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The Little Red School House
WinterSmith Park
Ada, OK 74920

County: Pontotoc County
GPS: 34.7628652, -96.6537897
WebSite: None

Built in 1907 Jones Chapel Schoolhouse was a one room School until 1957. The
building was then moved from the original site approximately 3 miles west of Ada
on Highway 19 to a ranch where it became a haybarn.
In 1995 it was rescued by a group of concerned citizens and moved to its present
location in Wintersmith Park. The schoolhouse was given a new coat of red paint
and furnished appropriately with desks, books, a piano, and other items. Finally,
it was christened "The Little Red Schoolhouse".

Now it is used in educational demonstrations to aquaint today`s students with
schooldays in the first half of the 20thcentury

My father attended school there. I had a car tag made for him that says.. Student of the Little Red School House.

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My father went to school there also. I, too, had a car tag made that said the exact same thing.






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