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Demolished Insane Asylum
Avenue I and 90th
Lancaster, Ca 93584

County: Los Angeles County
GPS: 34.7037897, -118.2893353
WebSite: None

Concrete slabs of cells still remain. Voices can be heard late at night, along with screaming, and banging noises on metal. People have even complained of being chased.

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Last updated on : 7/2/2006

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Last Seen: 8/26/2009 12:02:43 AM  
same place as the antelope acres asylum. people are just gettting their streets mixed up. so i am posting the same thing as the other asylum. i will add that we went to find ghosts two days after thanks giving "06" and found nothing excpt the slabs like the rumor said and a creeky peice of metal in the wind. alot of the remains were rabbit blood from hunters and rust spots. go check it out if your soo afraid.

ok now we have in fo it is actuall on the cross streets of F-12 and 80th street west. it was actually a sanitarium which was at the time a hospital or tb center. the gps coords are n 34 deg 44` 14.28" w 118 deg 16` 32.7". the man who owned it was runing that and his alphalpha feilds surrounding it.

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Last Seen: 12/29/2009 11:11:21 AM  
RE: Lancaster Site:  I grew up in the desert in the late 60"s. My Grandmom was a psychic we use to drive by this place in the late eve's.  There are many graves and sites hidden on the site.  You can see how uneven the ground is.  They did experience's on people and some people saw patients wandering along Ave 90th. This was a real place cause my GrandMom knew someone that worked there.  It was a terrible place.  Mid-80-90 burned down and has been left for nothing.  NO one can build there on the site. If you truly want to have a haunted experience.  Take your equipment, gun, and camp out at the North end of the property.  Be ware cause you will see stuff that in no human.  I know I saw it and when it rains, and lightening comes you will see the Ghost of the Black Butte's out by Lake Los Angeles. That is why there is no lake at the site.
Good luck and always be careful when visiting this place.
Its for real!!!!!

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Last Seen: 12/29/2012 9:18:39 PM  
hello lancasterpunk i have been to this place several times. i have witnessed rocks being thrown at me and a continuous "clicking" noise through out this area thought i would let you know. there seems to be more activity when the moon is full and raining
been on this website a few times so i thought i might as well make a profile.
thank you for your time.  

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Last Seen: 8/26/2009 12:02:43 AM  
sorry to say my house is more frightning. but then again it was only 7:30 pm and some drummers were off in the distance.

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Last Seen: 8/26/2009 12:02:43 AM  
after reviewing the tapes i heard some interesting stuff i dunno if it was just the wind but i swear i heard moaning and a few shrikes. on one tape it started to go static and very fuzzy while on the digital recorder at the same time i heard the groaning so it has a possibility.

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Hey here`s the thing. The slabs of concrete you are looking for are on 80th west and Avenue I. Almost exact. I`m gonna go check it out tonight to see what the big deal is. There`s actually one slab of concrete with names, feet and hand prints put into it and dates back to 1976 (there`s even an X with a circle around it directly in the middle). This is where we`ll be sitting. This is the old insane asylum. There`s even a parking lot so you know this is true.


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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:05:04 PM  
That last comment was from me.

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i went up to this place and it no longer exists. There is nothing but some new tracked homes that are being built and a jacked up andy gump toliet. Unless I missed seeing it somewhere

Lord K.


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i went with friends on friday the 13th not to long back..let me tell you there is something there. when you go west on ave I its on your left hand side. its past the jail. between 80th and 90th. its a concrete foundation of where the asylum used to be. its really interesting. i think you will only see something if you truely believe in it. dont under estimate the afterlife like i did.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:07:50 PM  
I would like to check this out, does anyone know if it still exists ??

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yaa. me too. I want to check it out, but is it even there? and if it is, is it worth going to?

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Last Seen: 12/2/2008 8:42:04 AM  
I live semi-close to the area and it is now the site of a large residential tract. The housing area is walled and gated as these are very large, elaborate homes. There was, up until about 6 months ago, an old, abandoned house to the south of the enterance of the homes but that too has since been demolished. I had visited the area multiple times pre-developement and had experienced quite a few events, but alas it has been built over. There are however several places in the general vicinity that ARE worth exploring! Contact me if you wish to get directions or wish to possibly join up on an excursion!

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Last Seen: 10/6/2011 1:51:34 AM  
i would love to know more about haunted places!

