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Munchkin Land
Brush Lake Rd.
Eau Claire, Mi 49111

County: Berrien County
GPS: 42.0007285, -86.2228531
WebSite: None

Frost Cemetery/Munchkin land There is an old church on the T of Brush Lake Rd. and Frost. It`s surrounded by an old cemetery. The church and it`s grounds are said to be haunted by a child who was killed inside of the church by the pastor. If you drive by there is also a head stone that glows green. You can here giggling from insides the cemetery late at night. And you will sometimes see figures hiding among the stone.

A small piece of history on Franklin Chapel:

"The church was organized by members of the United Brethren denomination in1854, a year before the church building was constructed. In 1880, services were held every two weeks by a circuit rider, Rev. J.H. Pattee.

The church was likely constructed by the builder of Union Church at Pokagon Highway and M-140 and Morris Chapel on Pucker Street. All three churches are similar in style and size and are located within a five-mile radius"

This was taken from a Herald Palladium article on the restoration efforts on the chruch throughout the summer of 2007. There are future plans to also expand the cemetery. The hope is for the church to be used for weddings and funerals in the near future.

There is very little known on the spirits haunting this cemetery. Most of the tales I have heard have mentioned a priest who killed at least 2 children in the cemetery and then hung himself from the bell tower. I have been unable to confirm the legitimicy of of these claims. My friend describes seeing a young girl there one night. If she was murdered here I have no idea, this story requires further research into local history. It should be mentioned that the Hearld Palladium article quoted above mentions nothing of the supposed spirit activity or of the gruesome events that supposedly occured there.-SwMIhunter

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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
I`ve been here many times, simply put it`s the creepiest cemetery I`ve ever been in. The most notable thing that happened to us was one night were in the back by one of the trees when all of a sudden a shadow went over it and it turned black as if something huge were standing over it. It was a cloudless night, and the shadow remained for a few moments until a car came up the road.

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How can I view the pics on this site?? What's the best time to go to munchkinland?

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I am a resident down from the church for thirty years now, the cameras are real and as of notification anybody caught after dark in or around the church after dark will be pressed with charges to fullest extent, the county has taken charge of the church and keep well track of the traffic coming through the area. I honestly care less on your decision if you make the decision to enter the property, thats your choice, but the stories arent true, this i know, ive done full investigation dating back to 1800. There is one interesting piece of information on the graveyard is that john wilkes booths cousin the one who helped him escape after lincolns death is buried in the graveyard.


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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
uploaded some more photos. It should be noted while online and by locals it`s referred to as Frost Cemetery, the name of the cemetery is Franklin. There is a stone with the name Frost on it just inside the gates. From what I hear the name was changed because of the strange things that happen here. While visiting this past week I heard for the first time voices in the graveyard. Me and my friend were standing next to my truck outside the gates when we heard growling coming from the back left corner of the cemetery. That corner seems to be the main spot of activity here.

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Awesome pictures and story. I will have to check this out in the future.

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Last Seen: 3/30/2014 6:53:07 PM  
this place is the best i love it

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Last Seen: 6/9/2008 2:53:33 PM  
I actually buried a man alive in this cemetery.

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Last Seen: 5/1/2017 1:34:40 PM  
Nice work on the photos!

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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
It should be noted since the last time I posted a comment here some of my friends went to the cemetery and despite the fact it was 1 in the morning, the guy who lives in the house behind the cemetery came out and told them to leave or he`d call the police.

We`ve been avoiding this place since then, at least for a while, rumor is the cops are patrolling this road more now. I do hope to go back and take more photos in the future sometime though, just watch out for the neighbor. Obviously he hasn`t been too happy with all the late night visitors lately.

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Last Seen: 5/1/2017 1:34:40 PM  
dont these people understand how cool a cemetery is at 1am?

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Last Seen: 7/26/2017 8:00:15 AM  
great posting man....

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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
went over for a visit yesterday, first time I`d been over since October (daylight visit) Someone has done some repairs to the bell tower, makes one wonder what the future plans for the structure are? I`ve uploaded two new photos from yesterday and one of the damage done by vandals in the summer to the front door that led to the "No Trespassing after sunset" sign also pictured which has been up on the church since October.

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Last Seen: 9/18/2009 12:21:13 AM  
I love this place!

