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Brindle Hall Reports of noises being heard throughout the hall. Shades often going up without anyone near them, sounds of marbles rolling across the roof, and hissing noises that travel throughout each room. Trees outside forming the letters to spell out the name Julie, a girl who mysteriously disappeared from the 4th floor. Hand prints found on the outside part of a 3rd floor window. Keyboard letters going up and down as though someone was typing when no one was near the computer. Banging on headboards until someone yelled stop and the noise went away.


Reynolds Hall Reports of seeing a ghost of a little girl reflected in mirrors, pool balls moving , Pictures been found upside down on the wall, heard the piano playing by itself, furniture moving, Faint knocks on the door of the top quad, Shades fly up in the middle of the night.
Winthrop Hall The old mansion by the water is haunted by a younger looking woman wearing a flowing white gown. She is a ghost supposedly waiting for her husband to come back from sea. On the third floor of the building there is a staircase that goes up into the wall and mysteriously ends. The staircase leads to a widow`s walk on the roof where supposedly the woman jumped to her death when finding out her husband was not coming home. Witnesses have seen her numerous times walking around the yard by the water and cliffs.

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I have heard of the tree that spells the girls name but that legend has been around for some many years it changes variation of year to something different as far as the other accounts of paranormal activity that bears some investigating in the future for me.


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I used to live in Winthrop Hall in 1988-1989, as legend goes, as she committed suicide over her husband, her spirit was so strong as it flew through the estate it flipped a painting upside down in the entrance lobby, as of 1989 that painting was still in the lobby. The only two incidents that happened while I was there were my neighbors hearing someone outside on the fire escape and then finding seaweed outside up the hallway, both times the painting had been tampered with. One of my friends allegedly lived in the room where she committed suicide (the story we heard was she hung herself in her bedroom)and almost everynight her door was just open even if it was securely latched.

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i live freaking near there on foster st. that is so creepy!

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Julie committed Suicide in brindle in the late 80's. She was holding marbles (as she always did) when she killed herself. The trees do spell Julie (its scary). A friend of mine actual did a tape recording and it clairly says "I'm going to get you" in a girls voice. There were no girls in the room

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While I was there - 2001-2005 - a friend of mine lived in the 'Julie Room' of Brindle. She claims to have been picked up and thrown across the room into the wall one day, which her roommate also claims to have seen. The trees out front are creepy. I had also heard that Mingo Beach behind Winthrop is haunted by the ghost of a slave named Mingo. The story is that he drowned while trying to swim to a small island just offshore in an attempt to win his freedom from his master. We requested to hold a seance in Winthrop for ECTV during our time there, but were denied by the fire marshall. At the time, there was a rumor that if you lit a circle of candles on the floor of the entrance to the house, the ghost will walk down the stairs and through the circle of candles. We wanted to attempt it for a Halloween edition of ECTV, but like I said we were denied.

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does anyone know if i could go there and investagte a little with parental guidance. please write back as soon as possible i would like to try and go friday does anyone know someone who works there and is it still a school people go to????



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44955 ReplyTo# 44946     11/24/2009 4:36:00 PM     Edit          

Big college open 24/7 seven days a week... You do not need parents just walk in. It is an open fully functioning business, just like a shopping mall.

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i live in brindle hall this year on the third floor. me and my buddy went up to the fourth floor to talk to the girls that live around where julie hung herself to see if they experienced anything, and that night when i was trying to fall asleep (i was laying on my stomach) i felt what seemed like a hand push down on the back of my head. i was startled but knew it was just julie. shes means well, she wont hurt anyone or intentionally do things to harm someone. the girls that live in her old room have had pleasant experiences with julie. a lot of the rumors that she does things to scare or harm people are just that...rumors.

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I attended Endicott in the 80's and there were always strange noises coming from the mansions that housed the students.  This is a very old college and of course - you will have ghosts messing with the kids- they don't want people in their room and their spirit cannot cross over without some from of guidance.




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My daughter is staying at Brindle Hall this week for a leadership program she is attending there.  She emailed earlier today that they hear knocking in the hall all night.  Weird.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 56518     8/11/2010 12:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I lived in Brindle hall my freshman year and was supposedly in Julie's room (room 314), I personally never experienced anything while I lived there that year. The only thing I heard of didn't happen in my room, my friend down the hall said she didn't believe in Julie and one of her light bulbs exploded after she said it. But as other people said the trees outside of Brindle do spell Julie so that is kind of freaky.

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Does anyone know/remember the story behind the faces in the stone by the colleges? I saw one myself, and I remember a few different kids at my school were talking about them, yet I cannot find any info on them on the internet?

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This previous summer I stayed in Brindle Hall one whole week for a lacrosse camp. They had us girls only dorm on floors 2 and 3. (Floor 1 has limited rooms which were taken by the counselors). Floor 4 was completely empty, but because there was a shortage of showers my friends and I would go up and use that floor's showers. When I was with my friends I felt fine, but one day I went up early by myself to get a head start and I did feel a little uneasy. I do have to admit I was kind of creeped walking up the staircase and entering the dark floor by myself. But I did not know of any of these haunting stories at the time. Besides that, I didn't experience anything haunting and I never noticed the trees.

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I was lived in Brindle last year in the room that is supposedly below Julie's room, and I did have a good amounte of things happen.  The shades opened on their own about 4 times, I heard the marbles many many times, always pretty late at night.  My friend was sleeping over one night, before we even knew about the legend, and we were just laughing about it thinking what on earth is that.  Also one day when i was in my room alone a book flew off my little makeshift bookshelf and landed in the middle of the room.  I never felt really scared in the room, except for when the shade woke me up it went up so fast, and it was about 2-4 am, i dont remember exactly, but i definitely felt a bit uneasy at that point.  I think it is safe to say that area of Brindle is haunted indeed

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I live on the third floor in Reynolds Hall (an all girls freshmen hall). There is a girl on the first floor who is haunted by the ghost. Apparently, the ghost is a little girl, and the resident who is haunted by her, is the most "little girl ish" out of everyoen in Reynolds. She has little dolls around her bed, which everyone says attracts the ghost to her. She sees the ghost often and hears her. The resident just moved residence halls, and since she left, Reynolds has been falling apart. Weird things have been happening, and most girls think it is because the ghost is mad that her friend left.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 81859     4/3/2013 12:52:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I was a student at Endicott for 4 years and while I never had any personal experiences with the ghosts, I have seen the trees that spell Julie outside Brindla Hall and I find it hard to believe that it's just a coincidence...

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I live on the fourth floor of brindle and there's MOTHERFUCKING HANDPRINTS ON THE SCREEN




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