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All Saints Waccamaw Cemetery
Highway 255
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

County: Georgetown County
GPS: 33.5510021, -79.0414261
WebSite: None

Alice Flagg is buried in this picturesque old cemetery. It`s said that if a married woman walks around her grave 13 times her wedding ring will loosen. Friends and I tried it the day we were there, it didn`t work for us. We did record EVP that said, "Hide" and "yeah"

Alice`s ghost has also been seen in the cemetery. Visitors usually leave a token flower or seashell for Alice. Go during daylight hours. The cemetery closes at dark.

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Last updated on : 2/5/2007

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i have been there and recorded an evp conversation in which i belive alice is weeping and saying to heed her "warning" there was no elaboration as to what the warning was but i would love to go back




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