the time, I have never seen or heard anything.

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I live in maysville and was born in Hayswood hospital, some say it is haunted and it is part of our towns history but if the city has its way it will be torn down soon. The officials here want to do away with anything that is part of our town`s history and culture.

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my cousin an I went in an we could feel nothing but chills up our sleeves you could feel someones presure being right next to you an looking up at the third floor window you can see a woman an a baby standing shaking her head "NO" as if something happend to her or giving a sign up in the concreate steps that are kinda torn apart as you walk up the steps theres a room that has a streacher that follows you around like it goes were you go down an up the steps. Walking to the boiler room my cousin was thrown against the grown by a strong force an scratches up an down him an I through our sleeves an jackets an walking towards our car very calm an frightend we seen a figure dreesed in a doctors uniform asking for help so we ran very fast to the car an as we pulled off this child of some figure was pointing back up to the boiler room an it looked as if tears were rolling down his or her face. We didn't quite leave as soon as expected we pulled up to the steps an walked back up to the boiler room an everything was the same except for the boiler it was running an everything seem so hot so we ran an got the heck out of there but not after seeing the child pointing again but in a diffrent direction towards the broken elevator in the front of the building.

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I have just added Hayswood Hospital to Wikipedia.org as well I run a myspace.com group for Hayswood Hospital. Feel free to check it out.

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two friends an i went to the hospital an an took pictures an in the pictures we saw faces of people as we were leaving we felt a strong headace

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i would LOVE to go in there

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I would like to go in there and just take some pictures with a digital camera to see what I could capture. But if something freaky happened I don't know what I would do. I don't think I have what I takes to go in there. I have heard that it is really creepy and I have also heard several stories about that stretcher moving up and down the hallways. I heard the other day when I was talking to a friend that is older than me that about 15 years ago him and some of his friends (about 10 people) went in and they were down in the basement and they all held hands and they felt a presence around them and heard doors slamming on the floors above them and they left. We drove by there the other night but I could not bring myself to go in. The next time you go by the hospital look at the house that sits beside it and think about a movie that I am sure you all have seen...

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Went there 3 times. Once in the day and twice at night. The first time at night that we went, we didn't catch anything, but the second time, we caught all kinds of evps, and heard a scream. Didn't catch nothing visually. There is a Paranormal documentary on Hayswood Hospital. It's in the Sundance Film Festival right now.

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Last Seen: 10/21/2008 11:41:58 AM  
I am a ghost hunter and a physic and i would love to go there and see if i can find anything and try to put them to rest.

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Last Seen: 12/14/2009 5:09:20 PM  
hi.. if you really are in the ghost hunter shows.. well i LOVE them.. and i do beleive this hospital haunts the whole town.. i lived in town not near it.. and so creepy things happened at the house i was living in.. if you would like to ask me some questions or have me tell you some of the things that i have experienced be free to email me at Leah_hamm@hotmail.com.. thanks and  please email me

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me and friends snook in this place twice,which was simple to do. both times we saw numerous shadow figures in the halls.heard many baby cries in the nursery part,and moans/growls on street level the growl scared us enough to leave one time we all heard it at same time.also weird feelings all over in that place(coldspots,feeling someone is watching,2 of my friends complained in 1 room they couldn't breathe and felt light headed) many weird things went on there in the 2 visits i could go on about forever. dont take my word for it go see yourself left side has a doorway you can get in at. 1st time when we came out police was waiting for us but they wouldnt go in they said.they just told us to leave no charges ,the other time we was in there from like 10 pm till almost 2 got good stuff on camera and audio.

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i went there with about seven or so friends, i have been there like five times but have only went in once .... i was reallly scared when we went in there we video taped it when we did watch the video we seen a black figure going across the screen it was weird because when we was there we just thought that it was a bat or somethin but i dont think it was. when i was in ther i did hear voices saying "get out" i thought i was hearing things but one of my friends heard the same thing so idk.... we went like alomost down stairs i think they though it was the mourge i really dont know where we was at but i seen the lights moving back and forth. it really scares me that place does.... but honestly i really want to go back....

