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old state road
cayce, sc 29033

County: Lexington County

my girl friend had told me about old state road and a few things she had experienced being pushed over the railroad tracks the blood and pentagram on the bridge and the kkk. so no shit i wanted 2 go and c 4 myself. over the past yr we have gone way over 20 times trying 2 ge something 2 happen with the ghoast and bridge but nothing ever did other then the kkk chased us off that road so many times it wasent even funny. And the reason i believe it was them proecting the road is b/c were in a tiny saturn there in a huge white truck with tags that were expired sence 03 and they are chaseing us down like freakin whoa and they'd get us off and us wanting 2 c what there were doing off on one of he side roads kept going back 2 try and c what was up so the last time that day that they chased us off they would b right on our ass then slow down and let us get ahead then we went around the curve right b4 u get 2 the bridge and they stopped so we did 2 all of a sudden the floored it and came at us full speed so what did we do we floored it also sept were in a lil green satrun on a dirt road that was muddy from teh rain so we started fish tailin like a mofo so my gf just lets off the gas and gos with the car...until we started heading right in2  a ditch which if we hi at the speer we were goin we would have fliped a few times so she jerks teh wheel the other way and we end up doin 2 compleate spins in the car and half way aroudn again and we end up faceing them and they still kept comin at us full speen now normally if a person saw sum1 doin tht and they were just playin around not really out 2 harm us they prob. would have stopped ad asked if wer were ok but nooo they speed freakin up so we spun aroudn and took off and once we got a lil bit on the pavemenn they stopped. we've been chased off many times sence then. Another time we were drivin down and we were down past teh rail road trach were the churh is and that one house and right across the road in frount of the house we saw a mound of dirt with fake flowers sticking out the center so were like wtf and got out the car 2 check it out and 2 ladies came flying out the house cussing and screamin 4 us 2 get away from there so we jumed in the car and kept drivin and what happens not even 2 mins later that big white truck pops us behind us and starts ridein our asses until we were compleatly off the road. well my gfs brother really wanted 2 go down there for halloween so we took him it was about 10:45 when we got down there we tried the railroad thig 1st but ket gettin inturupted by all these cars driving up behind of infrount of us. A big tan truck that i had noticed sittin in the yard of the house drove by us and stopped and stared at us cuz we were sittin on the side of the road and kept goin then turned around and came back  and stoped beside us and rolled down the window and asked what the fuck we were doin and we said checkin out the haunted road and the kkk fucker so go away and he spead off so we positioned our selfs back on the track and a damn car comes up behind us...blue lights fuck well were not high or drunk dont got nothin onus so he cant say crap. and then this yound white cop wallks up 2 the car and was like "what r yaw doing on this road" and we were like checking out the haunted stories and he started smileing and just stood there and we were like so do u no of anything ever happening here and he was like " i cant tell u what i no about this road but i highly suggest yaw leave here unless ur visiting sum1 who lives on the road or if ur part of the bussiness that gos on down here" and were like "so what do u no" " and he was like "once again i can tell u that i just suggest u get out of here" and we were like so do u suggest we leave for plice reasons or sum1 down heres going 2 try and hurt us if we dont leave" and he was like " i will say this i cant say that there are not ppl down here who could hrt u which is y u need 2 leave now" so we were like fine so we left he followed us for a min then he just disapeared around a corner so we were like lets go 2 waffle house and wait an hr and come back so we went 2 wafflehouse we wasted an hr and walked out back 2 the car and we saw spears all over our back windshield as in sum1 takig there hand and rubbing it all over a fogged window sept it had a dark rustic red tent 2 it like dried freakin blood color and it was smeared on the window so we took pics even though u cant c it 2 well cuz it was dark then we started wipeing at is from the inside and outside and we couldnt get it off we didn even mess it up from how it was. so we were lke ok thats kindof freaky lets go back so we did well we went 2 the bridge

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Last updated on : 11/1/2009

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damn that is really crazy i went down there before to go fishing and like 4 cars started doing donuts and stuff so we tought they was going to hit us so we went into the bushes and wen we came out we went to the car and it said on the door leave now or see what happens. so when we left rite down the road we saw a person dragging something so we turned around and there was nothing there but a blood spot nothing around it just a spot in the middle of the road and then we heard something running in the woods we got in the car and halled butt.

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No doubt man. I was wondering if I was the only one feeling the same way.

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haha! I went there a few hours ago with a friend to do a youtube video we where way to scared to stop on the bridge and decided to do that next week when we get more people to come with us. I did go earlier to see if the road was ok by myself because there was a big storm that came last night nothing really scary about it during the daytime i see a guy riding his bicycle everyday during the day time around 9am-12pm plus ive seen plenty of trucks that go in and out of there ranging from sc&g to the eastman chemical plant cars. no one tries to stop me or anything. when me and my friend went around 12am we stopped on the rail road tracks and put the car in neutral and sat there for almost 5min and nothing happend so we continued on the road and turned around and sat on the track the opposite way and nothing happend so we decided to leave. but contrary to others I did see the tires that seem to be really old and the satanic symbols and graffiti. since nothing happend we are not going to post the you tube video but when we have more people and investigate it more further ill post again. P.S. I dont think anyone tries to pull me over or give me strange stairs be cause the vehicle that I take back there is my truck which is registered as a Air force Office of Special investigations federal vehicle and can light up blue like any other police vehicle  (which for you that dont know what im talking about is just like NCIS or somewhat the FBI but for the air force) 

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Last Seen: 7/13/2011 12:14:52 PM  
Driving down Old State Rd. is creepy at night and beautiful during the day.  Its best to start out where New State becomes Old State.  You'll go down a straight road lined with tall pine woods and pass Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve on the right.  Then the pavement ends and you'll cross an old bridge with a big pipe that runs parallel to it.  The next attraction is where the road goes under I77.  Here you'll find a cornucopia of graffiti and maybe a bum or two.  Don't get raped!  Keep going and you'll get to the church and a few houses with people who will probably be annoyed by your rubbernecking.  If you take the next left you'll go down a sandy road  that ends at a dilapidated cemetery.  The signs say not to go in, but hell you just drove down a long ass road to see some creepy shit.  Theres a few graves with shotgun blasts and holes dug in the ground, which can only be explained by paranormal activity.  And the train track thing doesn't work unless you see a big bright light approach your car perpendicular to the road.  Then your car will definitely move.  Oh yea and there may or may not be an old indian burial ground that turns into a portal to hell at night where satanic cults sacrificed virgins and Pee Wee Gaskins buried several of his victims.

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There are nothing but drunks on that rd.Know at the rail road track there was a bus of kids killed in a stalled school bus.




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