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The Lancaster, Ca insane asylum is on 90th West and Ave I. Unfortunately; it is now a posh housing tract with more housing to follow. Word has it, however, that the (living) residents are not happy with the area (odd things, strange occurrences, etc.) and are suing the developers for not divulging info of the area being the site of a wicked asylum at one point. You can still investigate the area. The activity extends far beyond the shiny new gates of some over priced homes. Just be aware you will be in a residential area. The wind makes it tough for the EVP work. But if you’re lucky you might hit it on a calm night. -SemeWolf (unable to login)

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Hey Mystikal! What r the other haunted areas? I am sick of everything in Santa Clarita. Do you know any good places with high activity? Thanks!

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The place everyone is talking about is called Kruger Ranch, it is on 80th and F, It is nothing now but a bunch of concrete slabs. It Was a TB ward years ago, and even think it housed kids that were bad. I have lived here in the area 22 years, it was just closing at that time. The housing tract on 90th and I is no where near that ranch.

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Ok, it's time to put this story to a rest...  My great grandparents, grandparents, great aunt and uncle owned this ranch.  They were farmer and they had a sanitarium for T.B....  Thay farmed there from the 20's to the late 60's...  Some time in the late 80's the fire departemt come and burned down all the building for training..  This proporty is not hunted at all...  Sorry...


J. Krueger of Lancaster, CA


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Last Seen: 12/2/2008 8:42:04 AM  
No the place everyone is talking about is the old asylum area.  It was indeed on 90th street west and I. I was born and raised here (almost 40 years) Yikes! A little farther from that is the hangmans house... (up Avenue I that is)...

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I have heard that this place folks are referring too as well is on Avenue I and Jackman Street which is part of a new housing tract. Westside Estates homes being built by K Hovanian homes. There was a yellow house and barn there at one time. If you're looking for the area, the yellow house and barn were torn down like 7 months ago but the area in which they were sitting on has a fence around it and nothing has been built there in that specific spot. I wonder why? LOL If it's that scary maybe the builders are leaving that spot along. There is another spot farther up the road at about 60th or 70th street that IS still there. Years ago, there was a TB hospital there, that turned into an asylum then turned into a boy's home in the 60's. Concrete slabs with brown colored floor tiles are still there. The biggest concrete slab on the site was where the main building was. I've been in this area several times during the day. The first couple times I have been there, I saw the slabs only. Since then, the ground has done some settling or sinking rather and you can now see where there once was an inground pool in the same area.

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we used to paintball at 80th and ave F. never heard or saw anything

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It's not an insane asylum - it was a boy's home.

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ok i live in the av and i keep hearing about a place called the bottomless lake somewhere on sierra hwy does anyone koe about it

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yes... it is on sierra highway between ave R and Pearblossom highway on the east side of the street. Do not mistake it for the big lake off the freeway, it is a small easy to miss spot that is fenced off and private property. Last I remember there was a lil trailer or two on the property.

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I live in this housing track. And the back gate between I and J on 90th street is really creepy. It gives my husband bad vibes because the lit gate on I and 87th is only opened by a clicker. Everyone else with the code has to go to the back gate. For some odd reason, if you enter the code on the front one, it won't work. Enter the same code on the back gate, and it works. Also, the people are actually suing the city because they're stating the water is bad. My water is great, and all my neighbors are suing. I can't help but think that maybe it's because they all found out about the place, and wamt to get out of their mortages. We bought our house in cash, so we could care less about a mortage. I was told that the back gate was actually the end of the property and the trees there are the ones that were at the insane hospital. It really gives us the creeps though, we lock all the doors before pulling up to the gate, and my husband enters the code as quick as he can!

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I was there in , like '96, seen the ghost of a little blonde boy. I did'nt know it was a ghost at first because it was'nt like things i had seen on tv or in movies, it looked solid like a regular person. It was there briefly and then gone just as quick. The person I was with seen it also. It was the middle of the day and we were both completely sober. I have'nt seen anything like this before or after.

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Last Seen: 3/23/2009 12:14:20 PM  
Hi kids, the anonymous visitor who posted on 5/3/2008 is correct. The spot at 80th Street West between Avenues F and G is the spot where Kruger Ranch boys home was once upon a time. I was just there yesterday 3/22/2009. The concrete slabs where 6 or 7 buildings once stood are still there. You can see where the remains of the buildings are buried in a hole where the settling dirt is exposing the concrete, re-bar and what looked like a metal door frame of the buildings. You can see flower beds here and there and a pool that is now exposed too. The main building slabs have some floor tiles still attached. It's kinda eerie though. When the buildings were still standing my husband and his brother and friends toured the area when they were kids and my husband said that the whole place gave you a feeling of someone watching you and moaning noises even during the day. The inside of the buildings were dark because there weren't many windows.

