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UFO Reports (Rock Springs, WY)
Rock Springs, WY 82901

County: Sweetwater County
WebSite: None


---------------------------Link to original story: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/027/S27008.html" 1/8/03 20:15
Shape: Light
Duration: 1 hour
Summary: It was like an airport becon that was rotating with red, green, and white lights|
---------------------------Link to original story: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/023/S23203.html" 6/7/02 00:30
Shape: Light
Duration: 5-10 min
Summary: These three objects of luminating light were just suspended in mid air, then gone|
---------------------------Link to original story: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/004/S04088.html" 9/26/98 03:05
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 5-10 seconds
Summary: Was driving and saw a greenish/blue fireball looking object, travelling west to east|
---------------------------Link to original story: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/005/S05891.html" 7/20/58 21:30
Shape: Disk
Duration: 1 min
Summary: Friend & I retuned home from movie We lived on a hill that over looked the desert I looked out to the s w and saw this object and i|

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