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Old City Orphanage
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there is an old orphanage on fisher street that is haunted, it is said that children were beaten and killed in this orphanage also a nun once beat a boy so badly that he died and a funeral service was held for him in the basement only for the children and faculty. The nun did not want to be punished for killing the boy so she had him buried in the nearby cemetery, if you go into the basement late at night you can see the boy laying in the coffin and a green light around it.

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Back in 1971,this orphanage was being used by the local college for student housing and a cafateria. I lived there for about a year. It was a cool looking building then,and it still is today. I m not sure who owns it,but its extremely run down and would cost massive bucks to raze.

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Hello I went there to school in 1971 - 1972. I completed the classes in July 1972.

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The description makes a nice story, but is factually unfounded. People who go inside this building often say there are creepy chains hanging from the ceilings. These are merely remnants of drop ceilings.

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this is a totally legit haunted venue, beware of the slamming doors and failing flashlights when then sprits are angered

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I went in on a dare with some friends in college (1999). It was a standard empty building. Yeah, some people had painted up the inside to make it 'freaky' but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Just a cool old building.

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Exactly. It's just an empty building, though a creepy empty building. There is no Catholic cemetery nearby like others claim (I live three blocks away). Anybody you talk to who actually lived there will tell you about the rigid life of a child in an orphanage. Haunted? BS.

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You should speak to the paranormal hunters in the area. I have and they came up with very interesting events when they took mediums there.

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i didnt know this orphanage existed untill i had a dream vison about it


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i just went ot the orphanage tonight with a group of friends. yes, i was terrified, but who wouldnt be ina a creepy building thats falling apart in the middle of the night? nothing happened. there wasnt any doors slamming or spirits. o and by the way. we were in the basement at night and we didnt see a coffin with an eerie glow. we did see a dead decaying dog but thats about it. i wish we could some how restore it. it is a beautful building

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I have seen the Orphanage before, and God was it scary. My sister lived just down the road from it, and she said COllege students sneak in on Halloween on dares. I defiantly believe it is haunted

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I've been in the orphanage 9 times and i have experience a couple of really weird things. The first time i climbed the side of the wall a couple stories high and a huge bird flew at my head and almost knocked me out, another time on devils night a me and couple of friends of mine went in the orphanage on the top floor and we heard noises we thought they were people so we huddled up like we were going to scare them and all of a sudden the noises were all around us and very clear they were kids laughing it was as if they were plating with us. we took off in an instant as we ran past this big green door it just started rattling loud we stopped and thats when my friend had a panic attact and the look on her face i know she was not lying she didn't tell us untill later but she said she turn around and she saw a little girl in white with long hair holding her arms out. my friend was in shock at the time and did not talk and was scared to death we rushes to get out. I didn't see it i wish i would have but i believe my friend did. My teacher use to go to school there he forbid me to go in their and said something about flashlights going out we bought brand new ones and they died right away. I've played hide and go seek in there the scariest rooms are the alter room basement and top floor i can feel energy in these rooms. I found papers that the nuns wrote to the children about god and they are strick and mean!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been in alot haunted places but this is the only one i've had something weird happen and i work in a place where people die everyday and nothing weird has happened yet. also i've seen a pic tooken in the orphanage and there was a skeleton hand in the picture so clear and big it freaked me out i've heard many stories of people going in there and also had weird expeirences it is haunted for sure!!!!!!!!!!! 



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ive been in there its scary but i went in thre during the day i herd noises and its so messy in there and just full of old stuff and dead birds but now some lady bought it and wants to turn it into a dance school or so,ething like that they borded up all the windows and cleaned some of it out

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Anonymous User

I am doing a research project on this and would love to email someone who used to go to this school!! please contact me

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ive dont know too much about the orphanage but my friend and i visited it once. and it definately had some glitches. me and my friends snuck a pic of the inside and it didnt work out to well it was pitch black but then 20 minutes later a face showed up on the pic. i guess it couldv been a person but it didnt look like a human being.I actually got a glimpsee inside once too but while i was looking something felt like a body of ssomething ran past my face. it was definately wierd but then it got wierder. I heard laughter from a little girl and then she yelled the name emily. Maybe i was just dreaming it. but i dont think so. I would say definately HAUNTED!!!