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Last Seen: 9/18/2009 12:21:13 AM  
I`ve uploaded a few pic`s i`ve taken out there. the dates on the pics are wrong.. there from last summer.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:06:27 PM  
My friend, her mom and I went there a few nights ago and got some pics and it was by far the most creepiest place i`ve ever been.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:06:27 PM  
oh oh oh.
munchkin land.

alaina loves going to munchkin land.

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Last Seen: 8/10/2009 10:23:01 PM  
Went there at early dusk and took some pictures, nothing really happened just kinda creepy. If you stand next to the church though you will hear a really loud, low humming sound. Like a furnace or a far off jet engine. After further inspection you can see small holes all around the church walls near the roof. With bees flying in and out of them. It appears the humming sound is coming from the church being infested with bees. There are two video cameras on the front of the church that appear to be pointed at the cemetary gates, I`m not sure if the cameras are active (or if they ever were) but I assume they are there to deter or catch vandals. Looks like the church has been redone since some of the pictures on here because it`s locked up tight with two pad locks and tag on one of the locks with the name of a local high school, not sure what the tag`s all about.

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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
The cameras are fake. You can buy those kinda things at Radio Shack for $12 it`s just to give a feeling of implied security.

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Last Seen: 5/27/2008 11:25:54 AM  
Oh and by the way the Church has been undergoing restoration all summer long. I`d been documenting the progress and can see an image showing the transformation here: http://s166.photobucket.com/albums/u110/Tsmola01/?action=view¤t=churchrestoration.jpg

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Last Seen: 3/27/2010 12:46:49 PM  
My best friend and girlfriend said they would offer a cookie if a spirit said something to the audio recorder or showed a sign they were there.  As soon as they turned their backs, my girlfriend felt a tap on her shoulder.  Who knows.......

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If there is anyone else that knows any real history on the place and the murders and this priest please let me know because me and my boyfriend went out there and i hadnt been out there in 2 years because it freaked me out and i seen and heard shit. well he convinced me to go out again just tonight and we took a pic of the bell tower (will post after this) and then the camera shut of, but never did later that night. Then as we went to the 7 mile gas station (for those of you who know where it is) we noticed that our back window had rolled down and we didnt notice it and trust me we would have heard it roll down cause they are loud. my boyfriend has a theory that there may be more bodies undiscovered in the basment.... but i dont know....

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Last Seen: 3/30/2014 6:53:07 PM  

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 50481 ReplyTo# 10925     4/9/2010 4:00:00 PM     Edit          

did u ever see or hear shi* in the basement?

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Last Seen: 3/31/2008 6:48:42 PM  
I know people who have gone up into the bell tower and rung the bell, and gone into the basement. There aren't any bodies down there. But I live in the area, and the stories around here are that the paster/preacher raped and killed some girls in the basement. And the neighbor tends to come out at night with a shotgun to scare kids off. So watch out for him. This place is the creepiest place that I've been to thought!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14897     7/3/2008 12:02:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I have seen and heard things here for a long time. Bell ringing by its self, soft wispers and glowing eyes things like that. I still go down there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 17447     8/21/2008 7:36:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 8/21/2008 5:22:02 PM  
I'd really like to check this out sometime, I've heard a ton about it from a couple people who've been there. I've heard some decently farfetched things..but we'll see.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 21302     10/20/2008 2:04:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I just went there a few weeks ago with a few other people I never been there before. The place is kind of creepy, While i didn't see anything while i was there I did hear along with the rest of the group what sounded like a meat grinder. There was also strange sounds which i guess was a bird of some type but was strange i didn't hear anything until i entered the graveyard. My group started to get freaked out when i started to ask questions out loud. One claimed to see dark figured near tombstone. So we left and i took pics while we were leaving and so did my girlfriend. When we got in the car I noticed that one of the pics my girlfriend took looked like it had three faces staring at us. One looked like an older women to the left of the pic one in the middle looked like a man and the one in the trees looked like a child. Check out the pic yourself and tell me what you think.