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i live in maysville this hospital would be a great place to have a haunted house at halloween all the spooks are already there i'd love to go in there and look around thats where i was born and my oldest son to it was a very pretty hospital back in the day

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Last Seen: 3/15/2009 10:07:32 PM  
Ive been going in hayswood on and off for about 19 years,I was even born there.Me and my freinds used to go in there all the time when we were kids.I recently went in there with my girlfriend.We sat in there for a couple of hours drinking wild irish rose,anyway I have never ever seen or heard anything in there.It may be creepy but thats about it.Ive seen the you tube video and it may look cool but it is fake.Ive heard alot of storys about people seeing and hearing things,well I call these people liars.I should know because ive been in there lots and lots of times,although I do think it would be a big mistake to tear it down.It would cost alot of money to fix it up but I think it would be worth it.

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I took my teenage cousins to Hayswood in October 2007. I did not let them roam around inside for fear they'd get hurt or I'd be put it jail (the cops actually made us leave after a while). These kids took several photos and I carried a voice recorder. When we left the Hospital, we played back the recorder. You could plainly make out each of our voices as we talking throughout the recording. However, about 10 minutes into the tape you can hear static, as if we all be cut out or recorded over. Then, clear as day, a female voice says "I hate you, get out." We also caught a lot of wierd images on camera. However, we drove over to walmart afterwards and tried enlarging them and printing some, and they were lost. Oddly, we could see them as we were leaving the hospital and they lost with no explanation. Unrecoqnizable file format on each camera. Very spooky.

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hi my name is ginger smith' i live in newport ky. ive lived here for 45 years or more,and the house i live in i think is haunted, and so does my family and friends,i heared about hayswood hospital from a good friend of mine .cause he knows im in to stuff like this . so far what ive read about this place it creeps me out. but i would still like to go through this place, it could be a challange,

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i went their a while ago. i was literally terrified out of my mind, but it was one of those things I HAD TO DO. walking down the "patients hallway" where the patients of this hospital stayed, i saw every single door close but one. a little girl stood in the one open door way motioning me to come to the room where she was standing. as i walked down the hall way into the room i could hear a baby crying and wailing...upon entering the room i saw a babys incubator, but no baby..next thing i know it was gone. THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED FOR REAL.

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i just went in there last night. I was too scared to go in so i stayed in the car. my friends car that i was in alone the lights blinked twice and i swear i saw a woman in a nurses uniform in the woods staring at me fading away slowly. i then went in the fron tof the building only to hear babies crying and screaming. i saw a figuer swaying back and forth on the top floor, 1st 2nd and 3rd window from the left. the window in the middle pillar was opening and closing very slowly also. i was too scared to go inside. one of my friends was pushed by sometgihng and hurt her knees very badly as well. we were also there during the witching hour (12-2) and into the dead hour (2-5) i don't reccomend going here it seems very dangerous. my friends saw 666 written all of the basement floor, and an unopened bottle of punch, giving signs that maybe someone has been down there for a while, very easy for murderers haha to get you. be careful!

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i was just in there today and was walking around. well i seen the gurney sitting in the middle of the hallway so I took a pic. Well right when I turned around I seen a flash on the wall behind me. I thought it was the guy I was with coming up the stairs. I turned back around and saw 2 shadows coming around the corner. I thought this could be bad, I was not sure what it was. Turned out it was 2 other guys in there, they claimed they knew the lady who owned it and they was looking to clean it up so they could have haunted tours in there, but I dont know. It was scary for a minute cause I had no idea what the hell it was.