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Someone has actually bought that old place? I have always wondered and wanted to see the inside of that place. My parents are in their late 60's and my dad grew up down the road on Genesee... he had some friends that grew up in that orhpanage... I am sure he was oblivous to how cruel the nuns were to those poor children. I do remember when I was very young- late 70's early 80's hearing how someone bought it and was going to try to renovate it into apts or offices.. can't remember but they had problem after problem. I bet the dance school doesn't make it far. I know my nephew snuck in their a couple of years ago when he was going to NMU and said it rated high on the creepy scale. I believe it's haunted.

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i played paintball in there and i live 4 block away i been i there in there more then 200 time and i been every where in there and there really nothing haunted in there i even stayed the night there once so if u have a video of a haunting in there send it to me http://www.youtube.com/user/whomikejones0021

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i heard that a girl went outside in a blizzrd and died so the nun put her in a display case to show the other kids what happens when you go outside but is there any truth to that? and has anyone gotten in trouble for trespassing?

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Me and my friend just went onto the orphanage tonight but did'nt want to go in. we went to the back of it and heard a creeky noise and it scared the crap out of me already. we are wanting to go in it but not just us we are looking for people to go in with us, atleast 2. we plan on going back again tomorrow night around 10.

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So me and a friend were th the orphanage during the day and notin at all happened alls that scared us werer a couple of pigeons. we went on every floor from top to bottom the place is scarey but notin happened we plan to go back in tonight sometime maybe itll be different.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45144     11/28/2009 7:18:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and my friends  went to the orphanage on the day of Halloween 2OO9 it was the most scarest thing ever, as we were walking by this one room i saw 5 silver buckets i motioned the crowed over as we walked inside the room one of my friends said that this must of been were they fed the children and she was right inside the buckets you could see what was left over but most of it was already a bed crawling with maggets as we moved out of the room my friend Alica and i looked back there we saw a white girl with deep blue eyes and blonde hair poke her head out of the door way and said" More please miss, we stared at eachother and didt say a word about it until we left that night but as we were walking we heard a loud blood curdlign scream every one bent down to the floor and coverd there ears what in the hell was that some one said in the crowed i dont know i said as we began to run tword the end of the orphange we saw what we thought know one else would a poster with all the childrens photos with there name under it most of them were labed disested as i shined the flash light on the photos i saw the young girl that had pooket her head out of the door Alica saw it to under neath her photo it said Mary anne Disested Cause of Death Minor Head Trama And Lack Of  Nutrion, my eyes began to water come on one of the  people in the crowed said lets move on we went through so many rooms as we were walking i heard a small thud Wait i called out and every one looked behinde them i picked up a green diray it must of fallen i said pointing up tword the cellign I opend it up and began reading out loud as we walked, My name is Mary anne I eght years of age I have bright blonde curly hair and bright deep blue eyes I havent been able to eat latley the care taker of me and my room mates hasn't been very nice to us she only gives us about a hand full of oatmeal and a half of glass of milk or water a day, my body is in a very poor position I am becoming very frail and I think it is the lack of Nutrion, They beat me, They bath me in ice cold water, they throw me around like a rag doll, once my care taker asked me were I put my diary I didt tell her she grabed my arm and began to twist it until I handed it over she looked throught it and through it at me, Your such a pitty the care taker said, and she left the room, I could't read now more I stuffed the diary in my jaket pocket i would review it later when i got home we whent through many  more rooms and found many more diarys and other things as we were leaving i saw Mary anne, Thank you she said you relesed my spirit, but i knew i did't cuse i saw her many more times, I feel so bad for those little children, i Hope YOU CAN FIND YOUR WAY HOMe

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We didn't have rooms or cells we were all in one large room with the beds lined up and each of us had a nightstand. We were separated by sex and age. There was a big girl section, little girl section, big boy section and little boy section. They were good to us there. I had more food there than I did at home. The nun who was the head of the kitchen was kind and a very a happy person. I was 8 when I was there.

