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The Lobby Bar
518 Central Ave.
Great Falls, MT 59403

County: Cascade County
GPS: 47.5051479, -111.2981414

One of the most haunted places in Montana is the historic Lobby Bar in downtown Great Falls. The staff there has many stories of dreadful feelings, glasses breaking, ghostly visitors and more. Apparently there are over 20 spirits inhabiting the old place, including an old german who the staff knows very well. The real hotspot is the upper floors. What was long ago a hotel( The Davenport) upstairs, soon became a favorite squat for passing vagrants, before becoming abandonded and rarely used. Evidence of past "residents" from throughout the years scattered throughout the upper floors. Only ask to visit the upper floors if you have a very strong will.

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Last updated on : 7/19/2009

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When I was a child my Mother worked at the lobby cafe, and we lived on the second floor of the Davenport Hotel. I can remember many nights as I was alone trying to fall a sleep hearing noises outside the door as the red glow of the neon sign would shine inside the room.




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