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we went there tonight, when we first got there we walked up to the doors and one of us was gonna knock on the door to be stupid cause we didnt believe in ghosts and something sounded like it was dropping, or dragging, and it did that twice. after that we was standing still and not talking or anything and the leaves started moving around us, and it sounded like footsteps were running around us. while we was there a person in a car came and yelled at us, and when it came towards us it looked like it was going to run into the fence, and it spun the tires. then after that a truck came and yelled while going past. and the neighbor came outside and started walking towards us. and when we went there the street light was on, and when we left we noticed it was off. we also heard the bird noises. it was REALLY creepy.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23376     11/15/2008 3:58:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I was out there last night and collected some graveyard dirt from a couple different areas behind the church. Does anyone think I could have pissed some spirits off by taking that dirt?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 50482 ReplyTo# 23376     4/9/2010 4:04:00 PM     Edit          


why did u take the dirt? do u do witchcraft or sumthin?


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30816     4/14/2009 7:24:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I dont think spirits care about a hand ful of dirt. Just dont dance and pee on there graves. Always show repect and most of the time they will leave you alone.

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Last Seen: 4/19/2009 12:40:57 AM  

I was here a couple times and both times i experienced things that i never in  my whole life would have expected to experience. The first time me and my friend went there, we just drove by because we got really sick to our stomaches and something just didnt feel right. We then stopped the car in front of the church and sat there in the car, we sat there for a couple minutes and my friend got out of the car and i could feel something touching me and grabbbing my shoulder as if to say look at this, and when i turned around i seen a little girl sitting in the back seat. At that time i was yelling at my friend to get back in the car and lets leave. So he got in the car and we left. After we pulled away i looked in the back seat and the little girl was gone. Then we started going down the road and got to the corner after the cemetary and it got extremely foggy and we could see what looked like an old man walking across the road with a walker. Then when we got to the stop sign and turned, as we were turning a pair of headlights came out of nowhere and so my friend slammed on the brakes and they got closer then dissappeared and there were no cars anywhere.

Then the next time we went, we went with a bigger group of people. I think there were four of us. We all got out this time. Me and a couple of my friends decided to go into the cemetary to look at the gravestones. It was prolly between 12 and 2am when we were there. There was a full moon outside that night too. While we were in the cemetary i opened my cell phone to use it as a light cause i had a full battery, then like 2 min later my phone died, and wouldnt turn back on. Then i happened to look up and i seen a green glow in the back corner of the cemetary and i could see a figure standing by the gravestone. "He" was just standing there staring at me, or so it looked like he was. So i was like whatever im seeing things so i turned around then turned back around and it was still standing there. Then all of a sudden the figure started walking toward me so i started to freak out and i went to step away and i couldnt move. It was like someone was blocking me from moving. Then i looked down and i seen 3 or 4 little girls in a circle around me playing ring around the rosey. But it was a demented version of the song. As the figure got closer and closer the little girls sang louder and louder. By that time i was screaming for my friends that were then somewhere else. The figure got about 500ft away from me, and all the little girls turn around and see him then they run away and just dissappeared. So i ran out of the cemetary before the figure got any closer to me and i asked my friends if they could hear me screaming and they said they didnt hear anything. Then as we were leaving the bell in the tower started ringing.

This is by far the CREEPIEST place ever! I love it though :)


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My boyfriend, his best friend, and I just went there last night. We heard whistling on top of seeing a little girl peeking at us behind a tall stone. We saw orbs and noticed wind in one place when it was no where else. Definitely a cool place.

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Last Seen: 3/30/2014 5:48:44 PM  

To the twit that thinks in his mind he buried a man alive there. Dreams of Grandeur. I would like to do that aswell - but as any person with 1/4 of a brain would know, is that the last place you would tell people would be on the Internet.

You are definately special in a you should be buried kind of way.


