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Granary Burying Ground
Tremont Street
Dorchester, MA 02108

County: Suffolk County
GPS: 42.3559935, -71.0625076
WebSite: www.cityofboston.gov/parks/HBGI/hbginfo.asp?ID=16


Close the the Boston Commons, the Granary Burying Ground is one of the most famous and oldest cemeteries in the country. Founded in 1660, it is known to approximately hold 2,345 bodies even though it is estimated that 5,000 people are actually buried here.  It provides the final resting place for the Nations most famous human Revolutionary War figures such as Samual Adams, Peter Faneuil, John Hancock, James Otis, Robert Treat Paine, and Paul Revere. Victims of the Boston Mascare are also buried here. The mascare victims are the following:

  • Samuel Gray
  • Samuel Maverick
  • John Caldwell
  • Crispus Attucks
  • Patrick Carr

In the middle of the cemetery, there is a large obelisk bearing the name of Franklin. This obelisk marks the grave of Benjamin Franklin's parents.

From the city of Bostons official Website:

"....The grave markers are predominantly slate, with a few in greenstone or marble. The gravestones original haphazard configuration was rearranged into straighter rows over to the years to accommodate both nineteenth-century aesthetics and the modern lawnmower. During the mid-nineteenth century, many landscaping projects were undertaken in the Granary, including the installation of pedestrian walkways and the planting of shade trees and shrubbery....."

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I visited this cemetery on the 2nd of July 2008 during my trip to the East Coast. It was very interesting and unlike and cemetery that I have ever seen. I recommend coming here! During my visit, I went with a tourguide and learned a lot of interesting information. Not only about the Granary Burying Ground, but about the city of Boston in general. 

I took several pictures of the cemetery and of the various tombstones. I apologize for some of the funky angles in the pictures. I was being dragged along by my friend who was trying to keep us up with the tourguide. If you look at all of the tombstones, you'll see how they have images on them. Long before it was common for people to read, they would put pictures on the tombstones so people would know how the person died. If you're interested in learning more about images used on old tombstones, here is a great website. The Cemetery Club.  It breaks all of the different symbols into catagories and makes it very easy to understand.





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