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im new to the area and i come from northwestern pa and me and my wife used to do some investigating for lack of a better word...she is a hypersensitive and i guess i am into it for the cheap thrills but we were looking for this place tonight and couldnt find it...im guessing we were in the right area acording to some of these posts, correct me if im wrong but is there a luckys lounge and some housing project around the site...any help would be appreciated

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there are no houses around the asylum... its off of f-12 and 80st west. take ave g west to 80th make a right, on the right side of the road you will see two concrete pillars sticking out of the dirt, directly across from this is a small dirt driveway with an old tree line running along side it, you'll see some burnt rubble and suck, follow that down until you see an old beat up fence, go left, follow the path around the fence to the right and there is an opening.. other than the cement slabs and building remains there is a weird looking tree with a face in it. this place gives you weird vibes driving up to it.. most activity is going to happen between 1 and 4 AM. I and 90th is torn down and there is a housing tract there now, thats not what your looking for, that was just a house with a basement and a barn. also very creepy when it was still there..i've been in the basement and seen apperitions and in the barn i've heard hoises and children screaming.. rumor has it a husband went crazy and killed his wife and kids, his horse, and then hung himself. don't know if truth be told though.. there is also a half torn down house on i believe H and 90 west, theres also a burnt down haunted church on E and 90th East.

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I'm new to the exploring ghost hunting thing, but i have lived in the AV for the last 9 years and me and my friends have suffered the endless boredom that comes with living here. We went to the demolished and burnt out asylum on F-12 and 80th west once in the late evening just before the sun went down and explored around. The person who posted on 5/14/2009 was dead on with their description and location. We went and observed faces painted in trees, bones that looked too large to be chicken bones, mangled barbed wire, the foundations that everyone speaks of which include the outline of the cells that once stood there, and several other strange things, including untouched children's toys in the midst of a devastated scorched landscape. Although the place did give us the chills with every step, no specific events happened that seemed to jump out at us (however, we did not stay into the night to wait for anything).
However, a disturbing event happened tonight. We adventured back to the demolished asylum on F-12 and 80th West late this night. We went armed with flashlights, pocket knives, and the urge to quench our boredom. We intended to get out and explore once more. We turned at the pillars that the anonymous person spoke of and made our way along the dirt road lined with trees and stopped to turn around at what would have supposedly been the entrance to the asylum so that I could leave my car in a position ideal for a quick bail out. As I turned, my friend speculated at something in the field about ten feet away. As you approach the asylum from 80th street, it is on the left hand side perhaps 15 feet off the main dirt road, and I only pray that it remains there if anyone else decides to explore any time soon. The mangled, distorted and twisted body of a cow lay directly in my headlights. It's legs and lower hips seemed separated from the upper half of the body and lay twisted in opposite directions and the head limp upon the ground as if the neck were made of rubber with eyes void of life that seemed to almost look back at us. It had not been there long. Upon seeing this, we abandoned all ideas of stepping foot outside the car for this apalling sight had not been there less than a week ago when we last adventured there.
Please forgive the detail if you wished not to hear too much about it, but if you intend to explore the land any time soon, I pray that this cow is still there. Because if it isn't I can't imagine what will have happened to it or where it might have ended up. I intend to go back and look once more after a while to see if it is. If it's not, it will truly disturb me for quite some time. There are no cows that roam freely anywhere in the AV. Someone put it there, at the asylum of all places.
Good luck to anyone who ventures along that road.


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To the person who just went this past evening....I have seen it too. My friends and I have actually been going out there searching for the slabs, but because it was too freakin scary, we never actually got out of the car. My friend and I decided to go out there on friday afternoon to actually confirm that we were at the right spot. The animal, which is a goat...has a rope tied around its neck, but it was a utility rope, which is weird because herders would not leave a animal out there if it died. When we saw it on friday, the body was not mangled, but stiff, and the back side if it was pretty much gone. It looks like it died from strangulation. Which is REALLY scary. I have a friend that works for animal control, and we will be having them go pick it up...it shouldnt be out there in the first place. But, as for the adventures...we;re going out tonight, preparing for a good night....hopefull the goat is still there...because if its gone, I will be wondering too, what happened to it....