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I m from niles and a couple years ago I went to the cemetery with some co workers that went on haunts all the time and had some really good equiptment camera's evp etc........ well I have never went before and I have always heard them at work talk about places they go to and there expierences. I my self have always been interested in the unexplained, bigfoot , UFO's and ghost. So one night they said they were going to frost cemetery not to far away  and asked me if I would like to go. I said sure. So we wnent they gave me the night vision camera and sent me out to video the whole cemetery. Well except for a few orbs and a few noises it was a pretty uneventful night. Well after leaving at least thats what I thought. Mike and barb which I beleive at the time said they were a part of the michiana ghost association said they would go home and look at my video and call me if anything was caught on camera and I really didnt think he would call because I didnt see anything. It was about a half hour later and mike called me up and said you got to come over right away you caught something on camera. So excited I hurried over to there house to see it. When I got there they were all excited. They asked me didnt you see anything? and I was like no I really didnt. Then they showed me the video tape and sure enough I was video taping alot of tombstones and I would leave the camera on each tombstone aound 10 to 15 seconds just in case to get a real good look at each spot. I was filming the graves in the back of the cemetery on the east side real close to the woods and on the film it shows a ghost coming out of the woods which it looks like a civl war soldier holding a gun in his hand he stops behind the tombstone I was filming and stares right at me. Unfortunatly I turn the camera away from it and that was the last of it. Mike and barb have been doing it for years going to the most haunted places in michigan and other states and have never captured the holy grail and I go for the first time and catch one on camera go figure. Well  not to long after that I started working a different job and lost touch with them. I would imagin they put the footage on a web site somewhere but have not really looked I would like to see it sometime again. It was fun barb or mike if you read this or if anyone knows a video on line that I have described please let me know thanks

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Last Seen: 7/13/2009 11:17:31 PM  
I forgot to add that mike beleived a civl war soldier was burried in that area and there was definately just us out there. The neighbor to the east and father back came out after his dog was barking came up and talked to us breifly but I beleive we had special permission to be there but not sure on that one. The video is night vision so you could argue maybe its a person but I know if it was I would have seen that for sure.

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Last Seen: 7/13/2009 11:17:31 PM  
my son and I went back yesterday twice once during the day to check out the cemetery. We first went during the day to check things out. I checked the spot where I filmed my ghost it is the Jinkins thombstone on the right edge of the cemetery almost all the way back there is a tree shadowing that area. There is 5 veterans of the service that are burried close to that area and one right by the tree. they were either WW1 and WW2 vets. Which leads me to believe I probably was mistaken on the civil war vet theory. But it may have been one of those soldiers with probably carrying a M1 rifle possibally. Well we also came back around 11.00pm which I have a theory that is probabally to early for ghost activity at least at the cemetery. I stayed outside and watched for cars while my son and a few friends went inside. All we had was our night vision camera. They were inside about a half an hour. Did not see our hear anything. After we left we watched our footage about 4 times and did not find anything that would suggest Parinormal activity. Since my son is so into ghost hunting we are going to invest in some good equiptment and try it again soon. The next time we go it will at least be after midnight

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i used to live on indian lake a few years back. this was a really cool place to check out, but have not been there in a while. my friends and i always took brush lake rd. to get there. one night some friends and i went into the basement and there was a big furnace and holes all over in the floor and the walls. we tried to get into the church but something was blocking the door. after checking out the basement we walked out into the cemetery. that was weird. i'm positive you could hear "small voices" like children whispering and that alone freaked us out. then a dog came running and barking through the graveyard so we rushed to our cars and hauled a** outta there!! when we got back to the house on indian lake and got out of the cars there were "little" hand prints all the way down the cars sides like kids were trying to climb up on the car! VERY CREEPY!! but it was an awesome experience!!!!

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My boyfriend, my two daughters and I were just out there tonight.  Upon entering the cemetary all four of us heard what sounded like a bell ring.  This was not the bell tower bell.  The sound came from the backside of the church and all four of us heard it.  I had a portable tape recorder running at the time, and did NOT pick up the bell on the recorder, but you could hear all of us saying, " did you hear that, it sounded like a bell."  We did not know any of the stories relating to a bell being rung out there, so were really surprised to read on this site that other people did in fact hear a bell ring in the past.  Also, my daughters cell phone was drained after we left.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 39434     9/10/2009 6:48:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Update... Since the night we visited I have been back out at the cemetery one more time.  I wanted to see the church and cemetery during the day and just get a feel for the place, and see in the light if I could debunk the bell sound we heard that night.  As far as I saw there is nothing out there that would make a bell sound.  No flagpole clanging in the breeze.  No wind chimes on any of the graves.  I walked all around the church and graveyard, and didn't find anything.  Another reason for going back out there was to feel out the energy .  I consider myself a sensitive, which most of the population is.  There is a very small amount of the community that is truly psychic, and those are the people who can see and communicate with spirits.  I have only ever seen one thing in all of the years that I have been hunting and that was at the hospital where I work, and totally unexpected.  I can however get a feel for a place, and I have to say honestly that I do not get a negative feel at Franklin Cemetery.  Truthfully I didn't feel much of anything there.  It's kind of dark, due to the fact that the cemetery has a lot of old trees and is damp, but nothing to make me feel uneasy, or unwelcome.  Believe me I've been in cemeteries and houses where you can feel the negative energy upon entering, and you know you're not suppose to be there.  I will investigate this place one more time, probably at night, and try to stay a little bit longer, but I am pretty sure I won't experience too much more.  I will post again later.

