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Cloquet Middle School
509 Carlton Ave
Cloquet, MN 55720

County: Carlton County
GPS: 46.7177131, -92.4584224

In November of 1966 a 14 year old girl was murdered, stabbed 13 times by a fellow student on the stage of the bandroom. When I attended this school there was a dark stain on the wood floor and it was very cold in that area. To this day very little is known about the details of this murder. And if memory serves me the murderer died in a violent way not to many years later! Does Anyone Remember?

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Submitted by: enigma1959

Last updated on : 8/9/2010

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the girl was stabbed repeatedly, and was dragged off of the stage and into room six, which then was a practice room. she was raped, and left there to die. what i was told was that he went to his car ad it exploded, with no gas burned up. i was told this story by my band teacher, mr. cherne, who is the teacher who sits in that very room every day, and his desk is right on top of where all of the stains on the floor, and you can clearly see the drag marks. my friend and i went back there during band one day and the area was very cold. we got freaked out. i don't understand how he can sit in there everyday and not get freaked out, and plus he's all by himself. i was told that she was stabbed 20 times.. once in the back and 19 times in the chest. it scares me.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 79945     10/11/2012 2:30:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

the girlwas kiled with a man with a brain tumor. Im currently a 7th grader in this school, and when it comes to this things, im gonna know the truth. there was no rape involved. the man wasn't even aware he killed anyone. three years later, he got in a car crash. cherne hasn't been going to this school since he needed to. he's just a teacher. he only knows there was a murder. the ghost itself is real.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 86240 ReplyTo# 79945     11/5/2014 3:12:00 PM     Edit          

- US
I'm am 12 and I for tto the muddle school and it is true Mr.chernes desk is right on top of it and I play the French horn and I have to play in practice room six and it's always cold and stinky but in all of the other rooms it's just fine the all look like rooms in a mental hospital but the stage just desk iis on used to me the old auditorium and another murder she was murdered in the choir room and shoved under the stage and two hapened  in the basmement dark hallway the got hung and one suicide on the second floor dark hallway and to thus day some still huant the school

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i would like to know more about this school witch i now curently atttened if you know anything about the history of this school please post




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