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shinville graveyard, troutman, NC
851 Shinville Rd. Mooresville, NC 28115
Mooresville, NC 28115

County: Iredell County
GPS: 35.5848596, -80.8100724


    The Shinville Graveyard, is supposibly haunted, I am personally not so sure if it is or isn't. I'm just going n based of what i have heard, I live in Statesville, which is really close to Troutman, in which Shinville Graveyard is located, I have driven by the graveyard numerous times, but i have never sited anything.

Is there a specific time to go by there or anything?

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Submitted by: mckenzie_distruction

Last updated on : 6/20/2009

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I've been to Shinville a couple times. A good friend of mine used to live down the street, and she told me all about a witch who was supposed to haunt the place. Well, the only things that haunt Shinville are TICKS. Every time, I've had to pick at least 10 off of my skin and clothes. So, be aware.




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