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I went here with a couple of my friends over the summer, nobody had heard of it but myself but 2 of them were pretty excited the third was a skeptic and was going along to make fun of us. amongst the ride there we find that the moon is a harvest moon. i've read that some people believe the orange of the moon is a warning. amongst pulling onto the dirt road we checked the flash lights and cameras to make sure they worked. but at that same time it looked like extremely small white creatures are crossing the path front of the car. our battery dies and wont turn on when i just replaced them. by the time we made it to the church the objects were no longer crossing the road and the flashlight began to work again. the antagonist started freaking out some but thinks it was just coincidence. the two girls stay in the car and my buddy(antagonist) head to the gate and say a quick prayer. I have seen Lorraine Warren, paranormal psychic, in person at a seminar so to say and spoke with her after words. she says that taking three pictures in one spot can be more affective than just one. it allows an entity time to manifest itself. so we are doing that as walking further into the grave yard. after about 10 minutes the girls are yelling for us to come and get them so we walk back to the gate and say another prayer. we begin to walk in but the girls stay just inside the gate. it was then that my buddy and I will remember something that we will never forget. we are walking straight back from church and just as we are approaching the half way mark. i stop him and tell him to point the flashlight to our left because i hear footsteps or somthing like it. we walk slowly and silently then. we both begin to hear it. no clue what it is. we stop to take some more pictures when we hear a noise that can only be described as a demonic growl. it was loud, gurgly, and the most frightening thing i have ever encountered. we point the flashlight directly to our right as it sounds to be not even 10 feet from us... nothing, the girls are now screaming our name. My friend and I run back and past the girls to the car. everyone gets in and we speed away. we are all freaking out. as we calm down about 3 miles down the road we get our heads together. we come to find out that not only did my buddy and I hear this. And it being loud enough to be prominent, but not loud of enough for the girls to have heard it clearly. the girls heard something of the same noise but was unsure of what it was. they both agreed it was a prominent sound but compared it to that of a semi in the distance. we were there at about 11 pm on a thursday night. if anyone has ever been on M62 at this time, this side of dawagiac, you know there is not much traffic. there was not one vehicle passed on the road as we are on the highway and even if there was a really loud semi to pass, when we were at the graveyard. no way we would have heard it as prominent as we did, nor confused it with the sound we heard. we then notice the moon is now white. i did take picture but i do not have them on this computer. so when i do upload them I will post.

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these pix are awesum! def see the man n woman in them.

2 questions tho... how do u know the camera in the one pic is fake? and is the cemetery called frost or franklin?


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Me and my sister went there last year. And many unexplainable events occured. Might I add I had almost the same exact experience wih the growling but it almost sounded as though it was not from this world, like satanic. Very freaky. Cause I went to touch the door because it was so covered with bugs that you could barely see what color the door was. So the very moment I touched it the growling began, in the front left side out in what seemed to be brush just right by the cemetary fence. Also we heard a clinking sound by our van like as though something was being thrown at our van which occured in multiple variations,and it was winter so it was not an accorn or anything falling from a tree cause the trees were baren. The hardest thing to explain would have to be a constant thumping noise as if something were hitting wood, and it sounded like the noise didn't remain in one spot,as though it were moving around us. We took pictures I will look for them and see if I can post them. Every single last one has orbs in them, there's one of my sister standing under the tree by the church, and there had to be at least 10 orbs surrounding her. I got at least 15 pictures. All during the night time. Well I'm very curious as to if anyone else has experienced similar happenings.

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I just commented 6/17/2010 9:20:00 PM I did hear the growling everytime I came close to the church and the banging was coming from the front when we were out back.

