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Pink Rosebud Bed & Breakfast
500 South Birch
Plattsburg, MO 64477

County: Clinton County
GPS: 39.5610651, -94.4519523

It was owned for many years by Mrs. Kate Bohart. Known by many as the "haunted house" and intriguing to every kid in the neighborhood, this house had once been a four-room cottage, continually added on to by descendants of the original owners. It is often referred to as "The Lion House" because of the lions which have stood there for many years. After the death of Mrs. Bohart, the house was abandoned and in a state of disrepair for many years. A complete restoration was done and it known as The Pink Rosebud Bed and Breakfast. It has been known that sometimes you will see just a cat's tail going around corners, doors will close, and an old man and woman standing around.

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The Statement above in right except for what happened. Ok during the times where slaves were alowwed. An old black lady was a slave in the 4 room cottage. She was so abused and neglected. So when she died 30 years later, she came back and haunts all the men who look like the men who abused and neglected her.


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one time i went there and i saw someone or something up on the balcony! it was creepy!!!!!!!!!

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I've spoken with the owner and been inside. There are 3 ghosts. The Nanny of the original owners daugher. The Nanny is named Rosie and always appears in the same dress, apron and kerchief on her head. A young man in his mid 30's is often seen. He had been convicted of murder and was sentenced to prison, he hung himself before going to prison. He visits the house. There is also a gray cat that appears regularly. The "visitors" are translucent and have never harmed them. If they ask them to leave, they do.




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