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Fort Belle
13002 Bellefontaine Rd
Bellefontaine, Mo 63138

County: Saint Louis
GPS: 38.7694293, -90.2208109
WebSite: None

The fort hauntings have raised many questions over the years. People have claimed to see, hear, and feel things constantly. The most eerie of all of the hauntings though is at the staircase. The staircase is an old WPA project consisting of about 5 tiers. Most pictures taken of the staircase reveal a dark red smoke near the first or second stairs when you shoot from the ground up. This experiment has been done many times by many different cameras and ALWAYS this red light shows up in many different places near the first or second tier of steps.

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My name is Tim,
I am the founder of Brooks Paranormal Investigations. Fort Belle is our primary ongoing site. Although we were unable to capture the red smoke I can say with out a shadow of doubt that the location is haunted. For those of you wishing to know were the location is. Fallow belle fountain road from north until it ends. there you have it.

The ground had 24/7 police parole and security officers all over. Do not get caught there at night unless you have the proper permission. They do prosecute. Check out or website for more information.




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