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This past Friday, my husband and I had drove from Elizabethtown to visit Maysville. The hospital was very easy to find since it's right beside the road. We almost passed it though since it was dark;I just happened to look to my right while looking for Market street. The building loomed over the car and it was very intimidating! We began searching for a place to park the vehicle, which didn't prove to be a task. There were parked vehicles up and down the road, but we parked at a nearby church lot about 300 feet away. It was around midnight, but the town was alive. Apparently, there was a wine festival going on and people were walking about, most hanging around 2 pubs that were on Market street. One of them, I specifically remember as O'rourke's. Walking up to the hospital, my heart sank into my stomach. This feeling didn't come from the possibility of being caught, since the whole area (outside the building) seemed public friendly and our intentions were not that of entering. The only warning was that of no access permitted inside the hospital and we had abided by that. Putting my hand inside a few of the windows to take pictures was frightening enough. Even if the building had been open to the public, it's questionable if I would ever enter (aside from being creepy,it's an undoubtable health and safety risk). The damp, moldy smell wafting from the building made me sick! There's no telling the amount of black mold that swamps Hayswood. Although it's decrepit, Hayswood hospital is still beautiful, majestic, intimidating, and mysterious. The same goes for downtown Maysville as a whole. I would have loved to tour Hayswood before it became unkept.

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I live near this hospital and I can vouch for the creepiness there. As far as haunted, I don't know. The popular video out there is more than likely a hoax. I know the guy who uploaded it on you tube (Jeremy Parnell) and he's pretty good at video editing. I think that's part of his job. I have videoed and photographed that place inside and out many times. I have spent many hours inside with friends and alone and the only thing that has happened are some cold chills. But, it is a big, damp empty building with holes in the roof, so that is explainable. However, I have heard the babies crying, and let me tell you, the first time I heard that I was awestruck. Once I got closer to the sound though, I realized the place was full of cats. Do you know what cats in heat sound like? Anyway, it's a lot of fun to explore, but, please be careful. The hallways and rooms are full of rusty mangled steel and debris, the copper thieves did a hell of a job ripping down all the duct work from the ceiling. And the only "safe" access to the building is from the path behind the hospital which leads to the roof. Did I mention the roof is full of holes?

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Documentary to debut in Maysville Jan. 23, 2010.

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Look I went in there with two others.. It is really creepy but confusing.. Couldn't find the morgue.. It's full of water. We saw it thru an elevator shaft.. Couldn't find any stairs to it.. I'm 14 and it was a great experience.. And the comment about the cuts is true.. I had them on my wrists and my elbows.. The best way to get in Is from the left side looking from the road.. There is a door already opened.. MAKE SURE YOU BRING A FLASHLIGHT.. I saw a shadow figure in the basement floor. Be careful as it is full of danger risks.. And it's full of asbestos. Very health hazardus.. Kinda felt sick after leaving.. Have fun.. Dont get caught.. =]

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ive been in there twice and i do believe that it is haunted but not to the extent of most of these comments describe. the first time i was there, their were three people in there before me and they looked pretty freaked out...but there was 6 of us and we thought that someone was still in there because you could here talking as if there were two people having a conversation...so we looked up and down the hallways for someone and searched every room but we couldnt find anyone so i believe that its is haunted...as we was leaving me and my friend was in the back of the pack and we was by the elevaor shaft and heard a creepy laugh like out of a movie so we left...the second tim it was 6 of us again but two of them stayed in the car and as we was walking down to the basement we heard girls screaming for dear life so we ran to the car and they was fine they thought it was us...thats how loud it was...but we never seen anything cool

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i visited the hospital a couple times.. the first time and second time was with my brothers and a cousin and some others. we went in the first time and one girl and i went in and left right away bc we were so scared from the over-whelming feeling we had... we came out and a girl that stayed out in the car was in tears bc the car she told us had been flashing lights on its own and that she thought she saw a figure in the woods in front of the car... she was literally crying and on the phone w her mom begging her mom to come get her!! it was insane. from then on we drove the car around the block.. parked in front of the hospital and i swear we saw things in the windows.. it wasnt our friends/family that were w us. i would talk to them as they were in there and they would flash their lights and they were in the opposite area of the hospital... that was just from one visit... the second visit i will tell about later.. another third will be tonight and i will let you know about what we see next... yes i may be crazy and i am completely frightened!!


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i have been researching this for home work and all the sights I've been on claim there's ghosts.i live in Canada and really want to see this place.    


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one time me and some friends went in too this places got good stuff one of my friends were choking we didnt know what ta do havent seen her sice i really miss her and love her very much and now i think she might be one of those gost a nother time we went in ta look for her we heard childern playing and lights flashing i am tearafide of this place and will never forgett the i lost my friend take my avise and never go in there terrible thing's will happen now when i go ta sleep a dream that i am there and i can see my friend and other things and when i wake up and go ta the bathroom and look in the mirror she's there and then i lay down and dont wake till forever !!!

