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Sunny Acres Abandoned Asylum
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

County: San Luis Obispo County
GPS: 35.277428, 35.277428
WebSite: wikimapia.org#lat=35.277428&lon=-120.64526&z=19&l=...


Most area natives I'm sure are familiar with an abandoned structure in San Luis Obispo that, since it's erection in the 1920's, was used as an orphanage, a tuberculosis sanitarium, as well as a nuthouse for the criminally retarded. Imagine all the forgotten children, all the smeared feces that has decorated it's walls, all the TB victims that were sent there to cough their lungs out and die. Some say it's "haunted". Some say they've heard doors closing, babies, children, laughing and crying, moaning and shitting and so-on. Now I'm sure given the circumstances that the idea of a "haunting" is an easy thought to entertain. I'm very open minded with most things, however, I've always been pretty skeptical when it comes to "paranormal" superstitious type shit, which makes what I'm about to say seem almost absurd to me. Earlier today, my comrade and I were taking care of legal issues with the organized crime syndicate known as San Luis Obispo County and afterwards, out of sheer curiosity, and in the interest of killing time, we decided to visit this building...and Jesus Christ on a cracker...immediately, my skepticism began to fade away. A quick inspection of the outside perimeter and a point of entry was found. I was slightly hesitant at first, which is unlike me in such a situation. My comrade sternly refused to go inside, citing all the asbestos warnings. Upon entering, I instantly became less concerned about asbestos than I am about Al-Qaeda. A feeling of despair swept over me, a sense of pain and suffering and the smell of death that seemed more pungent than the squatter piss and pigeon shit. Still feeling slightly hesitant, I finally told myself to stop being silly and proceed with a quick recon. All the rattle-can artwork on the walls, huge penises and anarchy symbols, artist rendered messages encouraging readers to fuck themselves and administer fellatio provided entertainment and kept my mind distracted from the building's creepy aura. I didn't hear or see any children laughing or crying but the sense that I wasn't alone was ever-present. You can define a "haunting" however you like, you can tell me fuck-off, it's all in my head, that's totally understandable. It's easy for people to psych themselves out in situations like that, but after going inside this building, I honestly can neither confirm, nor deny the presence of something...something that may not be explainable through modern science. This coming from a guy who doesn't believe in ghosts...only logic. And I'm not afraid of much anything honestly, except mormons and big government. And spiders. I hate spiders. I am also not a religious man, but if any of you feel compelled to visit the abandoned "Sunny Acres" facility, I recommend bringing a priest, a bible, and some type of breathing apparatus. Asbestos will kill you

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Submitted by: Ianarchy

Last updated on : 7/6/2011

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Hilarious. Inspired me to visit even more lol




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