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Limberlost Camp
Galena, MO 65656

County: Stone

My grandmother bought Limberlost camp in the 1960's. It had been a hotel, brothel, and saloon. By the time I came around in the late 70's most of my family members had stories to tell of sounds, stuff being moved, apparitions, etc. I saw a headless ghost, doors open and close, strange noises, and glasses move and fall off the table by themselves. Unfortuately the house blew up in the 1980's because my dad was storing some dynamite in the cellar. I still visit the spot on occasion and still hear strange noises though.

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Submitted by: RikM

Last updated on : 3/8/2009

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I am a member of an investigation society that specializes in events listed in your description.  If it's possible to get an exact location of this place, that would be great.  I myself live in Galena.  It would be very easy for me to come and see what I could find.  If you have any information that you would like to share please contact me, my e-mail address is;  wadekenny25@gmail.com.  I've very intrested in this case and would like further information.  Thank you for your time.




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