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Wow I must have just missed you, thats pretty trippy. However, we have seen both a cow and the goat you saw. The cow has since disappeared and we have no idea why, but seemed to be replaced by the goat. But maybe you can help me out with some answers. When you and your friends saw the goat, was it burned? My group went one more time and we all agreed that there was a cow a few nights before, but now a dead goat lay in front of us, entirely scorched on one side. The utility rope is still there (props to whatever company made it because its been proven as fire proof) and you can even still see that its still orange and black. You can see the spot where the cow once was because there is blood and other sorts of liquid stains in the shape and length of the cows body no more than 8 feet from where the goat now lay. And also a trail leads off from the stains that seem to be from dragging it in the driection of the asylum grounds. But we were 100 percent sure that there was a mangled cow that was pretty much just a sack of bones at that point. Now we're all freaking out wondering where the cow ended up and why there is now a goat thats been burnt to hell.
Two of my friends took several pictures of it to document and we also wandered around before nightfall and found a dead crow inside one of those strange pillar-like objects, several bones scattered around the burnt area towards the back, and we affectionately named the pole with the face Bob to lighten the mood lol. The pictures are pretty sick so let me know if you want them.
I'm not sure what goes on there, but it seems to be some freaky shit.

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Last Seen: 8/9/2009 4:43:14 PM  
To the anonymous visitor who last posted above mine...I am interested in seeing your photos. I live on E-8 and am curious if you're in the correct location. I have been there myself 3 times to date, but never at night. I drive by it quite often too to get home from Lancaster. My address is valeriedawn1970@gmail.com.

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Wow. Yea, I never saw a cow, but we went back the day that I posted the last comment.It did look like something was dragged. I dont know if my eyes are playing tricks on me, or you...but when we saw the goat it wasnt burned. IDK. All I know is,we went back at night, and the second I got out of the car, I felt like I was being watched. My friends felt the same way. We walked around the whole place, and there were a few scary things around. My chest felt really heavy like I couldnt breathe. My friend said the same thing, It seemed like we were out of breath the whole time we were there. When we were around the burned area, I swear I felt something slam into my hand as I held the flashlight out, of course I screamed. Later on, my friends brother felt something brush into him, and we was standing in the middle of a slab where nothing could touch him. Now I dont know about other people, but I have a lot of respect for the dead, my friends were being extremely loud, and messing around, so I kinda walked off by myself. I started to talk out loud, and the second I said a few words, the heavyness went away, and I did not feel scared. It was really weird. I plan on going out again. Also, I have been doing some research to figure out what the place actually is. I have to find out what originally stood there. My concern is that if it is a boys home, asylum, or sanitarium, there would be documentation on it, unless it was something set up illegally. idk, the mystery remains. But, I would love to have the pictures! if you can send them to GlamTouch@live.com I would really appreciate it!

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Well that goat is for damn sure burnt to pieces now. I sent you both the pictures. If they for some reason dont go through, let me know.

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Last Seen: 8/26/2009 12:02:43 AM  
51409 wrong it was a farmers guild meeting place. but it is creepy. contact me if you like to explore im a surer sensitive. a grown up indigo child

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Last Seen: 8/26/2009 12:02:43 AM  

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Last Seen: 10/9/2009 4:25:41 AM  
i went there tonight with my husband & my friend. we didn't see much going in though we all felt something my husbands chest felt heavy as well & like he couldn't breathe. we got towards the back & saw the scattered bones & what not..him & my friend had just bought BRAND NEW flash lights & we were looking at the bone that looked like a spine of something idk what..but, my friend said touch it & i was like uhh no you touch it & all of a sudden both flash lights slowly burned out..at first i was like wtf nooo that's just the flash lights...they have shitty batterys..so we went back to my car to grab my other flash light and went back and it burnt out too. so we got away from the spot with the bones & they turned on again but went back to the bones and they burned out nothing weird other than that really happened. but i'm gonna go back again between 1 & 4 am. that'll be better since that's when everything is active right? & to the person with the pictures. i wanna see them. that'd be crazyyy.

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Here is the exact location via google maps. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&sll=41.705729,-118.916016&sspn=25.020382,57.084961&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Lancaster,+Los+Angeles,+California&t=h&layer=x&g=Lancaster,+CA&ll=34.737486,-118.275982&spn=0.003368,0.006968&z=18 I used to live in the house directly to the west. I grew up playing at this location.

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i used to party here when i was a youngster in the mid and late 90's and i had alot of great times and some bad... ive heard things there at night but most likely it was do to drugs...lol

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I haven't visited this asylum yet but last night my friends and I visited the old, half-torn down house that's located right on the corner of West Ave H and 93rd St. W near Del Sur Elementary. What is the deal with that house? Is it even a house? Anyone else have any stories about it? It was pretty creepy suffice to say. My husband claims he saw a beam of light run across the wall even though we had no flashlights and his cell phone was closed.