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My name is Rose and my e-mail is Ratasson@yahoo.com I spend a year in that orphanage and It wasn't anything like that not even close. I know others still that were there and they don't know anything as above. For the first time in my life I felt safe, warm and cared for. I have nothing but good memories from that place. As for foster homes that is another thing. I would love to buy that place and turn it into something for children and get rid of foster homes!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 70431 ReplyTo# 45144     5/10/2011 1:21:00 PM     Edit          

Wow that is a nice story of complete fiction because that is complete BS I have been going into the orphanage for years, my mom also went to school there in the 70s, and my grandma used to have friends there. First off that place was a school long after it was a orphanage NMU used to own it and it was the original "Skill Center" if this was meant to be a fictional story then it is a great one if not I could go on poking holes in it. Stories like these is how rumors start and how things get blown out of proportion.

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Me and some of my friends went to the orphanage tonight. You climb up the back to get in. It was our second time and I think it was scarier then the first time. We saw the dead dog in the basement.... and a dead bird, but that's not as cool. We went in the auditorium. That was really cool. the architecture is beautiful. We found a way on to the front balconies, but it was shady cause anyone could see you from the road.

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I've been in the orphanage twice. Once at night, once in the day. The first time my friends and I went in, my friend almost stepped on a dead raccoon that was frozen to the ground. My other friend started freaking out the higher we went and eventually I had to escort her out, leaving the others behind. Being the curious and brave kids we are, we decided to go back the next day. Two of our friends stayed outside of the building while we all went up to the top floor. After about the 3rd floor the two on the outside couldn't hear our group anymore, but heard a little girl coughing and gagging, they said that the noises weren't coming from the inside but the out. Then they heard someone in the upper level basement moving the desks around and clanging chains together. When they got closer to the window (they thought that the noises were us, just trying to mess with them) they saw a little boy in the basement accompanied by a nun. He looked up at them stomped on the same dead raccoon that my friend did the previous night, the nun scolded him, then they both disappeared. Meanwhile, we were on the very top floor, we all had cameras and cell phones and flashlights out, we'd made sure that everything was fully charged before we left the house that morning. When we started to really explore the top floor all of our electronics died. We decided it was time to go. When I turned around to lead the group back down the icy stairs I saw a small figure walk from one room to another, I followed it into the room, but nothing was there. We began descending the stairs until we reached the place where we could see our friends outside, probably the third floor landing. We opened the doors that weren't boarded shut and started talking back and fourth about the things that had happened when we all heard something banging around upstairs, then it sounded like it came down the stairs to the place that we were standing. We decided to get out of there and went back into the upper level basement where we'd come in at. Not paying attention to the raccoon which had been flipped over and seemingly stepped on or the desk that hadn't been there when we first got in. We've never gone back, even though we talk about it all the time. Maybe one day we will. Maybe one day we'll get to the bottom of the rumors.

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I dont have the pictures i'll try and get my friend to send them to me, but we have pictures of the outside at night, and have orbs coming from just below the rough and in one of the windows. You can make out a face in the one by the roof, looks like has a wide mouth open, and in the window you can see what looks to be a hand pressed against the window, with like a bright orb behind it, but no face in it. Ive been in there 3 times now, and idk we never encountered anything, but you do get that old creep cold feeling... it was like 60 outside and felt 40 inside.. and you a depressed kind of feeling, i thought i did anyways.. just seems like sad to be in there.. and this was before we even did research on it.

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I was one of the children in the orphanage in 1961. There was one nun , the little boy's nun, that was mean but all the rest were nice. That year I was there was the best year of my childhood.

