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Ft Irwin
Fort Irwin, CA 92310

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I`am Clairvoyant and have been that way as far as I can remember. I was in the Armored Calvary during the early Seventys, and we would go to Ft Erwin for Desert Training way be for it was called a Ft. It was call Camp Erwin. We were staying near the old Tank Farm on a sand birm that had a watering hole. I was the Sqd Commanders Driver, 1 morning I was told to retrieve our Guide-on and as I was walking to it I notice another guide-on standing next to mine. I found out their was a Mormon Calvary Ragoons stationed on the birm back in the 1840`s that guarded the watering hole for the settlers that passed thru their. On another occassion I was up in the North East Quadrant of Ft Irwin near Death Valley and not to far was the old Johnny Miller Range, which is no longer there, back up in the hills and came across and old mining Camp or way Station and near by there was a Mine that when you walk in there was warm water inside where you could cool off from the blistering heat. There I saw a Stage Coach roll past as it was heading for Barstow. Now let me add 2 more things. On one occassion we were near the Goldstone Tracking Station the officers were in a tent having a meeting as for all the Troop Company Drivers and my self were stitting looking up at the stars and we all notice a UFO flying across the sky it flew from west to east and then stopped and turn around and flew towards the west. We didn`t have any aircraft that could do something like that. Now Let me tell you this, I have in the years I was in training at Camp Irwin I scouted all over the place at Camp Erwin, I know of every nic and cranny from Goldstone Tracting Station to the far end of the most eastern edge of Camp Erwin and North and South and there is no tunnels leading no where to March Airforce Base to area 51 that is Hogwash. in 2002 I was invited to Ft Erwin to talk to the Currator of the Musuem at Fort Erwin for they were going to have a Ghost Investigation at one time and I couldn`t make it their. There is alot of Strange things out in the Desert at night and the day, But know Tunnels the person who said there was must have been on some good Orange Sunshine and was tripping.


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