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Alright so NO JOKE i have been in this place twice... The first time nothing at all happened to us. But the second time is definantly a different story. We saw figures of people and heard noises... but the scariest thing that happened was when we went out to the courtyard, exiting where the nursery is... we walked out from underneath of something and as soon as we were surrounded by the whole hospital things started falling and glass started breaking and falling from all four corners! we all ducked and ran... but as we were running there was seriously something following us... It was making things from the ceiling fall directly behind us! i have never been so scared in my life, i was crying! I told myself i would never go back, but it was definatly an experiance that doesnt happen everyday! It was insane... Also the first time i went my hair tie came out of my hair and the second time i lost a pair of sunglasses off of my head! So if you see some cute sunglasses there, they are mine lol. If you dont believe me, experiance it yourself!

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hahah we went, heard shiiit left. didnt help that it was a perfect stormy night. the lightning flashed over the building perfectly. im sure it was just wind. and reading the stories here, you have to think, youre in a damp cold place, of course your going to have the chills, youre surrounded by asbestos and harmful mold of course youre going to feel sick, and as for the apparitions, im not sure if i believe those stories, guess ill just have to see for myself again tomorrow!

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Crack heads and the homeless are your ghosts!

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venture the forgotten

Last Seen: 8/11/2010 9:50:50 PM  
me an a couple buddys of mine went in there that place is trashed .good to finds tho we have alot on film like black mass an figures in the hallways can i ask a question ?? has anyone ever found the locked box on the first in the doctors office floor that used to hold records one side of the box said exposed an the other side said unexposed does anyone else think they was exposin ppl to messed up stuff if anyone has aN answetr hit me back up wit it ill posted the picutre of it soon

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it is so freeky super freeky boo! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaah boo!

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Last Seen: 2/8/2013 10:50:47 PM  
on 10/24/2010 I spent over 3 hours looking around this great old hospital with local and fellow ghost hunter Jeremy Hamm. I did not see anything or hear anything out of the ordinary, except for an unexpected chill that we both felt that lasted about 5 seconds and was gone. There were a few odd things that we both noticed about this location; first that for a building that is built in to the back of a hill and has woods behinds it for as far as I could see, there was NO evidence of any animals in the building at all. Seconds, Even though the building is made primarily of brick and other hard materials, there is NO ECHO in the building. Third, there was no visible evidence of mold even with the extensive water damage that was everywhere. and last, I never felt scared, threatened, afraid, or in any danger, I was perfectly comfortable in the Hayswood. I took some great pictures (http://picasaweb.google.com/pcmods/HayswoodHospital#)in and around this great hospital as well as almost an hour of video (I will post soon). I will be returning to the Hayswood soon and this time I will be better prepared with all my equipment.

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fun place didnt really see or hear anything but i went in with 4 other people and all of us got really lightheaded and confused about what floor we were on it was pretty fun though

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Last Seen: 2/8/2013 10:50:47 PM  
I have post a preliminary report on my time in the Hayswood Hospital along with 2 videos and a lot of pictures. http://sepi-nc.99k.org/hayswood.html

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Last Seen: 12/26/2010 11:12:08 PM  
hi i was born and raised in maysville and i can tell you some of this is bull u dont her screaming from outside it is very spooky and u can see people in the windows i had a family member go in there with devil worshipers and he got so scared he ran and went to church that was 20 yrs ago he still refuses to talk about it the place is owned by karen vonderhaars sister who bought it and the old maysville school at the same time it was to be torn down but is full of asbestos so its impossible very scary place and haunted but has been pushed to extremes on here you want a real haunted place go to taylor mill road the end coming off number 11 go after dark and see how scared you get

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I use to live in Maysville and would always see the hospital and heard some crazy stuff about it. I never went to it.
I moved north, but my grandfather was born their so me and my aunt decided to drive down last night and just check it out again. She couldnt find a place to park so i went on my own up to it towards the back to tak pics, sadly for some reason all but one pic was black, i couldnt take a pic of that place for anything, then i saw a window that was busted out so i was taking a pic of it and felt like someone was watching me from the inside. I shrugged it off, then to my horror i heard a baby cry and laughing. I got a really bad headache, and took off running down the hill and left. I had a headache til i got back to my house. once i got back to my house my headache almost immeditaly went away. Was it because of a ghost?, or me just getting to scared of what i was feeling and heard?

