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Downtown Ste. Genevieve
Sainte Genevieve, Mo 64490

County: Dekalb
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A lot of the places in the downtown area are claimed to be haunted by people who lived in all of the old houses. (Ste. Gen was the 1st settlement west of the Mississippi, so it is really old) the Valle house across from Valle School and the Catholic Church is claimed to be haunted by the 1st owners of the house and their dogs. There have been reported cold spots and sometimes in storms or late at night you can hear the dogs running up and down the halls of the house.

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i don't know about the haunts but i do know that ste genevieve is a beautiful old town, one of the oldest around and the cemetery located in historical ste genevive is an awesome place to visit and photograph! and the catholic church is open for people to tour thru the day - it's a beautiful church!




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