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Old School House
Rural Emporia
Emporia, KS 66801

County: Lyon County
GPS: 38.4105640, -96.1877470
WebSite: None

I was driving around with some of my friends one day because we were bored and we came upon this old school house located between Emporia and Neosho Rapids. It`s fenced in and you can tell that people have run their cows in there.
Anyway, we decided to go inside and check it out. It was so cool on the inside (big mess though). Inside there is still a chalkboard on the wall, which people have been signing over the years (including me and my friends). While we were in there, we found an old newspaper (Emporia Gazette) from 1971 I think, so we decided to keep it.
We went there a second time (this time at night) and went inside to check it out again. While we were in there, I swore I felt somebody flip the hood up on my hoodie, but my friend who was behind me swore she didn`t do it. Also, we got pictures taken of the place (many with orbs). But, since the place is pretty dirty, I`m not so sure if these orbs are real or not cuz they may be dust in the air.

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ive been in there. only in the daytime though maybe thats why it wasnt scary..




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