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I went out there last year in october with my boyfriend, mainly because I had heard about it and have wanted to go. We went out there about 2 am, I felt the emotions of at least 5 or 6 kids. I believe the is more than one or two kids there. It bothered me so much I had to get away from there. I won't go back out there... I could feel something very un-kind. I felt it towards the back of the church. The was nothing inside running and it felt hot to go next to the church itself. I even felt the hand of a little kid on my leg. I feel sorry for those children... Also becareful the guy that lives next to it now carries a shotgun with him when he goes out there, as we were leaving we saw him coming out with it.

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My parents and their friends are looking for a place to ghost investigate

Would u suggest this place


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these things are really creppy...i went there like two days ago with my friend and a cuople of girls...we heard a lot of things but the creppiest part was when one the girls that went with us tripped on a little headstone and we started hearing crying from outof nowhere....we ran straight back to the car and left

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I went there last night and went in the woods and the shadows appeared and there was screaming then i drove down the path and we had the windows down and there was screaming from like a little kid so we backed up and left.

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Last Seen: 10/21/2010 9:59:13 PM  
i was looking through the pictures and the one of the all of the grave sites caught my eye.  I viewed that picture enlarged and then inverted the colors.  If you look closely above the first two grave makers you can see a face in the steam or fog what ever it is.

i have always loved looking at pics of cemetaries dont know why but I do.

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My friend and I heard about the rumors and legend of the Cemetery so we went to check it out during the day.  I'm far to chicken to go at night and from what people have said it seems like it's not a smart idea since that neighbor would probably have called the cops... So anyway we went and just walked around the Cemetery.  I was getting a terrible feeling coming from the church so I stayed away from it.  But it looks very different from the pictures posted.  The windows are no longer boarded up.  You can actually see inside the church from the windows.  Again there was no way in hell I was going to look inside but yeah it seems like they are continuing to remodel it.  There were also fresh flowers on a few of the graves and it seems like in the last few years a few people have been buried there.  And there are two graves in particular that looked very fresh... the grass wasn't completely grown... lots of dirt... But I totally blanked to look at the dates.. Maybe next time... Anyway... Nothing strange happened.  Everyone else says they hear noises... we heard nothing... which in my opinion was scarier... it was complete silence... no birds chirping, no cars passing by, nothing... A neighbor beside the church was outside in his driveway working on his car but he didn't say anything to us.  After we left the church we both felt kind of sick to our stomachs.  I noticed mine at first and didn't say anything to my friend, since I thought it was just my nerves.  And then she tells me she feels nauseous.  And I knew it wasn't just my imagination getting the best of me.  The ghosts that are there are not necessary angry or evil spirits.  They may just be trapped there or sad or whatever.  They are not necessarily evil.  Has anyone else been there as of late?  Maybe someone can post some pictures.  I'm not going back again any time soon.  Maybe this summer for another day visit.

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Last Seen: 7/3/2011 9:51:04 AM  
where is this located?


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Isnt it illegal for someone to threaten or intimidate with a deadly weapon? I believe the neighbor owns his property, not the cemetery. I hope someone gets a picture of him with it and calls the police on him. i cant stand stupid people like that.


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Last Seen: 8/12/2012 11:58:10 AM  
The last time I took our group up there the neighbor came over in a truck screaming at us to leave. He claims he owns the property and that we had no right to be there. He's came out the past couple of times we've been there to run us off, even though we are all over 30 years old and just taking pictures, no young vandals or anything. He doesn;t want to hear it just wants us gone.

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My grandmother lives down the road from here. We own a family farm. If you live in the area you would know. I have been here multiple times. Every time I go, there is ALWAYS this horrific feeling I get when I go around to the back of the church. I am very sensitive to the spiritual world. I'm considered a medium. All the times I have been there, this one presence does not leave me. She stays by my side. She says she was murdered in the back of the woods and the spirits from the cemetery pulled her into the area. She says there is something there that will not let any of them leave the grounds. I have felt that energy. Once I feel it, I must leave. It's so overwhelming. My cousins that live down the road also, experience the same things. Seeing dark figures, hearing giggling, strange feelings. I recommend staying away from here. Bad things are here. I am just a teenage girl with this gift. I actually inherited it from my grandmother. But all my friends, all the teenagers in this area think it's all fun and games to go here and mess around. I tell them to stay away, but of course they go back for more. All I have to say is, stay away from here. There is nothing good there. Allthough the woman that I have communicated with, is a positive energy. She wishes she could leave the horrible place. She stays hidden away so the others don't harm her. Again.. stay away. 




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