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how old are you now.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78820 ReplyTo# 51248     7/16/2012 11:03:00 AM     Edit          

I believe my husbands Grandfather may have been one of the first to live there.  I would hope these stories are not true.  Does anyone know how to find paperwork to see if my Grandfather was there?  

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 51309     4/30/2010 9:14:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I went there in 2003 with a few friends.... I took a ton of pictures. I know it is haunted. I have proof that a spirit is there. No joke no bull. If I felt comfortable leaving my email I would... But I don't know you people.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 51389 ReplyTo# 51309     5/3/2010 9:05:00 AM     Edit          

If I lived there as a child and didn't see anything how come people are seeing things now? my email is ratasson@yahoo.com

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Last Seen: 5/19/2010 10:47:36 AM  
Does anyone know if this place still standing ??

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 52256 ReplyTo# 52181     5/21/2010 6:35:00 AM     Edit          

Yeah it is. I was there last night.

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My mother once went in there when she was a teen. She said that she stared a fire with her friends. Oh she went there in the day time. She saw pigons. She didn't she no dead dog or a dead raccon and no dead pigons. I don't know if she saw chains inside this building. I don't live in Margutte, Michagan. She didn't she or heard any spirits, But I do believe it's haunted.

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I would love to know some more history on this building! Any advice would be appreciated.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 70432 ReplyTo# 53092     5/10/2011 1:30:00 PM     Edit          

I have quite a bit of history of the orphanage

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i live about 3 miles away from it and i pass it and it sends chills up my spine i find it very creepy

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I live near Marquette and have driven by this orphanage many times and it just looks like an old abandoned building. It's easy to see how haunting stories can be made up about it, but I don't believe it is really haunted. My brother and some of his friends broke in once and said it was really creepy and what not, but that was probably just their nerves getting to them. There has never been any real evidence or first hand stories to the haunting so I'm pretty sure it isn't true.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59994     10/12/2010 8:44:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i've heard about alot of people going in there and i think us yoopers just wanted a haunted house because no one ever says anything except it was creepy and gross inside. i dont think its haunted, plus you have actual people on this site saying they lived there and it was fine, people are wayyyy too suspicious of old houses, want tobe scared watch Ghost Adventures on the travel channel, now that is creepy.

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I have never been inside the Orphanage. However, I do work at the Veteran home across the street. This used to be the old St. Mary's Hospital in Marquette, There used to be a underground tunnel that lead from the Orphanage to the hospital. A few of the nuns were nurses that would stay at the Orphanage and work at the hospital and use this underground tunnel to get to and fro to each place. This tunnel has since been blocked up and no one can get into the Veterans home or anyone into the Orphange. It is reported however by many staff that work here..especially at night or when someone has died..that there is a quick black flash that will go down a hall or corner. A friend of mine 6 years ago actually had a nun appear in the front glass window of the Veteran home in front of her and a member. She said that the nun was dressed in the early nun outfit with the had flipped up on the ends...like the old show "flying nun" outfit. There are many other stories at the home that are interesting regarding spirits as well. Tonight, Oct. 24th, a friend and myself decided to check out the orphanage with her iphone "ghost talker" application. It was interesting to say the least. It gave a name of Ben...saying words such as "hill, fence, pine tree, buried, health", ..over 25 destinctive words. It was interesting...we plan on going again. Would love to find a way to get in...but everything is boarded up..and i'm not about to break a leg climbing into a damn window 3 stories up. lol It was a fun night. And yes, I do believe there are spirits that live there.

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By the way...I watch ghost adventures..and don't think that is scarey at all. But as mentioned above...there has been spirits that have been seen too often, especially in black. A nun's gown perhaps? We also have had a few members that have lived at the Orphanage as when young..as well, as a nurse/friend that lived there as a young child also. And like everything else...you either have good memories or bad memories. I believe if you open yourself up to this energy...then you welcome it in and believe.

