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Love Valley
Marietta, OK 73448

County: Love
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In August of 2004 around 8:45PM in the Love Valley Wildlife Management Area a man hunting feral hogs had been sitting on a stand for 2 hours when he began to smell something similar to skunk or cat urine. After the smell didn`t go away he decided to circle the ridge to shoot what he thought was a boar. About 60 feet from his stand was a well used game trail. He saw something flying at him landed on his right. He heard the sound of something crashing through the brush on his left. Thinking it may have been another hunter playing a joke on him, he continued on. Another object which tooked like "a piece of ruined tombstone" whilch weighed around 45lbs landed at his feet and tumbled down the hill. At the same moment he "caught the glimmer of movement" which looked like a hugh man. He says the creature was at least 9ft tall and had a dark shaggy coat. "Its eyes seemed impossibly small for the size of its oblong head." He was not sure if his 30-06 would be powerful enough if he had to use it. The creature slowly turned and walked away.

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