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Graystone Manor **Official Page** (Haunted House in Killen, Alabama)
4051 Hwy 72
Killen, AL 35645

County: Lauderdale County
GPS: 34.8596643, -87.4345963
WebSite: www.GraystoneManor.net


This is a commercial Haunted Attraction.
Graystone Manor is rated PG 13 for Intensity and Gore.

The Story behind Graystone Manor:

In the late 1800s, Dr. Vanburen Graystone was the only physician in a small town in Northern Alabama. Out of necessity, he later became the town's mortician in addition to his role as physician.

Through a series of events, Dr. Graystone was led to begin experimenting on the bodies of his deceased clients. His experimentation took on a fervor he was helpless to control, and soon the naturally deceased were too few and far between to satisfy his lust for knowledge.

The townsfolk began disappearing and by chance, Dr. Graystone was discovered as the murderer. The town's citizens attacked Graystone and his home, burning them both to the ground.

Years later, a Graystone descendent determined to clear the family name, rebuilt the manor and intended to open it as a museum. However, during construction strange things began to happen. Lights flickered, electrical equipment turned on and off regardless of connection to electrical outlets, and screams were heard from within the building.

After the museum was opened in 2007, many visitors became so terrified they were unable to complete the tour. Some urinated upon themselves, and others were taken to the local hospital for chest pains and anxiety attacks. Before the owners finally shut down the facility in 2007, a young lady fainted from fear.

Now, in 2009, the mansion will open yet again to the public. Do you dare explore the mysteries of Graystone Manor?

Open October 2009:
     1 - 3
        8 - 11,
           15 - 18
                22 - 25
                     29 - November 1st

Ticketing Info:
General Admission: $15.00
VIP Slash Pass (no wait):  additional $10.00

***NEW for 2009 THE ASYLUM/Graystone's Nightmare!! ***
You can tour Dr. Graystone's ASYLUM (where the insane's nightmares come to life) for only a $5.00 upcharge when visiting Graystone Manor.
Ticket Booth Open at 7 pm.

Go to
www.GraystoneManor.net for more information.
Also visit us on:
AND MySpace


From Huntsville/Athens, AL:
Take Hwy 72 West (approximately 28 miles west of I65)
Graystone Manor is on your RIGHT just after Brooks High School
From Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL:
from the Cox Creek intersection, Take Hwy 72 E approximately 10 miles through Killen. Graystone Manor is on your LEFT just before Brooks High School.

Just listen for the SCREAMS...


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