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Mushroom Mines
Soldier, Ky 41173

County: Carter
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different ones !!!DANGER WARNING!!! visitors report being chased by a tall albino looking man out of mine, seeing distant lights in the mines, kind of like eyes looking at them, and something would be thrown and land right behind them. Extremely cold chills.

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Last updated on : 6/1/2005

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:13 PM  
Creepy, I`ll give it that. We`ve had flashlight outages, even when replaced with new batteries. The caves are dark, you can`t tell a difference between when your eyes are open and closed. We took a bunch of cameras inside, and what not, it was really actually frightening. I don`t have the pictures, but I did see a couple that we took that day, right after they were taken. One of the walls had a face on it. It was shown in atleast 3 different photos of that same wall, however, when we used the flashlights to try to find the face, it wasn`t there. Creepy. However, be careful when you go in, people have been murdered inside of there, and there are a lot of tales of people being shot at for going in there, some have said it`s because of drugs being inside there, however, I`d doubt those tales. Either way, it`s dangerous inside there, so be careful. Bring extra batteries, and plenty of flash lights, and TRY to keep track of where you`re going, you can get lost. It`s also really really cold in there, so dress warm, even in the summer, and it`s wet and muddy all the time inside of there, so don`t wear your best clothes in there, either. There`s been times when we`ve gone in and heard voices, but it was just a different group of people exploring, so don`t jump to conclusions. :)

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:05:02 PM  
Actually if you are a person who likes to visit this place, you need to hurry back. It is being turned into some sort of computer communications facility. I personally don`t feel it is haunted. The most I have heard is a owl, which without knowing what it was is freaky, but everything else there is just other people trying to scare you. I have had a lot of fun in this place. We got talked to by the cops recently, however, and it will no longe be allowed to be publicly visited. There have not been and deaths here, but there have been people found dead. Some guy killed his parents, and hid the bodies there, but then confessed later. If you wanna go here for fun, be careful. It is VERY dark, and cold. There are many entrances and exits however, so even if you get lost, which is easy, you will find a way out. Beautiful place to visit in the snowy/frozen daytime as well. Graffiti is also fun to read.

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I don't know about ghosts up on Mushroom Hill/Stone Mountain, but I "think" there is a Bigfoot type creature in the woods surrounding the mines. My wife has relatives who live directly above the mines, and have lived there for decades. We visit them quite alot and about two years ago, we went to visit in the early spring. Well, as we were driving up the hill and rounding one of the many curves, out of the corner of my eye, and my wife's (I was driving) we saw a HUGE, red hair covered, ape-man like creature jump into the woodline adjacent to the ditchline. What ever it was, was big enough to make large sapling trees move as he ran toward one of the mine entrances...really freaky. Then, about a month later, my wife's aunt said, "I heard the strangest, scariest sound the other night around three AM. It sounded a little like a bear roaring...only louder." Later that same evening, as we sat on the front porch and socialized, there was a LOUD, and I mean LOUD, DEEP, LONG blood curdling ROAR that came from just inside the woodline. Trust me, we ALL were like, what the hell was that? My wife's aunt says, "Yep, that's what I heard the other night!" The only thing I can honestly say I've ever heard that sounded like that was recordings of Bigfoot I heard on a website once...no sh*t!

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Same poster as above here... Later that same year, I went exploring in the woods around the mines in the summer, and as I went down paths, i kept running into trees that had been bent over the paths, and sort of resembled Teepees, and kept seeing rocks that were stacked on top of each other. I at one time had pictures of these, because they just seemed odd. I later read on one of the Bigfoot websites, that in areas where there are "known" Bigfoot sightings, that these same signs are seen in the woods. Supposedely the Bigffot creatures mark the paths with them as a way of saying, KEEP OUT! Trust me, I heeded their warnings. Lastly, one evening when i helped to mow the grass, I kept having the strange feeling that I was being watched by "something" just inside the woodline. i decided to pick up a rock and throw it in the direction I "thought" someone was watching. Well, whatever IT was, I must have hit, because I suddenly heard that same LOUD, chilling roar, followed by the sound of a very LARGE, "something" running away, which sounded like it was snapping LARGE tree limbs as it fled! That is enough to convince me that SOMETHING lurks in the woods up there, and that I NEVER will walk into those woods without a companion, nor a .45 caliber pistol of large caliber rifle!

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i just now got back from mushroom mines it was cool i thaght that i sen blood there in the caves i am a kid i am 9 it is block off but me and my mom past it i could here someting in there.

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- -
Was the tall albino man that chases people out by any chance hairy? Around 10 ft tall?

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Just went to mushroom mines. Didn't see anything because my boyfriend wouldn't stay long enough but as soon as you walk in you get a eery feeling of being watched no matter where you walk and I got 3-4 cold chills the further I went back.




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