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nyr2VXf3io It's a documentary of the town and has some nice pics of the hospital

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i am going there... i was jus wondering will i get in trouble for going. inside??/

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Last Seen: 2/8/2013 10:50:47 PM  
Over and over all you amateurs keep asking, "IF I TRESPASS, WILL I GET IN TROUBLE?"  Duh!!!  you are committing a CRIME!!!  Please stop trespassing on private property.  Regarding The Hayswood Directly, I personally know of 3 different groups of people that trespassed there and all of them were caught, prosecuted and found guilty.  It is not worth it.

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i went here and got some crazy evps

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i got in 2 ways one is if u go in the ambulence entrance and u go in there and u open the board thing with the chain and u have like 5 different places u can enter there or u can go by the boiler room and there is a door way with stairs and the door is gone



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or go in through the window in the woods up by the generator. people say thats the room a lady died giving birth to her baby and later the baby died in the infant room. both causes of death was undetermined. ive been plenty of times and different shit happens every time. my home town is only about 25 mins away from there. if anyone wants to take a trip with me im willling to go again haha. add me on facebook, brandonfoley@ymail(dot)com

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what did you see


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i went there today. i believe there's something here, but not to the extent others say they've encountered. most of the noises can be explained: (1) i heard a rustling...it was a racoon in the ceiling. (2) doors slamming...yes, they slam...but it's the wind closing them. windows are broken and the breezeways have no walls...even if there isn't a stiff wind, doors are gonna open and slam on their own. (3) i did see shadows of movement in places. (4) i thought i heard a person say something, and a dog growl but there are living people walking the streets, so it's probably them with voices carrying. it's creepy and cool.just not the hype people seem to telling.

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My dad was born in that hospital. So was his baby brother, but his mother died giving birth to his baby brother and the baby died with her. My dad doesn't like to talk about his past much so I never knew about this Hospital at all. I'd love to go.

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My dad was born in there and years later (in early 80s) so was his baby brother. But his mother died giving birth to his brother and his brother died as a baby. 

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RiuChan, What year in the early 80's was that?  The hospital closed in early 1983, and not to mention, according to the hospital records on file at the Maysville Historical Museum NO mother and child died at that hosptial during child birth.  If you have death certificates for both of them, both the Museum and I would love to see them.

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I have visited Hayswood Hospital countless times. I have been going there for almost three years now, during both day and night. I recently went with 3 other friends, at around half past midnight. This was the first time we had ever taken a Ouija board... and the most strange activity-filled visit, to say the least. We were in the dead center of the hospital on the third floor. We were exposed to both sides of the building. While preparing to start communicating through the board, a friend saw a figure with a light coming up the stairs through the broken windows. We all saw the light, and stormed out of the building, we thought it might of been a police officer. My friends stood outside of the side door While I checked for police cars around the building. There were none in sight. So we waited at the only entrance quietly looking out for signs of other is the building. It was below freezing degree weather by this time, so we searched the building only to find that we were alone. We then went back to our spot in the center of the hospital and began to use the Ouija board. We had also lit some candles and placed them around us. We ended up communicating with 3 spirits. Jacob with 3 years of age, Lucie, and another who identified themselves as "G." It is undeniable that there are mysterious entities lurking the abandoned hospital of Maysville. I encourage people to visit to see for themselves. Although I do recommend you to be very careful and vigilant of police officers and other visitors. 

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I would like to know where to find a FREE paper on the Internet of like what room my mom was born in cause we can't find any of her birth papers anywhere ..so if anyone knows where I can find them comment below or something THANKS ...btw my moms turning 33 this month

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The word "visiter" is actually spelled visitor. Wow.




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