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weatherly cemetary
r.r. 2
weatherly, pa 18255

County: Carbon County
GPS: 40.9417535, -75.8296400


the weatherly cemetary is supposedly very haunted there are stories of santanic worship and cannabalism. a number of years ago a woman took pictures there and was told by a psychic to burn the pictures because if she did not she would die. i have been there and it is seriously creepy and horrible.

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Last updated on : 5/27/2008

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i am originally from Weatherly and there is supposedly a grave of a witch behind this haunted cemetery and my friend drove by there one night and saw people doing some sort of ritual and nailing a dead cat to a tree!

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DO NOT VISIT AT NIGHT.  This is St. Joseph's cemetery and they will have you arrested for trespass if you get caught there at night.  Cops do patrol area.  Daytime visits are ok but be respectful.  No vandalism, rituals, etc- the church frowns on this.  Behave yoursef so the church does not make this place off limits




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