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Eunice Williams Covered Bridge
Eunice Williams Drive
Greenfield, Ma 01301

County: Franklin County
GPS: 42.6467463, -72.6190860
WebSite: None

Back in the 1600`s, Deerfield was raided by a band of French soldiers and Indians. The 200 or so captives were taken North to Canada, along the way crossing over the Green River in present day Greenfield. Eunice Williams, wife of the town`s reverend who just hours before had given birth, was hacked to death in the river by an Indian. Today, a plaque set in a stone tells the tale, and a covered bridge looms beside it connecting North Greenfield and the Meadows section of town. It is said that Eunice shows herself here, at night, when motorists stop inside the bridge, turn off their headlights, and beep once. Other sightings have been beside the dam above the bridge, and downstream in the middle of the river.

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               Like      Dislike        Comment# 5392     9/22/2007 9:47:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:07:03 PM  
I know this place I have seen a figure standing on the damn and one night while camping in the eara with my friend on march 1st 1996 we could hear the cry`s of a women as well as what I call war crys from Indians. I can say that our goak that night to see or hear somehing was acomplished. I haven`t been back at night since.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 7920     12/19/2007 2:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:08:18 PM  

Eunice Williams gave birth approx 6 weeks (not hours) before her death, per many reliable sources, including the Historic Deerfield website below:



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 53059 ReplyTo# 7920     6/12/2010 4:54:00 PM     Edit          

@aries929 The way I heard it, she was captured hours after she gave birth, but a few weeks later (possibly your 6 weeks?) she was killed. I could be wrong... This is merely the way I heard it when I did. :)

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27562     2/19/2009 8:10:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

ive been to the eunice williams bridge like 5 times and not once have i seen or heard a thing . a buddy of mine said he saw a ghustly figure that looked like a older woman

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78827 ReplyTo# 27562     7/16/2012 4:07:00 PM     Edit          

I saw a Gustly figure too! But scarier than that i once saw a Ghostly figure, it did not ghust like the other one!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27741     2/23/2009 6:51:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i lived in an old hunting cabin there for a few years and i never saw anything definitive. however, it feels as though that area has a serious "stain" on it.i had my hair stand up on my body many a time while going to the bathroom in the dead of the night in those woods. the former tenant of the cabin told many tales of really dark spirit encounters he had while living there. he was heavy into meditating in the woods there. the covered bridge has been deemed unsafe as of a few years back and due to the misappropriated funds that were dumped into Boston for the big dig they just blocked the bridge off. a shame as it is beautiful during the day esp during foliage season. would be a great cause for someone to take up as Greenfield is a town where they have historically ruined their landmark features and in the process made it almost completely un-noteworthy.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 37428     8/7/2009 10:14:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i went there today and the water was cold but nice and as i looked up on top of the bridge as i was under the waterfall there she was i saw her just looking at me and then she disapeared!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43269     10/30/2009 10:44:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i've been here many times and every time its something new but the last time they were very angry and did not want us there. we left very quickly, and i've yet to return again..

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 48139     2/11/2010 12:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 2/15/2011 9:56:31 AM  

im going there this month


anything i should knowlike what time to be there or if the ghost is dangerous plz email me



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 49527     3/13/2010 6:33:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


i have been here like 2 years ago.. it is very creepy expecially around 3am.. me and a friend had the feeling liek we were unwanted... ALSO, on the way up we had a truck following us.. we went up the hill before eunice williams st... after half way up the hill the truck disappeared..............


Does anyone know of an old man dressed up like a farmer dying around the street you take to get there in one of the fields?


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 49709     3/19/2010 7:33:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i went there last night around 930 or 1000. we parked on the back side so we had to walk through the woods with no flashlights. as we did not see anything i did hear footsteps off in the field bt the building. also my friend took lots of pictures and we looked at them today and found that in one by the water there were three orbs and tou can tell that there not water drops or mist because there is only three

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 52305     5/22/2010 9:21:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

My kid and I whent there a few weeks ago we in joy ghost hunting we had a EVP recorder and a K2 meater and a camra.No hits on the K2 nore the recorer the water fall was to loud.But I did get a red mist at the beging of the bridge.I was standing inside facing out of the bridge.Hope to go back soon.We are hoping to hunt with a real team some day. email me beanerajn@yahoo

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 53999     7/7/2010 1:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Night We Went Down To The Bridge To Hang Out Around 12am. On our way down we heard voices of what we thought were people having a party and took off because they thought we were the cops. But when we got down there, nobody. No Cars, No People. Not even a sound of a car leaving or anything. So we sat around for a little bit next to the damn and we kept seeing lights underneath the bridge, but once again no one was down there and no flash lights were showing through the bushes or anything. Not saying it was something paranormal but it sure was very odd. Next time i plan on bring my Voice Recorder to see if we cant catch something. The important thing though is when you are down there, to show respect to any spirits that may be down there, no taunting or yelling at them because the death that family down there was horrific. Show some respect but have fun doing it.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 55659     7/29/2010 5:59:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I lived within a mile of this site as a child. The ghostly experiences are all in the minds of those "hoping" to witness something...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 56812     8/18/2010 10:15:00 AM     Edit       Reply    


My Name is Eunice Williams Schwert.  I am a direct Descendant of Eunice Williams through her son Steven.  Eunice had given birth about 2 months previous before the massacre in February 1704.  They took the family, including her Daughter Eunice Williams and made the travel from Deerfield to just south of Montreal.  Her husband John was the Reverend John Williams, who wrote two books.  The first was 'The Redeemed Captive' because he was released by his captors.  The second book is entitled 'The UnRedeemed Captive' for his daughter Eunice Williams who fell in love with one of her captors and never left the tribe. 

It was on the travels over the Williams River that Eunice Williams could no longer moved forward.  She fell and was then slain by the Kanawake Indians and thrown into the river.

I have never heard of any of this haunting folklore - but I am excited to be a part of it in a manner speaking...

Wish I could get up there to visit...

She is probably a very nice ghost...




               Like      Dislike        Comment# 62636     11/14/2010 2:42:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

OMG, you silly people, I was born and raised in Franklin County. Yes Eunice Williams died at the Green river (AKA The Pumping Station). If you want to see Eunice's ghost you must go in February (the day of her death) as the rumor goes. I am pretty sure you will see nothing. No one ever has. You guys are too funny!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 73668     9/20/2011 10:51:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

there is o ghost there is a rumor of screaming but i live about a 1/2 mile away from the bridge and there is nothing u guys are crazy i belive in ghosts but she is not there




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