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Massacre Canyon
Gilman Hotsprings Rd. and Lamb Canyon.
San Jacinto, CA 92545

County: Riverside County
GPS: 33.8864653, -116.9996537

Mascre Canyon has some interesting thing things that go on there. Unexplained KII hits to EVP's to sounds of footstep and weird light sources. I know the difference between bugs and dust and there is a lot of both. No phone services so tell someone where you are going. Good hike so bring water. Rock climbing is a must and if you fall, YOU WILL GET HURT! The land is still Soboba land so be respectful please. NO littering or tagging. The place is not always active but I do feel that the more we go out there, the more whatever is out there makes it's self known to us. Hunt wisely. Hemet Paranormal Research Society

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Your cLomment here  Lamb/Mapstead Decendabt here

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Eric harelson

Last Seen: 8/13/2011 8:49:11 AM  
I haven't seen the KKK.

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I'm a Lamb Family Descendent. Elijah Lamb is my Great, Great, Great Grandfather. I'd be interested in visiting that site some day. I'd go right now if i could. Would like to know who the orb is, you have in that picture.




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