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The Brian Center of Lexington
Lexington, NC 27292

County: Davidson County


The Brian Center

The Brian Center is an abandoned Nursing home with a dark past. Not only were it's patients subjected to poor living conditions, sub-standard nutrition, and unsanitary facilities, but they were also subjected to neglect, and abuse. In fact, the Brian Center was shut down because of reports of deaths caused by blunt force trauma. One of the worst stories is of a former employee that would hit, and tie down the patients for days until they had infected bed sores. This employee was said to be involved in devil worship, and Voo Doo. I haven't been able to find legal reports of this, but the story comes from several reliable sources. Another story is of an elderly woman who wandered off the property into the woods, and was never seen again. Her body was never found, and is still lying some where out in the woods. True story, there are old news paper clippings about it.

What my team has caught evidence wise is astounding! We have everything from EVPs, to full body apparitions, to disembodied voices, to intelligent communication through flash light technique, and the 12-588 Shack Hack Spirit box. We also have K-II evidence confirming that a presence is there when activity happens with the flash light.   

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