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Me and 3 others went last night. We were looking for 2 hours before we found it... yea... I know. Google maps told us to go to East... its on the West near the west side union disctrict, on ave G. There were other people there from our high school, so luckily we saw them out there so we knew where to drive up to.

We got there and it was a waste of time. Nothing scary about it. We were there at midnight, stayed till 1. If you like to see an old inground pool filled with dirt and rubble, concrete slabs of floor of the old buildings with rust on them, and a bunch of garbage, then go ahead. Nothing was scary about that place. Only thing remotely exciting was a huge black widow in one of the old sewage holes. Like I said, we were there an hour. Nothing paranormal happened, no screams, or odd noises being heard. Just a junk yard with old history.

I live in the AV and everyone at my high school made a big deal out of this place, it was exaggerated rumors upon rumors.

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Man, to hear a bunch of people talk about this area is great. The house with the barn and the asylum use to be hang out places for me and my friends around 2000-2001. We would go out there, drink, and have a good time. We did see things, hear things, and have some rather crazy stories about both those places. While it was creepy and all, we all loved it and made going there at night a regular thing. Maybe one day when I go back to town (I live in Las Vegas now) I'll have to check those places out for some good old memories.

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Last Seen: 1/29/2011 12:34:19 AM  
thats crasy whats happining whant to see but havent had time to go hope to go soon to those plases,does some one now of other plases that arehanted in palmdale let me now or send me pictures of the paranormal at rosap19831@hotmail.com thanks for the stories.that u posted had me reding for long time but they are really incredible stories!

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Wow that place is scary in the middle of nowhere

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The location is on 80th west, if you are heading west on G when you get to 80th turn right, the first left onto a dirt road, there are 4 or 5 tall cypress trees running up the road. The dirt road takes you right there. In talking to local ranchers, I am told this compound was a T.B hospital built in the early 1930s. In the 1930s the area of homes (Antalope Acres) was not there, just farm land. In those days these hospitals were usually built away from the general population, and in 1930 this loation was out away from any town.       





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Most of you posters are either half crazy or just full of it. The slabs on 80th and f-12 are from a sanitarium not an asylum nor hospital. It housed persons with TB, to keep them away from the general population. When I was a kid I use to visit there and walk around and visit with the residents. There were no walls or fences keeping them in. They knew they were contagious so didn't try to run away. This place was owned and run by the Krugers. (J. Kruger made a comment above) nothing more. I grew up a mile up the road, from the mid 40s to the mid 60s. I went to Del Sur school K thru 8 and there were no strange houses or places in the immediate area. The slab on south side of I between 80th and 90th was just a little old house where the Royers lived, they were the home economics and the shop teachers at Del Sur. There was also the remains of an old dairy, at about 85th and F-8. The Smiths lived there, a real nice family. And actually there were quite a few homes throughout the area that were homes for troubled and/or disabled children throughout the years. So if you folk wantto find something scary, go look in the mirror.

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Okay so I know we are all talking about this asylum thingy but my mom works at Eastside Elementary and there has been ghost sights and my moms friends who work there have run into a few of these. I have pictures of these weird orbs floating around the school. There is a stage in the cafeteria where if you take a picture you'll see many orbs with outlines of what looks like people. Does anyone know about this? If you do please email me at green_day729@yahoo.com 

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Which area will give me the best scare ? 90th/I or 80/G

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Which areas are best? I/90th or G/8oth

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erik reedy

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Everyone here is speculating and spreading rumors. Here is the deal. The place was a sanitarium that housed around 60 men with tuberculosis on F-12 and 80th street west. The cabins where the men were housed surrounded a recreation area. It was ran by a compassionate man named "Alvin Krueger." Krueger was a USC graduate who was famous for playing football for the Trojans and is in the Trojan Hall of Fame. He also played pro-ball for the Washington Redskins. I think he passed away in 1999. I do know he was 79 when he passed. They called him "Antelope Al". The only bad thing that happened there was that a man by the name of "Lane" struck a fellow patient in the head with a hatchet as they were arguing. The victim passed away a few days later. This was in 1956 I believe....
Trust me. Worse things have happened on every street corner in Lancaster than what went on at the Krueger Ranch Rest House. This place was a place of compassion and "Antelope Al" was an altruistic individual who just wanted to help. I researched this place many years ago after hearing guys like you spread all of these nasty rumors. The place became an insane asylum only after it closed because it seemed to attract a bunch of idiots who went out there to party and act a fool. Now it's popular among you ghost hunting lot. So....the mystery is over. You all can go home. Your cage has been cleaned.

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- -
So... There are no ruins of an "Insane Asylum" in Lancaster?

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Hope to visit soon




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