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I've been there. The creepiest places are the chapel area, and the upstairs rooms with the beds still in them. at least they were in 2002-03. It gives an uneasy feeling, butI was more scared of getting hit in the face by a bat or something than I was of any ghost. Other than noises you'd expect from a building that's falling apart there really wasn't anything scary. It is a cool building though, and good for an urban legend.

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ive lived in marquette my whole life been in the orphanage at nite and during the day is it haunted yes.ask anyone that grew up there in the 80s and 90s and they will tell you we stayed overnite and seen and heard many things crys for help screams and laughing we even brought the weegee board on a dare. my friend was scrathed and pushed in the furnace room and to this day he wont even drive by it! we also saw a nun figure that told us to leave and then vanished into thin air!!!! i will never go there again they need to tear it down its pure evil stay out!!!!!! you will get hurt one girl ended up in the psyc ward along with me for months still seeing shirk because of it if you know what is good for you stay the hell out!!!!any body who wants proof look at my back!!!!!!!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 64598     12/27/2010 9:42:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I know EXACTLY where that is. I live a couple minutes away from there. My brother sees it right by his school.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 66387     2/2/2011 5:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

my school is right by there and in 3 grade i did a report and i found some realy scary stuff,and i had been told some kid died of some diseese and one of the nuns placed him on the wall for a warning not to play outside.

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I used to live there, when it was a place where thrown-away-husbands- and- fathers
could find a flop to escape the snow and pick up the pieces of their lives.(1977-about
1986.) the only ghosts i remember was the sound of a homey playing chuck Mangione's
Feel so good skillfully on a trumpet haunting the main halls.At that time scarlet o'hara,'s
disco was only a few steps away making for a nice place to sleep off a hangover. I have
heard a lot of stories but 600 altamont was a cheap place to live and was home to me
and the rest of the women's lib husband's dump!

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I have lived in Marquette for 32 years and yes that building is very creepy looking and always has been. And to the comment about no cemetaries being in the area, yes there is futher down seventh. And there is an old catholic cemetary back behind the Marquette County Youth Home. It is no longer being used. Some pple should know there history before making comments!!!!!!!


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 78727     7/10/2012 9:26:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

In the early 80's I went to the Bishop Baraga grade school that's located about two blocks east of the old orphanage and I also grew up in that neighborhood so I'm quite familiar with the building. While in 7th & 8th grade our school would use the orphanage grounds for track practice and we would store our equipment just inside the south door. At the end of each practice our coaches would select some of the boys to put the equipment away while the rest of the team would head back to school. To this day I still can't believe our coaches trusted us to stow the equipment and lock up without exploring the place. Well we explored it, the same three or four of us would either be picked or we would volunteer for the job, we pretty much know every inch of that place. I've read all the stories here and I've heard many stories from all the brave ;-) people that say they have went in at night but I'm skeptical of most if not all of those stories. See in Marquette, people wear their stories of entering the orphanage at night like a badge of courage. I can only verify that four boys stayed in that place one Friday night and to this day we don't discuss it with each other much less tell others what we experienced that night. My advice is simple, don't go in at night. 

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Last Seen: 1/20/2013 10:35:17 AM  
when did this place close down?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 81116     1/21/2013 4:23:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

If the city and county are successful with their grant application, the building could be razed by July and 2.3 acres of green space would be created.

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Anonymous User

Hello even though I have never been in the Holy Cross Orphanage I always thought it was very creepy and frightening I hate haunted places but my cousin once went there with lots of friends from school but when she and her friends were expected back at school a week later they were never to bee seen or heard from again and I loved my cousin very much and now I know for sure that she and her friends are dead and I was very sad and I was crying when I heard the news! Please whoever is reading this please take my advise don't ever go into that Orphanage please because if you do then you will end up like my cousin and her friends!

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Anonymous User

I lived there as  child until 1949, at which time my sister and I left.  I can remember the nuns oh so well.  

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 88863     9/10/2016 2:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

what is the correct name and address of this orphanage?

Holy Cross or Holy Family?
620 or 600 altamont




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