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Barren Fork
Whitley City, Ky 42653

County: McCreary County
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February 2004 correction: Formerly posted as "Barren Rd. Cemetery" There is supposed to be a witch buried in the Grave yard, there is a house built around her grave and there are times that you can go and the house will be locked. And there are times you will go and the house will not be locked...As you turn on the road it gets very cold even in the Summer time February 2004 correction – additional information: Her name was Anna Foster and she died at the age of 28. In the last year or so her headstone has been stolen and the shelter over her grave has been vandalized and almost torn apart. It's sad and the submitter has nearly cry every time they see it. They are looking into fixing the shelter themselves. But they cannot afford to replace her headstone, unfortunately. Upon research they have discovered that she is not the witch everyone thinks. The "real" witch's grave is located just inside the woods next to this cemetery. Again, we have to state that if you are going to investigate these places, have respect for the people involved with these places. To destroy history, and vandalize graves proves nothing but your foolishness.

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Last Seen: 6/28/2009 7:15:30 PM  
i have been to this cemetery several times we got a evp of a woman asking for help but as far as seeing anything we hadn't

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Last Seen: 7/3/2009 7:24:34 AM  
the headstone to anna fosters grave was found and returned to her grave

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Last Seen: 7/3/2009 7:24:34 AM  
anna fosters headstone has been returned to her grave

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do you know where exactly her grave is located

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Last Seen: 2/16/2010 9:53:47 AM  
Is Anna Foster the witch supposedly buried at Barren Fork Cemetery or is it someone else? The woman I am looking for is Katherine Tyler. She was acused of being a witch but was found dead before her neighbors could do anything to her. She was buried a little ways outside of the graveyard and a stone with this wrote on it was erected.Katherine Tyler Died Sept.17,1899 Age 19 Years 6 Months & 5 Days. Her Dad John died about 20 years later and was buried in cemetery without a stone. The story goes that a huge oak tree grew up between the graves with the roots growing toward Katherine and the branches her Dad. Her story has been told in 2 books about KY ghosts. Any information will be greatly appericated.

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I have been to barren fork cemetery with my husband and his brother and his brother's girlfiend. I went there at night on may 30th and my husaband and his brother got out of the car to go and look around and my friend and i stayed in the car. I was talking to my friend and the next thing i knew i was looking at a women standing in front of my car looking back at me i watched her for a mintue and she was wearing a long dress and had long hair she moved to the woods and the she was gone.. I would like to know who she is.

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Around 1995 or 1996 we were camping around Yahoo Falls. My friends and I were not from the area and would just visit different areas to camp from time to time. Of course after meeting some town folks they wanted us to go to the witches grave. As we were there I was not looking for anything or even paying attention. The next hour was one that none of us could ever explain. It was to the point of seeing everything possible that we said severals times we needed a film crew there. It was middle of July and while we were seeing all of the shadows,etc it got so could you could see your breath. The night at Yahoo Falls it continued. Since this time we have not been back to any of the area. Just got bored tonight and thinking back.  Jason 





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